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Story #947 -New!

Last September, I realized I had a crush on this one guy I was sort of friends with. Then, we became better friends and I misinterpreted the signs he was sending me and thought he liked me. But, he actually liked one of my friends(not a big suprise, a lot of guys do). Anyway, I was we realized disappointed but I got over it. We were still kind of friends until he started making racist jokes about me and I gave him the silent treatment for about a month. I forgave him, hoping he'd be nicer or at least less racist, but I was so wrong. He doesn't know where to draw the line with those kind of jokes and it makes me so mad. About two months ago he made me cry with his insensitive racist jokes and I was done. I hated how I always forgave him for the terrible things he said to me and pretended it didn't really hurt my feelings. I am totally done with him and his stupid friends. I don't know if I still hate him(I don't typically hold a grudge against others) but I'm not ever talking to him again. I hate that I hate him but I'm done giving him second chances to be nicer or at least civil with me. I hate him a lot. I don't like him. But I don't know why, I made it look like I like him. He is a popular guy in school. And many girls like him. He is always assigned to be my partner. He sits behind me in class. I hate that he always says stupid jokes to me and I always laugh at them. I hate that he teases me, always making me smile. I hate that he kept stalking me through social media, and I'm always excited about it. My best friend always teases me about this, saying that he likes me. She even give him and I a nickname. I hate that he keeps staring at me in class, making me feel shy. He texts me a few times. Saying irrelevant stuff that I don't need to know, just to make me laugh. The popular girl in my class likes him and she hates me. Because she thinks that I flirt with him. She hates me because i talk to him. She spreads rumors about me. And kept telling him that I'm always flirting with him. I hate that he listens to her and started ignoring me. I hate that he never makes me smile anymore. I hate that he tried to avoid me so that I will hate him. I hate that because of him, I hate seeing him again.

Story #946 -New!

So one day this guy from my church, we'll call him Travis, just texts me out of the blue. He asks me if I want to go play nintendo with him at his apartment. I arrive and there are a ton of guys there, including him, so I join and we all play Super Smash Brothers. I, of course, win many times. They're all impressed, but none so much as him. He keeps inviting me over, and we quickly become friends. Then, he starts inviting me to run with him in the mornings, and he makes breakfast for me. His friends warn me that he broke up with a long-time girlfriend(a few months earlier, though) recently(we'll call her Miranda), so he might be weird about starting a relationship. Travis and I began to spend time together every day, and soon we began holding hands, hugging, cuddling, and tickling. He told me that he wasn't over his ex girlfriend yet, and he wasn't quite ready for a relationship. I told him that I was willing to wait, since I was starting to like him a lot. Soon, he asked if I wanted to start kissing. I said only if he really liked me would I want to start. So, we kissed...and kissed and kissed and kissed. I am quite good, if I do say so myself, having kissed much in the past, and he was okay. He would often comment about my skill, which was a bit weird, but I didn't want to notice that. He goes home for the weekend, then comes back. The day he gets back(a holiday), my siblings texted me that they wanted to go laser tagging and they wanted 'my boyfriend' to come. I wasn't quite sure if Travis would be ready to meet my siblings, a bit nervous, but I invited him anyway. So MY PARENTS and my sister-in-law's parents show up, as well, and my dad pays for everyone. Travis' face looks so tragic and betrayed. I tell him quietly that I hadn't thought they would all be there. The whole time he kind of avoids me. Later, at his house, we played video games and my brother and his wife come knocking at the door, saying they found out where I was. Travis acts all creeped out, and they say that they asked where Travis lived and someone told them, easy enough to comprehend. They invite us back to their place, then serve us dinner and we all watch a movie together. The week following, he stops kissing me altogether. I think this is weird, but I don't comment on it, worried about him. That weekend, he invites me over to his aunt's house and we eat dinner with them. While there, his aunt asks about Miranda(his ex) and he says that he talked to her that day. She had seen him tagged in a picture with me and was confused, thinking that they were going to get back together when she gets back, which was in about two weeks. His aunt then asks Travis if they are, and he glances at me and says no. Then, later, he tells me that he's not ready for a relationship. He tells me that we need to take a break, and he needs to get over Miranda. I sadly say that it's okay, but ask him what will happen after the break. He says that maybe we'll get back together. I go home a bit downtrodden, but hopeful. Then, he calls me later and specifies that we are broken up because he is 'Still in love with Miranda', saying that it's highly doubtful that we will get back together. A few days later, he unfriends Miranda on Facebook. I see him at church, and he makes a big point of avoiding me and flirting with other girls. Did he really break up with me because he wanted to get over Miranda? Did I scare him off with my family? Or is he just a stupid son of a monkey?! I hate him so much right now. I've made it a point to avoid him, avoid eye contact, and try not to be around him. I've tried to stop thinking about him, but I feel like he ripped a chunk out of my heart, and I've cried so often that I had to go buy some red-eye-relief eyedrops so my red eyes aren't very conspicuous. I haven't enough tears left for what he's done to me. I feel like he's horrible and he should be punished by some karmic force, I know the best revenge I can get is by moving on and living a happy life with someone better, but there's a part of me that still really cares about him, conversely, that is also the part of me which loathes him venomously. Anyway, that's my story about the Liar and Horrible Paramecium. -Sleepless and Heartbroken in Utah

Story #945 -New!

I hate him so much! He makes me sick! After eight long years of torture i wish i could get the courage to leave! He is thirty one and he screams like a teenager at me, he picks his nose and eats it, he smells terrible, he thinks he is gangster, he never talks to me, he spends my money on what he wants, he steals, God help me get rid of this sicko!

Story #944 -New!

It was the beginning of the school year, when I started to hang out with him. We shared everything in common and soon became best friends, like brother and sister. As days, weeks, months passed I started to notice something different about him and me. I wanted to be all the time with him and when we were together my heart skipped a beat. Do I seriously love him? , I thought. But we were best friends! , I insisted. This cannot be happening. After about two weeks my love interest in him grew stronger, I accepted my feelings. One day I had the courage to tell him about my feelings. He was surprised and said that he would think about it. After about half an hour he said that he accepts my feelings and wants to be a couple. It was the happiest day of my entire life! Suddenly we started fighting over and over again it was horrible, I went to the point of breaking up a lot of times but I resisted the temptation hoping he would change. But one time he did something horrible to me, something I thought he would never do. That's when I started feeling extreme hate towards him. My whole life changed. I became an even more hateful person. I was angry most of times. And I think became depressed. I am sure that I will get over him and continue my happy life but for now, I hope he suffers as I did. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THE THINGS HE DID TO ME. And dear significant other, if you are reading this I wish you get dumped for every time you hurt my feelings! I CANT BELIEVE YOU DID THIS TO ME!

Story #943 -New!

They shouldn't be dating. They've known each other for 2 weeks, have never met face to face, and don't even know each other's birthdays. My best friend was working at her grandpas snow-cone stand on Monday, and the guard on the ice machine lifted somehow, and the blade cut half of her right middle finger off. So, I've been staying with her so she's not alone. This boy gets angry that I am the one going to the doctor with her, and not him (let me remind you that we have been best friends for 6 years, and he hasn't even met her face to face). Yesterday, I took her to the mall to cheer her up, and set up a surprise meeting between them. He ended up bailing saying he had no gas. So instead she hung out with me and my girlfriend. We had made plans to go to Starbucks for tea while they hung out. Since he didn't show, she tagged along. Which was fine. My girlfriend is one of her good friends as well. He got mad because she went with us, thinking we had (and I quote) 'just f...... made new plans because I was out of the picture'. Although we didn't make plans, she just joined my original plans, he is a jealous f...... so he thinks everything should be about him, and I HATE HIM.

Story #942 -New!

This is the last time I talk about this guy... We met on tinder last September (don't try to judge me just because of tinder ok?) when I saw his profile, I immediately know that he's just a tourist. Usually I just swipe left but I swiped right and we got a match! He texted me immediately and we started to talk. He asked me about any nice place to go (of course he's tourist) and I suggested many places. We started to talk about our counties and cultural differences and everything the whole day and it was really fun. The next day we decided to meet up. We had a very very fun night because we had endless topics and then we met everyday during his stay. We laughed a lot and we became really good friends. After that, he continued his travel and he texted me he really miss me and miss my company. I really miss him too. We keep talking everything single day from then. We sent each other Christmas presents and I planned a trip to his country. He promised he will travel around with me and even offered me to stay in his place when I visit his city. Let's make thing clear here, I didn't ask him to do anything but he just promised this and that and I appreciated with that. It's normal to be happy when someone (especially the one you like) shows his/her kindness to you. And I took his offered. Eight months passed since we met and I finally travel to his country. We keep talking during these eight months and he always comment on my FB. This 'friendship' keeps going well. However, he texted me four days before my trip, saying he can't be with me everyday because he had sudden appointment with his financial advisor. Actually he just bought an apartment and I know he has many stuff to deal with so I'm ok with that. Then, he texted me I might need to find a place to stay because he has no lights in his new apartment and its completely dark after sunset. I understand that and booked a hotel. Ok, I felt something is not right and I was right about that. He texted me the day before I arrived (I was traveling at another country that time) said he has a bday party at night. Well, what's that mean? Means he's not coming to see me the first day! I just couldn't believe what he said but what can I do with that? He came see me the next day but I felt that his attitude was so strange. And he kept texting on his phone while I was there. Seriously, it was terrible because he didn't respect me! Even he doesn't like me the same way as I like him, will you do this to a friend while he/ she travelled a long(over 9000km) way to visit you?? My heart dying a little by little and tuned out he only stayed with me 1.5 days. I was ok travel alone and quite enjoy it actually. I love his country not only because of him. I really enjoyed to be there. On the last day, he texted me 'I'm so sorry I was so busy and will see you four months later in your country'. We bought tickets for ultra music festival in my county. Our 'friendship' continues at that moment. I chose to pull back after my trip and we didn't contact each other for three weeks. He likes my pics on FB and Instagram all the time though. And he texted me all in a sudden after he liked my pic on ig. We started to talk again but no passion there anymore. A few weeks later, he told me he's not coming in a very very indirect way. I hate his attitude and asked him 'if you don't want to come, just tell me straight forward!' Then he told me he wants to visit his girlfriend in California and spend his holidays with her. Well, immediately I know who's that girl is (he let him used his phone while I was in his county and all the name and messages popped up). And this explained why his attitude changed. He was the one asked me to buy tickets. If you know about ultra, you understand we need to buy the tickets a few months in advance. And he was the one wants to come over and travel with me. He says he's really sorry and hope I can understand. My reply is 'no, I can't understand but I now I know why you were so 'busy' while I visited your country. 'This is our last conservation and we ever spoke. I blocked him from everything. A person treated me like a piece of trash and walked over me never deserve as my fiend. Please put your feet into my shoes to feel how I feel if your have a heart. Anyway, This is the last time I talk about you. Robert from the Netherlands.

Story #941 -New!

I hate my boyfriends best friend Liz. Cause she's way hotter than me and he used to have feeling for her. It's the girl that me could never get and she's still in his life. She's cheated on her boyfriend and I don't trust her around my boyfriend at all cause she's a conniving little woe. Everyone loves her because she's the picture of perfection but I can't stand her witty face, if she moved to Canada and never came back, I'd love it. Or maybe another planet. I have to pretend to like her because my boyfriend is best friends with her but there's noone I hate more.

Story #940 -New!

there once was a boy named aidan. he was awful. he was rude. he was clueless. but when it came time for him to watch the movie that would give him the motivation to straighten his s..., he mocked the one person who loved him enough to still remember to hate him. he still hasn't seen the film. rip my caring soul, Janet

Story #939 -New!

I hate my long time crush. For the sake of privacy, lets call him Tyler. I have had a crush on Tyler for 3 years but he never liked me back. Sure that's not a good reason, and im glad it ISNT the reason I hate him either. I hate him because he ignores me on text until something comes up with his ex or he's upset. Otherwise, Im completely ignored. He reads the Whatsapp texts but doesnt reply. He keeps saying he appreciates me and is glad Im his friend but thats not how you treat your friends! Plus the girl he has a crush on, she doesnt remember to bring him his favourite bubblegum, or let him share her icecream, or help him study for tests. Shes only prettier than me but thats it! I hate my long time crush for all this. And I hate his ex too, because she broke up with him over text....

Story #938 -New! u know u broke my heart when u said u are on date with someone else.did u know it s f...... hurt me a lot..I know I have to let u go even though I couldnt.I really really hate u now coz ur words are full of sugar and I hope the girl u flirted with will get diabetes bcoz of ur high glucose content words and bcoz of that coz u r so sucks..

Story #937 -New!

Sometimes I wish I hadn't met him. Falling for him was a mistake. I simply hate his presence in my professional life. But that was a phase which taught me a lot of things. It taught me to listen to my inner self , my instincts, also to observe people around me and the best part not to let anyone take me for granted. Since , he's out of my life completely I give more attention to my other friends who deserve a lot and always motivate me, guide me , care for me and appreciate me for all that I do. I can now think of all the other guys in my life who make a difference. But, as they say, 'Once bitten , twice shy!' I think of many people around, so I don't get serious with such thoughts anymore. Though, I might be thinking of Mr. S. or Mr. P. or Mr. B. or any X,Y,Z yet I'm determined not to make the first move this time.

Story #936 -New!

He left me, he is now 3000 miles away. I miss him so much, and I hate it. We are friends, but it is so hard. I care so deeply for him. Everyday is like a constant lead on, when he knows I cannot have him. I hate that he is so far. I hate how he tells me he wants to hold me though it will never happen. I hate how another girl will be in his arms soon enough, too soon. I hate to see his smiling picture and loving smile. But, I still miss him, even though he will never be mine again. He says he cares, but I just don't know. I think he is just a player with perfect flowing words, looks, and smiles. But, that may be a lie I just made up to make things easier.. It is. He does care and I hate that he is so genuine about it. Why can't I just move on? This is tearing me apart! I don't know if I can take seeing him with another girl, but I guess I will just have to suck it up. It is amazing how fast we humans can fall in love, but how long it takes us to let go.

Story #935 -New!

I hate him because he embodies everything I despise- He is hideous, obnoxious, swears all the time, and is the biggest idiot in the world. I hate him because this creep, this piece of trash that does not deserve to live on this earth, cares about me. He likes me, he's always saying,'Hi, Katie.' (Katie is not my real name, but I am using it for safety.) He asks me personal questions for things I don't want to answer. And he tortures every other girl in the class, but I utterly loathe the fact that he focuses mainly on me now. I would love to tell him something along the lines of,'Go along with your butt ugly self' but he'd probably get me in trouble for saying that. I want him to hate me, so he'll just stay away and I'll never have to ever see him.

Story #934 -New!

I hate him so much .. He have never cared about me and never tried to say that he's sorry when he does something wrong , we had fight about 4 times and i'm the one who have to apologize just to get him back .. I was so stupidly in love with him .. But in these 5 months we borke up and everything minute i feel so sorry about my self cuz i did thing he would never do even for his own family i was deeply in love with him and i was ready to do ANYTHING just to be with him .. But days showed he's reall color and he'a just a cheap person that i feel in love with cuz of he's talented acting for about a year !!!

Story #933 -New!

I love him and then I hate him for what he's done to me. He had an affair when he went to visit his mother. He was supposed to be gone 1 month and it turned into 6 months. I had a feeling he was cheating but his family and friends convinced me I was being crazy and it all in my head. I was getting depressed thinking I was being clingy and just accusing him of cheating cuz somehow I had insecurities. I had never been that way before. They did that to me. This went on for 6 months before he finally came back after making a thousand excuses why he couldn't. The day he got back I felt like something was off. It wasn't the same but I thought again and was like you stupid girl stop trying to make something wrong when there isnt. He was back a few weeks and it was my birthday when I got the call. I answered and a woman was on the other line telling me she had an affair with my man from the first week he was there. I was frozen. I couldn't speak or move. There I was in the middle of a parking lot on my birthday finding out everyone lied to me. His mother encouraged the affair and even introduced them. I eventually just started screaming and yelling at him. At first he denied it of course but after a few minutes he admitted to it. Everyone was staring and knew what was happening. I left him for awhile but found myself going back to him. I love him so much and yet I hate everything about him. I know have bad depression and anxiety because of him and his family. I cry all the time and question everything. I always think he's cheating and I don't believe a word he tells me. It's exhausting living this way. I hate my life and I hate him but I love him. I just want the me back that was stolen. I was fun and trusting and loved life now I'm bitter and don't trust anyone. Im always wondering what game there playing even if all there doing is trying to be my friend.

Story #932 -New!

I hate him because he told me I was special. If I am special, then why doesn't he bother talking to me at school, why does he avoid texting me, and when he does text me, why is he so dry and uninterested in talking to me? Who treats something special like trash? I rather him tell me that he's found someone else. I rather him be honest and tell me that texting me makes him feel bothered, but he does neither. We have the same circle of friends and one of my friends, let's call her oliver, believes I might hate him because I like him. I do like him, but I'm more frustrated with him than anything right now. I don't know what to do but I do know that I don't want my senior year to be fixed on figuring him out. I'm just so done.

Story #931 -New!

I hate him because I liked him. He was a pastime for me, and I believed that we had some kind of connection. He played around with my feelings, making me fall back into the loop of liking him again, and again when I had decided on not anymore. I decided to confess my feelings to him, and he rejected me, which was fine. But at this point everyone knew. I suffered a lot. A few months pasted by, and he was getting closer to me. We walked home together, talked, and he joked around and told me things, making me believe I was special. I wasn't. He was constantly surrounded by other girls, laughing, flirting, and making me feel like a bag of used, chewed up gum. He one day held my hand, hugged me, and made me laugh and blush. I thought that it was finally time. It wasn't. I faced rejection in the worst possible way. I didn't cry because I knew it was true. He never thought about me, or liked me. He just wanted to make me like him further. He was in love with how I liked him. How he caught me staring. The power he had over me. The things he did were only ever to coax me out of my shell, and I bloated his ego. His big fat head was never in love with anyone but himself. He said sweet words, complimenting me, only to make me feel worse, and drown deeper and deeper in my abyss. The way he exaggerated everything in front of me, the way he hugged and flirted with every girl, while staring and smirking at me was terrible. He knew he was the stronger one. And I would have punched him and kicked him if I could, but I just liked him too much. He was nice, but that was his krilling point to me. I could feel a stabbing at my heart every time he looked over at me. Pretended he had feelings for me. The way he defended me during debates, the way he still looks at me now thinking that I still like him is sickening. I still see him on the bus, around school, but thank goodness we don't have any classes together or I would have been stuck in a loop again. I never stalked him. I really only ever liked him. He was my obsession. My dream prince, and of course he wasn't perfect, but his imperfections were perfect to me at the time. I realize that I was stupid. I realized that I didn't have to waste two years on that arrogant rat of a human being. Why did I have so many lent of feeling about him? Why was I even bothered about him at all? I was immature, selfish, and somewhat unforgiving of myself for not getting closer. I was shy and couldn't speak, my tongue turning into a ball of mush whenever he came closer. I only ever wished that I didn't make him so happy. That I could turn back time, and go to someone who really liked me for me. My only hope is that I don't make the mistake of getting hurt again, and that I never trust or cry for anyone but my family. I don't want to go through this pain of getting rejected both indirectly, and directly to my face. My only happiness that I got from this, was that I never did cry for him. Not when he rejected me, or made me feel like carp. Not a single tear was ever shed for the egoistic rat that was my obsession for years.

Story #930 -New!

I was at the point of telling him I loved him too but then he dumped me the moment things became difficult. Then I fell back into his trap agin. He took advantage of me. He told me he loved me, that he never wanted to leave me, how much he will miss me if I ever left him, just so many things that he dreamed and wanted us to do. He said we could actually make it to the end and I believed him. He's a liar, he's a liar and I hate him so much. I tried being friends with him because I was desperate and stupid, hoping one day he would regret what he did. I was there for him throughout all his suffering and depression. I gave him my kindness and I was there to comfort him. Again he said he never wanted me to go away. That he would take me with him if he moved to another state in a year. I believed him. He was never worth it. I thought what kept him so depressed was all in his mind and that he just needed to see a therapist. I've never been more disgusted with myself. It was all for a girl that he could never let go. He told this to me and I froze and felt like throwing up. I don't know why I kept going with it. I should of stopped there but I didn't. I kept hoping. I kept blindly and stupidly hoping he would forget her if I was with him the entire time. Once he stopped seeing that girl with her new boyfriend, he instantly recovered. He no longer needed anyone's comfort because now he doesn't have to see her anymore. He told me how happy and relived he felt. He stopped talking to me. He never was aware of anything. I realize that this guy was so blind and had no idea of what he had done and said to me. Now I can't see him anymore. The less you see of me, the more you'll forget me. That's the kind of person you are. It's disgusting. Why would I be nice to you just to make you feel better? You don't even care about me. I tried to comfort you and help you because I really cared that you got better. It made me so sad to see you like that. I even believed that you cared about me and was beginning to fall in love with me again. Now you haunt my thoughts every single minute, every single day. I'm constantly depressed no matter how much I try to forget and hate you. I try so hard but I don't know how to get better. I can't see you at school anymore and you don't even care. You just threw me away once you got what you wanted. You're disgusting. I feel like dirt when I'm next to you. You can't tell me what to post. You don't deserve anyone's sympathy. I hate you for making me love and care about you. I can't wait to get out of here and forget you even existed. Even when you broke up with me but at times it felt like we were together. You're disgusting. You keep crewing me over. I can't even see you at school anymore and you couldn't be happier now. I hate you for making me love and care about you. What now? A week ago we had six. I was so happy to be alone together and have no worries whatsoever. To think that you don't even realize what you've done and said to me. It's embarrassing and disgusting.Now you're going to tell me that you want to end it all again for a third time. I won't forget you and I'll never forgive you for what you're doing to me. I cant help being an idiot but that'll never happen again. I've learned a hard lesson. No one will treat me the way you did. All I want in life is to forget you but I can't, I want to so badly. I deserve better and I will find the person who loves me as much as I do. I have so much love to give. Live your life but stop making me miserable. I truly hate you Joey. Have a nice life.

Story #929 -New!

I hate him because he was my world he was my everything he was the light in my darkness.I hate him because he helped me through so much but then in the end he left me because of distance and he waited till I was back to do it and then he said if I came back to that school he would get back with me but when my transfer was approved guess what? He likes being single to much is what he told me and now I feel like he's already over me pretty sad I wasn't even good enough for him to wait a month before finding someone knew I can't believe him I really can't I loved him with all my heart I would've dome anything for him and now all that is shattered his love was toxic and my heart is blackened by the damage his poison has done to me I'll never be the same I'm never going to trust again because once you get lied to that's it your done you never can fully go back to who you were but even now I know he's done me so much wrong the biggest reason I hate him is because I can't stop loving him enough to let him go and be happy

Story #928 -New!

Me and joey met in 2008 .we started just ad friends well we fell in love. We was together a year. And he went to jail for 9months. When he got out we tried 2 months living together. It didn't work out. But from time he left until we got back together . he would call and want to spend a night. So now we was together for 15months it was good. He got a better job and his own car. My car scraped. He wouldn't come home at night. And the whole weekend he leave Fri morn come home Mon morn. I got tired of it . so I moved his stuff out. We went 2 months. And he started texin. I let him come back but not boy/girl friend. But its like he is btingin me down down. He is sweet sometimes but mean most of the time.I'm fighting for nothing but just long enough till I guess someone let him move in with her.I can't take no more. I'm tired I can't do it.

Story #927 -New!

I hate my step dad because he thinks he can be this big high and mighty, when in reality he's nothing but an idiot who sits on his bum all day and drinks. He dosent listen to my mom and I have completely lost respect for him. Ick!!

Story #926 -New!

He is a player n I knew it when we met I didn't wanna like him but I did.He knows I like him yet when we chat he makes me smile n I make him smile he tells me things he likes about me. I don't knw anymore I hate him bt luv him which makes me hate him!!!

Story #925 -New!

I hate this man called Piers. he is a horrible man . Mental abuser. He has contracted harpies but has told me that he does not want to be responsible for it. Never found how he contracted it , asked one ex. I was pregnant, I needed him day of surgery. I moved out ffo his house and he said he will be there if i said i needed him. So he forces me to say ' I need you ' but saying ' tell met hat you need me ' twice , and i book him a ticket to fly. I asked him whether he cam make a 8am flight day after halloween, he says yes. OR is open at 10 , is he sure? He says yes. And he delays his flight twice. .. he gets in the evening. WHAT IS THE POINT , i ran to the shrinks office screaming for help that day. A week Later, another hospital appointment. NOPE NO SHOW ... he promised... his excuse was ' he is worried about my body ' he doesn't get that mental damage he has caused on me. IMMENSE ... Never had such negative thoughts about someone other then myself really. But for the first time in my life i am experiencign hate , and its powerful .

Story #924 -New!

I hate him for one reason. Not because he is a friend. Not because he had you. Not because he spent ten whole months with you. I hate him because he left you. I dont care what you did to deserve that and if he dosent see what he left then i hate him worse.

Story #923 -New!

I've liked I'm for a whole two years and I feel like he know... sometimes he sends mixed signals over text but it's so hard to tell! I just wish he'd notice my feelings so i could get over this stupid crush, why do I have to like him so much?? i hate him!

Story #922 -New!

I met this guy online two years ago. We chatted for hours , we were both bored and lonely so we sixted. And it was great. We talked about everything. He was funny and smart and knew the right words to say. He made me feel important and desired and fun to talk to. But he didn't ask to see me and i didnt ask to see him. It was fun getting to know someone without knowing what they looked like, it was a unique relationship we shared. We were virtual friends, that sixt sometimes. Weird i know. After a while i start getting attached to him, i ask him to send me a pic, he refuses saying it would bother him. I got mad but i didnt want to lose him. The last two years we talked a lot, we shared a lot of our doubts and fears, we had fun through our conversations.. two months ago he sent me a message saying he lied to me about his name and his job, and that he lied because he used to have a girlfriend, and it was a way to protect his relationship. He said he was sorry. And that he thought about me when he broke up with his gf. I was shocked at first, but then i decided to forgive him. We sent each other pictures of ourselves and talked many many times almost everyday. We got even closer than before and even talked about meeting. But since yesterday he opens my messages and doesn't answer. He ignores me. He takes me for granted , and he thinks i'll keep forgiving him everytime. But no , not this time. I blocked his number and i feel relieved. I hate him for stepping over my heart over and over again, for using me , for saying the right words , for making me love him. I hate him and i'm done. I'm done chasing something that will lead me nowhere..

Story #921 -New!

I have been involved with this guy for about a year. First we were friends, and then we became frands with benefits. I get it I know what you are thinking, this type of relationship is a set up for failure. Well you know what, you are right. We have had great six together all throughout our arrangement. Later on throughout our involvement we began dating. I was happy. I thought I had finally found someone who was worth my while. My experience's with guys have always been one destined for bad luck. I thought that with him it would be different. We ended up going on many dates, and I even have spent the night. However, there was one thing he hadn't even complimented me not once. He even tried to get his friend to have six with us while we were all together. He took money from me, also. I ignored all of the bad signs though, just as some women do. He has even met my mother. Sad thing is he knew of my terrible past with guys, and he took me for granted. He didn't care, and still doesn't. Later, another girl messaged me stating that she had been seeing him. I brought it to his attention, and he blew it off. He had been lying to me. Just a few days ago I have cut all ties with him, and he is now dating her. The whole entire time when they were dating I was just his security blanket, and he used me for six. I hate him, because he lied to me, manipulated me, and treated me like I was an irrelevant factor when all I did was try. I hate him, and I shouldn't have wasted my time. He did not see the beauty in me. He did not see that girl who needed to be loved. Sad thing is, is that now I will never be the same. I have turned into an ugly person on the inside, and I want him to hurt like I have. Karma is starving, and I hope he weeps what he sows.

Story #920 -New!

We met 6 years ago, and when we did we became friends. After we became friends we became best friends, and after best friends we fell in love and have been for the past four years. But today he broke my heart, he took every word I told him in confidence and threw it away. He left me alone crying as he looked at me one last time and walked out the door. I hate him because he will move on tomorrow. I hate him for letting me think I could trust him. I hate him for taking 6 years of my life when he should have been nothing to me ever. I hate him because he won't care if I'm hurt and alone. I hate him for changing me. I hate him for leaving me alone when he promised to always stay by my side. I hate him for saying he would never leave, yet he walked out so easy. I hate him for letting me believe he couldn't live without me. But most of all I hate myself, for trusting that one guy could love me for the rest of my life.

Story #919 -New!

I hate him because I wasn't even interested in him at first. He was tall, dark, and handsome. Successful and funny but I told him I didn't want to date. But we started going out and he was sooo caring and told me 'good morning hunny' every morning and would listen if I had any little problem. Call and text me all day just to interact, wanting to meet me all the time. He annoyed me at first, but despite myself, I fell for him. I hate him because I fell for him even though despite the sweet messages and attention he never took me on a proper 'date date', he never dressed nicely for me, he fell through with promises, and would flake out last minute. I wanted to talk with him about our status but he would always avoid. I hate him because I told him goodbye and even though he apologized he never changed and I really wanted him to try and get him back. But he never came back really. He treated me even worse once he knew I liked him. Wasn't sweet anymore except the first day. Didn't make any effort to talk to me the last week we were in touch. The week of my birthday. I even didn't get pictures from our trip together or my sunglasses back. I hate him for leaving me hanging. I hate him because I never got to love him and he doesn't even deserve it. And he just doesn't even care at all anymore. And I suspect he left me the week of my birthday for someone else. He made me feel so terrible. IHATEHIM

Story #918 -New!

I hate him because he was my boss at work and gave me 1-on-1s for an entire year. I felt like he listened so intently and he earned my trust. I realize now that he gained so much insight into my character and personality during this time that there was nothing I could do to defend myself against his advances. All those meetings, I was so concerned with my performance and how I could contribute to the company and he was concerned with how to play me. I hate him because he truly is evil. It's one thing to lead someone on for six or string them along to stroke your ego. It is entirely evil to use someone's good character and intentions against them. To undermine them, to criticize them. To push them out of their career. To take pleasure in ruining their lives and causing them to question even their most basic desires and goals. I hate him because he targeted me because I was confident and doing well, a better trophy I suppose. I hate him because he is jealous and envious and the only way he can feel better about himself is to ruin other people's lives. I hate him because before I met him, I never knew someone could be so selfish and cruel. Hollywood villains are absolutely nothing compared to the true evil people can be. Completely lacking in empathy. I hate him because he has a young daughter and he uses her to play the nice guy father to everyone else. They believe it, just like I did. I hate him because I fell for his act. I really did love this imposter. I hate him because there is a never ending stream of trusting people who he will burn through for the rest of his life so he will never know what it is like to feel alone and unloved, like I feel now. I hate him because he is the one lacking empathy and a soul. He walks all over people with a smile and everyone continues to think that he is wonderful and nothing is wrong. He smiles because he has has no conscience, no heart. He is not human. They don't see it. I hate him because I am alienated and everyone thinks I was the messed up one all along. I am powerless because if I speak up or I retaliate, I get painted the crazy psycho chick and he knows this so well. I hate that he wins at life because he mastered these sick, manipulative games and I'm just supposed to take my lessons and go. I hate him so much.

Story #917 -New!

I hate him so much that I dont want to see his face ever now . We wer in relationship for 2 years inspite knowing that he is a married man I fell in love with him. We wer in the same office and he was my tl so he came very much close to me. He kept on dropping me every nite and one day he asked to have a make out .I really loved him and without even realising he is married I slipt wid him and sinc den he Neva failed to sleap with me.I hate him coz his everything ws his wife he always lied to me that he loves me truly like what he was doing with his wife . He never had any rite on me bt he used to abuse me col me prastitute and beat me and i was just tolerating him coz i loved and do not wanted him to get away I hate him so much that I wont even spit on him now . Wen I cot pregnant he said its not mine and went away . Today I hate him so much that I will never ever forgive him and I want him to suffer for destroying my life and cry 100 tyms more den I did every nite and day...i hope his wife gets happiness but he will never get any mental peace and he will never forget what he did with me...

Story #916 -New!

I hate him because I let him hurt me twice. I hate him because he seemed so genuine when he apologized the first time. I hate him because I never got an apology the second time. I hate him because I found out what his motives were. I hate him because he tricked me and he did it so well. I hate him because he acts like nothing happened. I hate him because I have no choice but to act like that too. I hate him because he's not worth crying over, and I do it anyway. I hate him because he's everywhere, and I can't forget him. I hate him. God, I hate him.

Story #915 -New!

Who is it that i really hate? Him or I?? Do I hate the fact that I'm always so vulnerable to whatever he has to say. I hate the fact that with one snap of his fingers I'm there? or do I hate him for being so inconsiderate of the feelings that I feel inside, putting up a bluff for the feelings that I have towards him... the fact that I never once truly had you.. is the thing i hate the most.

Story #914 -New!

I'm a kind, loving, giving person. I see others needs and give unselfishly. I saw his weakness and needs and gave my love. I have my love and support to fill the voids in his life. To make up for the lack of love from his mother, his father, and fiercely defended him when others attacked his character. I was strong when he was weak. But he ignored my needs, left and abandoned me in my times of weakness. I compromised my morals and beliefs for him and he stomped on my heart like it was trash. The pain that it caused left me angry and now I hate myself for the cold hearted person I've become. My sons need a loving, caring mother but he turn my heart into ice. I lost my loving spirit. And he doesn't even care. He not only stole the best part of me but he stole that from my sons. I HATE HIM!

Story #913 -New!

This is my husbands boss that I hate, due to the way he treated me at a work dinner. His behavior towards me was ignorant and arrogant I was ostrcised, excluded, ignored, given the cold shoulder, this was all done in front of his workers and his wife was in on it. I felt like I had walked into a trap. A trap full of hate and contempt and I was it's unwitting victim, it is the first time I have ever been humiliated and felt this way. Ever since the horrid dinner, there has been anger and a simmering rage inside of me, I want to tell them how much I hate their f...... guts. But i cant, I'm stuck in a hopeless situation, because my husband can't leave. Where not young and to start all over again would leave us financially in the carp. All I can do is vent my anger in this blog.

Story #912 -New!

I hate him because he is in love with me and he won't admit it. He won't admit it to me, to himself or to his fiancee. I hate that he is currently celebrating his 9th anniversary with a girl that he may love as a friend but is not in love with. I hate that he is a different person around her. I hate that he feels like he isn't good enough. He is everything to me. This life and beyond. I don't know who I was before him and I will never be to same now that I know him. He has changed me. He changed my soul. I don't know how to forget him because he is my heart. How do you forget about part of yourself? It's not possible.. And the more it grows to hurt the more aware I am of how much he is part of my being. But the truth is I hate him for smothering this love for a promise he made before we met..

Story #911 -New!

I've been with my boyfriend since 2yrs and now he thinks that i have never love him. He always fights with me for no reason and gets angry till i don't beg him. But after so pain, i have finally decided to leave him.

Story #910 -New!

I hate him so much. Why does he have to be so handsome, smart, friendly ? Why ? I'd be so much easier to forget him knowing he was awful. But he's not. I really wanna tell him what I feel but at the same time I know he's got a thousand girls falling at his feet and don't wanna boost his ego any further. I know that nothing's ever going to happen between us if I don't tell him but at the same time I'm scared of rejection. What if he tells his friends and they're going to make fun of me ?

Story #909 -New!

I met this Amazing guy, a warm sunny day a year and a half ago. I didn't give him the time of day because, I was married. Yes, my marriage was falling apart but I was trying. Cutting out most of the mumbo jumbo, we jump eight months. My marriage was over, and I kept hearing how much he liked me. So I very naively started talking to him. It was great! We hung out, laughed,danced by the lake. Numerous nights of having a genuinely good time. His smile made me melt, and his blue eyes...good god. We took it to the next level which was very difficult for me, being I have only ever been intimate with one man. The next day I hit him up...nothing. I waited...nothing. I went to a house party and who shows up? Yes wonder boy. I was wasted by this time but I played it cool. After way to much to drink he made his exit because he had to work at six in the morning. I asked if I could walk with him to his house and talk, I know who does that. I ended up throwing up at his house and woke up when his alarm went off for work. Clothes off and sore. I grabbed my stuff and took off. I text him for the details and still no response, shocker right. I hate him for being the one that 'took care of me' that night and not even telling me that he sucks!!! Watch out ladies he will have you over the edge and take full advantage of you...literally.

Story #908 -New!

I hate him because he lied to me. I hate him because I asked if he wanted to continue our relationship and he said yes. He lied to my face then dumped me over facebook. I hate him because he made me feel bad about myself. I hate him because he made me feel like I did everythibg everything wrong. I hate him because I tried so hard to show him that I cared and it was a waste. I hate him because he made me feel guilty when I was hurting. I hate him because he can't be honest to my face. I hate him because I'm so angry and there's nothing else to do about it but move on. I hate him because I am tired of learning how to trust again. I hate him because f... you.

Story #907 -New!

I live with a man that I hate. I have hated him for 7 out of ten years. He is the most pathetic useless piece of carp man on Earth! I see what his MO is-be such a pain in the ash that you would rather do any job yourself than ask him for help. He has never even put a nail in the wall! He is over 65 and has really perfected this! In the beginning, he was super cute and very sixual. That lasted for the first few years. I went out of state for a couple of months to assist my dying Mother-when I got back the condo was filthy and empty wine bottles every where. He castrated himself with alcohol, we have never had six since. He has no interest in me. If only somebody/something/somehow would help me to get rid of him. By the way, he does have a job and does pay the rent-unfortunately, he works at home (usually in the bed) and so I never even get a break from the miserable piece of s.... I HATE HIM!

Story #906 -New!

He is my first love, and an idiot, and selfish, and a tool. He told me he loved me, but he never acted like he cared until he suspected I was going to drop him, I literally cried in front of him and he couldn't find it in himself to even look at me, the girl he said he loved the day before, right? After a few months I started getting over him, and all of a sudden he hits me up and tells me he's got me something but SURPRISE SURPRISE he's hiding it from his girlfriend, I don't want to be rude so I accept, he drags that s... out for about two and a half weeks saying that he 'forgot' the present every time I saw him and always spoke softer to me and held me tighter and would give me attitude if I didn't give him attention, he is such a F....... I hate him. I hate him

Story #905 -New!

I hate him because he made me believe in forever. I hate him because he lied to me from day 1. I hate him because he lied, cheated and deceived me throughout our marriage. I hate him because he says it's all my fault. I hate him because our kids miss him. I hate him because I am stuck with him in my life, regardless of divorce. I hate him because he was supposed to be the one. I hate him because he can't even be honest with himself. I hate him because he puts on a show for everyone, including himself - when the reality is that he is selfish and manipulative.

Story #904 -New!

I hate how he smiles at me in the morning then do nothing but talk s... about me behind my back. I can't stand his two face lies. I hate how he doesn't have my back. I hate how he makes me submit to his demands in order to stay in his daughter's life. I hate all his b....... lies. He pretends to be a good person with morals to live by, but he's all fake. I Hate Him!

Story #903 -New!

I hate that Jesus Collected T when T was in the second grade and He got to meet him and talk to him and then Jesus asked him To stay out of six sixual contact well God asked him that if He can freeze His sixual account T said sure Father and then God did.,. God spoke it would help his Daughters come what's up ahead..And then God sent him back to the earth. Picture this really happening as the bible says Heaven is at the top of the stars a place the rich white man didn't even reach yet with his utensils some would say and surely the black man would never reach even if you gave them a Black President.. God saying that one can travel from earth and be traveling at light speed..and for 5 thousands years..You just wouldn't reach the top of the stars.. Can you imagine the fall of Lucifer for real right now? A fresh revelation. Any way..T came back to earth and went 33 years without six as asked and enabled... And as he did... A 12 4 33 and 2 along with you know who? Right ,the Holy ghost,the helper,the strengthener,the comforter ! ... Meaning ,storms was rebuked,millions was ministered too maybe more,people was healed,souls were won,Good News got around. Twelve years of school 4 more come college 33 years among women getting not six but the evil one using six to cross the truth of things...James 3-14 and two votes for you know who...yes ,Americas First Black President... I hate it... And then they go and make him the most romantic christian brother and he do even know what six is..., I Hate Jesus Stories...Thanks for the opportunity to share. T

Story #902 -New!

I was job searching but I didnt expect to get one so fast. I remember I walked into the store and saw the cutest guy in the world standing behind the counter staring back at me. Me! All I was wearing were my cheer shorts and one of my dads old tee shirts but the way his eyes traced my body I delt like I was in new addition coach or something. I walked up to the counter fixing my pony tail ans I had two bobby pins hangin out of my mouth. Through clenched teeth I asked for a job application and he tore his eyes away and started turning in circles frantically searching for an application. A lady walked up and gave me one and he was still looking. When I turned ro leave I could feel his eyes burning a hole through my spine. Thst was the day I met josh. A week later I got the job and I couldnt have been happier. Me and my ex were talking againx I had a job, it was summer vacation and I was getting a fresh start. I didnt see josh again for a little whilex about two weeks after I started working. The first tome I saw him has an employee he didnt even look up. I would occasionally catch his eye when I was walking around the store but he never said anything to me nor did I him. Finally my shift was over and I was waiting on my ride. So I took a deep breath and walked over to josh. My hands were shaking so bad and I knew my face was turning all kinds of red but I had to know who he was so I walked over to him. I dont remember the conversation to the t but it went something like this. ... so ive met everyone but you, I placed my hand on rhe counter infront of him. Really he asks looking up from his doodles. Yeah, I say. My names josh he said holding out his hand. I didnt want to shake his hand because mine were sweating so I just nodded and told him my name. We started talking and things were going great. I ended ip giving him my number. After a little bit of texting and getting to jnow one another we started becoming more...intamite. we never actually did anything but we talked about it. A lot. A few months later one of my coworkers tells me he has a girlfriend. I didnt believe her so i asked him. He said he didnt know what they were talking about. So I brushed it off. We continued on our marry little way. Like I said I was still talking to my ex and we endes up getting back together and josh didnt like that. Now josh didnt want to be in a relationship. So we stopped talking. My ex and I broke up and me and josh started talking again. Its like tree hat off and on until I met Felicia. Felicia is a tall, skinnyx tan, volley ball player and joshes girlfriend. I texted him tears streaming down my face and he tells me that they arent together he just tells every one they are because its easier. So I get over it and we stop talking. Well during this time we had gotten a new girl. Josh was training her and talking tons of s... about me. I thought we were on good terms. Now im hearing he hates me and all kinds of stuff. I confront him he says he's sorry blah blah I forgive him. He doesnt stop. Then I told him I was done and that just didnt want to talk anymore. And kinds got back with my ex. Well, mr josh text me the other day pouring out his hwart o n how sorry he is. I of course forgive him knowing I shouldnt because not only doea he have a 'girlfriend' and he is talking to other girls at work. When telling my friends how he apologized right after he found out me and my ex were back together they say he was jealous. My other friends say he really cares about me but is just in a sticky spot. An I say I dont care anymore. Its all stupid and catty and way to old. Its been dragged out for four months goin on five. Oh did I mention how he star y ed rumors about me and another coworker? And then he tells people I flirt with other fuys to make hm jealouae but if you ask him now he'll say he was being a jerk. He alsi tells me I deserve better than my ex. Wtf?

Story #901 -New!

I hate him because he saduced me into believing that he was something he wasn't. He made me fall in love against my better judgment. He brought me joy in the beginning. He talked of a future, a future I always wanted. He made me believe in love again. But also at the same time there were always doubts in the back of my mind, inconsistent behaviors. I was open, and honest. Tried to be patient. He was having such a hard time in his life, he used that as an excuse to be distant. He would claim it wasn't him who was changing, but me. He threw my feelings back at me. Made my heart ache, made my sleep interrupted. I would ask him if he was ok, was everything fine.. Yes he would reply, you're just over thinking. I hate him because he made me leave in the end. Leave with my heart raw and broken. Leave with a piece of myself forever torn from my soul.

Story #900 -New!

I hate him because he made me feel alive then I found out how he really was he will get mad when I wouldn't give to him and he will yell and leave put I love him I hate that he treats me like s... and I never break up with him we stay without talking like for a month then when he needs me I go I hate him for the control he as over me

Story #899 -New!

I have been married for almost 30 years to a man that I have hated for the past 25 years. He controls everything. I earn more than he does but still I have to ask if I can purchase anything. He controls what I eat at home. He controls if the heating goes on in our home. He controls all of the finances. I have a stressful job but I cannot talk about it at home with him..... He tells me to deal with it! Being married doesn't stop the loneliness. I spend 6 days/evenings a week alone. Everyone thinks I have a great life as he acts the doting father and doting husband. I hate myself for letting him control everything. I hate myself for not leaving him. I don't understand why I don't leave him. He doesn't even notice when I don't come home. As long as my pay goes into the bank each month. We have no physical relationship. He calls me fat and looks at me with disgust whenever he sees me naykid. If he approaches me now I feel repulsed by him. I feel no love just hatred.

Story #898 -New!

I hate him sooo f...... much. He sends me mixed feelings, one minute he's all lovey dovey, buddy buddy and then he's a f...... A....... Like grow up, Im 5 months pregnant with his baby girl, he claims he isn't ready but still wants to be in her life. All the females are IN LOVE with him and I hate it because I do not play about him but one minute, I'm like 'I hate you so much' it's a love/hate thing. He makes statuses about 'tired of these H * E S ' like GROW UP. He has 3 girls that are HIS first and he only has one (not me) but tells me he loves me all the time. Its really hard to believe when he's entertaining everyone else but me. I try my hardest to leave that dog alone because that's all he is.

Story #897 -New!

We went out I broke up with him because I thought it was to soon a while later we tried a again he dumped me 5 months later we tried again I had to sump him for family reasons he went crazy at me called me a b.... it took a while but we became friends again we only talked over text becuz he said I was too hot to talk to I didn't know weather that was a compliment or an insult we kept talking and I found out how much of a jerk he was but I still loved him he said he hated my friends and said he wanted to ditch his friends and that he only pretended to be there friends he proved to be a complete idiot and a jerk and I hated it but at the same time loved it one day I was upset and accidently snapped at him ... That was a week ago he avoids me al the time called me a b.... an a...... everything tells me to f... off when I say I hi says he hates me and does the same to my friends I still like him but I hate him I cry all the time about him almost every night I hate him so much and it's forced me to move school I am going to miss my friends but ... It's better than the pain I'm suffering now,U know who u r ...I HATE U, from maddi

Story #896 -New!

I waited a long, very long time to fall in love. I had my hands full being a single mother of three, I went back to school myself so there really was no time left for love. I had not been lucky in love or list ever and I just took the time to enjoy my children and being their mother. I was single for over ten years...I was not looking for anyone...I was in love within seconds of meeting it is eleven years later. I hate him because he is a drunk. I hate him because he lies. I hate him because he is a hypocrite. I hate him because nothing is ever his fault. I hate him because he thinks he is still twenty and that is just pathetic. I hate him because I gave him more hed than any man in the free world gets or will get and I got nothing. I had to stop giving it to him (after four years), to get some from him. I hate him because he made me feel bad when I would want to have six, really bad and when I would leave the house he would go to parn sites and m.......... I hate him because nothing about my life with him was private, the only stuff that was not spoken about is what an a...... he is. I hate him because now people think that I am a psychotic b.... who tosses her house and smashes his 55 inch television for no reason whatsoever. That's right his precious big screen was nothing more than a big old paper weight and he is still with me because he knows I am the best thing he ever had on the end of his less than adequate d.... I hate him because I did other things to get back at him that were wrong...I emptied his bank account on payday and took his electronics to the pawn shop and left him the ticket. I did these things so I could leave him but I know better and was raised better than that and I hate him more than he will ever know for that. I hate his double standards. I hate him because he hides behind a thin veneer of respectability and he is anything but respectable, it is just more of his lies and deceit. I hate him because he is overly critical of everyone and everything, no one and nothing is ever good enough. I hate him because he ruined every Christmas since we met. I hate him because he does not celebrate a birth day...he thinks he's so special he needs the month. I hate him because he would have a bad day at work, come home, get drunk and then take it out on me. I hate him because everything was my fault and for a long time I believed him. But rehab and a reality check from my kids finally allowed me to realize what was happening to me. I hate him because I loved him so much that I believed in him and everything he said to me. I hate him because he is the only person I have been with in twenty-one years. I hate him because where am I going to find someone who has only been with one person for so long. I hate him because now I will have to read the obituaries, find a man whose wife died so I can be reasonably sure of his sixual history. I hate him because he thinks he is perfect just the way he is, but really his head is so far up his own ash he does not see what I see, and everyone else too, because eventually it all comes out and it is not pretty. I hate him for the inappropriate things he has said and done to me, and I am finally taking a page from his book. I hate him for not telling me the truth about himself. I hate him and I am just waiting for the right time and place to let him know just how much he is not getting away with. I got him to admit (on tape, without his knowledge) that he said and did some very nasty and illegal things to have me arrested because I moved out of our apartment and he could no longer control me. I hate him. I hate him because it seems to me that maybe I should have been as nasty and mean to him as I have been lately because now he is right into me and I am disgusted. I hate him because he is 'one of them' and I would never be with 'one of them' and he slipped right under my radar. I hate him because after everything that I have gone through in my life he was supposed to be the icing on the cake and not my tormentor for eleven long and painful years. All I can say is that it has been shown that what goes around comes around so one day he will get his. The best part...I will not have to do a thing...he will do it to himself. I will enjoy watching him squirm and try to worm him way out like he always does but this time it will not turn out the way he wants. He is old and mean and I cannot fathom what I thought that I saw in him.

Story #895 -New!

I just got out of a relationship with a man named Matt from BC. At first we were an item, then things changed as I moved in. He really pulled the wool over my eyes. He was cheating on me the entire time that we were together and hid it very well. He wasted my time! I was never happy anyway, as he'd treat me poorly, after I'd do everything for him. I gave him his freedom, I cooked, cleaned, even did his laundry. I still wasn't good enough for him! He admitted cheating on me upon breaking up with me. He said it was more than just getting a lay.(even though I attempted making love to him nightly to only be pushed away). He said it was more of a connection thing. I was only there as a convenience until his secret gf left her husband to move in. I moved out as she moved in. I hate him!

Story #894 -New!

You know the kind, they give you just enough to hang on to some hope of having something, they seem so nice, always in pain, life always sucks for them, poor lonely guys, Until you find out he hid someone for four years, Until he runs off and marries a Russian bride that he sent all of his money too while apparently still living with the other one and talking to you, Until all of the nice updates of his of dates and possible sixual escapades. Luckily this jerk was just an online friend, 'NOT really a friend that claimed to be one.' Karma sucks for him now though, his beautiful Russian bride is living with another man, His last one cheated on him for a year behind his back, and me the one that was so true and thoughtful and kind and never would cheated in a million years? Well I do not like him at all and think NOW he is a spineless, Gutless creep that just used being online as away to harm someone that could not discover he probably has a tiny d... in reality. The Ego sucks and the Ego damages people and using it to harm innocent people you call friends? That can only result in the worst Karma, But would he listen? NO now maybe he is in tears and I pray he is for a good long time and kicked right the f... down where he belongs and tried to put me, Amen and thank you GOD for giving him what he gave out to me and others and setting my ash free to do BETTER than those who always just assumed they could DO better.

Story #893 -New!

This all started about a month and a half ago. He started talking to me (he's a senior, I'm a sophomore) and I was so happy because I never get romantic attention from guys. If I do, they're annoying or they just stop talking to me a month later. Well, it happened again! We texted every day, he would be really cute and in the beginning with all the lame 21 questions games I learned so much about him which drew me to him. He was so intriguing, wow! A guy that might like me that also has goals and educated opinions on stuff! We ended up hanging out, and we only did so twice and the second time we made out. Then it slowly started falling apart...we wouldn't talk every day anymore and if we did, the conversations wouldn't be very long. Then he couldn't find time to hangout, then he wouldn't even talk to me at school, just make little faces, then ignore my existence. In the middle of that, he told me he was a d..., and wouldn't elaborate. I asked him about it a day later and he told me that he 'doesn't treat me right, cause I'm nice to him but he doesn't pay as much attention to me as he should' which I was like whatever to because that was just in the time where he couldn't find time to hangout then the following school week, is when the ignoring happened, and Wednesday night he told me he was talking to his ex and that's why he's a d... and why he hasn't been talking to me. Which p..... me off immensely because he could have found a good way to stop talking to me. And Thursday, when I went to my second period class, I learned that he was dating his ex too. Which drove me absolutely livid. Guys don't mess with girls like what happened to me. Why would somebody do that? What's wrong with him? What's wrong with me? Am I some gut wrenching disgusting monster that can't be spoken to by guys. Am I that horrible to be around? What's wrong with me... I need to know..

Story #892 -New!

I met this guy last year in high school and we started to talk everyday in school and I started to have feelings for him, so we also we started hang out together and then after that he graduated from the school and after summer he never talked to me again, I mean now he is volunteer on the school so I have to see his face everyday but he doesn't say anything, he just stares at me when I'm around or he just start to whistle when I'm around but he doesn't talk or even say hi like before. And that's killing me... I don't know what is he thinking?? He is the most complicated thing that I have ever known so that's the reason that I hate him

Story #891 -New!

He walked away we hugged in the rain, we had feelings but I guess he was just another guy that was going through each girl. He understood me, he liked me but didn't admit, moments were made, and one day I tell him and he says he can't . He walks away never looks back dated again and never is too look at me the way we used to look at each other when we would stare at each other every 30 sec. He made it seem like I was wanted But I wasn't he walked away and never looked back he broke me little every day but I stood up and kept my chin up! Don't let a man push u down! Young love is never understood . I hope he knows what he missed! Thank god you blew it I'm so over you!

Story #890 -New!

I hate him. I hate the way he makes me feel. I hate the way he makes my heart race when I'm around him. I hate the way I can't breathe or talk or think when I'm around him. I hate the way my mind goes blank when he's next to me. I hate the way his brown eyes twinkle and the way he smiles and the way his body moves so gracefully. I hate how smart and charismatic and genuine he is. I hate the way he found out how I like him and told me that I was like his sister and crushed me into a thousand pieces. I hate him. I hate him soooo much.

Story #889 -New!

He started out romantic and sweet roses, light house picnics and Red Lobster. Telling me I was beautiful, buying me dresses and telling me all the time I was the only one. After awhile I was going to Christmas and Thanksgiving plus other family events being introduced as his girlfriend everywhere. We had fun together and great six. Things are good for almost a year. New Years he gets jealous of some friends who asked me to play darts. He is playing his guitar. He is 21, drunk and starts banging on his drums. I had no idea he was about to strangle me. His brother and friends had to get his hands off my neck. We broke up for a few weeks until he agreed to go to alcohol counseling. I was only 18 and thought this was his issue. Little did I know it was not his only problem. It turned out this guy had three other girlfriends. He had many girls that he 'just f......'In the end after I would catch girls driving his car but he would convince me I was wrong. I always got wormed back into the relationship because he made me feel crazy or think I was stupid. He actually had his male co-worker move in with me when I refused to move in with him . His co-worker then was supposed to 'babysit' me. If I left the house at all with anyone. Yet Scott was out doing stuff with all these other girls. He was barely taking me on the motorcycle, or taking me out anywhere anymore so I tried over and over to break it off but he would not go away. I even would not drink or have six with him. I told him to take a shower in some bleach and maybe use some rubbing alcohol afterwards because he was leaving my bed in the middle of the night to sleep with the old lady in the house I rented from. Gross fat ugly as hell old lady! I woke up and they were having breakfast together at the kitchen table like a happy little couple. I got in his face and yelled, 'Get the f... out now!' 'Get out before I crack this plate over your head!'. It made sense why I had been feeling he was cheating and told him no more six from me. He was! With this old hag! I was beautiful and 20. Well, she was a bartender and gave him a ride back to the house one night so I think this is how it started. She is fat, old, 55 and a drunk who chain smokes. I was , young, beautiful, pre-school teacher and in college, 20. He was very good looking but got pretty drunk and he apparentlydidn't love me anymore. I don't understand why he would stay the f... away then! I left him and moved outta there. He showed up most times after break ups with these things like Metallica tickets or Fantasy Suites Hotel Vacation Packet, big things that were hard to turn and would say he was so sorry and loved me so much and never did what I thought he did. He was always innocent and found some reason. Turned out he slept with my mom the whole time!!! . He was just this huge where. I broke it off and screamed No more it is Over when I caught him holding hands with a girl at a bar. He strangled me again and I gave him a bloody nose. I got a battery and he got nothing because his dad was a cop. A dirty cop. The whole family turned out to be sick. Scott even hit on my brother and it turned out he was bi-sixual. Later one of his friends tells me that he is an opportunist. OMG!!! I said No . I was sooo p...... How the hill! I hate SCOTT FOR PRETENDING TO BE SOMEONE HE WAS NOT AND THEN DOING ALL THESE HORRIBLE THINGS BEHIND MY BACK AND SOME IN MY FACE! He took people to the town motel for six parties. He brought random girls homes in cabs in groups for six parties when I worked late. He never a candom. I haven't talked to my mom in ten years. I lost so much because of this guy and his picker problem. He just is not that great in bed either as he thinks. I am a strong young woman and he couldn't go longer than 10-60 seconds sober inside of me. He got a complex and I think he liked old loose ladies so he could crew longer. I loved him and saw six differently. I had no idea because he said I love you. I thought he saw it the same way. He was angry I didn't like him sloppy, drooling and spitting through his teeth drunk having six with me. It was all about him.He saved the pleasure for his giggalo job apparently. I was so tricked in the first year!!! I was tested for everything. I hate Scott!! He is trying to krill everyone else by crewing like 5 people a day. He will basically put his thing in a hole in the wall. A VERY UGLY FAT WOMAN CAME TO WORK-TO MY JOB- TO TELL ME SHE WAS PREGNANT! This was the worst 2 and a half years of my life. When the cops finally arrested Scott and I was able to get a restraining order on him, three different girls were pulled over with him in one week all stating they were his girlfriends. In this he also ran a giggalo services out of his house where he had six for money with lonely, fat, ugly women. OMG!!! I was so tricked by this guy as to what and and as to who he really was that I am sickened. I am afraid to even date now. Becareful out there!!!

Story #888 -New!

I hate him because I love him, and he's never felt the same about me, like I thought he did. He's a great guy. That's the problem. We dated, broke up, and he moved on. I never did. Time passed, and we started talking again. We became best friends. I can't explain how much I cared about him, it just can't be done. I decided to tell him how I felt. He told me that he had no feelings for me. Yet he kisses me. He stays in and watches movies with me at my request and snuggles up with me when he's cold. I hate to love him.

Story #887 -New!

I hate my ex boyfriend Isaac. I dated him for four years only for us to break up and three days later he says he doesn't love me. I decided to confide in my bestfriend everything little did I know the whole time they were crewing each other! She would put on this fake persona that she didn't like him and what not but she was so fake. I can't believe they would do that do me for four years. They are so evil that I was the God mother to my God Kids and helped them out a lot even tho my ex boyfriend and so called best friend were binging the entire time. I hate my ex and I hate that thing I called a friend.

Story #886 -New!

I hate him. I hate him for making me fall in love with him. A love which even months after is still stronger than ever, completely untouched. He made me feel special and the cruel way in which he dropped me has shattered my self-esteem. I hate him for not loving me the way I loved him. I was just another girl to him. Of the many girls that he gets involved with and become equally as besotted as I was/am with him. I hate him for making me obsessed with him, when he doesn't give a s... about me. I hate him for constantly being in my mind, wondering what he's doing, having dreams of him kissing me, constantly comparing him with every other guy. It skills me. It skills me hearing about how his life is still going on fine, whilst my whole world has been shattered. He was my first huge love and he stole a lot of 'firsts', which I wish could have taken from me by a decent guy. He used me. Treated me like dirt. But my heart still beats faster and faster every time he looks at me. Maybe it's the drama that attracts me so much to him. His bad-boy/ player attitude that has made me fall so hard for him. I don't even know. But what I do know is that someone has to get me out of this place... What did I do to deserve such suffering?

Story #885 -New!

I've been graced with the hatred of intense proportions of my idiot frank. I hate I have to take care of a liar and how he works so hard to lie at me and make his made up b....... as real as his little games can get without making me, the house pet, too obviously the the honest one. I cook clean and more for a duche who gives two cares less about anything to do with me, so p.... him I hate him

Story #884 -New!

It's hard to say I hate him when I loved him with all my heart and soul . He was the one who started flirting . He was the one who made me so madly In love but when he became sure that I really need him he became a stranger ... I hate him for ignoring me , I hate him for when I bought him a birthday gift , didnt even call me for a thank you , I hate him for when I called and wanted to talk , he said he doesnt care . I hate him for finally realizing he's into a new girl . I'm not jealous I swear to God , but I had the better look , I had a better attitude and even a heart full of love to give , he used my heart just to play ... I hate him for never delivering me from pain , I hate him for every tear drops , I hate him for telling me it was all a joke and he never loved me , I hate him for making me feel sick , I hate him for all the love and all the time I wasted

Story #883 -New!

I'm in orchestra as a cello player and he (or should I say they) is too ... But I sit in front of them... So when we're passing down music, I apparently have to eave the music sheets on the stand cuz he won't take the freaking sheets with his goddamn hands! Anyway when we're passing back the music sheets to the director, he and his other friends just throw it at the floor so that I can pick them up!!! Are they idiots?? And he says that I dont have manners and who the hill is the one talking?! And then the next day we're passing music sheets back and I accidently drop them on the floor because isnt it his duty to use his f...... hands and grab the music sheets?!? They're like 'wow' and im just like sorry and when i sit back down i hear one of his friends saying to the other guy 'i hate you. Not you. Her'! Im just like OMG WHAT THE HILL?!! And we have science together and when were in the classroom they wont even bother me a bit?! And they act like they are funny people and chat as if they are the best people in the world!! Just because their friends are there, so they dont want to show their bad side?!? Theyre so annoying!!! I want to yell at their faces!!! But because im a shy person i dont have the courage... BUT SERIOUSLY WUT IS WRONG WITH THEIR LIVES??! Cant they be a little gentle to a girl?! Ugh

Story #882 -New!

Okay there's this boy I like and he will use me for stuff and I wanted to test him so I said u can't go to newyork with me and after that he ignored me for like a month then he facetimeong me at 12-35 am in the moring and talked for two seconds and then the next day he said he didn't care and wish I was dehd and then people asked him and he said he didn't and then in the classroom he admitted that he said it and told everyone to tell me his sorry and so I don't know to hate him or accept the apology?!

Story #881 -New!

I hate him..I hate him..and I hate him! He took everything from me..he destroyed everything that makes me whom I am..he's dampered my ability to love and trust..all the pros if there were any are topping the cons list..I hate him because it's just me so it's ok..I hate him because he has no accountability..I hate him because he was my only shot. I hate him because I needed him..I hate him because I loved him..I hate him as anyone would to a Man that stole her motherhood! I hate him!

Story #880 -New!

I met him at our mutual tennis club. He is good looking, charming and intelligent. Before long after some friendly and occasional flirtatious texting we had our first date. I find out on that date that he has a child with a lady he dated for 3 months, broke up with but continued to have 'no strings attached' six with. Ok, this sort of stuff happens all the time right? To some it's no big deal. Long story short, he got her pregnant and when she told him, he was nothing but angry at her. She apparently said he didn't have to be involved and she didn't want his money and he was like 'ok then!'and walks away. Hello... It takes 2 to Tango! He continues on in life, seemingly unbothered about the welfare of the lady carrying his child. She text him the day their baby was born however he proceeded to have nothing to do with her. Only when she contacted his mother to let her know that she had a grandchild, and after persuasion of his mother did he become involved in the baby's life. She was 7 months old by this time. Red flag # 1. We proceeded to date for 3 months and everything appeared lovely. I did notice at the time that we never caught up on weekends but excused that as he having Daddy duties and needing at least one day to himself on the weekend. I don't want to seem needy or pushy so never mentioned it. Red flag # 2. I fell for his charming ways, cooking me dinners and long chats well into the night. He is an active guy into all sorts of sports, Squash, skiing, BMX riding, fishing. He got me hook, line and sinker and I fell for him hard. We last 'went out' on a Monday and then the Tuesday and everything seemed fine, by Thursday, by text, he said 'we need to talk'. We had a face to face talk on the following Monday where he explained that he liked me and there was nothing wrong but there just wasn't 'that connection.' Looking back on it, this was exactly the same explanation he said he gave his Baby Mumma when he broke up with her. I actually said to him, did something happen between Tuesday and Thursday which he gave a definite No. Red flag # 3. I was avoiding our club for a while as I was devastated that he had ended things. Everything seemed to be going well and the end came out of no where. I spent the next month in emotional turmoil trying to come to grips with what happened. I was in love with this guy and was trying to accept that it just wasn't meant to be and although still really missing him and lamenting the fact I can't date him anymore, am starting to come to grips with things. I then find out that he was down at the club within minutes of our face to face chat, looking happy as Larry, like nothing had ever happened. He was also at the club the Thursday of that same week having a one on one drink with one of the other girls there and has been dating her ever since. That was 2 months ago. Apparently he has always flirted with her but she is also one who jumps from one relationship to the next and up until recently hasn't been 'single' Red flag # 4. I also find out afterwards that in the past he has asked out at least 3 other girls at the club, all of who have said no. Red flag # 5. I hate him because it is now so obvious that he is player who loves the chase and the chase only. He has severely affected my life at our tennis club by making it obvious for all to see he has moved on to the next victim and therefore making it very difficult for me to be there. He has shown no consideration for my thoughts or feelings regarding this whole matter and has simply ditched me and moved on. I hate him because he plays the game so well that you just don't see it coming... Obviously years of experience has fine tuned his act! By the way, he is 41 years of age, has never been married and has a string of 3-6 month relationships under his belt...I only find this out later of course! Players - gotta hate em! I hate him because he hurt me and I still love him. Idk if it's love, I mean can you love someone you never dated? Can you love someone whose hands you never felt on any part of your body except for a hug? I guess it's not love right? Let's be honest, I don't hate him but I want too. That's how you know you love someone, when you don't hate them for hurting you. We talked and I mean flirted for while, He was the sweetest, we even made promises to each other, but you know unfortunately promises are made to be broken I guess, since that is what I learned through this. He was one of a kind! Like no other guy I have met and someone like that is rare to find cause he made me feel wow, I can't even explain it, and you know what they say, 'the most unexpected person can make you the happiest' well this was very unexpected, I never would've seen myself with someone like him and that's what made it the best part. But then I guess someone with him changed, he stopped talking to me one day. I didn't understand, but what hurt the most is that you made me feel so dang special yesterday, and then make me feel so unwanted today. I didn't feel it coming, he didn't become distant, he wasn't texting any different, one day he just stopped. It didn't hurt at first but then days passed and he still hasn't talked to me so i knew what had happened, he just left like why couldn't you try harder? I am complicated and stubborn and such a baby but he put the effort! So did I when he got angry and with his temper as well! But this time he didn't try. Usually when that happens it's because they don't care anymore, or they met someone else. That happened, he met someone else I'm guessing, 3 months later he got a girlfriend. He hurt me, he was like no other guy I have met and it is very hard to find someone like that at this age. It's been a year and I'm still dwelling over it. I just can't wait until the day I pass him in the halls and feel nothing! He's still with her. I hate him because till this day I would still answer his texts in a heartbeat. I hate him because I would still do anything for him. I hate him because he just left. I hate him because he made me feel like I wasn't good enough. and most of all I hate how I can't hate him when he hurt me so bad and f.... me up mentally and physically.

Story #879 -New!

We first met in a crazy part of my life I had recently lost my v card to a guy who had no respect for me, I was struggling with my sixuality, and had a lot of issues with my parents. He came and practically swept me off my feet that summer he had it all, he was my perfect type, tall (5'10),with the long skater hair, strong, easy going, funny as hill. He was an amazing friend who turned into so much more when he looked into my eyes I could just melt away into a dream. He was my happy place, wherever he was I wanted to be. That feeling lasted nearly a year, and abruptly ended when I was told by a friend that he been seeing another girl for awhile, this broke my heart, I knew I didn't want to hear it but I needed to know everything that had been going on between them, I had his friend tell me what was going on. I knew even he was worried about me as he told me, Panic attacks are common with me, and that night with every word he spoke, my throat grew tighter and became harder and harder to breathe, that night I had fainted and woke in the morning to a Goodmorning txt message from S telling me he loved me. I wanted to break down at that moment and scream at him for everything he had done. But I somehow managed to keep my calm and just broke up with via text message explains that I was aware of what he was doing and I wanted no part of it, that we could not be friends, and I never wanted to see him again. A month later I saw him again and he cried and I found my heart breaking for him and I wiped away his tears, he enveloped me in a hug and I never wanted it to end, I took him back and we are currently together I want to trust him but I can't, I want to love him again but I can't, I stay with him for his benefit, I feel like I can never leave, I want to hate him for making me destroy myself or him...but I can't.

Story #878 -New!

I hate him for how he uses and manipulates people and then has absolutely no remorse. I hate him for saying he likes getting under my skin. I hate how he always did. I hate how sweet he acts to cover how abusive he is. I hate how he twisted my arm. I hate how he pushed me. I hate him for damaging my mentality so much, and I hate him for saying I'm the only one he ever really cared about and then treating me like trash.

Story #877 -New!

I just really seriously hate this guy. We started going during out freshman year of college, but then he was a loser and started doing drags and stuff so I dumped him. And then, months later, he totally made me feel like the worst person ever for leaving him. And made this huge to-do about how he was so in love with me until the very end. But then he didn't want me back, and starting slipping with a ton of girls. For a while I really hated him because I missed him so bad. I became jealous of him, and convinced myself he was the perfect guy and that if only I'd never dumped him everything would be all hunky dory. Every now and then he'd pop up, and message me, or wanna hang out, and we'd have a really great time. And then I wouldn't hear from him, and I'd totally have a melt down every single time. But I couldn't stay away. I'd try so hard to cut him out, but I really just couldn't do it. But then it turned out that he truly was a manipulative a....... And finally I believed it! I was telling myself this for so long, but I still deep down was in love with him. But then, after college, we starting dating again, and I found out that he's really a total s... head! He intentionally told me lies to keep me hooked, and, although he said things like, 'I love you' and 'I want to be with you', he admitted he wasn't even that sincere about it. And he's honestly just a total dauche lord j......! And he fluctuates between thinking he's literally the king of the world to being totally depressed and self destructive. I feel sorry for him if he's depressed or whatever, but it just bothers me that he's such a dauche. He has no self control and just crews people over. I'd never want to be with him any more, I just really can't stand him. He literally haunted me for two years, and I guess I'm just glad I found out the truth. Oh, also, he's a cheater.

Story #876 -New!

We met we text I used to not respond to his text until one day I decided to after the guy I was dealing with got on my nerves so he came and got me we went to his hotel were he was staying and had amazing six afterwards he text me gm and stuff and then he like he wanna see me again im like okay so this time we was in his car and having yet another amazing session the next day I thought I loved him I text him what we gonna be friends together or what he said friends I said I don't want to have six with my friend he like he gonna fall back granted I text him he reply then one day he just stop replying to my text for a week I was texting him then I text him off a free text app he replied ok so now I'm upset he then texts me im like your corney he like you said if you don't want to be nothing leave me alone I said ok me falling back into like I'm like when I'm gonna see you so fast forward Tuesday we seen each other that night had six five freaking times crazy I know then that thursday I came to his house we had six again mind all the six we had was unprotected all the time .after I left his house I never heard from him again I text him he don't text back im tired of the back n fourth I f...... hate him he disgust me

Story #875 -New!

My Best friend and I have been friends since 2010. On the 2011's New Year we played dare derty and He had to slip with me, we woke up in him bathroom naykid. A week later he stopped talking with me. The next year in 2012, I started dating A guy called Ray, Alexander my best friend was acting strangely towards Ray and our relationship lasted for two months. The same happenned with all the boys I dated after my adventure with Alex. In 2013, i was sitting next to Alex in the classroom,He was with a girl I never met, and he was all the time touching me and saying if we could be alone it would better. A day , my pen fell between his legs, when I tried to pick it up he made a sound and everybody was looking at us. He then kissed me and then told me He had a gf he hates.( what a wonderful world!!) In 2014, I went to study in different schools around the world to learn more and better. During the first course I took in Florence, Italy he send me a pic of him naykid, I was once walking in the Rue Rivoli,France he called me and started talk dirty, I emmediatly hung up. He did worst than this... On the 29/12/14, I returned to my country, and everybody I knew was waiting for me infront of my house, and of crouse Alex was here. On the new year 2015, I did rarely talk with him but he was still looking at me the same way he used to do before. The rest of the night he was flirting with all the girls close to him. At midnight, the stupid Truth or Dare game was on, and We putted some rules everybody should respect- No lie No judgment Evrything that we say here stays here ... On Alex's turn he chose Truth and he had to give the full list of all his exes- he started with Amy, Patricia, Claudia,Zoe, Ella, Lilly, Celine, Sacha, And Devigne my cousin, and at the end he said(Because I have to say the truth, Katherine I loved you and I would to be your husband) I was like trying to not make any move, being Zen, and he was saying more s.... I then drinked two bottles of vodka and told him how I really felt about him and I told him we are best friend not more. He was smiling. He was looking at me as if I was a chocolate cake that he would bite softly with his juicy lips. My description of his lips is quite too much. At the end, I told everybody that I was Lesbian to avoid having another conversation with Alex of this kind. The thing is I don't know if I should Hate Him.

Story #874 -New!

He's such a stuck up jerk and creepy. We've been only texting and he never showed his face. I know he's ugly. He says he loves me and hurts me. He doesn't like my sarcasm and he called me a racist. I hate him soooo much I hope he burns in hell!

Story #873 -New!

I hate him i hate that i love him i hate that i believe him i hate that he ever existed in my life i hate that as much as i want to move on i cant i hate that my heart misses him so much and i cant seem to let go i hate that no matter how bad he treats me i still love him i hate that he makes me feel stupid andand worthless i hate how he can never keep a promise.... I swear i hate him!!! I hate him soooo much!!!

Story #872 -New!

I hate him so much I can not explain why...first he cheated on me 4 times during our relationship. I had to drop him he was a lier. Now he is dating a lawyer of New York and act like if nothing a normal happened in his sixual life and pretend never been a cheater. My friends are telling me that what he did to me he will to it to his new love. He sent me an email in December 2014 writing that he is sorry he cheated on me and he is sorry he hurt me. I did never reply to that email I hate him to much. In December 25th 2014 he wrote on his Facebook page that he is relationship with two since October 6 2012. I can not tolerate to see him on TV when he is giving the news and would be happy if he could be fired from the tv channel. He is pretentious acting like a snob on TV when he is disgusting in private life and more over he is picking his nose when driving and he fait in bed...I hate him very much...I hate him and should not met that guy for anything in the wold. I hate hum....I hate you

Story #871 -New!

We study together at the same class in university, i used to like him , we talked somtimes , after 6 months he told me that he loved me and that am a great person from inside and outside. And now after a day from his LOVE CONFESSION, Ireally hate him and the thought of him saying what he said makes me angry , because I can't trust him and i feel like he only want to play me.

Story #870 -New!

I hate him because we used to be best friends. Since we were kids. That got a little deeper as time went on. We were such good friends with a special bond. I hate him because he loved me, but was too much of a d... to tell me. I hate him because he eventually made me love him. And right when he did, he just stopped. He automatically stopped talking to me, and being a total b.... to me. Why? I don't know. I hate him for that. I hate him because he treated this new girl like she was amazing and left me there to cry. I hate him for knowing that I was sad without him, and continuing to be an a......, as if it was a joke. I hate him for not apologizing when I told him I hate him. I hate him for acting like an egotistical big shot. He's the one that got away. I hate him for not knowing what he did wrong. I overall hate him a lot.

Story #869 -New!

I have known my lil sisters bf since I was younger, he dated my oldest sis 1st and had a child then later on got with one of my younger sisters and been with her for 5+ years. Anyways when I lived on my own he seemed very decent guy so when my sis needed a room mate and I needed a home I moved in with him and her. Been living here for almost 2yrs now and everything at the beginning was a rough road with him thinking he had to out do me on everything but it came to an hault when I threatened to move out. Now ever since he came to notice I know how to budget and save $ hes had weird reactions and one of them being everytime I came home with new electronic or items from shopping he would lie and state to his fam that I always would rub it into his and my sisters faces which I didn't as soon as I walked in with my new electronics he wanted to set them up bragging he electronic whiz which he isn't and so when I said no thanks I got it he runs me down once again recently as if Idk what Im doing when Im the one doing it correctly and his ideas of setup are wrong. Now recently I believe hes narcisstic I think is the word for someone who is pathological liar truelly believes hes always right, and Im always lying etc. Well this past week I have been feeling like Im living in Hill. Here is what he does to me and at 1st I thought it was to only due with jealousy of me being able to manage money better than him but as you read in next sentence of what hes been doing to me you may think as my dad does which is my sisters boyfriend is sneakly in love with me. Idk what his actions mean but I do feel abused! So here is this weeks chaos he has caused- Tuesday- Im on the phone with DMV talking about renewing my NY registration on my auto out of no wheres my sis bf is listening to my convo which was nothing to do with him but still he butts his nose in and begins screaming in bkgrnd shes lying shes not on phone with DMV I say what huh Im confused could you plz wait until Im off phone before beginning what ever your starting in bkgrnd about and with me. Then he screams put them on spkr phone prove you talking to them by now Im freaking out inside who is this guy and where is this coming from Im asking myself in bk of my head. Then because me and DMV lady were discussing my driving record and I got 2 tockets which were thrown out and sealed never counted on my record against me she still wants to spk about it during the time my sis bf in bkgrnd still shouting and over hearing out of no place I answering her questions and he immediately shouting shes f...... lying to you etc while kept repeating prove you on phone with someone. Now I hadn't experienced this with him doing this ever to me before and all day we were fine spkng kindly and all then all sudden Im on phone and hes shouting you f...... liar/prove you spkn to DMV/If you on phone then ask what time they close I said after asking DMV lady 6PM he gets on his cell shouting that's a lie etc. Anyways with even more said by him he had DMV questioning rather I shld be in trouble for lies hes shouting in bkgrnd accusing me of doing which includes forging an inspection sticker etc truly Idk what was going on Im on phone with DMV to do with law/legal discussions and hes in bkgrnd making false accusations against me which seemed like he was attempting to give false testimony against me out of the air whih could caused me to have gotten arrested. Luckily I cld prove him wrong about his statement which was that I had falsified an document by telling DMV lady to look up to see all my windshield documents and plates does belong to me under my own name etc. Then after DMV scenario I called my daddi to explain that something was wrong with sis bf and repeated bk to him all that happened. Sis bf ear drops again shouting loud enough to be heard from NY to Texas literally walking behind me throughout house using that loud voice shouting at me as to where even going in my room I still cldnt avoid him from following me making me cry by all negativity he was saying about me because he was trying to persuade my daddi that Im someone that Im not which is an patho liar/that I switched around all that was said by him when I was on phone with DMV/saying so loud for my daddi to hear him that no matter what I say make sure to ask for proof because all I say is lies etc and my daddi was becoming upset like wtf hit lil sis bf why haven't we seen this in himz beforez me and daddi wondered etc. Continuing night out on Tuesday I was spkn to my bf whom lives here also about what color item I used to own instantly I said yeah my skirt was pretty blue my sis bf jumped in on it confronting my bf and my sis aka his gf to get them to agree with him since he needed to be right that my skirt wasn't blue it was supposedly grey. Im like wow idk still what this is all abouts/not know y my sis and my bf agreed with him/I felt jumped and misplaced into my home etc. At end of feud he said get your shoes on and come with me I will take you to cop station with me to prove the night they gave you tickets you had grey skirt on vs it wasn't blue. Im like why do I have to prove anything to you your not my bf and Im sick of you putting me down as liar every minute and claiming the only way Im going to be elieved is by proving myself to you. I don't care about proving myself to him Idk why he feels he has authority since Tuesday to begin arguments with me call me a liar and always saying show proof to him if Im no liar/ Idk why when Im on phone he ear drops and butts into convo Im having when nada is being said abouts him, and Idk why all sudden his mission is to ruin my relationship with my bf/daddi/ and my friends because of his lies he attempts to make them believe him on everything and he also has been trying to make them think they don't know me as if Im patho liar when its him lying, and to conclude he tonight and lastnight both nites accused me of borrowing a fan and an usb cord from him before and supposedly he was taking them bk because they were his items when in fact I bought my usb cable for my printer and when he took his from my room over a yr ago he made sure bk then that his printer had his usb cable attached to printer but bc now he cant find his he tried lying so he cld steal mine along with my own stupid bf gave him my room fan which I begged him not too knowing it was mine so I suffered tonight in hot heat bc my sis bf convinced my bf that my fan was his fan and that supposedly my bf is the one who borrowed it from him. Idk why my sis and my bf always agrees hes right when they know hes wrong so I suggested that my sis and bf was only agreeing with my sis bf just so he wld stop the trouble making with me and stop him from pulling them into middle however when I asked my bf to bk me up telling him that he knew my sis bf owes me tons of $ bc he neva paid me bk bc that was anotha topic brought up my bf said knock it off 'shut up im not into it I have headache' however the dang liar is allowed to pull my sis and bf in middle to be on his side when they know they lying for him hoping the feud wld stop vs if I ask them plz to admit truth that hes wrong so this carp can stop they wont help me. If I say anything to a friend about an item I bought instantly my sis bf yelling show me the receipt prove it that you bought that item Im like hill no I don't have to answer to you or prove nada especially when this convo doesn't involve you etc and before his feud ends hes on his cell calling the store I bought the item from even asking how much I spent on the item and asks if anything is included in the item box with the item when I purchased it etc. I totally see him going overboard right to where he needs to research everything I spk about/demands proof for anything I say regardless the fact Im not tlkn to him bout nada/always has his main goal aimed high to prove me wrong no matter what he has to PI everything I say no matter if it has to come down to him calling my ex bf to get him even involved. I have done nothing to him and all sudden this began Im target everyday, followed while being screamed at , my convos are always with others in which he starts shtn in bkgrnd to make himself heard, I said Im moving out instantly he must thought I need my bf $ to move bc he said did u tell u bf u been having u frnd send u ex msgs which I proved to my bf was a lie and I spoke up and said the truth of why wld I have a frnd send my ex msgs when my current bf trusts me and said I can talk to my ex and Im the one who said no bc I didn't need the drama so Im reason why I don't spk to my ex it has nada to do with my bf saying I cant. Instantly it was as if my sis bf wanted revenge on me and was trying to find a way to punish and hurt me bc I said Im moving, therefore seemed as though he was trying to brk me and my bf up trying to attempt to convince him that I was cheating on him. Then he thrtnd to sue me and punish me any which way he can if I leave and don't give him money in the month I leave. My dad thinks my sis bf doing all he can to not only annoy me but to annoy my bf also to force him to leave me bc if my sis bf keeps bringing my bf into agreeing on his behalf my dad thinks my sis bf knows its going to push my bf away from wanting to be here and the lies about me with my ex was an attempt to punish me to lose my bf. Daddi says these actions out of the blues is not only jealousy but he thinks my sis bf punishing me bc he sees if I were with him instead he wld have better life than he has with my sis causing him to have secret love for me etc. Now with all this happening if I saw it happening to a diff girl I wld probably assume the diff gal and my sis bf were having affair for why hes attempting to control her/run her down/ push her bf away etc. But I swear I haven't been doing no six with my sis bf in which many of my friends claim his actions hes using is to to manipulate me to looking to other guys and ppl not to be whom I appear to be in good hopes that no one will be willing to be my frnd or if he forced my bf to leave they think his goal is to make sure I cant end up with someone new. With all that this dumb a...... is doing to me I hate his guts! What do you see as for the reasons of why a man who isn't with you attempts to run you down, make others believe your not whom you actually are, and trys to force you to always provide proof to him? Is this narcistic or love control aka loves me w/o me knowing it therefore these are his attempted steps to take control ova me? I ball my eyes out knowing I don't want ppl to believe his lies about me and chng they opinions of me, I don't want to lose those important in my life by him turning them against me in which is true he only brings his lies of me to the closest ppl in my life except for my ex isn't close to my heart on my behalf but my sis bf does know my ex still loves me. Why those who do love me hes trying to turn against me out of the blues when I have done nothing to him only been there as a bank for him up until he got too much of my $ and didn't pay me so I stopped helping him with $ ova a yr ago so it seems his revenge isn't on me bc im notgiving him $ loans anymore bc if that was it he wld had started everything bk when I stopped giving him loans it seems. He has mentioned he wishes he had gf who did 50% bills with him aka that's what I do with my bf and in the end of each nite he makes his way to me alone trying to then tlk low instead of screaming at me but neva says sorry just acts like we been getting along all this week as if he hasn't done nada to me.

Story #868 -New!

I hate that I told him everything about me, good and bad, and he was so understanding and encouraging. I hate that I bared my soul to him, only to have him dump me via text out of the blue. I hate that he emphasized the importance of communication only to not talk to me about how he was feeling. I hate that he had me thinking we were going to start the rest of our lives together. I hate that he led me on. I hate that I spent so much money and time on him. I hate that he was the closest thing I've ever come to what I want and need from a relationship. I hate that I would've done anything for him. I hate how we seemed to connect like two Lego pieces. I hate how calm cool and collected he was about breaking my heart. I hate that I fell in love with him after such a short amount of time. I hate that I loved his sister and her f...... cats too. I hate how he was well aware of the distance between us before we got together. I hate how he said we'd have the cutest babies. I hate how we had so much in common. I hate how he said he'd call and never did.. He left me hanging. I hate that after he broke up with me I went f...... crazy on him. Most of all... I hate that he had a new girlfriend right after he dumped me..

Story #867 -New!

I hate him. We work together and he knows I just got out of a long term relationship. I told him I didn't want anything serious, just fooling around and having fun. I hate him, because now he wants to date me and loves me and can't accept the fact that I don't feel the same way. He can't accept that I'm comfortable having multiple casual six partners. He talks behind my back, he yells at me, tells people he needs me in his life yet says he wants to leave work because of me. I hate him because he's trying to make me feel bad, when I was 100% honest with him the whole time. I hate him because he's bringing other co workers into this. I hate him because he thinks he has some claim on me just because we had casual six. I hate him, and now he hates me because I can't love him. He is being an immature child and cannot stand up be a man and respect the fact that I am a free woman with my own life and my own ways of living.

Story #866 -New!

Well, to be honest I have just got out of this relationship that lasted for about a month and half after realizing he stopped talking to me and making up excuses saying he was either too busy studying or he was having problems at home with his family. Just this Sunday, his best friend told me that he has fallen for another girl, that's why he won't confront me, and he was planning to confront me after I finish exams. I hate the fact that he lied, after all these 'I love you, I've got no idea what you have done to me, you're magic, and I'll never love anyone but you' but HEYYY, look you son of a b.... you have fallen for another. I HATE HIM SO F...... MUCH, he's just so selfish and I really can't stand seeing him at school anymore. He changed so much. And all that comes to my mind are the flashbacks we had. Our first kiss, his hugs, his scent.. I can't stand this anymore. He was my everything, now I'm left with nothing.

Story #865 -New!

I hate him because he talks to my friend even though I asked him to stop. I hate him coz he ignored my texts and pretended as if everything was ok. I hate him coz he plays with my feelings. I hate him coz he is just him!!! I hate him!

Story #864 -New!

your mother or grandmother - One of the hottest girls in town , could get anyone as a young girl and even in older years had followers- Instead she went against all friends advice and to all friends remorse she chose the one no one wanted her to be with they'd marry,have kids, have real bad moments some good- Most though we're in here own head of how great it was not truly what was happening in real life - they lasted a long,long,long time- all warning signs were there the woman caught on very quickly there was others interests but again wouldn't believe, partly cause 'he ' ( the creepy loved one) fed her the fantasy she wanted a home, good kids n a great life 'sometimes' then one day her daughter came to say mommy ... Daddy has a friend he wants me to meet- Kblam! Confrontation time n of course ' the creepy loved one' tried to cover his tracks lying about cancer , n ole friend, it's nothing... All the while in My own head ( I am losing my family , my home, my nice life) I let him have the 'D' word that he threatened to bring harm if I didn't- I lived with him after for many many long years after- while he went out to play and I raised the last of our children, worked, cleaned, and took care of Now his house- I finally left that 'creepy loved one 'for a whole year- He found another n wasn't happy ... Kept begging for this n that til I finally caved in n went back to his house - Only to be tortured another two n half years with cleaning, cooking, and the same 'drama' 'The creepy loved one' knew how to make me feel good- n even worse he knew how to make me feel bad- I did feel bad for a very, very long time yet in silence for I did not want my children to bare the burden of my own choices- I planned and planned to leave always allowing others to come first-Till one day...I now have 3 weeks left til I get the truck and go - because I finally realized I deserve what I gave the 'creepy loved one' Lesson learned- Love ur self most then others Other lesson learned - Leave before your 50 n tired of life . Hey 'creepy loved one' -You know who you are ...I will always, always Hate you - Thanks for listening...Peace

Story #863 -New!

I hate him for coming into my life and pushing for a sixual relationship just shortly after my separation of my husband that soon became my divorce. He gave me affection, passion, excitement, and a emotional feeling of love during those moments of intimacy that I have never experienced and he is nearly 20 years younger than me. Brink of mid life crisis pushing 40 and him 22 and going through perimenopause because I have no kids. I needed to do this at same time I fought myself and resisted him. Every week for 8 months I tell him off and leave me alone because he only showed up or called or texted when he wanted six. He tried few times taking me out to lunch but it was so uncomfortable for me with age difference as he is Asian and looks younger and so people stared. I had already dealt with the struggles of being a white woman married to an Asian for 10 years during time this was frowned upon by Americans and in Asia. Everyone would stare, especially in Asia. An entire restaurant would stop talking and stare at us in Asia. In beginning I was fat so people in America used to stare because we were such odd couple. And here I was going through this again with my boy toy that was there to wipe all my tears away from pain of losing husband and having to move on. Then tears for pain he caused as well by treating me poorly by always ignoring me and only showing up when he wanted some. I hate him for when I asked him to go away for few weeks because I got wrapped up in moment I almost told him I loved him and he didn't listen and kept coming and he tells me it's okay but he likes being with multiple women. He bugged me many times about having six with my friends and I was so fed up I said here is their number do what u want but I won't be there for u. I get furious and he kept trying come back. I hate him because he has taken advantage of my insecurities during a time I needed to heal and he kept interfering. Now I know he has no feeling way he ignores my texts that I am forcing myself to hate him and will no longer allow him in. I f...... hate him because his tenderness and affection was everything I needed! But it was all fake just like my marriage because my ex husband used me for citizenship then tried to skill me when I tried to leave. I truly give up on love! I hate men for not loving me back in way I love them!

Story #862 -New!

I hate him. He was my first love, my first everything, I had put everything I had into our relationship. He was my world for a year and a half and he just left me... And even worst, what breaks my heart the most was he left me for someone else. You don't know how that can break a person, he replaced me with someone better. He was the only person I have ever trusted in my life to not hurt me and yet he was the one who hurt me the most. And that's why I hate him.

Story #861 -New!

He hurt my heart and humiliated me. He was everything I was looking for in a partner until he told me he was married. I had asked him before if he was. He said no. Turns out he didn't even tell me his real name. They have an open relationship. She has her side pieces now he wants his. The thing that hurts the most is the lying. He had so many opportunities to tell me and he chose not to. He slipped in something he said and when I asked he finally told me the truth. I cried and felt so small and I hate him for making me feel that way.

Story #860 -New!

Over the course of our relationship he's thrown my things around the room, ripped up my artwork, called my every name there is, criticised every single part of my life and most recently pushed me to the floor and spat in my face because I woke him up too early in the morning- 10-30.

Story #859 -New!

We met a year ago while walking our dogs. He is my neighbor and doesn't live that far. My heart would drop every time i see him not because he was goodlooking, its just that I thought he was perfect in every single way. We finally started dating. I literally worshipped him and loved him like i had never loved before. He tried breaking up with me a few times and each time i held on even tighter. He finally found a tiny excuse to break up with me last week. I couldn't handle getting dumped over the phone so i drove off to his place. He stood there with a stupid poker face and his stupid ego, that he was tired and wanted to see other people and there is nothing i can do to keep him. All that love i had for him turned into hate and anger. I thought i was dyeing, I couldn't feel my legs, I couldn't cry, i thought I couldn't move. I wasn't gonna let him have the last word, I don't know what happened it all feels like a thought now, but I'm pretty sure i slapped him across the face and called him despicable. I'm not vicious. It was the first time i ever laid hands on a living being. I feel horrible about it. Ive seen him twice randomly since then. He says hi without looking at me, plays with my dog and then leaves. Going on vacation next week so I won't see him around. I sound so pathetic, but i cant get him out of my head

Story #858 -New!

My ex we were dating for a while he came over and we had six sadly with out protection I had even offered o buy some but he said he'd be careful Ughh long story short he was far to rough got frustrated started complaining the whole time 'ugh your blankets not long enough' I tried to slow him down he ended up getting p..... and walked off got dress and left...he never came he was still hard when he pulled out but lore and behold 3 weeks later I ended up knocked up I texted him I missed my period I wasn't even sure if I was at first he not only called me a liar but threatened me... I only texted him tbh for his opinion on me having an abertion or putting up for adoption I literally was so wrecked after abuse and harassment I found out he gave me an esSti (Ik it's him because he was the secound guy I ever slept with but first without protection we had done raw once before without any 'mishaps' ) I literally couldn't even I made my choice I couldn't take care of my child and s... and sure as hill he wouldn't either. i took antibiotics and healthy no longer carrying his child I regret it almost more than I regret ever meeting that horrid pig!!!

Story #857 -New!

He was my senior in college...story starts with a revenge that I took against him...later he became my best friend and we had a good time...suddenly he started keeping distance with me pointing out that I had said bad about him to others...not even hearing about my comments he just rejected me...I couldn't bare it and pleaded many times to say what really happened every time he avoided me very badly as if our friendship was just for a name and it had no point in his heart...I was broken really and I just HATE HIM now...

Story #856 -New!

I hate him because everytime we bump into each other he is with another girl. I hate him because all of these times he left the girl and came to talk to me. I hate him because he made me feel special in these messed up situations. I hate him because he came to my place and I didn't know how to act. I hate him because he writes so weirdly but has this epic voice. I hate him because he uses so much perfume that it stays in me when he leaves. I hate how he dresses, hate his hair, hate that he has the type of veins that I love. I hate that I'm completely, definitely, irreversibly, wrongly in love with him and he has no clue. I hate that he does not tell me clearly that he is not that into me anymore. I hate that he has that much power over me that makes me write this kind of stuff.

Story #855 -New!

I hate him because he fell for me hard and i didn't want him to. It was a hook up and i wanted to leave it at that. I hate him because he made me love him. I hate him because he took advantage of that love and me. I hate him because he talked to other girls and got close to other girls. I hate him because when we broke up he didnt give a s.... I hate him because he texted me when he was highe off shroms telling me that he misses me and needs me. I hate him because he forgot about that conversation when he was high. I hate him because when i texted him he told me to stop texting him and to not come to an event at which i was planning to go to and he was going to be. I hate him because he got the last goodbye.

Story #854 -New!

So my ex and I dated for a few months, everything was pretty good in the beginning. He made me smile and I made him laugh. It also seemed too good to be true because we had such an amazing chemistry. Well let's speed this up we ended up breaking up once because he went though my phone and read some texts for this guy that liked me. Any who that only lasted a week and we were back together and things seemed to be back to normal. Well just recently we broke up again and he admitted that he has insecure and has trust issues. So he couldn't fully commit to our relationship. Before we ended the relationship though there was this young woman who called, texted and facetimed him often. The same thing he had a problem with me doing he turned around and did the same. Funny right? I called him a 'Walking Contraction'. Well a day later after we broke up he called me out the blue and asked if I wanted to come clean about anything. I replied no because I never cheated on him or even went on a date with another guy. He was determined to ruin my character and self-worth for the sake of his own insecurities. And for that very reason I hate him and hopes karma finds its way to him. I did nothing but love him yet he found every reason to try to tear me apart. I HATE HIM!!!

Story #853 -New!

I hate my ex so bad i never have hated some one like ever by week two i'm usually fine if i'm mad . But this guy flirted with me treated me good did everything he should. Then when he took me home told his parent and 'friends' that i was horrible didnt know what i wanted, broke up with him more than once just cause i could.. All i do b...., use him for is money, never have any goals didnt work hard enought to find a job. I left mt 3 jobs for this man.. Moved in with his parents for two months so i could go to his graduation/ marry him after boot ( navy boy) his family treated me like i was s... something they can us to blow off steam / vent to cause they had no one ... Brother in laws girlfriend even took a shot at me every time she had a chance. He tried so hard to trough me under bus to get the family/ friends he said wronged him so many time .. To pitty him and love him ... I marrried him 2014 that was the day he decied he didnt have to play nice ...i tried to stay strong but when his mom threw me out of her house ... I knew divorce was the only answer. I now dont even leave my home cause i'm just so broken i've never been so mistreated by people in my life.. It'ke time to take time for me to ever trust people or date cat lady soundin real nice right now. Sad part is i still love all them god said i have to. But i know they wolfs andi cant change that. Only they can... First bf /husband ...and this is how it ends for me. Some bell.

Story #852

This guy knows I like him and he uses me for all the wrong things. I know he's using me yet I can't help doing what he asks... Its annoying and stupid and makes me feel bad about myself. Like most boys he doesn't even realise when something's up and when I use the amazing line 'you probably don't even care anyway' instead of saying 'I do' he says 'fine... Don't bother' and then leaves I obviously say sorry because I don't want him to hate me and he says 'no problem, night' I'm hating him so much right now so I decided to tell him which I am now regretting because I know its gonna cause an argument that I don't want to deal with, but I'm so mad at him and I just didn't know what to do. I can't just sit around knowing that what's going on is so wrong but not doing anything about it because I love him and I'm scared he will hate me

Story #851

I hate my ex boyfriend Taylor. We were together for a year and it was great, but then he found a new piece ash to tap and left me heart broken. The worst part is he lead me on for two months towards the end of the relationship, all because he didn't want to bealone. One night I let him e........ in me to show him my love, then he dumps me 3 days later. I later found out I was 3 months pregnant with his puppy and he called me a slat, his girlfriend also harassed me. I love him but I truly hate him

Story #850

I hate him because he was everything. I hate him because he could make me smile when no one else could. I hate him because he always had the right things to say. I hate him because he was all I needed. I hate him because his eyes looked into who I was and who I wanted to be. I hate him because he was in my dreams. I hate him because his fingers intertwined perfectly into mine. I hate him because he kissed with passion. I hate him because everything was perfect. But then, he made me hate him because he forgot how much I loved him. I hate him because he made me cry. I hate him because he didn't need me anymore. I hate him because he left me. I hate him because he changed into a stranger. I hate him because his warm eyes don't look into me anymore, just past me as if I don't exist. I hate him because I never loved anyone as much as I loved him. I hate him because I'll never forget our love, even though he already has. I hate him because no matter how hard I try, I could never hate him.

Story #849

I hate him! I met him last Sunday,today being Friday and we flirted up to Wednesday. I got a bit too carried away with the texting and I think I scared him off. Anyways, I hate him for being so... ugh! Is it so difficult to reply?!

Story #848

I hate him so much he fancied me since last year and he still does now he looks like a fish and he is so ugly he keeps on getting his mates on me and waves his hand into my face at me almost every day when I try to ignore him he does everything to get my attention. I am sick and he follows and stalks me at breaktimes and asks me to give him a high five if I tell him to go away he stands and follows me. When I tell my friends to go and tell him to stop he does it even more when I asked him does he have a problem he said he doesnt and yet a week later he waves at me from the bottom of the playground anyone please help because he spreads stuff that he loves me and that he wants me he says it to the whole class and then everyone laghs at me .

Story #847

This piece of trash, pathetic excuse for a human being is a man-boy, who is 30 and still lives with his mother, estranged from his fat Christian-freak wife and semi-retarded son that, just like his father only can offer good looks, is the bane of my existence. He's the very worst mistake I have ever made. This trashbag, with no direction or idea where he is going in life, cheated on me twice and has done countless other ugly, despicable things to me. I forgave him. I accepted him. For months, I racked my brain and my heart wondering why he was being so distant. Why wasn't he being affectionate with me, why had our six, which had been so amazing and fulfilling for the past two year, suddenly become lackluster? I kept asking him if he wanted me to leave, if he wanted to break up. Many, many times, I asked him. And each time, that filth told me to stay and if he wanted me to leave, he would have told me. He starts bringing up getting an apartment and brings up marriage out of nowhere when I wasn't even concerned with that kind of commitment and then suddenly, he isn't in love with me anymore and somehow, some way I must have misinterpreted everything I said about marriage. Just out of nowhere ... and I left. But he had left me long before. He deliberately kept me around - breaking my heart over and over, remaining poker faced when my tears were gushing in front of him, asking him why was he treating me this way? Why? When all I did was strive to make him happy, constantly putting him before me and my happiness.. I cooked all the time, I cleaned all the time. I tried to please him in every which way possible. But nothing was ever good enough. I am 24 and not ashamed to say I am native Latina and I am gorgeous. I have a college degree and plan on attending law school. I make 65k+ a year. It's true, this isn't some Internet boasting with backing. My point is I was so far ahead of him in life and to be thrown away so unceremoniously has made my soul black and heavy. I f...... hate his guts and I hope he suffers every single day of his life. I hope he meets a girl so amazing (like he used to say I was) that he lets his guard down. I hope she kisses him with residual c.. in the back of her mouth. I hope he falls in love with her but something is just off. And he goes through her phone and sees all these disgusting texts from multiple men about his precious new girl. I hope he crumples and his heart screams with pain and heartache. And in that moment, I hope I flash across his mind's eye and it burns. I wish that he can't work his little b....... job. I f...... hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I do.

Story #846

Well, I think that there are other reasons much more mature to hate someone, but here we go. My mother have been dating her actual partner for about three years and I can't bear him. You might be wondering what have he done to deserve my hate and I will answer you... Nothing. You could say he is the most gente and caring person ever, but he really isn't all that good. My grandmother and my mom had a Little fight the past summer and this a...... though that he could help sending my grandmother a whatssap telling her that she isn't a good mother . Is he stupid or what's up with him?! My mother and my granny fight everytime they see each other, but they allways end up talking and solving their problems, so the only think he got sending her that is that my granny now doesn't get along with him. Another reason for my hate is that he is all the day at home, so I can't relax. It would be better if he stays in other room but no. He have to be at the same room I am. The only thing he does is whatch T-shirt of the Barca and other stupid thinks on the web. To make this clear, I'm not jealous, 'cause I don't mind what he does with my mother. The only thing I want is him leaving the home atleast an entire week. Right now I'm playing the ten hours video of nyan cat, because I have the hope he will be p..... off and eventually leave this room. The only thing I want is to be alone for an hour or so, but it seems like he can't understand something like that.

Story #845

I hate that he made me promises and refuses to keep them now that I'm living with him.I hate that he is cheap I hate that I have to nice out because of his constant neglect of me and I hate thay he drinks and gets nasty and hurtful

        > You need to dump him. Any guy that's hurtful or harmful needs to be dumped. Dee You Emm P Eee Dee. Forthwith. -Carol

Story #844

It started out innocently two years ago. I was in a bad marriage, he apparently was in a boring marriage. I know, everyone out there should hate me for this and believe me I hate me too.. anyway, he starts talking to me, it was all innocent at first. The next thing you know we are involved in a hot and heavy relationship. I have shared things with him that I have never shared with anyone else, ever!! Now, he hardly returns my text messages, I go days without hearing from him, my self esteem is in the toilet. I hate him because he is ripping my heart out piece by piece. I hate myself because I allowed this to happen. I have since divorced my husband but he still lives his double life. I hate what I'm doing to his family. I hate what this is doing to me. I don't want to end it but it looks like he is making that decision for me, doing the slow fade...

Story #843

Me and this guy used to be...friends I guess you could say. Our relationship was kinda complicated. Anyway, that went on for a little while. He starts getting very parverted. Like, he would try to touch me and stuff. Sonetimes he would grab me and try to kiss me and be all on me. So...I reported him for sixual herassment. After that he stopped, of course. Later we started talking a little bit. But, all of a sudden, he started acting real rude I guess. He would look at me crazy, talk about me behind my back, and talk about me to my face! I guess I wasn't really too bothered by it though. But what really got me was him 'knowing' that I 'like' him. He said that I 'always stare at him'. I just wanted to be like, 'n.... please!' because, trust me, he is not all that. Anyway. I hate him! I hate him for embarrassing me in front of everyone. I hate him for thinking that I like him. I hate him for being such a parverted repist. And I hate him for maybe knowing that I used to like him.

Story #842

I love how he acts with me all sweet and cute put then I hate how he acts with me when he is with is friends all mean and ignores me

Story #841

I hate him. I tell people I hate him because he treats me awfully. To be fair, he does do that a lot. He singles me out, makes fun of me in front of other people and, occasionally, when it's just the two of us, he calls me fat just to spite me. While its not exactly fun to be the object of his torment, I can move on from his pettiness. I tell my friends I hate him because he competes with me unnecessarily even though I don't give a s.... We are the same age and our families do have this silent competition going on. Or maybe we don't but everyone just made it up in their heads and let it get ahead of them. Whatever. We don't even go to the same school so what is his problem?! I tell my sisters I hate him because he always wants to win, especially when he pits against me. I would be minding my own business and cracking up a joke with our other family friends and he'd butt in saying my opinion is only something an ignorant would think of. Well, excuse me, for being such an uneducated person you find so revolting in your infallible eyes. I tell myself I hate him because he belittles me all the time and never gives me a chance to explain myself. And that he doesn't give me his time of the day to explain himself and his actions. But the truth is I'm a liar. The truth is I can't stand him because he makes me insecure. I look at him and I remember the sick, puppy love girl with no dignity from eight years ago that I have been trying so hard to shed. I look at him and I feel the shame and hate wash through me, more of myself than him. He makes my heart hurt, my eyes sting and my throat sore. Looking at him is like staring at flashbacks of the most shameful parts of my life. Everything I have accomplished, the praises I revel in from the people I've met, all my success. Everything. It won't matter anymore. He looks at me and I'm 13 again. When he's nice to me or when he's being a d..., it doesn't matter. He's the sound of finger-running-on-a-chalkboard of my life- the dirt that on the mirror you can't wipe out no matter how hard you scrub- the itch that you can't quite reach. A small part of me is glad that he is a complete s....... with a detestable attitude and an ego to match. I have a reason to hate him openly and I have a way of denying the truth. The truth. Wow. I still hate him. I hate him because he makes me hate myself. I hate myself. That is the truth.

Story #840

I hate him so much because he swears at me and calls me names. He breaks all of my thing I just hate him so so so much

Story #839

Dear Marcellius, I hate you. Just plan and simple. You ain't s.... You were right to know that you have no place in this world... People like you (in particular) are cowards. You are scared of greatness, that is one of the among many things I hate about you. F... you, I'm dead serious when I say this! Honestly f... you. You're a predator, and I just wanna let you know that if I was as 'fragile' (Recognize the song d... slap?) as I used to be, I probably would have made your hungry, soul-eating ash VERY good game. It's sad to think that you know a person, to think that you have a connection and respect and armies of love! But in reality you have only yourself and your immortal soul... (That isn't the only thing I want to thank your arrogant ash for in this letter... so please? Keep reading?) Next, I want to tell you how foul you are... (Not just your breath, or your ugly blown up ash blue and white Nikes) But for how you are doing your friend Patrick... That s... is nasty (You enjoying chasing his ex Chisa p....??? I hope so... have fun with that!) Then speaking of p....!- You have no home training when it comes to t...!! Or how about when you f..... up... cheating with that girl or girl(s) so to say... you did not once call me and apologize for that s... if you 'loved' me like you say you did... or at least try to make a vow to me to leave them b...... alone... instead you made it like it was my fault... Then 8 hours later you got the next your cover photo!?!! F... you.... Ohhh and believe you me I'm still not done yet!! So please keep reading??? I know I'm not the hottest b...... but frfr your taste in b......??? We gotta talk!! No no no, I don't even like p.... and I could grab the baddest b.... you probably couldn't even get into your imagination... and jork your six inch d... off to.... And that is like real talk. Smmfh but then again... you like 'em with future food stamp approval!! Ha! Trying to make sure you eat huh?? I feel for ya!! You know I was down for you through whatever type of weather?? Willing to fight the b...... that turned out to be on my team cause I love you... and that's what I was supposed to do! Or how about when a m......... in general is being disrespectful??? Remember??? Yeah you let that s... pass all the time!! I guess if you resemble scum of the Earth you'll get treated like it... Truuuee. You know it's 3-00 am... so I'm just getting started!! Now!, your head game.... You're a good c... banger (probably cause that's as close as the d... could get all the time!)... you had me flown actually... But your head game??? Awful. The technique is sloppy, the next new b.... you get or already have... please don't give her haed like you did me I had to think of someone else while you were down there... learn? For a change!!! Whelp I'm done now. And remember... With me... You lost true love, affection, and a friend. Love your charming ex!, 'Once known to you as- Tookie P.S.- Thank you again for making another day harder for me smile.... You're a champ at that!

Story #838

I hate him for everything we built between us and the children we both had from prior marriages. I hate him for pretending to love me. I hate him for exploiting my weaknesses to his benefit. I hate him for remaining in the home while I was pregnant but turning on me emotionally. I hate him for cheating on me while pregnant and after our son was born. I hate him for putting these strange women's opinions before mine. I hate him for putting his fantasy before me. I hate him for being angry that I had needs. I hate him for vilifying me for his cheating selfish ways. And most of all I hate him for not having the bells to stand up and admit it now. Once again for him it is my fault instead.

Story #837

I have to get this off my chest. I hate him because he is the most inconsiderate person I know. I can't explain it and I can't do this anymore. It's been 25 years and the thought of not having him in my life makes me sick but so does keeping him here. I can't imagine that sending this to some random person online is going to make me better and I am pretty sure that this is a bad idea but at least... I dunno. Maybe I am not alone out here.

        > You are not alone. Gooble gobble. -John

Story #836

I hate him. I hate that horrible, awful, heart breaking b....... Let's call him, oh I don't know... Jeremy. Once upon a time, Jeremy decides to hold my hand (and add a cute little punch line to go with it). He keeps doing this. It's only when I finally get the guts to ask him if he likes me, that I get mad. He says no. Okayyy...? He stops doing that. He gets closer and closer to the girl I hate the most. Let's call her Terri, okay? I hate Terri because everyone f...... loves her. Every day, people tell her how pretty, how awesome, how likeable she is. I just sit there, and listen while all my friends leave me for her. She steals every guy I've ever likes. Wtf. Anyways, so Jeremy and Terri get closer, and closer. Jeremy is clearly in love with Terri. Who isn't? Not counting me, of course. Terri uses people, but I think she might care about him. I can't tell. One day, I'm sitting in the seat in front of Jeremy on the way home from a Busch Gardens orchestra/band/chorus trip. He starts stroking my shoulder from behind me. I can't help it. I just let him. We're holding hands through the crack in the seats. I don't know why I didn't tell that son of a b.... to just f... off. But hey. I loved him. But after that day, he pretends it doesn't happen. After a week went by, and he didn't take his eyes of Terri, I just broke down. To this day, Jeremy and Terri just run after each other flirting. Terri even twarked on him, and for him. This hurts me a lot. I really liked him. Now, I just want tell him how that feels. But you know what? This is what I get. I've always hated, and had bad experiences with love. No one has every truly liked/loved me. What was I thinking?

Story #835

I hate him, I hate him because I've never fallen in-love with anyone but him. I hate him because I always thought I was the only one in his life. I hate him because even if she loved him, I was always going to be the other woman. I hate him because despite knowing he didn't love me, I still did. I hate him because she was so much pretty than me. I hate him for making me believe he loved me. I hate him for the fact I thought I could trust him. I hate him because he remembered my birthday, only to find out he remembered because hers was the day before mine. I hate him for making me cry for 8 months. I hate him because he's the reason I had to have rebounds. I hate him because I'll always compare him to every guy. I hate him because all the memories seem perfect now when I think back. I hate him because despite how much he hurt me, I'll always love him. I hate him.

Story #834

For treating me like I was dirt, a floor Matt, like a nobody, I hate him for putting me down instead of putting me in a pedis tool . For treating his animal better than me and his friends and the whole entire works better . For never keeping his word , for lying to me and throwin me out w the wolves like nothing !!! I hate him for the pain I've has to endure , and the things he took away from me , for putting his hands on me !! I hate him for getting my hopes up and I hate him even more cause I still love him But he doesn't deserve my live , kindness , respect, or gratitude . I hate him

Story #833

I'm really sorry about my school English, but you'll probably be able to read it so- I hate ... someone. How 'bout we just call him M? Yes, that sounds fine to me. Anyway, this guy gets me sick. Always joking about me, telling me that I'm a nerd, and worst... saying that I am no girl every dang day! Yes. I might not act like one, and hate dresses or make up, while rather wasting my time with Halo or Outlast, but after all I'm still feminine! And I hate being called else what. But that is just a little warming up. All these sneers, calls, or names he gives me, they aren't even the worst. I hate the fact that I love M. Sounds dumb doesn't it? Yeah, some of you might think I'm just that average girl, falling for someone, but he also is my, kinda like childhood friend. He drives me nuts, and knows how much his words hurt. So, is it that bad to love someone you hate from the bottom of your heart? Good. Listen to my b........ I sound like an attention (really bad word). Well, at least it was nice getting it off me...

Story #832

I'm in 7th grade and there's this boy named Julian I haven't even talked to him and he says he hates me! Y would he hate me if I never even spoken to him?

Story #831

I met him two years ago at school and we became really close friends. He was there for me when I was going through a really bad break up and he would always tell me I deserved better. In the summer he told me he's been liking me for the past 6 months but he didn't know how to tell me because he was scared I would reject. After a while I started liking him too and I decided to give him a chance. I thought we were together for a half a year but a couple weeks ago I found out he was cheating on me the whole time... I haven't talked to him since then. I hate him sooo much.

Story #830

I hate him because he plays with my emotions and he can't admit that we have chemistry. He pretends that he hates me just to hide from the fact that I am someone he cannot chase properly and get. That is why he hates me, and I know it, and that is why I hate him too. He has told me he likes me and then pretended like nothing had happened. I got pretty humiliated because of him. He thinks that women are more dumb than guys. He treats me like carp. His ego is way too huge, too much for me to handle. He acts like he is confident, but he has the need to prove himself all the time, and I know that deep inside he is insecure. I know he has feelings for me, but he can't risk getting rejected or even try to get closer to me. He can talk properly to any girl except from me, and he has a girlfriend but he does flirt with other girls too. I am so tired of his I-don't-want-to-get-hurt-or-love-properly attitude. He is a coward, that should burn in hill. All he cares about are big bitts and bobs. That is his criteria. Bobs and bitt. Seriously? I don't want him in my life, but I am sure as hill he wants to get my attention. Curse you immature, attention-seeking freaking manwhere. Curse you.

Story #829

The first time I saw him was at the bus stop , I was on my way to work a part time job at a factory. The one thing that caught my attention was his eyes, the brown eyes which looked at me and then all of a sudden I realized that he caught me staring at him. I looked off. And then after, we bumped into each other at work , gave a smile and that's about it. And later once I had to go to a catering job with him and he was the person handling all the people and since it was my first time doing that job , my friend instructed him to take care of me. I met him and he was looking dashing as always and we talked , he took care of me , and he dropped me back home . I was happy and I didn't expect anything more from this. But then my friends challenged me to have a relationship with him , so I went through with it. I was successful , we started talking on phone , meeting up at my place and well , we did 'it' too but it was all casual , we never said I love you to each other though in some situations he said love u to me , he always said that it was as a friend he said the words . I did not yet have any feelings for him. We had fights , misunderstanding and we didn't talk for a week . But later on we patched up and talked. Then he came home and we had six , but the only difference was this time I had feelings for him and he stayed back and talked stuffs with me and put make up on my face . My feelings grew , I had no idea whether he felt the same and I wasn't planning to tell him either. So it went on , and then one day just a week before my exams , me and he had a fight as usual but this time he messaged me and told me never to ever call him and talk to him. I called , I messaged but to no avail. He did not want to talk to me. It hurt me and it hurt me this time because I grew feelings for him, I started to actually like him and trust him. And when he did this to me , I was broken and in tears. I cried my eyes out. It was a horrible feeling. I felt as if everything was just over. He hasn't called till now nor messaged , though he gave a miss call yesterday and I called back to ask what happened , he told me it was by mistake and we kept the phone. He doesn't care and he will not and it just hurts and hurts . I am trying to study , I will study but there is this part of me waiting for his call but I know he will not call cause he does not care. And I hate him that he has no heart and no care. I hate him for making me believe once again that you cannot trust anyone. I hate him.

Story #828

I hate him because I love him I hate him because I need him I hate him because I crave him I hate him because I can't stop thinking bout him I hate him because he always on my mind I hate him because I want him I hate him because I hate him

Story #827

I hate him cus he did all the worst but still tries for me... He's cheated hit me talked to other woman constantly but at the end of the day puts on his puppy eyes like I'm the one at fault... That is some stupid kid s.... Like grow some dang balls n..... if u love me u shuda been faithful and been a man if u didn't u shuda left don't be back and forth like a kid deciding what toy to play with... It frustrates me because I wanted u to be a better man for urself and me but u just couldn't do it.. n now were broken up after 6 years of trying... It make me sad that u just cudnt get it right...

Story #826

I met this guy on the internet. I was bored and got the idea of spycing my evening. We started to talk it was light, funny, enjoyable. After two hours of chatting, he couldn't wait no more to see me. I ended giving him my address and we talked until the morning. He gave me the impression of wanting to know me.That it wasn't just for six. We kept intensive contact for two days and he came again to visit me. We talked again and he shared that he was attrated to me. I didn't feel the same way until he touched me. We kissed, and he slept to my place. He clearly wanted to have six with me but I couldn't. I'm still a vargin. I want to do it for the first time with someone special. That's why I refused myself to him. I was fighting against my desire. On the morning, I felt something was broken. He didn't contact me for two days. I ended up sending a text to tell him it was better to not see each other because I was feeling that I was nothing to him. I was expecting an answer to contradict this text. All I got was -' I respect your choice'. This answer sounds to my ears like 'I don't care'. I hate him for not being a complete a...... , making me wonder what was this, taking control of my thoughts, touching me and awakening my desire. I hate myself for being so sensitive and still thinking about him.

Story #825

I hate him. I hate the way not one day goes by where I don't think about him. He doesn't know and never will. He changed me. Some how it makes me feel powerful and sexy. But no despite it all, it is him I want to ultimately conquer, and it kells me to know I never will. Ha, I just had a passing thought, the optimistic type, the type you think up to make yourself feel better. Goes something like 'Well we never know that' or 'You can see he's always wanted you, its yours for the taking. But who am I kidding? I hate the fact I cannot express myself to my friends anymore. Its been too many years and I sound pathetic. I sound like a stupid teenager. Yet no matter how wide my eyes are open to the futile situation, I will always have that yearning towards him. He is not perfect to look at, but when he looks into my eyes... I feel winded. A sort of 'wow' overwhelms all of my senses. Not telling me that I love him, but that this is what undying infatuation feels like and it intensifies every time. It makes me feel lonely, it makes me angry, but beyond all of that, it makes me who I am today and I am glad. He's changed me so much, made me grow and self aware. He doesn't know his strengths.

Story #824

I have a man I met at 17. I'm now 45. We were married 10 years , divorced and now living together . Hes mean to me mentally once physically. He loves me when I have money and when we have six. Then 90 percent of the time hes a deck. I love him but don't like him. I hate how mean he is to me. I need to leave but am drawn to him. Why do I stay with someone so mean and why do I love him so deeply. I look at him and love him. I love his smell but his treatment of me is awful. I'm pretty. Make good money but feel bad about myself and like I'm alone even when he is right by me

Story #823

Note: The following story- the first story I've received in a language other than English- was submitted in Hebrew. The story below is a computer translation from Hebrew to English, then the standard editing (ex- changing the spelling of bad words) for this site. I wanted to include the original Hebrew version of the story, but I ended up posting the tanslated version only. I do not speak or read Hebrew, so I can not tell where the Hebrew versions of the bad words are in the original story and I can not be sure of picking up scenarios where I would have to contact law enforcement (ex- a current minor reporting six with an adult). -John

No. I unequivocally hate him after all. Although my heart broken into a million pieces , although it has other now waiting to move him for five minutes and a quarter , and despite the fact that I was inclined to ignore basic - he even married with children .. When it all began ? Almost exactly a year ago . How did it start ? With interesting sessions he decided what my future will be in the coming years . So we set . I was not an innocent child - I've a big , full rationale that all her life she was careful not to go into dark corners . Good girl from a medium , who decided to take life seriously and touch the sky . So touched .. Tells you not to fly too close to the sun, maybe that's why my predetermined crash ? Gadd ! I know myself the answer. He was everything. Perfect man - with the charisma of a thousand wild animals, not handsome, but who cares - it just did not bother me as long as I got the look he wants and dote occasionally sends me , it made me feel at Olympus. I felt his greed for me before it all started , but I did not dare to dream that he would do something. There were rumors about his fondness for girls, from Zen and type. I knew who got sucked into his world. Then came her work meeting that was supposed to be completely practical . She moved almost immediately into another groove . Can not forget how he leaned over and tossed me in his strong arms - like the fact that I'm thin and learning into 34 easily. I was shocked that he dared to cross red lines . He asked me to get him , just rolled up pants and demanded. Although I knew I was just a tool for sixual satisfaction yielded to his demand . Without inhibitions is simply finished in my mouth , an experienced hand raised pants back on and continued working meetings if nothing had happened . And I .. I did not want an investigation , there was nothing to investigate - my insane attraction scratched his personality , his sixual attraction to my blue eyes and tight jeans . Something has gone wrong since ... Just touching , looking for clues, signs signals - does he like me or not ? I sent him an email with pictures quarter - soft pern , not particularly egregious - and he was angry . Picked up the phone and scolded me for serious flaw in security field , the family above all ... And coat exposed and visible .. I gathered my courage, I removed all the butterflies in my stomach and I asked if he wanted to keep in touch, answered but avoided me for six months . Canceled meetings , did not return even relevant emails - always claimed that he did not get them , even swear by it. I was left a shadow resigned to reality. I know there have been other , it still ... There is always ... Then we met some joint evening event . I knew he would be there and I came shining ! The most glamorous , the most flourishing inside and out. I knew he could not ignore me and so it was. He even left the event and returned to me, to let me lose him again filthy toilet of an events hall and I - again, I was in the clouds .. The next call came after several months , once again he managed to surprise me and make me stop breathing . He makes me look stupid next to him , but I got used to it , it's okay .. There were a lot of stuttering conversation , said he was attracted to but keeps distance - alone actually realized he tells me - ' Babe , that's not it , and I .. So many times I returned to the top of what I was going to say , how I say things , and he never really gave me a chance to speak. The voice of one man who likes to obey him .. We see each other here and there. Cool looking , cool looking is not clear to me what it meant . I do not dare tell him the things sitting in my heart - I'm not a brave person by nature , I was not born Rambo ... no . I unequivocally hate him after all.

Story #822

I Hate Him! He has left me pragnant and alone. Having met me whilst I was overcoming depression - through tablets and counselling - because my ex beforehand had cheated on me and got another girl pragnant! He understood I was fragile and feared being hurt so much again. He said he'd be there for us both for weeks... we had the midwives... Then... Dumped on the phone. Havn't seen him since. Harrassed by his 'excuse making' family. Brilliant! I am going to be the winner because I will have a beautiful child and clear conscience! What a deck head!

Story #821

I hate him cause he has stalked me since the beginning of the year and the year is almost over. He doesn't get the hint that my friend and I hate him and doesnt get it if everyone comes up to him to help me and say 'LEAVE MY F...... ALONE F.....!!!' and theyll ask 'Do u undrstand?' and he would always say 'Understand what?' and I hate him sooo much he always follws me and my friend at lunches even if we beg him to leave us. I have talked to my mum about it and she said 'If this keeps happening im talking to the school and to his sister/parent and if it still goes on ill get a restraining order!' so i said what my mum said to him and he says 'Why r u getting a restraining order?' and i have had a MAJOR breakdown in school and had to go to the office. Im almost about to have another one. That is why i hate him

Story #820

I hate him because he knew I was talking to somebody else and felt like it was a good chance to pour his feelings out to me. I hate him because even though I was talking to guy #1 he thought it was okay to talk and text me every single day. Talking about how he likes me and this and that. I hate him because when I went on a date with guy #1 he was the only thing on my mind making me feel guilty for being with guy#1 even though I was talking to him way before he admitted his feelings to me. I hate him for calling my phone and thinking it was okay to tell me that he has a girlfriend . Even though he was talking to me and telling me how much he likes me. I hate him for making me think that guy#1 was not the right guy for me. I hate him for that night when told me he had a girlfriend because I told him i did t want to speak to him anymore. I hate him for thinking it was okay to tell his ex girlfriend to comment on photo to say he told me you didn't know about us but it doesn't matter because we aren't together anymore. And I hope you don't break his heart because he is a good guy. Even though he knew that i was miles away. I hate him because for the first time I cried because of a guy telling me he had a girlfriend while talking to me. I hate him because the next two day when I got home he called my phone telling me that they aren't together anymore. I hate him because I believed him. I hate him because the next day i thought about it and I forgave him. I hate him because the day before I let guy #1 slip Away for him. I hate him because we talked every day since I hate him because 3 days later he lets his so called ex girlfriend call my phone and tell me that she told me to leave her BF alone and that as a women I should respect their relationship. I hate him because he texted me right After that phone call and said i don't think we should talk anymore in that type of way. I hate him because it didnt take me much than a week later that I truly missed guy #1 because of the way he treated me and I realized that if I never let my friend in, we would probably be together right now. I hate him because he made me fall for him and had the nerve to go back out with his gf knowing that I fell for him . I hate him ruining a relationship for me that I will never be able to get back. I hate him for making me feel stupid and heartbroken for the first time. I hate him because there is nothing I can do to change back the time to make sure that never happened.

Story #819

I hate him because he knows I love him. I hate him because I fell for him at work and now he's 'talking' to another coworker. I hate him because I have to work closely with her every day. I hate home because she's my friend. I hate home because he led me on. I hate him because he told me that I excited him. I hate him because he said that I would do anything he said in the bedroom. I hate him because he then tells me he's not interested and I need to leave him alone. I hate him for toying with me. I hate him for making me look like the crazy one. I hate him because I still love him.

Story #818

I hate him but I love him so dang much. You dumped me and had a new gf 3 weeks later. You got her pragnant and left me crying for months.. You broke my heart a d I still have the nerve to hope maybe some day things will be different between us. I had so much to say to you but you didn't give 2 f.....

Story #817

He is thirty years my senior (thirty!!) and came into my life as a friend, during a bad time. The friendship we shared was wonderful, we travelled together, and laughed endlessly. I was beginning to feel as though there was a brighter side to life. He said 'I love you' first. We decided to make it work between us, and become a couple. Only to find out, I was actually the other woman. They had a horrible breakup, which included her trying to kick in my door, and I don't much blame her. He came to me, broken, and tried to explain that they had been living together with separate lives, and he wanted so much to move on. He said she was an alcoholic, and that he was never home due to the fact, and felt trapped by the situation. I believed him. The events that followed were a study in craziness. Once I committed to being his girl, I quickly took her place as the one left at home while he ran the roads day after day, coming home angry, and drunk. I left and came back several times, I had given up everything to be with this man, and was now only able to get room and board with friends. Before that, I had everything I needed, a home, and all the furnishings. The last time I left, I at least was able to get a home, and all of my belongings out of storage. He said he felt bad for giving away everything I owned, (furniture-wise), and gave me a couch, table and chairs, and a television, plus enough money to put down on an apartment. I went about moving, AGAIN, while he went on a vacation for a week. When he came back he contacted me, telling me his house had burned down. (it had.) He told me he still loved me, and had spent his time (on a beach, while I was trying to get this place live-able) thinking about what he had lost, and trying to figure out what it is that makes him act the way he does. He said he knew he was wrong, and that if I gave him the chance, he promised to give us a life beyond anything we could have imagined, and said he would be willing to go to counselling to try and understand and fix his erratic behaviour and mood swings. The thought of having my friend back, the idea of him going through this, recognising it, and being willing to seek help, made me think that perhaps this could work, given the support he was asking for. We got married. Just a small, informal ceremony. He was under the impression it would change things, and so was I. We spent weeks on the road, looking for a place to buy to start our new life together. It didn't last. We found a place, our offer was accepted, but he didn't go through with it. One week later, we had a night to ourselves, and we fought, over nothing, and I came away with a black eye, and a damaged neck. The next day he told me he was afraid he was going to hurt me, because in that state he said, it wouldn't bother him in the least. Counselling was again a topic for discussion, and he acted very remorseful and shamed, for two weeks. Then one day, driving back from yet another house he wanted to go look at (which in my opinion was just to waste my time), he told me I would have to choose between him, and my daughter. Not using those exact words, but he was hoping she would go live with her father, and that I would move far enough away with him to only be able to see her a couple times a year. We are now divorcing. I do not hate him. What would be the point? I allowed this, and I am choosing to not waste any more energy on him. What I do hate, is that it took me so long to realize that he is not a man struggling to control his inner demons, he is not in need of a loving supportive partner to help him do so. He is a cunning manipulator, who has learned from years of experience how to get what he wants from people, by playing different hands. He is not my friend, he is abusive, and on a power trip. Who strangles someone and then brings them an ice pack? Who asks someone to give up on their own daughter? It is beyond my comprehension, and I am glad I didn't stay any longer to try and figure it out. Some things don't have an acceptable explanation. I am not going to hate because of him. I am going to move forward, and consider this an embarrassing lesson learned. I am going to be much more careful in the future, and not fall into the trap of feeling as though I am saving someone from themselves, when all I am really doing is making excuses for bad behaviour. I am going to count myself lucky, for being able to leave, and not suffering through countless years of abuse, bound by the ties of marriage, which are obviously not being taken seriously by him. I'm going to instead of hating him, choose to love myself more. Good luck to all of you out there, experiencing pain of all shapes and sizes at the hands of some thoughtless person. Don't let it break you.

Story #816

I hate him because he said I was his first love. I was his first girl and I broke my own ideals just to be with him. But now I hate him so dang much because I'm more than 9 thousand kilometers away from him, I'm alone and when I talk with him (because he never talks first), he still call me 'babe'. I was suppose to be his first love, but he doesnt even say 'Hi' first of all!

Story #815

Ever since I met him he was annoying. Cocky, obnoxious, thinks he's the most important person in the world. Then he started talking to me. He was sweet, smart and helped me with my homework. He was athletic and nice. I started to like him. I started talking to him more. A few weeks past and all of a sudden, everyone knew that I liked him. Including himself. He started being mean and obnoxious again. If he did talk to me, it was full of insults and cuss words. I gave up and was being mean back. We insulted each other to nights end. But my insults were petty. While his blew up a mine field. He made fun of my flaws and my indecision. Yet sometimes, he's nice to me again. and I meet the sweet guy I fell for in the first place. He is obnoxious, cocky, and intelligent and sweet. I hate him for being so two faced, and making me feel like i was talking to separate people. I hate him, for making it so confusing.

Story #814

I hate my selfish worthless piece of s... boyfriend. He got me knocked up and he doesn't have a job. And now he is making me get an abolition

Story #813

i hate him because he blocked me on facebook and made me believe that it had closed, later he said me that he want time to organize his life and if later we back together it was better.. but he don't call me and i think that he must have another girl but is so sissy to tell me that

Story #812

Well so Beck and I had a perfect relationship in the start. He always told me he loved me and he wanted to marry me.. Yesterday he skype messages me and said 'hey'.. I didnt respond till like 3 hours after. Then I kiked him asked why he messaged me. And he responded 'I was harny.' Then he went on and said 'I use to love you, but then after a while, I just started using you.' And he's blaming me because I didn't text or call him for like a mouth or two when the truth is that he is ignoring me.. I hate him so much like what kind of dishbag tells a girl he's using them and execpt them not to care? This relationship was all about him.. I did every thing he ask me to do, but he never did anything for me.

Story #811

I hate him, because he left me and our two children homeless, so he could go crew some trashy where. We spent 5 years together, 2 of which we were married for. Our daughter was in the hospital and he decided to abandon my son with my mother, and my daughter and me at the hospital so he could go sleep with this girl. I should have seen this coming when he told me he wanted to move to another city, the city where SHE lived. I should have known. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt, and allowed him to move out there 2 months before I did. I didn't expect him to do what he did. This man told me he wanted to leave me on our two year wedding anniversary. He kicked me and his two children out of OUR house, with no money, and no where to go. I hate this man. He CREWED me and his children. Now he wont pay child support. Because he's 'TOO BROKE' A...... please, if you refuse to be here to help care for the kids, f...... pay for them like a f...... man. I F...... HATE YOU!

Story #810

So about two years ago I met David in high school. He was a senior and I was a sophmore. So the summer before school started I had talked to him on facebook. We had already kind of known each other from the year before, but not entirely. Next year comes along and I actually had a class with him. Slowly I started liking him more and more. Then he started showing signs that he liked me. I got to the point where I actually had one of my friends go under cover for me to see if he liked me back. He didn't give my friend a direct answer but then that afternoon David messaged me on fb asking if I liked him. I said no. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. So after that I kind of played the part of an a....... I always called him a d... and said he was so mean.(We had JROTC together and he was our company commander so he kind of was sometimes). But all the while, I was really just trying to cover up my feelings because I still liked him but was too scared of getting hurt. He would have been my first boyfriend really. So I let him get away. David graduated and went off to the army. Throughout the next year, I still found myself thinking about him every so often. I just couldn't get him off of my mind. So one day I worked up the courage to message him and tell him how I really felt. Despite the obstacles I actually went through that night to tell him how I felt (my mom turned the internet off because we had a fight so I actually had to hide my phone from her and later text my best friend to get on Facebook and tell him to text me) I finally got it out. Turned out he had liked me way back when too. I was crushed but floating on top of the clouds at the same time. Then he said it was probably too late for him to do anything about it. I told him it was never too late. And he said good. So we started talking. Every night he would try to find time to call me and tell me good night and then in the mornings I'd tell him good morning and he'd text me when he could find the time. On my birthday he woke up early (even though he barely ever has time to sleep) just to sing me happy birthday. Then later on that day I got called to the front office at school. He had sent me flowers. This boy called me sweetheart, beautiful, sexy. He would tell me he missed the sound of my voice. When he let me into his facebook he begged me not to go though his messages because the month before we even started talking he said had been flirting with other girls. We even talked about what we'd do for our first date. Then a few days went by that he straight up ignored me. Then I messaged him and told him I wish he'd stop ignoring me and tell me what's going on. I told him that sometimes I just feel like an object to him. And that if we ever were to become something one day that we'd have to change a few things. He messaged me back telling me he's sorry for leading me on and that he really didn't want anything more than a relationship. I told him ok and that I'm sorry. Then the next day he was in a relationship with another girl. In all honesty, I DID see some of his messages. He hadn't ever talked to this girl. She had been messaging him, but he had straight up ignored her. I remember he used to throw a fit with me. He'd ask me why I never told him I liked him back then. And if I had he may be here still. With me. So back to the storyline a few months went by that we didn't talk. Then he came back to mind. So I messaged him again. We've video chatted and texted and even called each other. I want something more for us, and feel like we were meant to be. This was the first and only guy my mom has ever gone crazy over for me to be with, and the same with my friends. When I tell them I like someone new the usually just say, 'Go for it.' And then ask about what happened two months later. But not for David. They were there for me every step of the way with him. And when I decided I would start talking to him again for the second time, I told no one. But all of a sudden everyone starts asking about him. Fate? I hate him so much for everything. But I love him. And I hat myself for loving him still. I just wish he could come back home... and we could be together.

Story #809

I dated this guy for 1month, but i had had a crush on him for 3yrs before i got the courage to ask him out. And when i finally asked him out i was so happy when he said that he liked me back and that we should go out. That was the best month of my life, we only had 4 dates during that time, so i only saw him 4 times but we talked everyday on the phone for hours and we where talking on Facebook all day, if not every second. I love him to death, i loved him then, i love him right now even as i right this. I love everything about him, i can see myself with him, and i want to be with him forever. His voice makes me happy and light as air, his smile makes me smile and brightens my day, his Skype messages and Facebook messages make me blush and giggle. I am love-struck for him, and i know i will never love another as i have loved him for the past 3 yrs. But..... During the last week of our relationship I knew something was wrong but i really wished with all my heart that it was just my mind playing tricks. He told me he wasn't ready for a relationship and that we should just be friends. But many other people told me he never liked me and that he was just using me to see what dating was and to prove to his friends that girls liked him. After i heard that i blocked him from Skype and got rid of his number. This was in the summer so for another month or so i didn't see him or hear his voice. But then school started, I'm a freshmen and he's a junior, and we have the same lunch and the same group of friends and my brother is his best friend (thats how we met) and his locker was 10 down from mine. I saw him everyday and i knew i still loved him. So i tried talking to him again on Facebook and Skype and we had a nice friendship, i loved talking to him because i missed him so much, i missed his silliness and his voice and his humor and his kindness and his laugh and his smile and his eyes, i just missed him. So i eventually told him i still liked him and he said he still liked me, i asked is we should move forward but he said we should just stay friends for awhile, turn-down #1. A week later a friend told him that i loved him, and he said he knew, turn-down #2. Homecoming was coming up and i wanted to go with him and i kept asking him about it and talking about love and who he's going with, and then i finally broke down and sent him a really long message about how i miss him and he said that he's not ready for a relationship, turn-down #3. I asked him to homecoming after he said that he would go with me to one of my friends but when i asked him he didn't reply when i knew that he got it, so i got p..... and we talked and he was just being a jackash, so i told him to f... off and i blocked him on Skype and Facebook and haven't talked to him since (that was 3days ago) because in the end its like 3 strikes and your out, right? When i see him during lunch, i sit right next to him almost, i dont talk to him or wave or even make an effort to notice him or that he's there. And when we do look at each other i stare daggers at him. But today his voice and his smile and his laugh drove me insane, it royally p..... me off. So i turned up my hard rock music up really loud in my earphones to drown out his voice and everyone else for that matter, i was just so angry at the world. And then they started talking to me and i yelling and screaming, and my Ex-BF well he was there. I guess my q is, should i forget about what we had, should i forget about him, should i try my best to move on....or should i follow my heart?

Story #808

So, I've been seeing this one guy on and off for 5 years. This last time was almost a year and he was the beginning. But it turns out he was sleeping with other women while we were together. How do I know this you ask? Because the a...... took pictures and posted them online! And of course I found them. Needless to say I confronted him about this, to which he denied any knowledge of these pictures. But photos don't lie! He does!! Anyway, I hate him and I just wanted someone to know why. He's a dishbbag and I'm better off without his toxicity in my life.

Story #807

I hate him. I hate him for treating me like I was special. I hate him for confiding in me. I hate him for telling me about his life, for telling me all the things he never told anyone before. I hate him for making me fall for him. I hate him for ignoring me for a year. I hate him for coming back into my life and turn it upside down, I hate him for acting like he doesn't care, only to turn around and become the most caring person in the world. I hate him for always giving me mixed signals. I hate him for acting like talking to me is nothing special when I'm there and I hate him for telling me how much he misses me when I'm not. I hate him for making me insecure, questioning myself constantly. Am I good enough? Am I attractive enough? Does he like me? Does he even care? I hate him for wanting to be my boyfriend. I hate him for making me unable to say no. I hate him for knowing me so well, I hate him for saying I'm the only one who understands him. I hate him for making me worry about his safety 24/7. I hate him for being a rebel, I hate him for being too aggressive and starting fights. I hate him for being reckless, for not caring whether he lives or dies, I hate him for turning me into an overly nervous girlfriend. I hate him for making me feel like I can fly one second, and for making me crash into the ground the next. I hate him for making me fall. I hate him for not catching me. But most of all... I hate that I love him.

Story #806

I hate him because he broke my heart. We had 2 years and 6 months together. I cant believe i didnt see this before when he left to another state to work and I am waiting for him and travelling back and forth. He didnt even appreciate all the good things I had done for him. I was pregnant and I lost the baby and he didnt even care.. Know he is calling me to be my friend what bull carp is that.. He could call me but I cant call him...I promise myself to be strong and change my phone number and move. He doesnt deserve my friendship.. thinks he is the good looking man alive and that women and guy guys are looking at him...I hope he looses his hair and teeth..gets fat... to see who going to go after him and after his so call money which is debts...

        > i know how u feel, I'm sorry.

Story #805

Well me and Jordan dated for like a day because I told him that I didn't even know him well so what's the point. Weeks went by and I started liking him alot again. Then he knew I liked him because I told him , then he knew I wanted to go out with him again , I just say yeah , then he thought I agreed that I actually did wanna go out with him. So like for 3 weeks he thought we were going out . I'm like no, you never asked me out whiskey tango foxtrot. Then he was just really p..... off so he like starting bullying me I should say. Calling me names and all that , saying that everyone hates me. So I cried he saw me and he said sorry and I said shut the f... up . So he just went away. Then he stopped then a Tuesday came it was an after school program I had and Jordan and his bestfriend Johnathan wanted to go see the girls play softball lol . Because boys like girls unless they're well you get the point , anyways , it ended and then outside I asked him why he hates me so much. He said he doesn't hate me it's just that he really really likes me. Then I told him then if you really liked me you would have never said those things to me. Then I just got really p...... Days went bye and nothing really happened we just started flirting . I'm just really bipolar with him-.- . Then, I really started liking him and we were the usual just flirting and that's pretty much it. Then one day at lunch my best friend told me that Jordan used me that he only liked me because he used to date a girl that looks and acts like me were practically exactly the same. So I just started yelling and crying because I couldn't belive he actually did that to me! Erghhh ...!!! Then he asked me out like last Friday, I obviously started cursing and saying no no no. Then idk , now he's just nice to me and idk I kinda like him like a tiny bit yeah I get jelous if someone (a girl) is talking or around him but no biggie . We'll just see what happens tommorow

Story #804

I hate him!! He made me believe everything ( me(gabby) and my neighbor(joe) were using my computer and joe liked me but he had a girlfriend(ana) and i told him 'i like you do you wanna go out with me' he said 'yea' and i said 'you actually would cheat on ana' he said 'yes' so we were together and days passed and it was our one week anniversary so i went to his house and he wanted to kiss so we did and we were cuddling and then he wanted to go farther and i stopped him so then all my other neighbors come out and ana comes and we all play cops and robbers then joe told ana 'what would you do if i kiss gabby' and i was just quiet and i left so then i had to go inside then 1 week passed and we were outside and it was raining!! ) so then we were in the corner of my house and we went to the back of a car and kissed then joe broke up with ana and one week later we kept on kissing and we were about to french kiss until my friend comes and since nobody knew were together so we acted like we hated each other so then two weeks later i found something out he is back with ana and i was crying and i was really mad '( so then he kept telling me how he loves me and i believed him so then he kept on telling me how much he loves ana and i started to cry so i just went inside my house then... One week passed and i text him 'i love you' he told me 'ok' and i told him 'just tell me you don't like me' and he said 'ok' and i told him 'do you wanna break up' he says 'yea i really love ana' so i said 'ok then bye' he didn't replied then i kept on crying and crying and telling myself 'i loved him but i guess he got bored of me how could i let him play me like that '('

Story #803

I hate him for chasing me when he knew I was taken. I hate him for being my friend. I hate him for making me fall for him. I hate him for getting into a relationship before making a move. I hate him for not telling me when he left her for me. I hate him because I ended my relationship for him and couldnít tell him because he was already seeing her. I hate him for making his first date with her in front of me. I hate him for telling me he loves me and then promptly committing to her. I hate him for making me think heíd moved on. I hate him for making me leave. I hate him for trying to stop me leaving too late. I hate him for trying to act as though nothing happened. I hate him because now weíre not friends. I hate him because we were never really friends. I hate him because I donít know if Iím missed or forgotten. Most of all I hate him because I know that I donít really hate him at all. I hate me.

Story #802

I hate him, but then there is a moment when I like him. He is my neighbour and my ex crush. He said that he likes me, he asked all his and my friends for help, but after that, when I started to talk with him...he became so strange. He doesn't talk with me anymore, he said that he can't talk abput his feeling, he said my friend that he need some time to think and he have to wait that emotions calm down. Nobody now what emotions..and he doesnt't tell anyone. I didn't even tell him that I like him or something like that, we just talked, he talked arounf how he likes me... I hate how strange thing become, I hate that I see him everyday of course he is in my school! I mean did he play with me? I hate him! I don7t know why, but I don't even like him, I hate him, I can't look at him anymore, when I see him I get 'that (not again you) face. I just know that every day, hour, minute I hate him more.

Story #801

i hate him..... lets start from the begining... his name is M. we went to school tg, same age same grade... he was a vargin, i wasnt. he be-friended me then asked me out... we went out for a yr ( sophmore yr high skool) things are great ... he has to go away to mexico , we break up cuz he says he dnt want me to wait ( he was supposed to be gone a month eneded up staying a yr )... understandable but heart broken none the less.... lets fast forward to my future... im now 18 ( then 16) have 3 jobs buying my own house own car everything.... he contacts me via myspace... we chat exchange numbers , he calls and says he is coming back to cali... i was his 1st luvv he misses me ( blah blah ) ( oh we never had sax so he is still a vargin ) i beleive him and say yes wen he asks me to be his gf ( again ).... he ends up going to xyz a month later , asks me to come visit and try a long distance relationship i say okay.... he books my flight a week in advance... asks 3 days b4 my flight if i will stay and live with him after some thought i say yes he proposes...... day of flight i flake im scared ... he books another and asks if im serious thi time i say yes.... i get on flight leave all that i worked hard for behind in cali and tote only wat i could carry ( my life in a bag ).... seems romantic enuff.... i go and things are great....for a feww months..... i find work , the arguements start.... i get hurt ( arguments ave turned to violence , i hurt both ankles in the result one day) i lose my job.... fights still continue to get worse.... he crosses the line one night ( he was in MMA (mixed martial arts) )does some moves and kinda hurts me badly... at this point i have no money no fam no way out ... he knows this..... i tell his mom what happened she asks what i want to do i say leave she books my ticket but insists i stay a month longer ( with him ) I stayed for a year.... i do what i must i try not to be in the same room as hiim .... day comes i leave.... we stay in touch, for a few months he kisses ash so that i change my mind and come back... i dont ..... you will never know how hard things got for me, close relatives had moved away, old frenz were grown and had kids abusive/ controlling relationships i had no one and was jobless.....a series of events led me to a lot of things i really dnt care to get into detail about .... now again fast forward to my 22 yrs old he is 23.... he still lives in xyz im still in cali, he has a gf, i have a house , 2 jobs no kids and still single.... he adds me on facebook a few months back i accept... we stay in touch lightweight ... tonight i find myself missing him....( or maybe the thought of him).... i allow him to call after so much time of keeping it stricly facebook communication, and he says he misses me..... once so strong i feel so very weak..... if he says the right words then im going to break.... i feel it..... ( lord give me strength ) i want him back and i hate how tht feels..... most of all i hate how i gave upp everything and lost the things and ppl tht i didnt give up! i hate him for being the reason i had to struggle sooo hard ! with everything.... especially wen the sax sucked , he wasnt good looking and he wasnt a player ! even more that I took his varginity! to this day i dont talk to my gramma ( because of him ) and i dont spend holidays with fam.... im still alone ! oh i hate hate hate him and i want him just as much! somethings gotta give !

        > I talked to one of the instructors at Pure Force Martial Arts in Twentynine Palms, CA once. He had been to court a few times as an expert witness in domestic violence cases. Apparently the types of damage and bruising caused by an unskilled person fighting are different than the damage caused by a skilled fighter acting with intent. If someone is the victim of an attack by a trained fighter, the victim can find a qualified martial arts expert to testify that a particular set of injuries had to be caused by a person skilled in a particular style, acting with conscious intent. -John

Story #800

In 2010, I married the love of my life. We only dated for a short bit and had a quick engagement but we knew we were perfect for each other. Then towards the end of November, we fought, physically, both of us got arrested (charges were dropped though) and we decided it was best if we split up. A couple months later, I started seeing someone else to make up for the hole in my heart. I ended up getting pregnant a couple months later. The dad went crazy and ended up slicing his wrists shortly after I found out I was pregnant. We never talked again. In may, the guy I had married and I started talking again, as friends. I had to move back in with my parents so left the state of Arizona, where we had gotten married, and moved back to Texas. He ended up moving back to live with his grandparents in Louisiana. We kept talking for a little bit, and then he stopped talking to me completely. Once again, my heart split in two. Then in 2012, two years after we separated we started talking again. We started making plans to see each other, and for me to move out to Louisiana to live with him, as we work out our marriage. We had never had a big wedding ceremony, as we had done a court wedding, so we decided we definitely had to have one. We talked a lot from then on, until in the end of January, he completely stopped talking to me. So every day, for the past month I have waited, praying, for him to text me or call me or something. And every night I go to bed with tears bleeding straight from my anther broken heart... again and again. How many times can one's heart break before it isn't repairable? It turns out that between May of 2011, when we moved back with family, me to Texas, him to Louisiana, and when we started talking again in 2012, he had gotten engaged to another woman, despite the fact that he was still married to me, and yet still doesn't have the uhhhh manlihood to file a divorce, and he knows that as a single mom, making barely minimum wage, I can't afford to. So he knows I wont date as long as I am still legally married, and so I guess that makes me still his, even though he can move on just fine. So all this being said, I admit, I am a fool for following my heart and not listening to my brain. I hate him, and i hate myself for loving him.

Story #799

He tells me he loves me. He says there is no one like me. He says I own his heart. But he only calls when its convenient for him. He calls me and then I dont hear from him... I feel like a stupid puppy dog just patiently waiting for him to call. I am so furious but when I see a message from him I suddenly forget how mad I was and I crawl back to him like a stupid idiot. I dont want to love him. I want to bury this pain. I want my heart to forget him. I want to be like him- un-feeling. I dont hate him. I hate the way he makes me feel.

Story #798

i hate him. not only because he's a mind tricking son of a b.... or because he brings out the worse in me. I hate him because he has something i dont seem to control. I am very easy going when it comes to forgiving and feeling better. I tend to find a comfort zone in what I like at the moment than caring about what will happen in the future with my heart. i hate him because he has my heart and at moment I'm too weak high n drank to care. He will never change, but i sure hope i do. i must.

Story #797

I hate him. We connected right at the beginning of our relationship. He was the one who wanted to get serious, he said I love you first. I slowly fell for him and we balanced out to the same amount of passion for each other. We got into a huge fight and did not talk for a week. He decided it would be a brilliant idea to sleep with a girl he always had liked but she had a boyfriend at the time. He broke our relationship. I respect him for telling me that he slept with her but our relationship could never be the same. I felt betrayed and not important to him. I told him we should take a break. After our break was over, we got back together and the bond felt strong. However, I was getting weird vibes from him so I eventually just ended it, he said he still wanted to be friends and that worked out for about a week. Today, I found out, that a month after we separated he has become engaged to the girl he cheated on me with. My life is a piece of s... and I got hurt even when my guard was up high. Men will always stay boys and they suck. Where can I find a real gentleman

Story #796

I hate him for being so selfish and only thinking about himself. Not caring at all who he was going to hurt(our 3kids and I) with his decision of cheating. For being so indifferent after everything he put me through and yrt have the audacity to feel sorry for her idiotic-self. I hate him for introducing me into things I never new before anf yet blaming me for not being able to compose myself. I hate him for blaming me for all his mistakes in his life. I hate, hate, hate him for taking her side. For going so low and choosing to treat me wrong. I hate him for giving himself away without care. I hate him for being a lying, disgusting cheater, selfish, jerk! I simply just hate him!!!!!

Story #795

I hate him. I hate him because he was my first love in many ways. I hate him because every time I remember those special 'firsts' I have to remember him. I have to remember the heartless excuse for a man he turned out to be. First kiss. First hickey. First 'I love you'. First Valentine. First anniversary. First fight. First make-up. First time in bed. I hate him because every time I shared one of those firsts with my new boyfriend I found myself comparing them to each other. I hate him because he made me believe that true love does exist, that it can overcome any obstacle and that there is such pretty things as 'it's meant to be' and 'soul mates'. I hate him because he had to prove to me that it may not exist at all, in the most conceited ways imaginable. I hate him because he shattered all that innocence that used to sparkle inside me. I hate him because I sometimes wonder if it is only a matter of time until my current boyfriend will break me like he did. I hate him for making me doubtful, fearful and bitter. I hate him because he is going to do everything he did to me to the girl he is currently seeing. I hate him because I know she won't see him for who he really is until the damage has already been done. I hate him because he is going to get away with it. I hate him for making me capable of hating a person so much that I would feel satisfied at seeing them get hurt in the worst possible way. I hate him because I got over loving him a long time ago, but this sense of vengefulness lingers in me. I hate him for spawning a horrible quality like that in me. I hate him for making me feel like I should dedicate an actual 'I hate him' post to let go of this feeling just a little bit. I hate you, Daniel. I. Hate. You.

Story #794

I hate him, he pursued me for so long and then when I finally start to reciprocate he tells me that he's not interested?! Why put in all that effort and make me fall? You don't even have the bells to tell me or give me an explanation. Was it just a game? Cos you won an I fell for it hook line and sinker. I don't trust easily but u convinced me to start letting someone in. Then you crushed my heart and broke my trust. I can't believe my judgment could be so bad, how could i have got it so wrong??? sometimes when i think of you or you cross my mind as you frequently do throughout the day I feel a physical pain in my chest and its hard to breathe. I can't even confide in anyone, there's no one who'll listen, I have no one. I thought u might save me, be my salvation but that can't be so lets be nothing at least that lasts forever. I need to forget you but I remember all over again and so then I love you, then I hate you, and then I love you more.

Story #793

I hate him. We were the typical young love. He was in college I was in high school and absolutely head over heals for each other. After a four month love affair he proposed and I ecstatically accepted. Our passion ran ramped and the inevitable happened, i got pragnant. So we accelerated the wedding plans... by years. We had planed to have a long engagement while I grew up and got an education and he got his career started. We ended up getting married as soon as I graduated from high school. The moment he found out I was pragnant it all changed. First he asked me to get an abertian, which I refused, then he became distant soon he became aggressive. I brushed his change of demeanor off excusing it as stress over our situation. We got married, started a family, and struggled through common marital issues. But he never stopped punishing me. Years later he would confess that that was one of our issues, his constant needed to punish me. I asked him what for? but he never had an answer. After two kids, countless fights, separations, beatings, and rapp, I had enough and asked him to leave. He rapped me one last time making sure to leave me pragnant (I know this because he brags about it to his palls on how he got me pragnant one last time just to p... me off). He ended up incarcerated before we could get around to getting divorced and started laying it on thick. How repentful he was, how he saw the error of his ways, how much he loved me and the kids and will do anything and everything to fix things and make things right when he gets out. I foolishly believed him and waited for him to get out of prison. When he got out he played the role of repent well for a few months. But soon reverted back to his old self. I said it was time to move on. I moved in with my parents who offered to help with the children. He insisted he would win me back somehow and continued to pledge his love and devotion. He visited us three times during a year. Then filed filed for divorce granting me full physical and legal custody if I don't ask for any money from him ever. I was glad to be rid of him and accepted. (Later I would find out that while he was in prison pledging his love and devotion he was reassuring his mother that he would find himself a wealthy woman to take care of him and ruin me.) He attempted to come back to me on three separate times (broke into my house and waited for me in my bedroom, scared the life out of me) even while engaged to his second wife. I rejected him and he vowed I would pay. He has kept his word (first time EVER). Since his threats he has had me wrapped in the court system playing with custody issues (I have been to over 12 legal proceedings including hearings in the last six years) and attempting to turn my children against me. This backfired with our eldest as she was old enough to understand what was happening. To this day she will not have anything to do with him (she is now in college). My two other children have been through hill as his manipulation grows, they have suffered severe depression and physical ailments due to his continued efforts to 'punish me' through them (this is word by word his threat 'I will take them from you because the are your world your religion'...'not just physically take them from you but what you represent'...'your authority as a mother'...'I'll keep you tied up in court till our youngest is 18') He continues to manipulate the system, and regretfully it is easily manipulated in the favor of those who have money. He is on his third marriage, each time choosing a wealthier spouse to support his machinations. Year after year I forgive him and try to go on with my life, but he continues to intervene with my family's well being. Hard as I try to not let his continued attacks affect me, they do.

        > Here is the web site for RAINN (a rapp crisis center locator), which can also be reached by phone at 800-656-HOPE (800-656-4673).
        Rapp is utterly unforgiveable. The single most important thing you need to realize is that if someone did that to you once, they have it in them to do it again. Sweet words don't matter. 'I'm sorries' don't matter. Nothing they can say or do will change the fact that they will do it again. It is not your fault that they did that, but you do need to realize that if you stay with them or get back with them, what they're hearing is that they can get away with it with you. His need to punish you is not 'our issue,' it's his issue.
        In your particular case I would suggest contacting a family law lawyer (here's a locator). -John

Story #792

I hat whim because I recognize that I allow it to happen. No one else in my life is allowed to get away with treating me poorly. Why do I allow him? Why for twelve years through emotional and physical cheating, physical and emotional abuse do I not leave? Why do I hold on to hope that he will change. That the man I talked myself so deeply into believing that I love is stil n there somewhere. He may never have existed, deep in me I know the illusion I love was never the man he is or could be. But hope, desperately hope. Hope like a disease, and he is adept at driving me to the brink of and then he will break down claim an epiphany claim he has seen the light thank me for putting up with him for battling the battle to save him... And then nothing. Hours or days later I'm nothing to him. Why don't I leave?

        > See the RAINN link above. I don't know why you don't leave, but it sounds like you do need to leave. What some people don't understand is that each person is responsible solely for their own choices and actions. That means that, yes, you are responsible for making the choice to leave or not and that 'allowing it to happen' is a failure on your part to find the strength to leave and seek help. The part that some people don't understand is that your choice (leave him or don't) has nothing to do with his choice (to abuse you or not). When you don't find the strength to leave him, that is a completely separate decision from his choice to abuse you. Your decision (to not leave him yet, in this case) does not in any way make it ok for him to abuse you. When people say they allow something like that to happen, they are trying to avoid having to admit that he's a bad guy by transferring the responsibility for the abuse from him onto you. Basically you're trying to say 'he's really a nice guy, it's my fault that he hits me.' This is absolutely untrue. You have the strength in you to realize that the abuse is solely his fault and he will not change. There may be pauses, even long ones, but he will do it again. Look inside yourself, find the strength, and get yourself a better life. -John

Story #791

i'm not quite sure if i hate him but i really don't like him that much either. all i know is that he hates me but I'm not sure why. i'm sure i haven't done anything to him to hurt him, and i hate that fact. he just hates me and hates me. he doesn't know me and he does not think i'm intellectually capable at my work and tries to tell my peers that whenever he can. professional disagreements aren't supposed to be personal but at the end of the day, everything is personal.he hates me, and I can't do anything about it the best thing to do about personal criticism is to ignore it i guess. i'm not unhappy because of the things i've done but don't feel in the wrong enough to change my opinion.

Story #790

I hate 'cause she dont love me coz i am shy guy n not enough things to entertain her When i proposed her she just said i dont have an answer, i was with her in every bad time of her and now she wants me to be her dog She dont wanna say yes cause of her ego and not even no because i am the only dog she has Just wanna say her f... off... Thank you

Story #789

I won't lie. I hate that I hate him. I'll never hate how much he is in my heart and how I luv him still. I won't lie, I never want to see him again. Ever.

Story #788

Okay, so for a long time I really tried not to. I didn't want to end up a bitter girl whilst he moved straight on and f..... with another girl and really didn't give a dang. For a while, I actually was okay that it ended, even though I cut all ties and I felt all good but terrible at the same time. But he didn't even blink, he didn't even care that it ended. He was stupid and horrible and mean and gah! Every time I think about it I just get nauseous because I can't believe I got involved with a jerk like that. In fact, the whole time we were 'together' he always made me feel guilty, as if I owed him something and I wasn't giving him enough. He knew I had boundaries and he pushed them, always pushed them and I always felt pressured. And it sucks, because I was a nice girl, and yes I was gullible and didn't really know what I was doing but HE KNEW, and he took advantage of it. And now I feel bitter and ugly, the exact thing I don't want to become, and I can't help but blame him. Because, how could someone honestly blame me for how he made me feel? I gave him everything I shouldn't have. It's really s.... me. Because he's one of those bad boys that pretends he's not a bad boy and he's all cute and wants cuddles and sneaks up behind you to embrace you and tells you how adorable you are - and then he doesn't talk to you, he ignores you blatantly, he gets s..... when I don't talk ditty back, he pressures you. And then he pretends it never happens. And he keeps you a secret a whole time. And he even has the nerve to try messing around with your friends when he doesn't get what he wants. Seriously. Whatever man. I hate him. I really hate him, and dear God, I really hate him.

Story #787

I honestly really HATE HIM so bad and I hate myself for ever believing his b....... lies. How he use to make me think I was crazy when really I wasnít. I Hate Him so much for what he did to me, I donít ever, ever think I could forgive him EVER. He hurt me so bad. He was My first love, my everything. I gave him my everything, my heart and soul... I have all these emotions going on inside of me but the most I feel is hurt and deceived. How could I let my guard down, with him. Yet all comes down to my fault even before him I told myself I was never to Fall in love he came along and changed that I was happy I finally let myself go and my guard down but was cautious too, and now this has happened I totally feel betrayed and hurt the most words canít describe my feelings right now. I just hope that other girl was worth it... Now I am totally and completely NEVER. EVER falling in love again because of him. I loved him and now i dont know what to do but just to Hate him, I know its going to take time to get over this pain and to forgive him I pray that one day maybe I can forgive him in time... Time will only tell.

Story #786

I hate people. They make me unconfortable, and remind me about the f..... up times I had...I look at myself, and all I see is a betrayed, creepy guy who no one cares about and have lost sanity and belief in people. I love being alone...but not when I am around people. It is mostly about my former 'friends'. It is one guy. The Him. Him I hate the most. We WERE best friends once. we lived at the country...once in it was just him and me. We did everything. All the time from when I was 7 years old, until I became 13. He got more and more friends I did not even know about. They were people from cities. I never liked cities or its people. They are so...american and swaggy. I could say alot more...but I im too lazy I guess. I watch Salad Fingers and compare it to my life. Thats how bad I feel.

        > I guess rusty spoons are okay and all, but man, I don't like them that much. Episode 2...okay, enough of that. Everyone go find some Azumanga Daioh to detox. -John

Story #785

I hate him. But I can't stop loving him. I was done with the relationship when I broke it off months ago, but he worked his way back into my heart with his fake ploy to become 'friends'. Like nothing has ever happened between us. Like our relationship could ever go back to being more than people who love each other. I still love him. He was jealous, he claimed I didn't care about him and what hurts me the most is that I care about him more than he ever cares about me. He has ever cared about me. And then, just three months after we were through, he told my sister, his best friend, that he has always cared about his ex girlfriend. I don't know what to do because I love him more than anything, but I cannot allow myself to tell him. And this makes me hate him. He tears me apart inside, he makes my heart fall to my feet, and he makes my head ache in a way that nothing will ever make better but time.

Story #784

We were both in a relationship when we met, but the minute we started talking, I started to rethink mine. It was a semi, we hung out together all night...everyone, even his best friend said they felt like he looked more interested in me than his girlfriend. He gave me his number, and every day afterwards we talked from the minute I woke up to the minute I fell asleep. Mind you, it was all quite friendly at first, as I said we were taken. Then March break came, and he got in a huge fight with his girlfriend, I stayed on the phone with him all night, he told me he was wanting to break up with her but didn't know how. Later that week I found out my boyfriend had kissed another girl over a month ago and that was it, I was done because not only had he kissed her, he lied about it. After the break up, we stayed on the phone again all night. We only got closer, every text included hearts, skyping every day, texting all night. I'd fallen for him, and I'd fallen hard. None of my friends could understand why I liked him, I was dating one of the hottest guys they knew before, and this guy was not society's idea of hot. However his personality made him the cutest guy I'd ever met. He'd hold me and tell me everything I wanted to hear, and yes, he had a girlfriend still - I am still ashamed of that to this day. One day he suddenly thought my best friend liked him, started texting me about her all the time, telling me how he thinks she's more attractive now that she likes him - she didn't like him though. He'd text her the way he used to text me, and yes, I am the jealous type and he knew that. He knew how much he was hurting me and he didn't care. He was done with me. His best friend started texting me, pointing out all my flaws and threatening to tell my secrets. Where as he..he ignored the last few texts I sent before I gave up on him. I was heartbroken. No, we never dated, but I was in more of a relationship with him than I was with any previous guys by the way we spoke. He was not only my best friend, but the guy I was in love with. Weeks later one of our mutual friends told me he stopped talking to me because his girlfriend threatened to end it if he didn't, she also told me he had had feelings for me and was going to break up with his girlfriend for most of our time together, but I was a year younger, so he figured he'd better stay with her. I still know him, I see him quite often...however nowadays he's just rude. He ignores me until I make a mistake in which he makes the whole world know about, picks at my flaws, and tells me to shut up whenever I speak. The thing is though, I listen, because as much as I hate him...I still love him.

Story #783

I hate him because I used to love him so much. I'd spend my days smiling at the thought of having someone to day dream about. I didn't care that he didn't feel the same about me. I was just happy to pine in my own mind for him. I thought he was perfect for me. I thought I could make him so happy and that hopefully, some day he'd give me that chance. So, I waited. Always staying in touch with the occasional drunk dial or text msg. I talked him into coming over for six one night. I was lonely and had broken up with someone I'd dated for a year and a half and I felt that I wanted have six with someone as an 'OK, we really are over' scraw He came over after he had dinner. He didn't bother to wash his mouth or change from the clothes he'd been traveling in. I went down him and the stench made it clear he hadn't even bothered to bathe. The odor wafting from his a.. area smelled unclean. I don't hate him because he never loved me back. Or because he had such disregard for me. I hate him because he completed obliterated those wonderful feelings I'd carried around for him for three years. So now, I have no one to think of. No one to hope for. No one to miss. Thanks a lot you smelly pig.

        > His fault for not living up to your fantasy? Riiight. -John

Story #782

I hate him, I hate him, I hate him! Sometimes I do find myself being a bit melodramatic, but right now - when he crosses my mind, instead of smiling, my mind goes mirthless and black. How could he do this to me?! Me, who's tried to be with him through everything, yet he simply avoided me and accepted the help of others with such open arms. Such a fickle person I fell for, yes I did... sometimes I feel as if I still love him, but right now, even to mention his name... I gathered up my heart from the floor, and it hurts. Being with him ever since I was a child, I grew to love him, I was never an enthusiastic child, and what would normally interest most kids didn't really appeal to me - and he was the only person who was fine with that! He was who my heart had belonged to since childhood, and growing up, there were people who came, but no one who could come between us I was sure. I didn't think that some person, whom had known before me (ever since they were babies), would come along and always intrude our time together. Sure, the person did treat me with respect, and even gave me a nickname... quickly warming up to me as if we were kin. I remember a few times, once we were older that he would flirt with me, and we would play around. How deluding was he? Using his charm on me, and causing me to grow sheepish many times... he said he loved me. I wasn't sneaking, we happened to be at the same restaurant when I came towards a room and I heard him tell the other person 'I love you'. I don't understand, why are you telling that person you're in love with them when you're supposedly in love with me? They were hugging, everything, having a great time. And I took a peek at their faces. They...were so this was meant to be. They had no idea I was there. I immediately picked up my heart and left, seeking solace in anything or anyone that would offer it. I found a random girl, and she did offer some consolation, but I left quickly saying I needed to go, sad to be wasting her time. I have no friends... so I had to find comfort from someone. My family wasn't around at the time. I try and smile, but it hurts...I do wish to be happy again, to get back at that person with successful results, showing him that I was the one that got away.

Story #781

i hate him, so much, he was my best friend for years, then we started dating. everything was going great... until i found out is was doing some other chick behind my back for 6 months. i trusted him, and he used me. he used me for six, and then when he found something new he went for it, and didn't even bother to tell me, he was just waiting for me to 'get the hint' by not texting me. like who the f... does that? to a friend that they have had for years? he led me on for months, and while leading me on was F...... other girls, and leading them on as well, lying to me, and he doesnt even understand that he did anything wrong. F... HIM. i F...... hate him. i cant stand to look at the earrings that he gave me, i cant stand to have to be nice to him because we share our closest friends, i hate him. i really hate him. i hate that he has a girlfriend becuse he is going to use her like he used me. i hate him so much. i want to take it all back. i wish i had never trusted him, i wish i had never met him. i hate him so much. i cared so much and he cared so little, he didn't even TRY to get to know me. he just F..... me, used me, and led me on for months, and left. who does that? i hate that dishrag. because of him i'm so scared that i cant even date anymore. I'M AFRAID TO DATE BECAUSE OF HIM. i cant trust anyone. i'm terrified to care about someone. yet i'm scared of being alone for the rest of my life. i'm so scared of dating its unblieveable. he KNEW i had been hurt before, and he didnt care, he just used me, and walked away. and HE DOESNT THINK HE DID ANYTHING WRONG. its like he is a sociopath or something.

Story #780

I hate him. I canít even mention his name without feeling a stabbing in my heart. Yet everyday, I just go about each day thinking about just how much I wish he didnít haunt me in my head, every. Single. Day. He used me. He lied to me. He broke my heart. Yes of course it seems very much like the stereotypical teenage girl type of situation. And you know what, it is. But I guess I never thought I was foolish enough to fall for that. I thought I was smart enough to evade that sort of stupidity. Evidently, I was proven wrong. By far. I gave him chances to tell me the truth. He chose to lie. And then when I think that everything is under control, he abandons me. 'I really do care. Why would I use you as a rebound?' Thatís what he told me. I believed him. Then after he got his pleasure, he ignored me. Why did I trust you? After you did that to me, at least 4 times? Why did I fall for it? Every. Single. Time. I hate you so much. And the worst part Iíd say, is that he has no idea. He is so ignorant and selfish that he doesnít know how much pain and tears and hurt it has caused me. He doesnít even care. And the fact that he is our family friend, just makes it that much worse because if I want to go to church, I have to see him inevitably. I donít want to see his face. Everytime I see it, I just want to cry. I want to break down, sit on the floor and cry. But I canít do that in the middle of a church. I hate him. Iíve lost so much because of him. Heís made so many stupid promises and I stupidly trusted him. I hate him. I hate him. Now, Iím a wreck. Iím screwed up, constantly depressed. I wish it never happened. I wish I could be happy again... just once.

        > I think we really need to talk it's just that from all the stories yours resembles mine the most and for I can't talk to anyone around about it maybe you could leave me some contacts or whatever
        > Personal information is filtered before stories and comments are posted on the live site, so there isn't a way to contact each other. That's how (talking to you, parents) I make this site safe for your kids from stalkers, creepy people, etc.. -John

Story #779

I hate him. Hate him, because of his pathetic lies. He's tears shed, never meant anything. I gave him anything, and everything at all. There was nothing I wouldn't have done. But he just left. I hate him, because I still love him and can't let him go. I can't let go of the silly feeling, he's everything to me. He left. He left me. He left me for her. And I hate him. Strange thing is, I don't hate her.

        > It's unusual for someone to realize it (hate him, but not her), but that is the right way to feel. She didn't break a trust with you. She didn't have a relationship with you. He was the one you had the relationship with, not her. There's always going to be someone else, hundreds, thousands, millions of them. Always. There is only 1 'guy you're in a relationship with,' and it's his actions and choices that matter. So yeah, being angry at him and not her makes sense. -John

Story #778

He was trolling me for a good six months. Always calling me, texting me, asking me to go out with Jim. He was not my type in the least bit not even close. I was strait up mean to him at times but he still would not give up. On the phone he would tell me he was falling in love with me and could see us getting married (Giant red flag I know). Finally I give in and decide to go out with him. We have the most pathetic but sweet little valentines day date but I still wasn't sure I wanted to further the relationship. He calls every night telling me how much he misses me and wants to know when he can see me again all that carp. I invite him over one night and we end up spending the night together and he keeps asking me to be with him. The next day he sends me flowers and I think yah maybe he really is what I need I mean he's sweet, caring, compassionate, maybe I need to 'listen to my heart' as he keeps telling me to do and just be with him. Suddenly after our second night together, the calls stop...after a few days I call him he says he's just been busy. I brush it off and tell him that I do want to be with him and that I do have feelings for him he says...ok and I assume he just must be tiered but I guess were together. We make plans to have a romantic evening in a hotel the next week. I do all kinds of things to try and make it romantic, buy candles, bring a bottle of wine wear my saxiest night gown the works. He brings his game boy and proceeds to play all night. I pass out on the other end of the 100 dollar a night bed alone. The next day the conversation is lacking and over the next week the calls have come to a complete halt and now I am the only one callng...I hate that! I decide to give him one more chance. I invite him over on a specific night that I remind him of three times. On this particular evening I find out that I have been given a very important promotion which will completely change my life and I am ecstatic. I get home from work spend hours making my self look amazing as well as cooking him a wonderful meal. At midnight I have called him twice...he didn't even attempt to call and makeup some lame excuse. I go to bed looking gorgeous but alone with an entire dinner un touched and he still hasn't called...I hate him

Story #777

Ok so me and him dated and he was making me sad and hurting and stuff so I thought we should take a break. A couple days later I realized I loved him sooo much and want to be with him and I made a huge mistake. I tell him I still like him and he says 'I still like you too but idk' and I was like ok I understand because he must've been sad from the break up like I was. So I give it a couple days and the subject comes up and again and he says 'yea I still like you a lot' then when a couple hours later he says 'I don't what I want I need time' and I'm sad and like whatever I don't need him! but a week later after we talked a couple times I realize I love him sooo much and I have to tell him the truth so I did. And again he said 'I like you too' and he was saying we should get back together and stuff then a couple hours later he said ' I think I like you I just idk' and I felt sooo stupid and mad and embarrassed! I just wanted to cry. I got mad at him for Doing this to me. I was like why do I keep doing this to myself? and we stopped talking. He said he wanted to be friends so we tried that but I didn't even want to talk to him

Story #776

ok so me and this guy had this amazing relationship going on. But it felt like he didn't even care for me anymore and didn't even try to make our relationship better. And I told him multiple times and he said he would get better and stuff. But he never did and I was sad and didn't want to be sad anymore so I said we should take a break and I was sad and he wasn't te happiest. And a couple days later I realized I still love him and I told him and he said he still loved me too. So I thought we were going to try again, but then he says 'idk I need time to think about what I want' and it made me sad and I was like 'okay' cuz I understood that I made him sad and stuff from Breaking up with him. A couple days later I couldn't take it and he said he liked me and I told him I liked him and Again he said ' idk I need to think' and I got mad this time and was like 'whatever I'm not waiting for you' and we stopped talking. then he texted me saying he wants to be my friend cuz he likes me as a person and I was like ok.. so we tried that but it didn't work cuz I was still in love with him. And I needed him to know that so I told him one last time and he said he still liked me too and everything was going great and he was saying how we should get back together if I Wanted that and I did and then we kept talking. And later that day I wanted to make sure he didn't have feelings for anyone else so I would know if this relationship would work or not. and he said again ' I think I like you I'm just not sure yet. and I got so mad I didnt even know what to do so I got mad at him saying 'how could you keep doing this to me?!' I loved him soo much and was sad. I was like forget him, he hurt me I don't need him. So a week later since we stopped talking he said 'I really want to talk to you again, we don't talk anymore and I care about you' and I was like ok I guess we can try to be friends and it didn't work cuz I liked him to much so I just stopped talking to go to try and get over him then last week he texted me saying ' when I said I didn't like you and idk what I want was becAuse I didnt want to hurt you again like I did last time we dated. I just want to see u happy because I care about you and I want to be your friend' and I was like wooowww He hurt me by saying he don't know If he likes me more than when we were dating and I didn't want to deal with him anymore. But I love him so much and have ever since we dated. then this guy (that my ex hates) asks me to the dance and I say yes to make my ex jealous and to go with him cuz he's my friend. so my Ex is texting me and I tell him I'm going to the dance with my friend he doesnt like and he's kool with it and i gave him the chance to ask me in a weird way and he didnt. he didnt even care that i was going with him which made me sad. but I realize I don't like my friend like that and I don't want to lead him on and I don't want to go with Anyone cuz I don't want to stay with one person all night and I don't even like him like that so I tell him I want to go by myself but if he really wants to go with me I'll go with him and he said it was ok and was really sweet about it, but I felt so bad for doing that but I had too. I never told my ex that I wasn't going with that guy anymore because he never talked to me after the night I told him I was going with that other guy. so for some reason he is mad at me cuz we haven't talked since but he said he don't like me so he has no reason to be mad. and honestly I still like him sooo much but I hate him at the same time for doing all that to me and lying about if he likes me or not. and apparently he's asking this how to the dance tomorrow and I really don't want him to. I just wanna breakdown and tell him everything but I can't cuz I need to get over him. ohhh idk what to do I hate him though so why am I wasting my time thinking about him if he made me sad... oh that's right... I love him.

Story #775

I hate him. Not just the kind of hate that you express casually for minor inconveniencies like your boss being a dock, or your best friend pulling a fast oneóbut real hate. The kind of hate that makes you question your morals and your ethics. Itís an intense, visceral emotion that is somehow just as physical as it is mental. He changed the natural order of my world. He took what once was up, and made it point down. He shook loose the carefree and silly parts of me like overripe fruit from a tree and I canít ever become what I once was, again. I am forever changed. Iíve had to learn a new way of walking in this world, of being, and of interacting. He did that. He tore off the blinders that once announced my innocence, and that perhaps served to protect my fragile heart. He exposed that soft white underbelly of fear, and loathing that exits in dark pockets and dark minds all over the place, but that I was somehow too naive to see. Thatís all gone now. I go forth these days like a woman prepared for battle, my heart cloaked in layers of bitterness and resentment, fortified against the potential onslaught of any other would be attacker. I am at once soft with flesh and bone, but hardened with steely resolve. He will not hurt me again. No one ever will. Not even the good ones. And thisóthis is why I hate him. He has taken from me the one thing that I thought I had more of than anyone else. An undiluted and un-depleted supply of compassion and love. My gifts, to this world. I am no beauty. I am not of brains, and I donít perform feats of magic, but oh, how I could love! This is what I wore as my mantle of pride, the one thing that as I lay my head down at night, I took stock of in my own life, and prided myself for inhabiting. But all thatís gone. And in its place now sits a small, cold stone. My heart made an exodus to save itself. In its place is a thing I barely recognize. Itís been left there, to function as it wereóto pump the blood to the various parts of my anatomy, but thatís all. No more will it sing when I recognize true beauty. No more will it soar when it feels that rush of excitement. No more will it weep for those who need to be cried for. Instead, it will just hate. This is why I hate him. You should too.

Story #774

He's nice to me when it's just me and him. When others are around, he is a total d.... i know it's because he's trying to control the situation and keep me running after him. The reason I hate him, is because it works. He's my first love and probably will always be there, just to annoy me and torment me. Hate that I have to see him every day, hate that I have to pretend i don't care everyday.

Story #773

I hate you, why are you doing this to me. If u didn't want me why did u make me fall for u. It's cool if u don't, I don't wanna be with someone who doesn't want me but tell me to f... off den atleast, rejection is a b.... but it's nothing compared to being left hanging, that's the worst thing fool everyone into thinking your wonderful and nice and kind and I'm one of them but really your not.You have a very cruel streak, Your hurting my heart and you don't even know/care. I wanna cry and get over you but I can't cry, worse thing is until u tell me you don't want me imma stil hope

Story #772

I hate him because I have no proof it was ever real. I hate him because he didn't kiss me. I hate him because I loved him. I hate him because I didn't run when I had the chance. I hate that I believed when he said I could trust him but inside I knew I couldn't. I hate him because I will never forget him. I hate him because of everything. I hate him because I never felt right around him but I ignored it. I hate him because I knew better.

Story #771

I work as a makeup and hair artist. Once I came across a hot security guard.that worked at a club opposite me He was really nice looking, nice eyes, and a caught him looking at me and he wouldn't look away. I just had that really weird feeling. Few weeks later I saw him again same he was staring at me. Few days after I see him again chatting 2 few girls. I didn't think anything of it. He looked over at me and smiled I just put my makeup kit in my car and drove off when i got home my mate texed me asking me, if I wanted to go out so we end up going2 same club that this guy works at.. I go to her I don't want to go in she goes y what is the problem don't be silty lets go... N there he is right at the door. He goes evening ladies. N smiled but this time he looked at me in a weird way.. As I got in, I saw few other guys that were there who I knew I start chatting to them. But my eyes were searching for the bouncer so weird I don't even know the guy, y the hill am I Looking for him. Few mins later I see him looking at me through other people. It was so weird I sat down cos I'm bit shy of all the dancing n mixing. Lol he come up2 me n start chatting n said were I'm from n he thinks I'm really attractive. N then he ask for my number and I said no so he goes fair play I'll give u mine. He gave me hes I gave it few days, n then I texed him. He didn't reply back after ages. N we start textin after few weeks in the text convo he start saying I like u do u like me blah blah so I told him yeah i do. I start having feelings for him we met few times but I was still clueless coz he was playing hard to get. N it's usually girls that do that.. Hold on is he a player?

Story #770

I hate him because he made me fall for him. It's been only a week since our first conversation, but we had a connection. He told me his entire lifestory. He's had a really difficult life. I felt special. We've been talking every day since then, for hours. I stayed up all night to be on skype with him. He calls me Kitten, and Peaches. I hate the fact that those two, simple pet names have the power to make me feel complete, happy, unique. He was terrified that I would disappear because people have let him down his entire life. He said people always leave him, one way or another. I promised him I wouldn't. He made me promise. I asked him to promise too. He did. Now he won't talk to me. I can tell he's there, because he's online and there's activity in his log all the time. I don't want to nag him, or annoy him. So I don't say anything. Then he goes offline. I hate him because I used to feel so secure, so sure of myself, of everything. And now, after only a week of knowing him, I feel unsure. I'm worried and sick to my stomach because I know something is wrong. A, I hate you for making me feel small and desperate, and for turning me into something I despise. Therefore, I hate you. Sincerely, L.

Story #769

I hate him for treating me like I donít have feelings. I hate him for telling me how much he loves me. I hate him for calling me in the middle of the night to tell me he loves me and later take his new girl friend to his family. I hate him for bringing her to my house. I hate him for hurting me and pretending as if he doesnít know.

Story #768

It was a little over a year ago that I met him (for the sake of his privacy, we shall call him Carlos), and he was gorgeous. A few years older than me, 'Carlos' was tall and handsome, and far more experienced than I. Oh, he had this air of confidence that about swept me off my feet. After seeing him only a handful of times. He continued to see me on and off for the next few months, but whenever we had an official relationship it did not last long, as he was afraid as to what is friends might think. Time passed, and I realized I was nothing more than a booty call for when 'Carlos' was lonely. I didn't mind though, I just wanted to be with him. I didn't see the relationship as going far, but I had this hope at the back of my mind, that he would fall for me. Only 5 or so months after we had met, I was forced to move out of state with my family. I had gone through a more serious relationship with another man towards the end of those five months, but it ended when I moved. 'Carlos' continued to text from time to time, and even brought up the idea of me coming back to the state he was in and moving in with him. I agreed this might be a good idea. We would talk every once in a while, but for the most part 'Carlos' was in the other state getting with a lot of women. He went through 4 serious relationships in the time it took me to go through one semi-serious relationship. He would only call or text me when he had gone through a bad break up and needed reassurance that he was God's gift to earth. Halfway through the year (remember, he wants me to come live with him at the end of the year) he tells me he needs me. I'm not in love with the guy, but I am genuinely concerned. So I agree to come out. I buy non-refundable a plane ticket, and the night before I am supposed to board the plane and come out, he tells me not to come. He says it will be better if we wait, and he claims that his sick grandmother will be moving in with him anyways. I am upset, but I try to be understanding. A few more months go by, and 'Carlos' is ready for me to come again. He pushes and pushes, and I tell him that he will have to wait. He is annoyed but continues to fill my head with the idea that he genuinely feels something for me. Finally, one night, when we are only a month away from me dropping everything and coming to be with him to keep him happy, he hits me with a bombshell. First I get texts saying how much he needs me and misses me. Then as I log onto facebook, as I do every night, I see something in my feed. He says, 'She (meaning me) can't be here soon enough so I'm moving on. I know it will be the right choice'. Followed by posts from this chick that he likes. I never expected him to stay celibate, but we agreed that we would no longer get into serious relationships. (He would get very angry if he saw that I was even flirting with guys) I am p..... at this point. Not only have I spent over $300 on some guy who doesn't care, I have worked out tirelously to get the body he wanted me to have, so we could be perfect for eachother. He decides to dump me (behind my back, he hasn't even told me he's doing this yet) for a chubby obnoxious chick, and he's only known for a few days! It was disgusting. I confronted him, and naturally he told me what a terrible person I am, and he also said he still wanted me and that we could still be together. I suppose I'm happy that I dodged that bullet and didn't actually move in with the two-timing player. But, I hate him!

Story #767

i hate him because he leads me on. for real. i hate him because all of a sudden he has no time for me but he makes me think i do. oh and i hate him for not replying after he read my texts yesterday night. s... face.

Story #766

So hereís the story. My and my friend sam were having a sleepover, when she gave me a guys number she said was really hot and said i should text him. Thinking that i would never see him in my life i texted him and was myself, but much more upfront, and almost prude. Anyways we continued talking for a couple days when he asked me to come to is hockey game. So sam and i went, but before they came out of the locker rooms we left and i thought i wouldnít have to meet him (chris) and boy was i happy. Until chris called us and said that he wanted to hang out. (i live about 30minutes away from sam, and it was almost my curfew, so she was about to drive me home when he called) so sam said they (chris and drake) could come with her to take me home. Well that was one of the most awkward car rides of my life. Chris and drake didnít talk at all and i just sat there, talking quietly to sam. We pulled up to my house and we all get out and i say by to sam and hug her like we always did and just did the classic wave to chris and drake as i walked into my house. Well i get inside and i get a text from chris that says 'that was fun! And youíre hott!,)' so that kinda made me happy and me and him talked a bunch for the next couple of weeks. Over winter break, chris met some trashy girl named kennedy and they hooked up and started dating. Then somehow drake got my number and we started talking (however at this point i have a crush on chris, and i didnít know this but so did sam) but drake is that awkward kid that is amazing over text and sooo awkward in person and all his other friends are the popular guys and are veryyy attractive!... Yeah he told his whole team that me and him were dating. So we went to another hockey game, and hung out with them all afterwards (so me, sam, drake, chris, and their other friends ty and nick) and the whole time they are trying to get me to kiss drake,, but iím not even dating or even like him like that,, so chris grabs my hand and was trying to make drake jealous, which it did, but that made me like chris even more. But he has that trashy girlfriend. After this me and chris didnít talk for a very long time, and eventually he kinda goes off my radar. But his annoying friend drake continues texting me,, even when i donít reply for days! Find out he really is in love with me and then chris tells me i should really date him. (cause now he knows that we werenít really dating) yeah i really would never date drake, and iím not sure what it is but i donít feel for him that way. And i think he really only liked me because i would talk to him to be nice because chris, ty and nick all have girlfriends, and sam basically has a boyfriend. Fastforward 3 weeks where i havenít talked to him, texted him, seen him... anything and he texts me and says 'hey i play capital on friday,) you coming?' (because i go to capital and everyone else mentioned above go to north) So all my feelings came back and i was trying to push them away because 1. He has a girlfriend 2. He is a player from what iíve heard. 3. Heís been a jerk when heís with kennedy and 4. It was just wrongg!! Yeah so i didnít go to his game, but the day before his game he broke up with kennedy and i texted him to tell him i wasnít going to the game and he ignored me,, but i know he got it cause he was texting sam at that same time.. So this whole long story boils down to... i hate him for taking my heart and not even knowing it!! And heís not even mine to have and yet i still love him!!! But i hate him!!!!

 Story #765

i just hate him. He meant the world to me, now he acts like he doesn't even know me. One year. One WHOLE year of my life dedicated to him, every single breath i took i was thinking, will this make him like me more? Pathetic.

 Story #764

I hate how he is so perfect. I hate how his statuses always say how much he loves his f...... girlfriend and she's a total b..... She chews him up and spits him out but he doesn't do anything! I hate how he is so gorgeous and fit but he pretends that he doesn't know. I hate how he knows I love him. I hate how he's so popular, and how he has all the girls in my year at school fawning over him. I hate how I'm one of them. I hate his voice, how it's so deep and warm. I hate that he talks to me. I hate that I know we won't ever be together. I hate how he's so funny, and I laugh at everything he says. I hate how nice and genuine he is. I hate how my friend likes him too, and she's more likely to get him than me. I hate that I love him. I hate that I can't forget him, not even for a second. I hate that I won't ever get to hold him. I hate how his gf is so pretty and popular. I hate that he looks at me and my heart stops. I hate that I'm fatter than him, uglier than him, I hate how every time he says he loves his girlfriend it's like a dagger in my heart. I hate that I'll never kiss him. I hate that I don't hate him. I hate that I love him so.

 Story #763

He loves me, I hate him. That's all there is to be said. I hate him, yet he continues to love me, I hate him because he loves me. Okay so he is an ash, he trys to impress me everyday of his life, when he trys to act cool all he does is be rude to me. He is an idiot, he is disguisting. Yet all the girls here think he is gorgeous, thus making them call me a slat. I am a perfectly normal person, and now everyone hates me just because he likes me. I want him to leave, I hate him

 Story #762

I hate him because I still care. I hate him because I never told him I loved him. I hate despite everything that I actually did love him. I hate him for not feeling the same. For giving me nothing and taking everything. I hate him for treating me worthless and moving on to someone else so easy. I hate him for giving her everything I've wanted for so many years. I hate that he never gave us a real chance. I hate him for being such a big part of my life, all while making me feel so little in his. I hate him, I hate him but mostly I hate me for still loving him.

 Story #761

i hate him. i hate him for hating me. he has no reason for hating me. yes i'm the one who left him, but that was after 11 months of being told if you don't do .... then you don't love me and i'm going to leave. yes i realize that it was stupid to maintain this relationship, but we all make dumb mistakes. he planned everything (everything) we did and if for some reason something didnt go as planned then it was all my fault and i didn't love him. he was also a very angry person and had a lot of family problems. his mom and dad are separated and him mom has three children all with different men... yahhhh not the best role model. he was also creepy. he kept every picture of me even some pictures that i didn't really want anyone else seeing and showed all of his friends. then he started spreading rumors saying i did things with him that i had not done nor wanted to. so now not only do i have this psycho who hates me, but he also ruined my reputation.

 Story #760

I hate him because he pursued me and won me over even though I warned him I had some issues and thought we were a wrong match. I hate him because one night during six he got a call from some girl and immediately jumped out of bed saying he had to go. I asked him who she was but he said nothing. In all the confusion I hit my head really hard on the dresser and he didn't even care. I asked him why he wasn't being more reassuring and he said, 'I can't reassure you because I'm not in love with you.' I started crying and he rolled his eyes then looked at me and said I was weak and boring, that I bored him. I kept crying and he told me to be quiet so I threw a glass of water against the door and grabbed my things. He tried to grab me and I hit him with my shoe and stormed out. He chased me down the street and said he had no emotions because he was adopted. I jumped into a cab and cried histerically. I spent two days in bed with no food and somehow managed to fall for his apologetic charms again after that. I hate him because after three years of his mind games I am depressed and he is now 'in love' with someone he has been seeing for three weeks.

 Story #759

hi. my name is eli. i hate Alireza.he played with me.he was my real love.and now i love him like past that i loved. I got myself a lucky person because I was with someone who that iloved him so much and more than everyone in my life. When I was with him, I felt i'm lucky gir of all cuz i had him. It happened like other girls and boys.we met in the internet.befor me he loved a girland he told me she played with him and brok his heart.he told me now he doesn't love her and now he just love me and want me more than anyone he told me ,i'm diffirent of other girls. Every day, we came to chated with each other. after some week i knew adicted to him. oneday he told me he want to go to the internet and deled his profile when he told this,It was tears in my eyes. I begged. Cried and he told me he should though. after 2 days he told me okay i 'll stay with you darling. after that he made 2 e-mails just for ourselves. when i woke up we chatting and chatting...until the night.that was really lovely days.i was addicted to Alireza..yeah...he kissed me bach of the phne line and he shouted -I love you eli,you are my life. After several month of our sweet friendship.his behavior was cool with me.he didin't kiss me and say i love you. and just i talk to him.he told me he couldn't stay with meandleft me easily like eat a peacesof a cake. anyway he left me and 3 month everyday i looked at his picture and start to talk with his photo.i've been like a crazy.after that he pleyed back to me.he'd just suffer me, thousandth time. he just say lie,lie,lie,lie...andeven he backed to me he told me another lie.i don't know but i think i was like a doll for him. my heartbroken thousand times by him and at last my hear was powder... Despite all of these in deep of my heart i love him and i never ever forget him he attach to my memories

 Story #758

I hate him like no other. He sucks you dry of life and all that's left is an empty shell of yourself. He takes his time... 30+ years of it.

 Story #757

He's a jerkwad... I met him last semester in college, and we clicked instantly. We didn't have class together, but we just hung out in between classes and role played, pretending we were a married couple and had 3 kids. It was pretty random, and we just kept meeting up to hang out and do silly things It was a lot of fun, he used to make me laugh so hard that I'd tear, but then this semester everything changed.. He started ignoring my texts and didn't want to see me anymore, and he met a new girl. Now I hate him... Also, I have biology lab right next to his biology lab, at the same time as him, but then I got dropped from the class because I wanted to avoid him, and am on the verge of dropping out right now as I'm typing this 'cause I'm afraid to see him walking around campus and I'm afraid he'll know how I feel. I hate this.

 Story #756

i hate him. He's my brother's good friend. i always was attracted to him. well about six months ago he came and picked me up and we had six. he said we'll always be friends well it did n't turn out like that he kept trying to get with my best friends and it hurt really bad because he is a character and everyone likes him and after that about three months later he picked me up from school and then he left me in a town. i was stuck there til midnight. i had to go to someone's house and lucky my friend came and picked me up and took me home. i still liked him for some reason and a few days ago he started talking to me again and he came and picked me up and we hung out and he said sorry for evertything and we spent the night at our friends house and once again had six, well now he won't talk to me and when i was over at our friends house our friend (my best friend's boyfriend) was trying to touch me in my sleep and i woke that boy up and we left but i was still upset about our friend and that boy wouldn't do anything about it and now is being a dock like always.

 Story #755

I hate him. I hate him because he constantly annoys me. And yet, somehow we are friends. We are in a constant battle to see who can annoy the other more, and he is obviously winning through the way he talks to me and how he wins almost every debate we have with each other. But I hate him the most because he has a girlfriend. And she's perfect. And I want him so bad. I hate the way he smiles, the way he talks, the way he types in the most illegible font that I can hardly read on facebook, the way he laughs, the way he impersonates his homestuck character, the way he distracts me from doing my work in digital design class. But I hate him the most because I love him. I love him, but I can't tell him. I love him, but I can't have him. Because he has a girlfriend, and she's perfect.

 Story #754

I hate him because he is so wonderful, attractive and make me have butterflies in my tummy. I hate how it is so natural and comfortable between us and how he made me think he would take a chance with me but he didn't!

 Story #753

I hate him! Over the summer i asked out this guy and he said yes. We were such a cute couple! We were always together never apart. We went rollerskating, movies, dinner with both family! He was the first person i talked to and the last everyday. He told me he loved me everyday! Well my grandfather who i loved so much had a heart attack! So i had to go to florida for a while! After one day my phone was ringing all the time! It was my friends telling me how my boyfriend had a new girlfriend! But what really got me was when he sent me a txt saying hope ur grandfathers ok i cant stop thinking abt u ily! So i thought my friends were lying... So they sent me a pic n vid of him n his new gf making out! Ughh! So i got my phone told him we were over i got a number and burned all of our pics and memories!

 Story #752

i hate him because he lead me on, while he knew what was going to happen. i hate him because he not only played me but every1 else to. I hate him so much i cant explain it, all i want to do is sit on the floor and cry in-till it stops hurting man how much i hate this guy i cant explain. I hate him because he cheated on me not only once but 5 times, we are supposed to be high school sweat hearts but now i feel like a high school break hearts. i hate him. i hate him. i hate him.

 Story #751

I hate him. The way he makes me feel around him, the way he makes me laugh. I hate it. The fact I never told him before her. I hate that you ask me why I don't talk to you anymore and the reason is that you look so happy with her. The fact 'her' is my best friend. The way she tells me she's in love with him. I just don't want to ruin it for her. I hate that you are always there but mostly I hate the way you make me love you so much.

 Story #750

I hate him because he treated me like a princess and was a first many things of mind but lied to me. He told me he got a job nearby but it was actually 5 hours away. He lied to me and led me on for 3 months. He used me and broke up with me. He got mad at me for reacting normally. He tried to get back in my good graces by using my old pet name and reaching out even though he had no intents of getting back with me. I hate him for using and lying to me, but most of all, wasting in total 6 months of my life being lead on. But karma got him back because now he is fat and has a miserable life.

 Story #749

I hate him because I've known him since ninth grade and every time I come into contact with him he ruins my life. I hate him because he took my boyfriend on a trip to Florida without letting my boyfriend say goodbye. I hate him because my boyfriend is having the time of his life and I'm stuck here waiting. I hate him because he doesn't think of anyone else but himself.

 Story #748

I hate him. He left me because I am taller than him. For once I looked pass physical looks and looked what was on the inside! I looked passed the fact that he is 7 years older than me. I looked pass that he has a 14 year old daughter. I looked pass the fact that he isn't even that good looking. I saw a kind, honest, understanding man. But no... he couldn't even look pass my height. I hate the fact that I'm still hung up on him! I hate him!!!

 Story #747

I hate him cause he does nothing at all to help me with our son then when other people are around he acts like he's the perfect parent and he knows best. I hate him cause one minute he's kind and caring then the next he's cruel and hurtful and acts like he's done nothing wrong. I hate him cause he spends money on things he wants and I get nothing even though I earn loads more than him. I hate him cause we have to do everything he wants and he doesn't care about any of my hopes and dreams. I hate him cause he worships his dad even though he's not worth it! I hate him cause he's lazy and stupid.

 Story #746

I hate him because he has destroyed my trust, destroyed my belief in men and destroyed my ability to Ďliveí day to day without him. I hate him for still being in love with his ex partner all the time he was with me and then going straight back to her when we broke up after an argument. I hate myself for responding to his flattery when things didnít work out with the ex and he came right back to me. I hate the fact that I am still unsure if she is in his life or not. I hate him for telling me lies, I hate him for making me feel as if I have the insecurity problem. I hate his ability to make me feel like a million dollars then make me feel like a pile of s.... I hate the emotional pull he has on me and I hate myself for not being able to sever it. I hate the fact that when I go out I compare all the other men to him. I hate the fact that I dread never finding a man whom I will love so passionately ever again, it terrifies me. At the moment I am deeply unhappy, depressed, have no motivation, energy and absolutely nothing to look forward to.

 Story #745

i hate him. i hate him because i am smarter than he thinks i am. i hate him because even though i know he is lying to me and wants another girl i still want him and love him. i hate him because he can crush me and loves it, and is holding on to me for that reason. i hate him because he wants her now. i hate him because i still love him.

 Story #744

I hate him for letting me fall in love with him. I hate him for holding back. I hate him for making me feel like I wasn't pretty enough, or good enough, or anything enough. I hate him for only loving me with half if his heart. I hate him. I hate him for being my best friend, the only one I want to run to when things are difficult. I hate him for being so selfish. I hate him for wanting me when he can't have me, and taking me for grated when he does. I hate him for all of it. I hate him I hate him I hate him. I never want him to call it text or ever see him again. I hate how he can be so smooth and fun with a group, but ornery and dismissive with me. I hate how he always wanted his back scratched, his shoulders rubbed, his errands run, but was too busy/tired/etc to help me. I hate that he was so selfish. It's so sad and unfair. I hate it all. Ugh.

 Story #743

I hate him because hes a player, but at the same time i like him to. i hate him because he hangs out with a jerk, but thats why i like him. i hate him because ever time i see him it brings out my inner meaness but thats also why i like him. i hate him because i shouldnt like him and i do.

 Story #742

I hate him because when I moved to next to him I talk to him first it was a big mistake I was in since sixth grade I hate him because during the summer we hang out all the time. I hate him because he was my first kiss on my 13th birthday . I hate him because he listens to me but complains when I talk too much I hate him because when im around him , he gives me a feeling no one could ever understand . I hate him because everyweek I send at lease 20 messages about how I feel and he wont ever get it,. I hate him because he said he wants to be with me when he is ready to date again . I hate him because he doesnt hurt me anymore and I realized im pathetic for crying over us being friends . I hate him because he was about to say I love you and I ruined it . I hate him because he wont ever know how I feel and and ill never know how he feels . I hate that im his first and only and I hate that were so perfect together . I hate him because he will never see it .

 Story #741

I hate him because he lead me on. I hate him because he wanted to lead me on. I hate him because when he asked me if i liked him his answer was ok. I hate him because he left me heart broken.

 Story #740

I hate him for being a liar he says he will be involved through every step Friday I had my appointment and he still hasnít called or text of how the baby is doing this is one of the moments of where I need him the most, Iím at high risk.... he has forgotten about us

Story #739

I hate him, i hate him cause he played me. Twice. And all my other friends. He played lots of girl . I didn't find out he was playing me until 2 months in our relationship. He had been cheating on me. I forgave him the first time, he begged his sorry little Bitt off. But the second time, he told me I meant the most, I was the incredible one and he needed me. But. He played me once again. I hate you for that.

Story #738

I hate him because he is the person who can make me happy as no one can and then in the other moment he can destroy me. I hate him because he lives so far. I hate him because he wanted us to be together in the first place. I just can-t go on like this.

Story #737

I hate him. I hate him because he says he would date me. I hate him because he tells me I'm beautiful. I hate him because he flirts with me constantly and knows I like him. I hate him because he chose my best friend E over me. I hate that when they broke up he went back to the way it was before flirting and leading me on. I hate that he kissed me. I hate that I liked it. I hate that that night he hooked up with my new best friend V. I hate that I'm not enough for him. And I hate that after all of this I still like him so much. I hate him.

Story #736

Met him whilst filming in Sardinia, the tanned, Canadian male lead to my pale, British 'loveable geek' character. Through some twist of fate, he ends up kissing me the day before the 9 day shoot ends. He then follows me to England to stay with me and my family for a week....yet lo and behold, he grabs a whole bunch of first-times that belonged to me by saying that 'restraining' himself around me was 'killing him', and then flies back to the other side of the world without so much as a message. I waited for three hours for him to show up the day before his flight home. And the series never even got taken up! I behaved like a complete idiot for him....and that is why, one hill of a year later, I hate him! Thank you to for helping me to get this out there! Just gotta hope a certain low-profile actor out there reads this...Closure is a beautiful thing!

        >Glad to help. -John

Story #735

I hate this man so much. I contacted the want to be NBA player on facebook after 15 years for a rekindled friendship. B...... was my friend for over 20 yrs, so I thought. He lied about having a girlfriend and other dang girls. Begged me and begged me to scraw him and I finally did, but he scrawed me and my mind for almost a year. His name is S, a former UNC basket ball player who was horrible. He told me he could not take me out in public very much because he had a girlfriend, and he was famous for playing college basketball, so it would get back to his girlfriend, but I find out he is taking other women out. I hate him while Iím typing this letter. I hate him while Iím sleeping, that's why Iím up typing this dang story because I donít want anymore nightmares. He took me to court on false allegations for finally calling his girlfriend of two years. You know what I got even by filing a counter suit, and the judge was pretty hard on him and not me. Yes, I was elated, but the bitter is still there. If casting a bad spell on a person was real, I probably would do it. He try punishing me by treating me this way because of something I said about his six. It got out to him in a barber shopóthis was 15 years ago and he was still holding a grudge. Was it worth it S, you ugly pigeon toe walking mother f......

Story #734

I hate him because he knows im sorry and still refuses to look me in the eye. I hate him because he knows it hurts me. I hate him because he never gave me closure. I hate him because he's all I ever think about and I probably never come to mind. I pushed him away but I don't deserve this. I hate him.

Story #733

I hate that I ever loved him. I hate that I let him get to me. I hate that I still think about him and care about him. I hate that he can tell me a million lies and I will believe them, every single time. I hate that he makes me feel like it was my fault. I hate that he broke my heart and I didn't have the heart to tell him he hurt me. I hate that not only did I accept it when he said it was my fault and I was wrong and heartless but I apologised for it too. I hate that I ever gave him all those chances. I hate that I let him make me cry. I hate everything we had, because it was all such a big lie and I hate myself for believing it. And I absolutely hate that I can never hate him, despite everything.

Story #732

I hate him because for 4 months he lied to me, neglected and disrespected me in front of family and friends...all while making me think it was something I did. I hate him because although we'd dated 8 years, lived together for 4, own a house and he was shopping for rings this summer he decided to dismiss my request for him to nip a budding friendship with some 19 year old he met online. I hate him because after all the lies and excuses he'd feed me about why or how he couldn't help around the house or with turns out that he could spend anywhere from 2-8+ hrs a day talking to her, all while I was in the other addition to the 100+ texts sent back and forth and that he called her everyday on his lunch break for a month. I hate him because with each day came a new surprise/lie that he described as a mere detail he just now remembered. I hate him because after remaining to live together and trying to work things out he lied about not continuing to talk to her...and when I confronted him about it and asked him to make a choice he seriously told me that I couldn't expect him to make a snap decision between keeping me as at least a friend in his life or being able to keep talking to her, someone he had only known for 4 months, who he's never met and who he maintains was only a friend...I hate him because immediately after that he was genuinely surprised I made him sleep on the couch. I hate that for every aspect of this he first lied about or hid something from me. I hate that after 8 years he denies that this girl had anything to do with us breaking up...I really hate that I don't get to tell anyone what really happened!!!

Story #731

Ugh I dont hate him i just really dislike him right at the moment, Me and Hector met through a very good friend in February and made it official in March. He was /is my very close friend and i felt like he was made for me: Everything was going great untill I left for Canada for two whole weeks in June. I missed him so much and when I got back home he rushed over to my casa crying and saying how much he missed me . After our five month anniversery the next day he had gotten a job from his friend Chris to work at ... in ... California. And right away he started him job... While i was still getting used to being home in America after two long weeks on the road with my fokes...his texting me became less and I barely got to see him. I cried alot because i wanted him to spend the rest of the summer with me before college started up again. Some how we made time for each other . 6 months was amazing ,but when I lost my varganity to him the coindom broke and we had a huge agrument..didnt talk for two whole weeks . then we were fine again. little things kept on popping and little by little he began to change. turning more jerk like then anything he would say mean things but I still love him very much and didnt mind it... three months later and its month 11 he takes me to the laike, and breaks up with me claiming that he doesnt want to hurt me anymore but still cares for me and has feelings for me still...Now im so confussed and wanting to ask so many more questions to hin...its only been four days and already I want him to talk to me ...He was / is my great friend and I really dont like this silent treatment ...I love him sighs-

Story #730

I do not hate him, I hate the fact that I believed he's even worthy of my love. I hate it when he can't see that he's making the wrong choices. I like to ask myself, in vain, why the 'perfect feeling' refuses to go away. I know distress is a part of everyone's life. But that voice which tells me that you will drive away mine is lying. I hate to believe that, but I know that it's my present, if not future. The emotional conflict inside me is on a rage and there is nothing evident I can do. I hate that rejection and approval should be such important oxymorons in life. -Ahima

        >What a conceited b..... Confidence is good but when you're as conceited and stuck up as you are, I don't feel bad.
        > I was just reading this site for the first time. Was curious why would u call the person conceited in story #730. My defense is that the girl is going through a mental and emotional turmoil coz she can see the guy is wrong and this is a wrong choice yet at times you just canít help it. Why do you perceive the girl wrong here. Your opinion would really help as I am trying to work on something myself.

Story #729

I hate the way he makes me feel. He says we're soulmates to other people and it's annoying because when we're together he's just friend. I'm in love this guy but he makes me hate him with everything that he does. He tells me that we're a couple thats not a couple, I'm tired and I hate him I just can't do it anymore.

Story #728

i hate this guy named Mitesh because he is a lying manipulative snake. we met through a relative and then began emailing each other. i really liked him and used to say such sweet things to me, such as, 'You are someone special' and 'I see a lot of potential with you in the future' he also had cute nicknames for me. but then, when i met him face-to-face at a wedding on the other side of the country, he completely ignored me but talked to every single other girl there. except me. then, he tells me--on the last day of my trip--that he wants to come visit me. i live in california. so then, i told him 'okay great' but he stopped calling me and it was so awkward and stressful so then i decided that i don't want him to come. but then i see him again a few months later and he wants to talk again but he treats me the same way--cold shoulder. i don't understand guys. is he just doing this for the ego boost of knowing he's emailing someone who cares about him? it's so dumb. he's so dumb and i hate him. i really truly thought he was the one for me but he obviously was not. he lied to me.

Story #727

I hate him because I still love him and he still loves me but doesn't want to admit it . I hate him because he thinks he's better then me when he's not . I hate him because he acts like one person around his friends and he acts like another when its just me and him . I hate him because I can't get him out my heart .

Story #726

I hate him because he chased after me, because he had his friends tell me I was beautiful, had them serenade me.. When I actually began to allow myself to feel something he completely ignores me. Then my pretty friend steps into the picture and she's all he can talk about. The worse part.. He knows I like him. When I begin to show signs of being upset he'll grab me, force a smile out of me or text me until he feels that I'll talk to him. After he's got me in his grasp he hurts me again. I hate him because I'm a bulimic now, I hate him because I restrict my food intake and fall asleep hungry. I hate him because the numbers on the scale distract me from the pain he causes me every other day. I hate him because he tells her she's beautiful. I hate him because he wants to hang out with me as just 'friends' when he feels I'm angry or hurt.. I hate him because I feel like he's the best thing I'll ever get(never had him to begin with). I hate him because he doesn't want me like I want him.

        >You are worth so much more than that. Don't let him have that kind of power over you because that's not at all his right.

Story #725

Quote from the man I hate- 'I know the (omitted) is a terrible place to ask for advice in regards to the fairer sex, but I'm faced with a conundrum. I broke up with my gf of a few years, but I still consider her to be my best friend. (editors note- uuhhhh... we were best friends and still having six. he just didn't want the commitment of the label 'BF') Problem- A girl started flirting with me on Facebook, and my ex was extremely perturbed. She asked me to cut off contact with her (I did) and she stated that if I were to date her, we couldn't be friends anymore. (editors note- I asked because we were living together at the time and I thought it was extremely disrespectful for him to be starting a relationship days after we broke up after a nearly 3 year relationship while we still had 3 months left on the lease) I'm tempted to add the second girl back into my G+ circles, but I think that rekindling this relationship would be extremely hurtful to my ex (current best friend). Any advice, (omitted)?' Quote from my Ex 'S' who made ME feel crazy when this B.... started flirting with him before his cowardly a.. dumped me. He: Liar by omission, insecure and a coward, 0 emotional intelligence. I was supposed to be his best friend, even after he tore my heart out of my chest Indiana Jones style and strung me along for nearly a year. Too cowardly to even tell me what he is thinking or feeling despite me telling him how much it hurt me (and he said he cared. ha. I hate him so much right now, and I hate that I always cared more about our relationship and friendship than he did.

Story #724

I hate this guy I recently dated because he made me believe I was worth something and he made me feel special, but then he meets my friend at the skate rink and hes with my ex boyfriend. Then he goes up to her and strait up asks her out, he didnt breakup with me, he didnt nothing. THen I got into a fight with him about it and he specificly said that he didnt like me anymore or anything. I stop talking to him, I ignored his texts, his calls, and blocked him on everything. Then he and my friend break up after about a month and now he saying that he was stupid, hes soo sorry, he loves me, all bull carp. I told him that he did the same thing his friend (my ex before him) did to me and that I wont ever love/like his sorry bott. I have a new boyfriend and I've told him that but he just expects me to drop everything just to go back to him. Heck no. He made me cry for countless nights and now I truely feel worthless and I honestly don't think anyone can prove that they care about me anymore, not even my current boyfriend, just because of him, I cant trust anyone. I freaking hate him so dang much and he can go rot in a burning ditch for all I care.

Story #723

Hi, my name's molly and here's my ihatehim story: let me get you started with a little history, i liked this guy since first grade and then in sixth he finally asked me out. For a sixth grade couple we were pretty serious about each other. And no, we didn't do any 'serious' saxual activities. The only thing we did do was kiss. For 3 seconds. Closed mouth. It was a special moment for both of us, and i thought it would always seem that way to both of us even after we broke up. Well, i was wrong. 2 months later, he dumped me because he wasn't interested anymore. What a creep. Anyway, i was devastated at the time and just moped for a while. This was in may of 6th grade, by the way. Anyway, in june we had a 'end of the year' dance at our school where 6th graders were invited as well as 7th and 8th. (all the other dances were only open to 7th and 8th) at this dance, i had my first and second and third slowdance with him. It was so sweet and then i realized that i hadn't gotten over him quite yet. It stayed that way throughout the summer until i started dating an 8th grader instead. Well, that relationship didn't last too long (ended with me dumping him). Around that time soccer had started, and what do you know, i'm on the same team as my ex (the 7th grade one). I start to like him again more and more until i really feel like i never stopped liking/loving him. Anyway, we had our first dance of the year. I danced with a few other guys, and slowdanced too, but my ex never asked me to dance. I was very sad about this. To make things worse, my ex started seeing someone else. Fortunately, his girlfriend at the time dumped him after only a few days! I was so happy. Here's a good lesson to anyone who's reading this- never tell someone you know is a gossip-where your secrets because the will spread them! If you haven't already learned that. I learned that after i had already made a big mistake: i told a boy who was bugging me about telling him who i liked. And he told everybody! Actually, it wasn't only him, it was also some girls who used to be my friends but we had a fight and so they told to get back at me. So as you can imagine, he found out. I didn't know what to do then, except for wait around and see what happens. And that's exactly what i did. Last night my sister (who's two years younger) came up to me and told me that her friend had heard from another friend a rumor about me. Here's the rumor- 'she pinned him against his locker and made-out with him'. I can see how that rumor would've started and grown more un-true, however, because yes, i did kiss him by his locker, but i did not make out with him or 'pin him'. Let me set something straight here- i was in 6th grade when this kiss happened. And let me tell you, as a 6th grader i would never do that! I'm sure you would agree. After i heard this, i was determined to find out who told my sister's friend this rumor. So i asked some of my exes friends to help me. And this is what happened today- my exes friend went up to my sister's friend and asked him where he heard this rumor. And guess who my sister's friend said told him the rumor- my ex. Ooo i was so p..... when my exes friend told me. I told my three best friends and one of them (a dare-devil) went up to my ex and asked him if he would apologize to me. And guess what he said- no. And guess why he said that, because he hates me. What an a......, was my first thought when she told me. I mean, we were each other's first kiss. It was a special moment that i will cherish forever, and i thought he would too. Like i said earlier, wrong. I mean wtf?!?!? Why the hill would he tell a fifth grader a wrong rumor about our special moment and then refuse to apologize? And then tell his friend that he hates me?! Well guess what player??? Guess what j......??? Guess what heart-breaker??? I. Hate. You. Too!!!

Story #722

I hate him for making me feel so guilty for hating myself. I dont understand what he see's in me, he just loves me so much for who I am and I couldnt think of anything worse than being me for any longer. I despise the person I am, I hate how selfish I am by loving him and drawing him into my world. Im disgusting, let alone this beautiful mans love. So many people cannot find love when they deserve it most but Ive been given it, an undeserving gift which I feel guilty accepting. It makes me sick to the stomach to think of him having to waste his love on me, to look at me everyday.

Story #721

I hate him, since he doesn't know I do. I hate him, since I see his sweet smile every day that make me want to die. I hate him, since I don't know your feeling of me. Is that love, or is that friendship? I hate him, since I love him so deeply but he seems like feeling nothing. I love him, since he treats me so well. I love him, since he's always so sweet and being so nice. I love him, since he always says hi to me and makes my day so good. I love him, since the love I feel for him will never end. Even though we can't be together... I believe, one day, we will. Our heart and soul mix, turning single into two. I hope the day will come...

Story #720

I hate him. I hate that wonderful smile that made me fall in love the first time I saw him. I hate the fact that I falled in love with him without ever having seen. I hate him for making me look like this, to have done with my world that was so perfect, turned a puzzle with missing pieces around. I hate how I can never stop thinking about you. Hate That you will never be with me. I hate how I obsess over you. I hate myself, he never made promises, he never said he would give me something, I just fell in love for being so stupid. I hate that room all white, with all thoseplaid shirts in the closet that was always open, that room that I wanted so badly to be there just to look at it. I hate him for a day telling me that if I met him and falll in love he would fall in love too. I hate the day when he said he would take me to dinner every night, that would make me a princess, that wanted to make live to me on the beach. I hate your curly hair, his white body, his thin bosy, his reamers. I hate how it makes me feel bad. I hate the pain that does not pass, the longing for something that never existed. I hate the way I play with my feelings, the way he makes me feel dumb, stupid, childish. And I hate even more the fact that I can not forget you, still think of all this, still feel my heart jump every time I look at your photo. I hate the way you look like Orlando Bloom, I hate every time you call me cute, gorgeous, beautiful, sexy ... I hate the fact you said that loved my voice. I hate his beautiful voice. I hate all the songs I never heard you play, all women who may be at your side every night. Hate can not keep you from me, I hate you can not forget you, even for a second ... I hate the fact that I love you.

Story #719

I fell in love with a boy...let's refer to him as j.So j and I both fell in love...for a while...then m came along...m was pretty but mean and nasty...they bothed really liked eachother...then they hated meee!!!one day they. Both told mee that they hated mee a lot...that broke my. Heart and got mee really p...... then they hangd out in class alone and in lunch they both sat seperate from the class...they did almost everything together...I was shattered to pieces!!! I hate him and her sooo. Much!!! then I was all alone exept me and my friends were always together...I was sooo mad and angry ...ugghhh!!! and then they just kept on being mean to mee... I tryed to be strong and tried to keep on with my classs...but I couldn't ...I didn't wwant to go to school any more, I hate that they're sooo mean,I hate that they like eachother,I hate that I still love him...

Story #718

There was this Guy on football that would constantly look up at me and look away really quick if I caught him, he sent me all the signals. I really was crushing on him too. So I decided I was going to ask him to a dance, turns out he had a date already. I hate him.

Story #717

Can't look him in the eyes because I'm scared he might see how much I love him. He knows exactly how I feel because I'm the idiot who told him, he ignores my existence. sometimes I wonder if he's just pretending or actually doesn't see me! am I invisible? I hate him because he has no feelings for me whatsoever, makes me feel like crap and yet manages to cast a spell on me. I hate him because when I'm not thinking about how much I love him I'm thinking about how much he hurt me... just always thinking, can't sleep at night, and zone out during the day. I hate how his presence makes my heart pick up speed and my breaths to become shallow. Hate him because I love him even though I shouldn't. and even more than I hate him, I hate myself for loving someone who wouldn't...

Story #716

I hate him cos he blows hot and cold. F...... man up and tell me straight. Either stick around or tell me to go.

Story #715

I hate him becuase he walked away from us... And now he is making a new family.

Story #714

He thinks I am infatuated with him... but Nooo!!! I hate him so much

Story #713

I hate him. Like I canít describe it. But then I get these stupid feelings and I like him again. But I hate what he did to me. Okay, it takes two to tango. But my first time (you get what I mean) was NOT how it was meant to be. He took advantage, and as soon as he was satisfied, he got up, and said 'I have to go' and walked away. Left me there alone, and I had no idea where I was. He didn't even offer to walk me halfway home. But I was stupid enough to let him to that to me more than once. I thought he actually cared but I was so foolish to think that. He never cared, he just wanted six. I wanted to make him happy, so I gave him what he wanted. And he threw it back in my face. All the stuff he said was an act to get what he wanted. He never meant what he said. He never meant any of it. He used me. And I hate him for that. He knew how much I liked him, and he knew what he meant to me. He used that against me for six. Its not a nice feeling and I do not want any other girl to feel that way. People say 'yeah I want my first time over with' Donít be foolish. wait. Wait until you feel ready and youíre with someone who cares, not someone who lies, talks about their exís and how hot your other friends are. Its not worth the pain. Youíre worth more than that. I speak from experience.

Story #712

I hate him because he used me. He lied to me so many times. He has anger issues, he's immature. And lastly, he's f...... pathetic. I hate him because i was never anything but nice to him. I was honest and i was a dang good girlfriend. And even after that i remained a good friend as well. I had so much patience for him and I gave him so many chances because I'm an idiot. He's so disrespectful. I've never had anyone make me feel so stupid. I hate him!

Story #711

i hate you for spending months calling me. i hate you for talking to me 24-7. I hate you for making me think you cared. i hate you letting me believe it was different. i hate you for making me like you. i hate you for wanting me to stay with you all weekend. i hate you for being like every other guy. i hate you for making me laugh. i hate you for making me feel comfortable. i hate you for disappearing. i hate you for making me feel pathetic and desperate. i hate you for making me feel like you used me. i hate that i had six with you. i hate that i trusted you. i hate that i expected things to be different. i hate that you came back into my life. i hate you for making me not trust my instincts. i knew you would do this. i hate you for making me cry. i hate you for breaking my heart. i hate that i liked you so much. i hate you.

Story #710

I hate him. I hate him lying. I hate him for flirting with girls right in front of me. I hate him for flirting just to make me jealous. I hate him for breaking up with me. I hate him even for breaking uo with me in a note right in the middle of class. I hate him for saying he loves me, and then for taking it back. I hate him for making me feel like I'm not good enough. I hate him for criticizing my family. I hate him for making fun of my brother. I hate him for making me feel so happy one second, and then crushing me the next. I hate him for not caring. I hate him for not listening. I hate him for breaking it off, and then going off to talk to her. I hate him for making me cry. I hate you for making my friends feel angry enough to scream at you. I hate you for not caring at all about how I feel. I hate you for actually being amused by my pain. I hate you for not believing in me. I hate you for criticizing me and my body. I think the thing that I hate the most though, is that I really don't hate you at all. I can't hate you. Even if you bring me down every chance you get. Even if you break me down, and tear me apart until there's nothing there. Even if all of my friends and family hate you and say I'm crazy. Because the truth is, no matter what I've told people in the past, I would have changed for you. I would have done anything for you. I almost did. And even if you feel the need to hurt me, and use me like you did all those other girls, I won't do anything. Not because I don't care, because I do. Not because I like feeling used, because I don't. It's because I still care for you. I still want you. I still need you. I know I'm crazy, but I can't help it. Without you, I'm nothing. I miss you.

Story #709

i hate him because he stole my heart, then stomped on it. i hate him because he gained my trust and turned me against myself. i hate him because i have never fallen so hard for anyone. i hate him because i love him and we will never be together. i hate myself because i dont feel worthy of anyone. if i cant hav him, i shouldn't have anyone. I hate him because i love him. and i dont want to love him, because i hate him

Story #708

I hate him because he stole my faith in love. I hate him because I will never trust another man's actions or words again. We were perfect for each other, and in an instant, he just decided he wanted to be with her and not me. I hate him because for the first time in years, I've let someone else steal my confidence, my hope, and my happiness away from me. I hate that I don't know how to stop giving him that power, and I hate that he makes me hate myself.

        >I feel.what ur going through. after two years of me giving him my all he decided to b with her. I'm sorry for what your going through. I'm in the same boat. just gotta stay strong and realize that your going to b ok. everyone gets what's they deserve

Story #707

I hate him but I love him he told me he likes me and like after school he wanted to talk to me but then he blows me off and now when I see him around school he acts like he doesn't know me and I see him hugging another girl I don't know what to do cuz I think I'm over it but then I'm not and my friends say that he said he still likes me but doesn't do anything I mean man up already god why r some boys sooo intimidated by girls it's stupid!!! But I guess I'll just have to be pacient!!!

Story #706

Okay first off i wanna start by saying... I HATE HIM (and yes caps are definately needed)! your all probably wondering 'Why do you hate him, S?', well i'll tell you why. He has broken me and my bestfriend apart...:(. It all starts when I get to school Thursday. I try and talk to her, say HI, but she just ignores me. At first I think 'Maybe she's in a bad mood' or 'Maybe she isn't feeling well' so I just get over it. But come Monday she doesn't talk to me either... I put it off and forget about it. Tuesday i try and talk to her when she is walking with my friend Y... Y says HI while B just keeps walking... WTF? WHAT THE HILL DID I DO FOR HER TO F...... WALK AWAY AND IGNORE ME?! Anyway, today i mustered up the guts and confronted her... Guess what? Well turns out all secrets don't stay secrets... (3 months before in my summer camp for school) I kissed a STUPID, HORRIBLE, INCOMPETENT, BOORISH, UNINTELLEGENT BOY!! I wasn't going to tell B because they had gone out in 7th grade and it was messy and it's a NEW YEAR 9TH GRADE FRESHMEN YEAR!! I was sorrily wrong... Anyways he PROMISED ME HE WOULDNT TELL ANYONE! He tells A and D that I KISSED HIM! NOT WE KISSED.... I KISSED HIM?! It turns out that B still had feelings and now she is so mad at me and so p..... and just doesn't wanna talk to me! Any comments for help or any stories simikar to mine tell me about em! Im always up for a hate fest for that one guy that just p..... you off

        > Oh hun, I feel for you. I have a story that's kind of like yours in a way, and it will be posted soon on the website...Please check it's a new one with the whole ex thing Anyway, I'm sorry about what happened. My story is about how just one kiss got turned into a nasty rumor by my ex. Some boys are just horrible a....... and players. Sounds like we've got two right here. Sorry again -Molly

Story #705

I hate him because he lied to me. He made me believe that he was a good guy that would treat me and my daughter good. Lol what a joke as soon as I got pregnant and he knew he had me it was all over. He wasnít my type to begin with but I thought well my past choices didnít pan out so maybe I should give this guy a chance. BIG mistake!!! I'm starting to think no man is really a good guy they just pretend to be until they feel like they got you. I can remember for a split second when we first started dating seeing him in a different light and thinking I was finally gonna be happy. But that was it. I got pregnant (like an idiot) and he must have thought well she can't leave me now so every sweet thing he did was over. I really thought he would be the type of guy to pamper me while I was pregnant and that didnít happen. He didnít seem interested at all in my pregnancy matter of fact I donít think he ever even felt the baby kick. It was devastating to me because I had already went through that with my first pregnancy. My first childs dad left when I was 6 mths pregnant and my mom was up her new bf's bitt so I was all alone. It's very depressing to be pregnant and feel like no one cares and have to go to all your doctor appts by yourself. So I thought he really wants this baby so this time will be different but it wasnít. Here I am 2 yrs later and I have to tip toe around the house so I donít make him mad because I donít want my kids to see him act like a psyco. I would do anything to go back in time and tell him hell no but then I wouldnít have R and I love him but I hate his dad more and more everyday.

Story #704

I hate him. 'Hate' is a very strong word, but there is no other way to describe my feelings towards him. When we first met, he was the closest thing to perfection I had ever encountered. He was sweet, caring, and was the most beautiful creature I had laid my eyes upon. Unfortunatly, the first sign that he wasn't good for me was that he would constantly talk about his ex-girlfriend. He would find a way to include her in most of our conversations. I didn't think much of it at first because I thought his past relationship had made him insecure, so I stayed with him because I already had a huge crush on him before he met me, and I was willing to prove to him that I truly cared for him. We would get along very well, and my family and friends all liked him. If I had known how much pain he would cause me, I would of distanced myself from him as much as possible. The first time he hurt me was when he lied to his friends about us having six. We had only been together for 2 months, and we had not been intimate. I confronted him about it, and he apologized and assured me that he would never hurt me again. After that incident, all my friends started to dislike him and would tell me that I was only a joke to him. I ignored them, and every day I would develop stronger feelings for him. By now, we had been together for about 4 months. We were having issues because there was a certain girl he would hang out with, and I knew that her intentions were way beyond friendly. We got into an arguement about her and broke up. The next day, instead of looking for me to try and fix the problem like he always did, I found out he went to the movies with her. I was upset, but he assured me that nothing happened between them and I believed him, so we got back together and didn't speak about it again. We had now been together for 5 months. Everything had been going great until one night when he went to a house show with one of his friends. He told me that there were 2 girls following them around, and they wanted to sleep over at his house along with his friend. He of course said no, and we talked on the phone for almost the whole night. The next morning, I decided to check my Facebook. I saw an update from him on the homepage. He had friend-requested the same girl that wanted to hook up with him the previous night. Once again I confronted him about it, and I found out they had been messaging each other, and had made plans to meet up. He was not only having these conversations with her, but multiple other girls. He broke up with me, claiming that he didn't want a relationship. I was truly devastated. A couple of days later he apologized, and I refused to accept it. He wanted to see me, but I ignored him and hung out with one of my guy friends instead. When he found out, he was furious. He claimed that I cheated on him and had six with my friend, and proceeded to call me a where, a slat, a worthless b..... I was always loyal to him, and the fact that he didn't trust me hurt me, considering that I had believed him every time he did something like this. I ended up apologizing to him and doing everything in my power to get him back. It had now turned into 7 months. I made a very bad decision, and got intimate with him. His computer had been on the whole time, and right when we were about to leave his house, I found a message from his ex-girlfriend. It turns out that the whole time we were together, he had been calling her, having conversations with her and had even looked for her once. I felt beyond stupid, since I had given him everything I possibly could. He tried really hard to convince me that there was nothing going on between them. I didn't believe him, but I stayed with him because even though he hurt me, my pain was worse when we were apart. It was our 9th month. By now, I was convinced that our relationship and trust was completely destroyed. Everytime we had an arguement, no matter what it was about, he would verbally abuse me. 'Where', 'slat', 'worthless' and 'trashy b....' was his new way of refering to me. I knew I didn't deserve him treating me this way, but I had built a pedestal for him and justified each of his actions. He would constantly try to make me feel guilty about problems we had months ago, foegetting everything he had put me through in the past. It was almost our 10th month, and I decided to try to let him go. For days, he would follow me around, try to talk to me at school, and call me. I ignored him for a while, but I eventually gave in and let him sweet talk me. I am now trying my best to completely block him out of my life. I know he will chase me around for a while, but I have to be strong and not let him control me anymore. The truth is, I regret evrything that happened between us. I wish I could take back everything, and had not let a person like him into my life. Just looking at him makes me sick, and I want nothing to do with his games. I hate him because he never loved me

Story #703

I hate that smile, That wonderful smile, That will never be directed at me. I hate that you treat me gently yet you don't mean it. I hate how you don't realize I love you. I hate how I can never stop thinking about you. I hate that you will never be with me. I hate how you call my name so kindly. I hate how you only think of me as a friend. I hate how I obsess over you. Most of all though..I hate how much I love you.

Story #702

I hate him more than words can say. He is everything I can't be: cool, popular, lovable. He treats me like garbage, but everyone else loves him to death. And I love his stupid bitt too, for reasons beyond my understanding. He made me fall in love with him junior year and then ditched me once I reciprocated. I am literally the only person in the school who doesn't like him; all my other friends think he is the most awesome thing in the world and don't believe me when tell them about how he is. He is obsessed with being popular to the point where he humiliates me in front of his friends just to look cool. He doesn't care a bit about me and when I needed him he always abandoned me. He flirts with my friends right in front of me and they actually reciprocate. He compliments them, yet I can't remember a single time he ever complimented or went out of his way for me. He is very self-centered and arrogant and knows just how to push my buttons, yet nothing I ever do makes him upset or jealous because he truly does not care about me. I hate him so much I can't even express it...sometimes I get home and I cry because I just don't know what I'm feeling. He always makes me feel so worthless, so stupid, and yet I still love him. I must be a real sucker for punishment.

Story #701

The 'man' I hate.. let's refer to him as F. F is my ex who can't commit to anything barring his various addictions. These include drinking, chain-smoking, recreational drug use, stalking vulnerable women (including strangers he just doesn't like the look of) and pathological lying. When you first meet him, he comes across as charming, but things tend to unravel quickly because he's too stupid to cover for the fact he hasn't contacted you in weeks; by this time, he usually has his claws in his latest victim while badmouthing you. For instance, he'd constantly tell me how the woman he was with before me (let's call her E) was a fat, ugly whiner who would go on about marriage and fifteen kids. Yet, given how she'd address him, she clearly had no idea that they'd even broken up. All the women who come across this poisonous southerner end up on the scrapheap through no fault of their own, so if by some million to one chance one of you finds this, whoever you are, it isn't your fault. You couldn't have done anything better and you couldn't have prevented this. He'll usually tell you it wasn't your fault but if pressed, make up a very lame excuse (i.e. something very tame that you did that wouldn't cause a break up under normal circumstances). F sometimes works in tandem with another man who will aggressively have his back. This not only serves the purpose of covering his activities but also gives him a chance to look good when he jumps in with, 'don't shout at my woman'. We'll refer to this one as S; this one does have a girlfriend but tends to cheat on her quite often because, as he puts it, 'the six just isn't that great'. If you've been messed around by either of these little boys, spread the word. Prevention is better than cure.

Story #700

I hate him because of how I still love him even though he treats me as if I'm disposable. I hate him because of how he thought it would be okay to play with me and my friends and he thought we wouldnt find out. I hate him for all his broken promises. I hate how he told me I was his world and then next thing I know he's saying the same thing to this other girl. I hate how he'd foward all the txts I sent him to my best friend. I hate how he made me sound like a where. I hate how I did nothing but stand by him, but he just went and flirted with all of my friends. I hate how he used me to get over another girl. I hate how he thinks sorry is enough, because I don't want him to leave me for good. I hate how I always sit by my phone whenever he goes, waiting for him to txt again. I hate how I told him so so so much, stuff that I'd never told anyone before, and all he did was lie to me. I hate him.

Story #699

i hate my ex boyfriend. he was very jealous and was always mad at me for talking to my close friends (specifically my best guy friend who has been by me since 3rd grade. never ever have me and him liked each other or ever will) he was always mad at me for talking to other people and very controlling. so obviously i broke up with him. things got even worse. he was very upset that we had broken up. he still would talk to me and make me feel even worse for what i did. its like i committed a crime. it always made me really upset because always i didnt want him to hurt himself. also all of my friends all of a sudden were attached to him. constantly all over him in front of me no matter what. i guess it really shows who my true friends are, that what my friend said to me (this girl also flirted with him) i guess that means i dont really have any. of course i still hang out with my friends, its just difficult when hes there because he is allowed to do whatever he wants with a girl but if i even talk to a boy the world stops turning. sooo messed up

Story #698

I hate my father. It upsets me to have to put this in writing, but I feel that it is necessary. My father has left me out of his life for MY whole life. When I was two, he had an affair with another woman, leaving my mother and I alone for three months. Since then, he and my mother - who forgave him and took him back - have had two other children. Two boys. I am a girl. My father spends endless anounts of time with these boys. I am lucky if I get half an hour every two months. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why HE hates ME. All I know is that because he hates me, it has slowly made me hate him. This man has ruined my childhood. My depression - the funk that I'm in right now - started in fourth grade, the first time my father hurt my feelings beyond repair. It was my first school concert. I had a solo. I sang with all my heart and tried my hardest. My mom comes over and told me how great of a job I did. My father follows her, saying to me, 'You weren't even singing. I don't have anything to be proud of.' From then on, I always knew, in the back of my mind, that I was unequal to my little brothers. They were, somehow, better than me. That depressed me. Depresses me. My father's hate towards me has caused me to not only hate him, but to hate myself, as well. Hate is an ugly word, but a necessary one, in the story of my life.

Story #697

I hate that I miss him. I hate that I was convinced that he was 'the one'. I hate how lost I am now in his absence. I hate how from the day I met him I could not get him out of my head. I hate how hard and how fast I fell for him. I hate how he never took me to his apartment, but always paid for hotels. I hate how the hotels used to make the romance seem more exciting but now they make me feel cheap. I hate how he introduced me to his family like it mattered. I hate how he would get drunk and call repeatedly to tell me he thought I was amazing. I hate how good I looked when I was with him. I hate the memory of when he took me to a friend's wedding, together we looked so good people couldn't take their eyes off us. I hate that on that day he pretended like we were married. I didn't ask him to do that, and I hate that I played along. I hate how he would tell me I'm beautiful, made me feel beautiful. I hate how horribly fat I have gotten now. I hate that I'll never fit into the dress I bought for the wedding, again. I hate how dang hard I tried for him. I hate how much time and effort I put into taking care of myself for him (looks, clothes, gym) and that I can't do that for myself now. I hate how good the conversations were with him. I hate that we discussed poetry and drank wine. I hate that with him I felt grown up... and now I feel like a lost little girl. I hate that for so long it seemed like I mattered. Then he dropped me. Just stopped. From whirlwind romance to nothing. I hate the Irish lilt in his voice. I hate that whenever I hear it on the street, or in the movies, my heart skips a beat. I hate how on the surface it seems like I am fine with the way things turned out, but underneath I am so broken, so shattered it scares me. Like someone said before: 'I hate the days, weeks and months ahead of me that I will spend thinking about him.' I hate how in this entire message, I haven't been able to say: I HATE HIM. Because the one I hate, is me.

Story #696

I hate that I met him, dated for a while, then didn't hear from him for four months. I hate how even when I was happy with someone else, he convinced me to come back. I hate the continual breakups for unknown reasons, the long silences, the way drove another girl on your motorcycle while I saw you drive past with her, while telling me you loved me but wouldn't pick up the phone to call. I hate that you had pictures of someone else on your computer, then lied to me and made up a great story about it, I hate that I believed you - that I wanted to believe you. I hate that you monitored all that I did and questioned me all the time, but you turn to me and lie straight in my face. I hate that you called me a bunch of awful things and then came crawling back, I hate that I took you back. I hate every single time I bought your bull-carp, I hate the awful camera you got me for my birthday, I hate the way you look neked, it's disgusting how your 'minhood' actually goes inside your skin from the fat on you! And yes, I do find your a.. flat, hairy, pimply and smelly but you seem proud of it, so take it elsewhere. I hate how you thought me paying 1/2 the rent wasn't enough, then accused me of being a golddigger. I hate the way you treat waiters and waitresses, I hate that you don't tip, cheapa... Mostly I hate how you told me that you were the type to say what was wrong, if you were unhappy and that if you wanted to cheat, you'd at least tell me in advance so we could work it out, or split, that you would respect me even that much. I hate how yesterday, I stopped at your work to give you a kiss and found you replying to an ad for a B J in the affirmative and wanting to get things underway...while last week you were talking about how happy you were, and if not -you'd be honest. Clicking the screen to hide it didn't work, then pretending to be so happy to see me, and when confronted, you shrugged your shoulders. Really?!! I hate that you made promises, pretended to be what you aren't and will never be - a good man. So yes, I hate you--I really just do. I wish you all the things you truly deserve for what you put me through.

        > Girl that boy is a where...I mean what kind of man does that carp..take my advice.neva speck to him again...

Story #695

We were met in the club 5month ago in Bangkok I'm a Cambodian girl who was sturdy in Thailand. He was traveling with his brother and some of his friends he walked to me .he was flirt with me. Then we spend like 3days together then he left to south of Thailand he promise me he will back in a week and we will go to Cambodia together. 1 week later he came back as his promise we went to Cambodia we were spend like 1 week together in my country. After 1 week together he moved back to Finland we still keep talking by skype facebook on the phone text message. 1 day I was in Singapore by my self I got a call from him he told me he really miss me and he got the feeling that he love me and honestly I was fell the same way like him I miss him I love him even it was a very short time together 5month being a part together I still thinking about him. He was send me a message he will come to work in China shanghai for summer and he would like me to be there he would like to see me again I was so happy I bought my ticket and was flight to him to the world that I never know before And the language that I don't understand it's like a thousand of mile away from home. But I wasn't care much what I was care is I want to see him again want to hug him because I believe we can have a nice time like the last 5 month we were together. But when I'm here everything was change he's not like what I was thinking he doesn't love me like he told me last time. He never give his time to me but always have the reason like it's ok he left me at home for the whole night I was waiting for him I couldn't sleep till 5am he came back he was drunk honestly I really love him when he drunk because when he drunk he really sweet to me. Manything happened I was pregnant he want me to do abotion he made a fight with me and told me he's not my boyfriend( I'm not your boyfriend why you told someone that I'm your) I answer him because I love him and I wish I could be his girlfriend because I confuse everytime we kiss we hug we sleep the same bed together we holding hand so what is that if I'm not your girlfriend so who I am in your heart? but you know what? the answer he said to me he almost killed my life it's like he took a knife I put it in my heart I was so pain full he ask me back so every guys that you had six with you call them all your boyfriend. I can't believe he said that to me. I'm 2 month with him in shanghai I'm not his girlfriend I did anything that I never did before I started to like how to cook even I never did it before laundry with his cloth iron for his T-shirt because I'm scare he have nothing to wear tomorrow cleaning the house cause want him to feel fresh at home all I did it's all because of him. I was miss carriage I went to hospital by my self I help my self without him and I had to paid like. 1000$ by my self without his help even one cent but I didn't care about the money we lost our baby I'm so sad but he happy he starting to be good to me but I knew it was fake. He ask me to leave his apartment because his parents will be in shanghai soon. my passport was got damage by water I was in trouble but he just blame me with everything. I always cried I disappointed everything it's not like what I was thinking the would sorry that he said to me it's always work all the time. I knew I'm just a game for him to play he used me and it should be enough to say bye sometime we were together but he look to the other woman I hate his sweet word I hate when he told me he really has a nice time with me what a nice time? We almost never be together he took all his time to hang out with his friend I'm alone by my self everyday. Morning he left 8pm came back but I understand that because he have to work what about Saturday and Sunday he should give me sometime but he took all the time with his friends and I have to be alone again I did everything by my self witout him I've been lying to my family all the time that I'm fine here I'm good but actually I never fine most of the time I cried. I should be home right now with my family and friends i must be happy then this. Everything it's all about love because of love it make the people blind and will do everything for the one that we love and never want to get anything back beside care and show the love to us back. But sometime he never know how much we love and care about him no matter what I did it's always wrong in every-way. I love him but why he doesn't love me back I love him why he won't let me love him. I really want to hate him but I don't know how I don't know how to hate him. I have only this one heart so how much you want me to hurt. I'm just a girl who full of hurt And tear.

Story #694

I hate him because he lied to me. He took advantage of me when I was at my weakest and let my guard down. Together for a year and a half, and this is what I get? I hate you. I hate that you lied to my face and told me you loved me and we made love even though I had already tried to move on. You never had the decency to tell me your feelings, but just kept me hanging on. You are a childish, immature, stupid self loving b...... and I wish you well.

Story #693

I hate him for making me like him. I went out with him for a week and he told me all of these things that made me feel really good and then he broke up with me. I still like him really deep down but i think I kinda hate him in a way too

Story #692

I hate him and I don't even know why. We used to be really good friends and I kinda had a crush on him but then I don't know what happened. Now he wants to Hang out with me all the time and he told me he liked me but it feels weird. When ever i see him I get a stomach and feel like I'm going to puke. I just cant look at him and I feel like I hate him and I don't even know why.

Story #691

He is abusive. I remember when we first got together 12 years ago he would lecture me about talking other 'boys'. Now it is another story because I never talk to anyone.we have two kids and I can't leave. He provides a nice life for my children and I but as far as a relationship goes we have none. He forces himself on me (r...) even though we are married, by harassing me night and day until I give in. I lay there in obvious pain while he gets off and then he complains about how bad it sacked. I hate him. We have two babies and he supports us so I can't leave. He tries to control every aspect of my life. If I go out with a friend he wants to know who was there... He complains about me not cooking dinner every night but when I cook dinner he makes a point to say that it was terrible. In fact, he complains about everything. For example ... Taking the kids to the park, going grocery shoping ( or not having food in the house), taking kids to the doc, even watching them while I shower. I hate himmm! Probably should not post this, and have so much more to say. He has hit me, pushed me, insulted my family, thrown the dogs water and food on me( separate occasions) spit on me and much worse. I can go on and on, and its all true. I hate him.

        > The National Domestic Violence Hotline (in the US) can be found here online or by phone at 1−800−799−SAFE(7233). -John

Story #690

I hate him for cheating on me for 7 MONTHS. I hate him for crying like a f...... baby and telling me he wants me back and then giving up the second I say I'm not taking him back. I hate him for not really caring about me because whether or not I'm in his life makes no difference to him. I hate that its been 2 months and I'm still sad and upset over him. I hate that I'm such a weak person. God I really hate him.

Story #689

I can't decide if I hate him or love him. I hate him for leaving for China without me, I love him for loving me first. I miss him. And I can't decide if I should wait for him to come home, or move on and try to forget. I hate him for not coming for me. I love him for trusting me to take care of myself. But mostly, I just feel the hole his absence has left.

        > If he didn't come for you, move on. I left a boy behind and he hurt me more than I've ever been hurt before.

Story #688

I hated the fact that my dad was abuse by his father and now i was abuse from 7- 12 years olds and when he finally gave up he ran away from me and my brothersonly mom was there but it was her fault too that she smoke drugs and does too but now i am 23 years old this was today i was going to sent him message that how badly he treat me this why the truth hurts here i told him like this here what i wrote I am to let you know yu do not scare me and i think yur a a...... and a jerk yur the one destroy your self not me that not my problem and i realize this you are one who betrayed me, my little brother and and my older brother oh by the way i am not scare of you and so no you are something and i think you lied and you call your self a Jewish of ten commandment and change rule wow but if you try to hurt me i will defend to myself because yur not problem and you do no scare me no more and i am man to be independent and least i better without car to let you know i to walk like a man and if you got problem treating me low and i look at you and hear this, wiser make you weaker you say wiser but i look at you weaker and you make fun of me that i am poor people wow rich people are stupid and not smarter that low class rich people treat people low i think that low to rich i support like a n..... i am a brother hood i do not believe none what i hear and half what i see is your action i learn that my self to hear somebody words you are doing a good job to destroyed you self becuase i have a better life than upset past you have not changed a bit which is very disappoint but you ask G-d it up to you dad so i will pray for you that i got to say if you love me i do not feel love and oh mom told to me you call that love f... love and also i am not going to get hurt no more mercy because G-d is my friend and listen to me you do not tell me what to do and i do not have to honor you what you did run away from me, and my brothers too that you and mom responsibility that your guys fault so i rest my case so but you the one created the problem that what is said kabbalah that call karma it true you created your self to be destroyed and me i make mistake to correct and sometimes i feel it right to say this to you like man he told me so goodluck and have a good day . p.s i am sorry to be here with you so bye. and all my dad say this message he told me his last word to me f... yu that all he said but always forgive no matter i hate him what he did but i will love him no matter he is my dad and my blood and i wll honor hi that brought me to this earth but i am Jewish man to let people know but i have girlfriend that she is the love of my life and it will too for you people to hear my story it helps me to be a man so i hope people can comment this please i would appreciated but right now i have a better than before a day is waste without laughter.

Story #687

I hate him. I hate how he thinks I'll always love him and come crawling back. I hate how someone can just say his name and I'll get chills. I hate how he was so perfect to me in the months before everything went bad. I hate how he hurt me so much. I hate how every time I'm in trouble or hurting he's the one I want to call. I hate how every time I think about him my heart hurts. I hate how whenever I think of him, I forget how much he hurt me. I hate how whenever I think of him I have to remind myself that I should hate him. I hate how every time I hear any song about love he floods into my mind. I hate how whenever someone says his name I can't help but think of our memories. I hate how I told him everything, the things I hadn't told anyone, not even my diary. I hate how every time it snows I think of running two miles to his house in the blizzard because we were fighting and I knew I just needed him to hold me. I hate how all of the times he was hurting and begging me to take him back I said no. I hate how I had to say no. I hate how I can't just call him whenever I need him. I hate how he wasn't over me for two years, and last week he said he finally was. I hate how he told me he was moving thousands of miles away and I just let him go. I hate how he kept telling me over and over that the day to say goodbye was coming, and I didn't even show up. I hate how now I regret it and I'm never going to see him again and he's probably going to find another girl in his new town and he's probably forgotten all about me. I hate how there's one piece of my heart that believes he still has feelings for me. I hate how that one piece of my heart is completely wrong. I hate how he knows I'll always love him and come crawling back. I hate how I love him. I hate him.

Story #686

I hate him. Sounds so simple doesn't it... If you hate someone you should only have that strong feeling for them. But it never works that way. I hate what my ex has done to me, how he cheated on me, lied to me, and broke up with me for her. But what I hate the most is how I still love him so deeply I hate that he made me fall head over heels for him, how he treated me like every girl should be treated, and how he looked at me like I was the only girl for him. But he never told me he still had feelings for someone else, and how each day I fell more and more in love with him, and he was having doubts about us. I hate how he allowed me to fall so hard for him, I hate that he always made me second priority, and I hate how I always felt like I had to be in competition with the other women. I hate that I didn't walk away sooner to save my heart because now everyday I spend thinking about him and how this all could happen when he used to look at me with such love in his eyes. I hate that out of all of this, I'm the one who got burned even though I was the one who supported him, cared for him and loved him. He left all that to be with a girl that can't even give him half of what I gave him. I hate that I know I deserve better, but he keeps luring me in and making me crash when he gets my hopes up. I know that I'm stronger than this, and I hate that I can't walk away. I f-en hate him for letting me down time after time and I hate that i love someone who will never love me back.

        >Ahhh, oh my gosh. I'm going through the same thing!!! I'm so sorry. I know how painful it is. still feeling the pain and it's not getting better!. they don't deserve us and one day will realize what they have done. good luck

Story #685

I hate that I have a crush on him.I hate that I can't control my feelings toward and around him.Every time I see him,talk to him,hear his name, and even when I think about him I blush .I hate that he makes me laugh and smile.I hate that I feel weak when I with him.Finally I hate that he does know that I like him and that I maybe love him.I hate this feeling that's in my heart and I hate him that's causing all these emotions.

Story #684

K, I HATE YOU. You and your son are both little pieces of s.... Knowing that rubbish like you breath the same air as humans, it makes this world an awful place to live. A.......

Story #683

I hate him! I hate him for how he supposedly 'loves' me. I hate him for treating me bad and making it my fault. I hate him for being lazy, not working, and making me figure out how to pay all the bills. I hate him for putting me into debt so bad that I cannot handle it. I hate him for not being MAN enough for me. I hate him for being so selfish. I hate him for fooling around on me and breaking my heart over & over. I hate how I'm scared to leave him cause he'll beat me and threaten me. I hate how he thinks six fixes everything. I hate how he twists everything so that I'm always wrong. I hate him for making me hate myself. I hate myself for allowing this to go on for 15 years. I hate myself for being so strong yet so weak. I hate myself for never having the courage to stand up to you. I hate myself for falling for his friend 'B' and getting him involved in my messed up life. I hate that I'm not single and free to love that amazing man who makes me feel so good, happy, and excited that someone might actually care about what I want & need. I hate how kissing 'B' opened my eyes and now that I see clearly, I hate that I can see how different and better my life would be with 'B' yet it can never happen. I hate him for being so terrible that it makes me want to be with someone else. I hate that people think I've fooled around and now you're the 'victim'. I hate him because now I love someone else and I can never let is show because he's crazy and will want to fight him. I hate 'B' for being so good. (Well, I don't hate him for that, that only makes me love him more.) That even though I feel how much he wants me and needs me when we talk and kiss, yet he's feels so guilty cause you're his 'friend' that he won't take it any further than what we already did. I hate knowing how much I really love him and that I'll never be the one to make him happy. I hate that 'B' will suffer because of this and he's innocent. I wish I could take away the pain and hurt that I've caused you 'B' cause you're a good man and I'm so messed up that I don't deserve you anyway. I hate that I love you 'B' and I'll never be able to have a chance to show you just how much I really do.

Story #682

Because he is a cop he is none in earth !!! I do hate him because he is nuts wen he wants I deserve better I am a lovely woman and he does not appreciate it anything f... him I hate him !!!

Story #681

I hate the way he acts like it's my doing. He told me last night that I disgust him. Nothing more, just that. I hate that I wake up every morning and there are dishes everywhere and laundry on the floor. I hate how I haver to go to work and come back and be the maid and personal chef again. I hate how I do his laundry, fold his clothes, clean three house and cook his dinner and I don't get any appreciation for it. I hate his snide remarks like it's my job amd I don't do enough. I hate that her tells me I have no friends. That's because you don't let me have my own friends. I hate his cockiness and self obsessive personality. I hate that I always take him back when he's done me wrong. I hate that he's cheated on me with five girls and fell in love with one of them. I hate that I always give into doing what he wants even if it's 3 am. I hate my lack of self confidence when I'm around him and I hate the fact that I have to pay all of his freaking bills. I hate him. But I feel like I need him. I hate that too.

Story #680

I am dating this guy, and we argue EVERYDAY! About pointless things. He always accuses me of cheating on him, when I have NO intentions of doing that. I have NEVER cheated on a guy before in my life, but for some reason because he has dated cheating hoes in the past, I'm just like them! I donít want to break up with him because I like him a lot and I love spending time with him because when I am with him I am so happy, but every time he leaves me, I get accused of something I didnít even do. I donít know what to do!

Story #679

I hate you because you're the reason I'm like this. You're the reason I'm so cold to my friends and family. You're why I'm so anti social. You're why my parents want to put me on f...... antidepressants... You get so mad at me over the stupidest things... I loved you but you used me for so long and for so many things... You used me as a rebound both when A AND M broke up with you... You used the fact that I was head over heels for you to get me in bed... And it f...... worked too! Numerous times! God, I hate you. I hate you so much. You created a monster. A worthless, antisocial, depressed, and pathetic monster. I hope you're proud of yourself.

Story #678

I have read a lot of the stories on here and I think mine might be a little different. I love him so very much but he has pushed me to hate him he has cheated and lied and hit me he has screamed at me and spit on me and called me names I donít even want to repeat; then he takes his meds and he is back to the wonderful loving man I met. He is bipolar and itís hard to separate the evil ways he acts from the man he truly is. He needs me how can I walk away he loves me so what if it isnít a story book romance right? How strong do I have to be how much farther until I break? I love him when he is actually himself but when the monster inside is loose he scares me. Sometimes I cry in the shower where he canít see or hear it because when I cry it makes him mad. I hate the monsters inside of him I hate looking at him anymore when before all I ever wanted to do was lay there and look in too his eyes. He used to be so beautiful to me the most beautiful man I had ever seen but everyday he gets a little uglier everyday I grow a little colder. How can you love and hate someone so much at the same time. Am I weak if I walk away? Have I failed him, have I failed myself? How much can one person take?

> Funny you should mention that...I can tell you precisely how much one person can take*. My wife's bipolar and takes her meds regularly. Every day is an adventure. My step-son (now 19), who is also bipolar, came to stay with us for a few months. I made it clear to him that he had a place in our house, unless he became a danger to the rest of my family. A few months into his stay here he began to get violent, to the point of assaulting and battering his mother (my wife), throwing furniture, and nearly breaking his sister's feet (via the airborne furniture). I voted 'he's gone' the first time, when he threw a book at my wife, which hit her. She had a great deal of sympathy for him and wanted him to stay. A few days later, when he threw the kitchen table, missing his sister's feet by a couple of inches- that was when we sent him on his way. The exact 'how much' for me was when he became a danger to my wife. The exact 'how much' for my wife was when he became a danger to her daughter.
> It takes strength to walk away. It does not make you weak if you do walk away. There is a limit (how much to take) beyond which no one should be expected to pass. It is your responsibility to be caring and supportive, but it is his responsibility to control himself. I know that, with him being bipolar, that is a unique challenge. You need to decide whether his behavior is bad enough that your needs (for safety and security) outweigh his needs (to have a supportive person with him). *I'm not very good with rhetorical questions. -John

Story #677

Theres a guy called Ian. He was alway against the fact that I had a loving relationship with my 2 children and he wanted to sabotage it. He moved in with my ex wife when I moved out and he's still there. This was the last conversation I had with my daughter. She is V, I'm D and he is I.

D: Hey Vic, how are you?
V: Harry's at ((place)), He's not here.
D: I know darling. Iv'e phoned to speak to you if that's OK.
I: Tell him to f... off.
V: Stop it
D: Sorry Vic, what do you mean?
V: Whats that bleeping noise?
I: Tell him he is sick and evil and that...
V: Leave me alone. (voice sounds shacky)
D: Sorry Vic, Im not sure what you are talking about. Is that Ian talking too..
I: tell him you hate him.
V: Stop it. go away.
I: Tell him now. Tell him he's sick and evil and you wish he was dead
V: Harry isnt here and.....
I: Tell him to f... off, he's evil ( V starts crying)
D: Vic, Im not sure what's going on. Im going to end the call now and I'll..
I: Tell him you wish he was...
V: Please stop it.
I: Tell him.
D: Sorry Vic, I will go now. I love you.

Line goes dead.

D: Hello... hello. Oh my God...Jesus.

This is why I think that man is just pure evil. Sick to the bone. Kind Regards, Mike

        > I knew a girl once who was in an abusive relationship and wanted out. She was willing to have another relationship where the other person treated her well, but she was not willing to remove herself from the abusive relationship. The simple, hard lesson to learn is that the person in the abusive relationship has to get themselves out of the situation on their own. No matter how much you want to, you can't change the situation if she's not willing to change it herself. -John

Story #676

I hate him. Well, I love him too. I first met him four years ago, and the moment I saw him was honestly life changing. I have never felt like this before, and I don't think I ever will. But he doesn't love me. I used to try to convince myself that maybe, maybe he would in time. But now, I've run out of time. He's emigrating, I will probably never see him again. I hate him for making me feel like this. I feel sick just thinking about him. How many sleepless nights have I had thinking, crying about him? I used to have talents, I used to have a life. He put that to an end for me. I fell out with my best friend, who I haven't spoken to for years because of him. I changed myself entirely. But he doesn't love me. No, he loves the girl who plasters herself with makeup, wears low cut tops and high skirts, who would go out with anyone. What does he see in her? For goodness sake! I would be the best friend he could ever have! I wouldn't let anyone ever hurt him! I would always be there for him! I would love him like no one else. But he just doesn't love me. So then love turned to hate. I hate him. Why does he have the right to make me feel like this, when he doesn't feel the same way? I hate that he loves her, I hate that we have so much in common but he doesn't see it, I hate that he's leaving, I hate that he teases me because he knows I love him, I hate it when he flirts with her right in front of me. I don't know what I like about him! He's not a good person, he's not even good looking! why do I love him? I don't. I hate him. It wasn't love- it was obsession. I realize that now and I hate him for it. I hate him.

Story #675

Ok so lets just that just this year I became best friends with this girl. This guy that I used to be good friends with supposedly likes her. This is how it goes down every time. First,he acts nice to her and says they are good friends. Second,he starts flirting and they start talking. Third, he sings to her and says he loves her a lot and it will be different than last time, he has changed. Fourth, asks for a neked picture of her, she says no and he gets mad and says 'I thought you liked me.' Fifth, she says if he asks for a neked picture one more time there done, he does and she shrugs it off. Sixth, I get mad and tells her everything wrong that he is doing to her. Seventh, they stop talking, and for two weeks he treats her like crap. Here is all what he says to her, 'You have scabies,' 'You are fat,' 'You smell,' he even made her cry at school once. Well after about two weeks he likes her again and the process repeats itself. She doesnít deserve.

Story #674

i hate my dad !!! i know hate is a strong word , but HEY ! im a strong person . this man just came into my life not so long ago , and thinks he can just control everything .since hes reenterd my life all i have asked him for was $20 and for him to pick me up from the train station . but the one thing that i reall want and need is a cellphone , and he refuses to get me one . he claims that he dosnt want to spend alot of money on me , when he already gives me like $80 every week but he cant get me a $50 dollar black berry ? it might sound like a dumb excuse to hate him but for me it is , growing up i had nothing , and then when my sister dided i took over her cellphone for 4 months then the phone company found out she died and shut her phone off permitaly and theres no way to get it turnt back on , and i've been hurting since because that phone was my life !!! i talk to this one boy everyday on it ! hes co cute and we would send cute lil texts and and we'd flirt alot ;) now it feels like im cut off from the world and i hate it and i HATE him!!!

        > get $320 per month and you can't buy a cell phone with that money? He's giving you $320 per month but you hate him because he's not giving you $370? - John
        > I'm more concerned about the fact that you say that your phone is your life.
        > Wow I wish my problems were this simple. I wish all I had to worry about was not being able to txt some boy cuz my daddy wonít pay my phone bill. I wish I had someone to hand me $320 just because what do u even have choirs or does he just had it to you. Let me tell you when you are older and living on your own and have real adult problems then you will look back at this and think you are being pretty silly.
        > Your sister died? And your main concern is the fact that the cell phone you took over no longer works for you to send cute smiley messages to some boy? And that your father, new to your life apparently and meeting you under these circumstances, won't provide more money for you to...what? Send more smiley messages? Why don't you slow down a bit, mourn a bit, and use your money wisely to be able to make the purchases you want, and learn to accept, maybe even love this man rather than hate him- just because you're not dealing with things the way you should be properly.

Story #673

I want to start off by saying that i hate him as much as i love him. I hate the way we kiss and he refuses to tell anyone. I hate that he broke my heart and wont acknowledge it. I hate the way he can be a prevert at times but at others, you seem to be the only on he cares about, eben though when hes around people he goes for the prettiest girl. I hate the way he smiles and he can make my heart melt. I hate that i keep going back to him because i love him so much i hate him. I run forward one step, and walk 2 backwards.

Story #672

I HATE HIM SOO MUCH! I did nothing to you, but try to be the best girl friend anyone could have. I get treated like i'm nobody to him. It hurts me so much i feel like i'm being used. I try to explain how i feel he doesn't know how i feel. He flirts with girls, He yells at me if i even say something. I feel hurt inside so bad. He can be sweet sometimes but only when we hang out. I should have never got myself in this mess. He use to be different in the beging. I thought it was going to be him and i forever. Well at least thats what he told me. I wish he could be the old him agin. I don't know what to do i can't tell him good bye for some reason but i really want to but i can't :( I hate this.

Story #671

I hate his arrogance, his self-assurance, his conviction that he would have me at his feet no matter what. I hate my disposition to please him and I hate the pedestal I built for him. I hate how I empower him to control me, use me and abuse me. I persisted to stick around with hope that he would appreciate me, like a pet that wanted to be loved. I hate his lack of appreciation, his disdain. I hate his lack of ĎI love youí, his coldness. I hate how he once told me I should stop telling him ĎI love youí. I hate I was the only one who tried make things work. I hate him so much because I build my life around him and didnít get anything in return. I hate his dishonesty, his lies. I finally got the guts to step up and walk away. I do deserve better. I hate how I secretly desire to hear from him, I hate how I check my phone hoping for that text msg that will never come. I hate how I am afraid of change, afraid of stand on my own, afraid of loneliness and afraid of not finding happiness again. I hate him for using the best out of me. I hate him for waking up at 4 am and thinking of him. I hate the compulsion, the obsession I developed around him. I hate the pain he trigger inside me and I hate my inability to cope with it. I hate how he dismissed me, how little he appreciate the time I fought to share with him. I hate him so much because I love him so much. I hate he is making me write this hate note and I hate the days, the weeks, and the months ahead of me that I will spend thinking about him.

Story #670

I hate him because I like him and he likes her. I know that's no reason to hate him but I do anyway. I hate him because he is spiteful and mean to me and I know he is because he lacks self confidence as much as I know the reason I like him is because I lack self confidence as well. I hate him for making me realize that the only reason I like jerks like him is because I'm still trying to win my father's love. I hate him for not seeing all the great things there are about me but instead being blinded by her smile because she's cuter. I hate him because I like him.

Story #669

I hate him for all the beautiful things he told me, which makes me fall for him. I hate how he changed after we've been together for a year. I hate him because he is a liar. I hate the way he always disappoints me, I HATE HIM!!! Why do guys always change after they get the girls??? They don't pay attention to us anymore, they treat us like dirt, they say thousands of reasons why they didn't call. Well, I don't expect you to call now, a......!!! I WANT A BREAK UP!!! I HATE HIM!!! Mostly, I hate myself for being an idiot, loving a jerk like him. And still do, even until now.

Story #668

I hate him, because he became my face-book friend, after 7 years of me not seeing him. I hate him, because he made me fall in love with him. I hate him, because he text-ed me , called and spoke to me online every day. I hate him because he told me he cared about me. I hate him, because he knew I was married. I hate him because he is someone I could see myself with forever. I hate him because he broke my heart, when he told me he was getting married. I hate him because he still wants to have six with me even though he's planning to get married. I hate him because he didn't love me enough. I hate him because of the way he makes me feel right now. I hate him because he doesn't even know the pain he's causing me. I hate him even though it's not even really his fault alone, mine too. I hate him because I cry so much each day, I'm unable to function properly. I hate him because I don't know when this will end. I hate him because he still texts, calls and speaks to me online and I can't resist him. I hate him because I love him. I hate him because he makes me feel stupid. I hate him because I love him so much and I have to pretend that I don't. I hate him because saying that makes me feel better. I hate him because he says he loves me... I hate him because I know if he really loved me, he'd ask me to choose him and I know I would...I hate him!

Story #667

I hate it when you break my heart and I don't know how to deal with it I feel like I have been shot straight in the heart and it was by you, and I really liked u and now u hate me and u called me a slat I know I cry to much but this is something to cry about I just wish u didn't exist but u do and I want to forget u and get you out of my life for good, its your fault for adding me and talking to me the way u did u could have said stop and I would have stopped but u didn't. i was stupid and fell for you but u didn't catch me

Story #666

I hate him. I fell for his stupid tricks and charm. He only liked me because of the way I looked. He used me, and I loved him. He told me he loved me too but it was fake. I couldn't stop thinking about you and you ignored me. We broke up and I HATED you but now I can't stop thinking about you. I hate you but I love you. My friends warned me but I didn't listen. You made me love you but now I hate you because I love you and you couldn't care less.

Story #665

I hate Gabriel for making me think that he saw his future with me, including the whole shebang of marriage and kids, when he saw it with anyone but me. I hate that he made so much effort for others, even complete strangers but never me. I hate that he lied to my face to manipulate me. I hate that the whole time we were together he was on Muslim dating websites I hate that he never came to see me to say goodbye before I moved, instead he went to the pub. I hate that he joined more dating websites the day after I moved. I hate that he met someone else and pursued her. I hate that he came back to me and said that he loved me, to get six when she rebuffed him. I hate that he demanded oral six but never gave it. I hate that he was so manipulative and feigned confusion, being drunk or even mental illness when I challenged him after he forgot plans we had made. I hate that he made plans to do stuff with others instead. I hate that I never felt important or appreciated or loved. I hate that he never took me on a romantic date or bought me flowers on a whim but when he was chasing after Roxy he took her out and bought her flowers. I hate that we never went on holiday together, even though he went with his friends but never with me. I hate his arrogance and his selfishness. I hate that I always seemed to get the dregs when everyone else seemed to get the best of him. I hate that I always had to be in charge of barth control (and thank god I was or this could have been so much worse). I hate that he never held my hand and shrugged me off when I tried to hold his. I hate that he forgot my birthday. I hate the fact he wanted me to convert to Islam so we could be together, in the Ďeyes of godí even though he never followed it himself and drank, smoked, had pre-marital six (even with prestitutes), ate pork etc. I hate his alcohol addiction and overeating. I hate that he said he was going to buy me x, y and z but never did. I hate his man beebs. I hate the fact that he was short and had a receding hairline and a tiny p...., which looked even tinier because of his huge belly. I hate that he only had one ball bag. I hate his short neck. I hate that because he can be so charming, everyone else thinks that he is such a wonderful person. I hate the fact that I thought he was a wonderful person. I hate that he perved at other women because of how ugly and unappealing it made me feel. I hate myself because deep down I knew it wasnít a good relationship but I stayed because I hoped Iíd be the one that heíd change for. I hate that he has forgotten all about me and moved on. I hate the fact that I canít. Mostly, I hate that he said he loved me but he never did. I hate that I trusted him. I hate that he took advantage of me and used me. I hate that he has abandoned me so that I am totally alone in a new place. I hate that it is like I never even existed on his radar now. I hate how weak I feel without him and how angry he has made me. I hate that even though I am writing this, I know deep down that I still love and care for him...and after everything that is some f..... up s...!

Story #664

Like everyone on this website, I hate someone. But the difference between the people talking about their madness and sadness about some person is that Iím not sad or even angry. My heart is just falling apart every second, I want to hold it, it doesnít want toÖ I feel happy, liberated and at the same time confused and excited. Happy, because my friend is now with the person she loved and loves. Liberated, because I couldnít hold it anymore. I ignored him, because I wanted him to broke up. It sounds weird, I know. I just can say to people something that heart-breaking. I donít want to say Iím the more awesome girl in the hold world. I donít think soÖ :D But he loved me and even when he didnít say anything and I didnít, I knew he loved me and that hold my heart. My heart already was hurted (not by boys, but friendships and some other memories and problems)... and repared it. Now, that I wanted to let him go. He did after months ignoring me. He hoped and hoped. Itís sad, I know. But I had to. So, after a long time, he stopped and got in to my best friend (who loved him). Iím happy for them, but now, Iím loosing her, she ignores meÖ why ?? I love her, and thatís the principal reason, I ignored him. Now, Iím feeling confused, because he is looking me like he was in love...! GodPlease, no ! Iím trying to get over himÖ and it works. Almost and Iím even falling in the best friendís of my ((ex-)). I love everyone ! :x But I hate him, for controling her. And Iím hopeless, canít do anything ! I hope he loves her really and stops looking at me. And his best friend does. :D Iím reaaly in love, am I ? Think so. I wanted to confess all this, because my heart is feelingÖ confuses : sad, happy... Donít look the sad side of the world, look towards. Itís what people do and thatís you should do. Life is open to all freaks (me) and everyone. So, donít be sad for some jerk (girl or boy). If they donít love you, they donít. You canít help it. Hope I helped you. And if you want to know : I do love you (man or woman). Many wishes ! Say (( I hate him ! )) very loud, then say (( butÖ I canÖ I couldÖ )) Do something about your life.

        > I m getting positive vibes from your story. definitely your story is like any of these stories. but i apreciate the spirit with which u look ahead!! i guess there is hope for everybody, even when the worst happens... u have to get up and complete your life's story...! somehow...!

Story #663

I Hate Him So Much! I did nothing to you, but try to be the best girl friend anyone could have. I get treated like i'm nobody to him. It hurts me so much i feel like i'm being used. I try to explain how i feel he doesn't know how i feel. He flirts with girls, He yells at me if i even say something. I feel hurt inside so bad. He can be sweet sometimes but only when we hang out. I should have never got myself in this mess. He use to be different in the beging. I thought it was going to be him and i forever. Well at least thats what he told me. I wish he could be the old him agin. I don't know what to do i can't tell him good bye for some reason but i really want to but i can't :( I hate this.

Story #662

I hate them. All of them. I love them. All of them. My heart has been healed and has been broken by each of them. They tell me the truth, they lie to me. They want to hangout when it's convenient for them. It's as if they are ashamed of me. I am ashamed for giving in to them. I hate 'S' because I loved him, all he did was use me. I hate him. I hate 'A' because he did nothing but lie and acts like he has never met me. I hate him. I hate 'AJ' for making me feel guilty about not caring for him as much as I should have and for moving on. I hate him. I also hate you, 'D'. You tell me you love me or that you're falling in love with me. You have a girlfriend. You are still with her and act as if we do not have a relationship. You won't tell her about me, or how you supposedly feel about me. I discovered this site because of you. You just left me and I felt so bad that I typed in I Hate You in the Google search. I hate you because I know nothing will change, but I keep going back to you. I hate you because you make me hate myself. I hate you because I love you. I hate you because I can't tell you how I actually feel. I hate him...except I don't. I want to hate all of them and sometimes I feel I do. I want to hate them. I want to hate Him!!

        > So incredibly touching. I'm sorry about all your troubles with boys and all your heartbreaks. I wish there was something I could do. -Molly p.s. You would be a good writer, this was very well written, you could go a long way with touching stories like these.

Story #661

I would like to start with saying... I HATE HIM!!! and I hate him for all the nice things he said to make me fall in l love with him. the lies he told me to get me to be with him. I hate him for putting me through hell and leaving me there to burn, Everything is just like a fire inside me I hurt so much. I hate your stupid car, your dumb hair, and I hate you. I hope you live your life in happiness knowing you hurt a innocent soul, and what hurts the most is that I still love you. So in all said... I Hate You!

Story #660

I hate that you played with my head. I hate that I feel ownership over you because you were mine first. I hate that you didnít face me like a man and tell me you were getting back together with her. I hate that you think Iím crazy, even though you made me this way. I hate that you told me you loved me again because now it means nothing. I hate how you 'didnít get' my phone calls or texts. I hate that you want to marry her. I hate how you crushed my spirit. I hate that I trusted you. I hate that you broke that trust. I hate that I talk about you constantly as a frame of reference. I hate that I canít forget you. I hate everything about you. But most of all, I hate that you made me a cliche. I hate that you made me into exactly what I told you I never wanted to be. I loved you, but after everything I donít think I could ever look at you without remembering what you turned me into, and instantly breaking inside because of it. All in all just do me one favor: forget I ever existed.

Story #659

I just absolutely hate him, I hate him for only one reason, he stole my gaddemn sandwich when he knew I was hungry, thatís real fíd up I mean come on I made that sandwich by hand and he thinks he can just swipe it away from me. that punk. oh well he helped me write this.

Story #658

He's my father.Just a despot.So sorry, for my poor English.I have no idea how to describe his behaviour. Consider himself always right, choose things for us(I have a brother) without permission, always shouting, make us do things we do not like, Never Ever listen to our thoughts. We are clever,that's true.We,my brother and I,have been away from family for 5 years for education.Live alone in a flat, very far from where we grew up.And now,Chinese New Year is coming,parents have come for celebrating it together. Lack of communication leads to quarrels, sort of.We are young and, like other teenagers, eager for freedom and independence.However, he just want to control, or to enjoy the feeling of handling two clever children. It's hard to type out his mental state. No, he's not a psychotic. Maybe he is too traditional while we two are kind of westernization. Maybe it is the representative of power?It is us who will manage life,not him, isn't it? If convenient, help me correct,thanks a lot.

        > No, you are right. It does sound like a clash of traditional ways of thinking. You are going to have to be strong and choose your path. The power struggle may be coming from him seeing the difference, and not liking it. However, you didn't mention abuse other than a persons right to freedom, and perhaps he has just been slow at letting go? If you have been away for five years of education, and are living in a flat of your own, with a life of your own, why not in some way draw your parents in, rather than expecting them to know what the heck is going on? If you are not happy with the way they raised you, you don't have to be, and you can choose not to make the same decisions. But, if you still love your parents, and don't feel abused, only p..... off at circumstance, maybe try and remember that they are human too. It sounds like you are strong and educated, make the next family dinner fun. Honor your parents enough so they don't feel disrespected, but honor yourself as well, so you don't feel resentful. I'm sure your parents want the best for you, so show them you at your best, and maybe the gap will bridge. And hey, you're right, shouting at people is not the way to communicate. Working it out may feel like work, but if you feel it is worth it, gather up your confidence and start being who you want to be. Approval from your parents may be important, but in the large scheme of things, as long as you are being a good person, that's the real important stuff. Don't get caught up trying to please everyone, just don't p... everyone off in the meantime. Lol. Take the time and education you have been granted, and minus from that the emotional aspects that are causing you to focus on things other than your future. Put that in a mental box, carry on, and when the time is right to deal with it, do so with the compassion you have displayed, and the education you have hinted at.

Story #657

I effing hate him. I hate him more than I ever hated anyone or anything ever before. I hate him for seducing me. I hate him for making me believe I've actually found love. I hate him for sending me super sweet text messages and I hate him for kissing me with such tenderness and passion that leaves me gasping for air. I hate him for holding me like he's afraid I might break in his hands. I hate him for whispering in my ear, I hate him for playing with my hair, I hate him for kissing my neck and I hate him for smiling at me like I'm the only one in the world. I hate him for being so far away, I hate him for not letting me move on, I hate him for sleeping with her and claim she doesn't mean anything to him. I hate him for not asking me to be his girlfriend, I hate him for acting like he owns me, I hate him for being possessive and jealous and for shutting me out every time he's going through a hard time. I hate him for making me question my sanity, I hate him for lying to me when he knows I don't believe him. I hate him for making me feel like a fragile porcelain doll in the hands of a very destructive child. I hate him. And most of all I hate myself. I hate him for making me love him.

Story #656

Me and him were going out, and he always told me he loved me and i believed him. i recently found out that when we were going out he asked another girl out, and he even told this other girl that she was beautiful. i used to love his sweet talk and his face but now when he's near me i get a pit in my stomache. i broke up with him and i actually feel happy as could be now.he hates me to bits and peices and i feel the same way. obviously it wasnt meant to be.

Story #655

I look at you and refuse to believe that such action would come out from you I'm really very disappointed, this really shows who you really are. I can't believe I trusted you. I can't believe I let you in O.O I did have a crush on you but I never imagined you to be the kind of person you really are! I'm so shocked as to how you suffer for what your ex has done to you... yet you don't mind having others go through it? What kind of person are you? I don't think you're worth those tears that I shed... Nor my pure heart and sacrifices. I won't let you get to me. I've been so open and honest with you, I don't think I want such a relationship where it lacks mutual respect. I can't believe I'm having those stomach pains you've talked about having once when you remember your ex. You don't deserve my pain. You're on my 'stay away from / beware' list. I never imagined you'd ever get on that list. I don't hate you, I just wonder how genuine you are? I can't really sleep right now. I promise I won't get near you anymore, and will definitely make sure you won't have me. This pain in the chest I got now... I don't like it... and won't ever tolerate it. I'm sorry I was stupid and naive. At least I know better now. I hope I didn't pump your ego too high. I hope you'd start having respect for anyone you talk with... We're all people so please stop playing around. I pray you become the person you really want to sooner than later. Take care.

Story #654

I have never been so disappointed in myself, I can't believe I feel for it. Alrighty so I was dating this guy and he just recently went to jail. Well a few days Ago I found out he hit on my sister telling her 'I'm in love with you, your the most beautiful woman I've ever met'. As if that wasn't enough, I later found out that after about a week of dating he went and made out with my best friend, and told her we weren't dating anymore, even though we were.

Story #653

I hate him for wasting four years of my life, pretending that he loved me and wanted the same things out of life that I did, when really he didn't. He continually lied to me, used me because he didn't want to be on his own, was emotionally withdrawn and would ignore me whenever he felt like it, played mind games and tried to control what I did and who I saw. He knew that I loved him and thought I would never have the strength to leave him. Once he finally dumped me because I had supposedly 'betrayed' him, he tried to break up my new relationship by claiming that he really loved me and could offer everything that I wanted. Then three weeks after I told him no he got with someone else that he had been chatting to for months. Oh yes, real love. I hate the serial liar, the pathetic little worm for all that he did to me, and yet he thinks he is the injured party.

Story #652

He used to be my best friend.Isn't that how it starts...Same here.We were friends since 3rd grade and now it's all over. 1st he started saying stuff so we got in a fight in 6th grade.So that summer he decide to go and make out with my ex-girl friend.Who will never get an other chance with me again!! 2nd i thought we were friends in 7th grade but o i was wrong!!He goes and treats me like carp again by calling me faq, hemo, fat ash. 3rd he broke my x-box 360. I guess u really should be careful picking your friends.

Story #651

I hate him because he came back into my life only for six. I hate him because it was the worst I have ever had. He could barely get an eraction and when he did it went away. I hate hime because he is a wierd, selfish, lying, argumentative red headed balding piece of crap. His breath stinks. He is a mean alcoholic. A liar. He would say he was at home doing work, which he rarely did, and he would be at a redneck club drinking with alcoholic slats. He is so insecure due to his physical problems. He doesn't take care of his pet, keeps it in a pen, because he's too lazy to have her spayed. He lives in a tin can on his Dad's property and thinks it is a castle. He talks about his neighbor like a dog, and then spends a lot of time drinking and watching sports with him, he is so two faced. The time I have spent with him has been the worst time in my life and I cannot believe I have wasted so much time with an alcoholic loser. But I finally came to my senses and broke it off with him. I Hate You R.

Story #650

I hate him and love him so much it all started on facebook i met. Him and we started talking then he asked me for my number and i said yes so we started txting. Like the whole day and stop. At 3 in the morning then we tell in love and he ask me out then one day at skool he told my friend to tell me he just wants to be my friend i cried and today i shall him with a new gurll he still hurts i whatever him for entering in my life

Story #649

I worked wit a40yr old virgin living wit his ma I a24independent person grrr

        >But...why hate him if his life isn't affecting yours? Who knows- maybe his mom has some medical or mental issue and needs care? And the virgin part...why is it bad? If fooling around is a good thing, then you should be happy because that means more opportunities for you. If fooling around is a bad thing, then you should be happy because he's doing the right thing. This is something I wrestle with a lot when I'm prepping these stories for the web site- I have opinions that are occasionally at odds with the submitter, and I don't want to talk down to submitters, because that would be the opposite of the site's purpose. However... If you don't think you yourself are a loser, if you think this person is so much more of a loser than you, then why are you wasting your own effort on hating this person? -John

Story #648

I hate you more than you could ever know for trying to take something amazing from me and for killing me inside. I'd been dating her for six months when you started talking to her and trying to get her To cheat on me. At first, I was just annoyed you would try to break us up. But even after my girlfriend repeatedly told you to stop and even after I confronted you, you kept going. You tell her that I'm 'foggish' (whatever the f... That means) and that you could just have a 'fling' with her. You're so relentless and I cannot honestly take it anymore; you have no idea what is going on in my life and you Just add to the stress. I'm breaking down and it's your fault for sucking happiness and goodness right out of me. I used to be a nice guy. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you Rob.

Story #647

I never hated anything before him. He became my friend and I admired his work ethic and loved that he loved art as much as me. He got a glimpse of fame and it didn't phase him, he showed great character. I walked to campus in the college we attend and we would joke and listen to music when he drove me home. I started budding as a successful artist locally. It never really occurred to me that I would Listen to all of his photography stories but he never really listened to my plans for art. I admitted to him something I had only told someone once before, that I was gay. But I wasn't that 'g' word was Too strong for my orientation, I should've just said I had ' a strong appreciation for women'. Little did he know that I was a virgin, i had never even kissed. I simply wanted him to know that I cared About him; withstanding the extent. So when I told him that I cared about him and that I expected nothing everything should have gone the same right? I knew what his type was, he'd ticked it off on his Fingers in front of me but I just had to tell him that I cared, I felt like I was going to explode if i didn't. Things were the same for a while and then he ran, like hell. I never made an advance Towards him. I worry that it was because I stayed the night at his friends house, I never slept with his friend but I do go over often, He must have misread this and assumed I lied about my saxuality. The thing is though, if I had slept with his friend should it have made a difference in our friendship. I am actually an attractive person, but I pride myself in guarding what I value and having to Reason to judge people if what they value is having a very physically saxual life. Im a girl who loves to be outside and on an adventure always, I never blinked twice in anyones direction because I felt That when I met the right person and shared their dreams we could walk that road together building on one another and influencing the people around up positively. I like how he treated his X but felt That he should be treated better than what she gave him, I wanted to be that girl; I had never wanted to be that girl to anyone else. I saw something so pure in him and I had a purity whiter than snow, But he muddied it in his head. Not just his friend thing but also the stories I told him about my crazy life were shrugged off of his shoulder as white lies, he never asked me about the reasons he Couldn't put stories together. I'm not bothered now but I cant help but think, I compromised my type for him but because I am the race I am there was no compromise on his side. When I decided to tell Him how i felt it came from the purest part of me, just letting somebody you know that you care about them. I fell for his slowly over a year, letting my walls come down yielding to his kindness and Giving it back where i could myself. I remember leaving his place once and thinking 'Am I ever going to like him? Nah!'. My only wish in all of this is that I knew what he thinks of me and asked me Some questions to dispel any harshness between us. Ive forgiven him for leaving with out saying goodbye; It bulldozed the life out of me though. I just keep progressing in the field that I am in and Hope that when we cross paths again we will both be in a good place. I wanted to be the girl who cared for him the way she does now but if I had stepped one inch in that direction, he would've gone Sooner. But when last I said hello he said Hi then told me to wait he'd be right back and I waited for hours, you can finish that story, so I'm closing his door forever and making sure my heart is as Open as it was before I met him.

Story #646

I hate him. He tells all my friends he's going to dump me. Then, a week later, he dumps me. He be's my friend probably just to seduce me. He was only dating me to get to my best friend (and it works He's dating her now ... Obviously my old best friend). Three months after he dumped me he started dating my (old) best friend. He insults me every second he see's me. I never go by him or my 'best Friend' anymore because I hate them both their the biggest jerks, and worst friends EVER. I HATE YOU TWO! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Story #645

I hate my old best friend. It happened slowly, but strongly. First, she had a crush on my ex-boyfriend. She told me about it. Finally, she asked my ex-boyfriend out! I dealt With it for a little while, but I got so tired of her not paying attention to me, and only her little (my little) boyfriend. So, were not friends anymore (thank god)! I HATE HER!!!

Story #644

I hate him and I want to forget him. I no longer want to be friends, becuase even that is too much. I want to forget and I just want to concentrate. I hate you now and mostly forever, the only thing is I wish you could see that you could be my ever.

Story #643

I hate him because he was there. I hate him because he listened. I hate him because he would always make sure to be around. I hate him because he would save me from bad situations. I hate him because I Loved him. I hate him because I got sick. I hate him because he made me promise. I hate him because I broke that promise. I hate him because he tricked me to break it in front of his face. I hate him Because he walked away. I hate him because he ignored me. I hate him because 'things could never be the same'. I hate him because he became only a 'part-time' friend. I hate him because everything is On 'his time' when it's 'convenient for him'. I hate him for now hating me. I hate him because he hates me for no reason. I hate him because I was just a 'mind-game' to him. I hate him because he broke My heart. I hate him because he'll never know. I hate him because he's not there. I hate him because he won't listen. I hate him because he isn't around anymore. I hate him because the bad situations Got worse. I hate him because I love him.

Story #642

I hate Hate him for taking my innocence with his sweet talks and promising me to do whatever he can to make us work. I hate him for slowly, one by one, stealing my every bit of dignity away. I hate him For taking my varginity and treating it as though I am nothing to him when he had told me many times that I am his soulmate and his one true love. I hate that no matter how many times I told him no to Sax, he still took advantage of my true love for him and still used it to his benefit. I hate that every time we had a fight he always wanted to ended us and I always went back thinking in order to have A successful relationship we must compromise. I hate that he changed me and lowered my standards. I hate him for distancing me from my God and my parents who love me dearly no matter what. I hate him For not carrying about anythng but himself. I hate myself for still loving him when he told me, 'I give you one last chance! You get in the car and drive to me right now (2 hr drive) or never contact Me again.' When itold him i was in dire pain and was dizzy cuz the drugs had not yet Been flushed out all the way, he cursed me and my family and told me to go to hell. I wante to be free from this caged love...i was tierd O loving him... I hate him for telling me to put down my culture and my respect for my parents in order to be with him. I hate him for making me lose my hard earned trust with my family. I hate that Every single person i knew told me he is not right guy for me and he will hurt me, but I was still blinded by my love...and thought no they can't see the guy I know! I hate him that after a month of Breaking up with him, he slept with two girls which he had found on an online dating site. I hate myself for taking him back because he argued before I had not given him sax so he had to do it. I hate Him for being so lazy. I hate him for being so messy!!! After a week of moving into his new place with four boxes, a bed, and an entertainment center...he still had a huge mess and waited for me to come And clean up with him. I hate him for not appreciating me. I hate that I spent more than six hours cooking for him in his mini kitchen with only a pot and a frying pan using an aluminum foil bowl for my Mixing to cook for him. That night I cooked for more than two months worth his daily meals for him so he wouldn't have to spend $20 a day on food. I hate him for always seeing spotanous in sax only. I Hate him for never taking me out on a romantic date. I hate him for ruining my first valentines day. I hate him for never remembering our special moments. I hate him for treating me like the other wheres He had been with. I hate him for hurting me. I hate him for always touching himself and saying 'it's completely normal and 'scientific''. I hate him for cursing me every time he got angry. I hated that If something did not make sense fo him, then it was completely irrational and which meant I was dumb. I hate that when I told him not to call me a 'stupid f...... Piece of s... B....' he would say that I deserved it. I hate him for making me think I was stupid when I was four years younger than him, had graduated with honors dual degrees and a paralegal certificate....and many awards on my back I hate Him for postponing my life and my law school for a year. I hate him for making me hate myself and be disgusted to be me. I hate him for being so stubborn. I hate him for never getting along with his Family and always blaming them for being 'indifferent'. I hate him for never wanting to forgive. I hate him for never apologizing. I hate him for turning my soft happy innocent heart into a dark rock Hard filth. I hate you FEDOR living in California. I pray that you find someone who gives you all that you have gifted me in return for my love for you. May the most Stupid win the harsh battles of life's journey!

Story #641

I HATE HIM! Just needed to get it out before I start. So I met this guy at a website (I know I know) a few years back, and we really hit it off. We started out as friends, he had girlfriends and I had Boyfriends and we were just really great friends. Then he started getting jealous whenever I found a new guy and he told me that if we lived closer to each other, he would ask me out. This went on for About a year and a half before I started falling in love with him. And believe me, I fell hard. Maybe I fell in love with him a long time ago but never realized it, I don't know. But he's such a player! He'll tell me all the things I want to hear and make me feel so darn special, and then he'll just find himself some random girl to play with. I feel like such a fool, because I told him I loved him. He Told me he's in love with me but if he was, he wouldn't be such an a....... I want to cut him out of my life, he's no good for me. Right now I'm struggling with depression because of him and he has made My lovelife a living hell. Every time I start liking someone, he finds a way to ruin it. I hate him, I love him, I want him dead and I want him to want me. Most of all I want him out of my head and out Of my life. For good. He has a girlfriend now but he told me he's not able to love her the way he loves me. I think he does love me, in a way. But he's too much of a project, and I'm too broken to find Love again. He broke me, and for that I hate him.

Story #640

How can you make him go away? I really hate him. I am past crying. I am full of hate for this man. I we met over five years ago. I did not know I'd quickly become the other woman. This man actually Thinks I believe every thing he says! He is a liar and a cheater. The pitiful points are still untold. He thinks his double talking actually works on me. At one time; I admit we were in-love, and Had the honest relationship. The honesty was only on my part. He has separated me from family and friends and has a male whiny fit when I do thing on my own. He has tried to rid me of myself and make Me a pet. He has forgotten or I forgot to tell him that I am very charismatic myself. Even more so than he could ever be. I have taken my head out of the clouds. I am counting the days until I leave. I can't stand him. This man maybe be what I thought my ideal man would be like, but come on now. I am not stupid. I am not second best. I am to good for this. I am not scared of him. I can't stand him. Love, love, love, love and what? No, I do not think so. This person can not play me. I am far from home. I haven't forgotten my way back though. He may think he has snowed me. He thinks money will make Things better. I am not one of those girls. I have my own money, I don't his. I can't tell any one about my plan. The way to get caught plotting is to tell people. I haven't told anyone. I am SO HAPPY To have a plan. I am going home. He may think I love him, but I love myself a whole lot more. I haven't brought him any pain. The pain for him will be the absence of me. I am taking me away. I do not Find this to be greedy. I am saving myself. I was ignorant and I have learned from my mistake. I am happy I did not marry him or bare his child. I hate him for not letting me go sooner. I hate him for Trying to hold me to a bad agreement. He would say, but I love you and your my best friend. Well honey, your BFF hates your guts and wishes you'd let go. I am mean to him and I want to go home. I can't Stand the way he conducts his life. He can't help it. Oh yes you could have. I beg to differ. I am not a needy person. I hate him for trying to take me away from myself. Yes it is what it sounds like. I told him I can move to and never be seen again. I pray for that. I am so confident that I won't entertain this stupid event any more. The fact he thinks he is smarter and better should be a perfect Reason to go. I hate it for him, I have been sneaky-er since I was 3 years old. I can go. Trick me. No, your paying for us to move home. Most women would want the great revenge. This is the big revenge, He will not ever have me around again. He will live his life with out me. I hate him so much. He can't take my sanity. I have been trapped long enough. He has had a constant control on my life. I have The window to leave in peace with out a notice. I am going to do it. Does he deserve an explanation? Ha! I think not, he won't get another word from me. All because, I really hate this man. This man is About as useful as a pair of worn out granny panties. I hate him. P.S. Cynthia, you can have your man back. You see a paycheck and I see a disturbed person. If I felt he was worth fighting for you'd be Divorced. I don't hate you, I feel sorry for you. I can leave but your stuck with him. I find the both of you deserving of each other. I guess that why you too married. Thank GOD I hate your husband! I Am happy to say after all this time, I can say he did not take the best part of me. I had the best he could give. I am happy I hate him.

Story #639

I hate him for cheating and lying i gave him four beautiful daughters out of the blue he mets someone older then himself gets engaged after a month to this women then packs his bags and leaves without A word no goodbye just left like a coward. Out of the blue he gets in touch omg i couldnt believe it then he starts making out that we are together got jealous of new guys in my life we moved down South so jis daughters could be closer to him what a nightmare firstly he lies to my face then starts abusing me physically he let the friends he was living with abuse me and our daughters finally i Had enough we moved away. I asked him about this i got the bash for it of cause he denied it all now they have a 4 month old son it sux to know that someon i thought was a friend could lie so much and let his Friends degrade his own daughters i hate him so much and he can take that b.... With him because as of today she still targets me via face book with her suptain insecurity jealousy Ways towards me.

        > your daughters were abused? focus on that, and get out of this!

Story #638

I loved him. Then he changed, now I hate him. I hate how he thinks he is so perfect, I hate how he is so fake. I hate how he thinks he can 'get some' from everyone. I hate that I ever did anything with Him. I hate that I pretended I was over him. I hate that I became his F.W.B because I liked him still. I am glad that is done but I hate how the next day he gets a different F.W.B. I hate that I am Jealous of her even though I know I am prettier and much skinnier than her. I hate how he thinks he could get some from anyone. I hate how I lied to him, but worse than that I hate how he lied to me. I hate how he told people about our F.W.B relationship. I hate how we have the same friends. I hate how manipulative he is. I hate how its so hard to get over him when he keeps getting other girls. I Hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I hate how I just told him I want to try to avoid each other as much as possible, but at the same time I am jumping for joy that I just got away from him a little bit More. I hate myself for ever letting myself fall in love with this man. I hate how hard I fell and I hate how hard it is to get up. It has been 8 months and I am not over him yet.

Story #637

I'm gonna make this as short as I can.. We've been classmates for 5 years and last year he liked me but didn't say anything he treated me well and blushed every time I smiled I'm certain he liked me.. After like 11 months I started liking him when I told him I liked him he said he has a girlfriend.. His girlfriend is a girl I know and I know for a fact she doesn't like him but she's been using him She always breaks up with him and when she doesn't have a boyfriend she goes back to him since he likes her that much..

Story #636

I Hate That Even Though I'm Unsure About The World I'm Sure I want To Be With You I Hate That You Always Betray Me And Yet I Give You My Everything I Hate That I Feel Alone At Times When Your With Me I Hate That I'm SO Young And Already Experienced The Pain Of Heart Break By Your Hands I Hate That You Assume Because Of Our Age That I don't Love You We Are A Year Apart IDOIT!! I Hate That Everyday I Wake Up And Log On The Computer Your Name Is The First Online I Hate That While I'm Writing This I'm Crying Wishing We Were Just Friends Again I Hate That Not Only Did I Lose A Lover I Lost My Best Friend I Hate That You Let Your Friends Tell You How To Live I Hate That You Lie About Your Feelings To Protect Mine Leaving Me To Obliviously Continue To Act The Way I Do While Your In Pain I Hate That I Can't Stop Loving You I Hate That I Want To See You I Hate The Fights i've Had To Endure To Get To You I Hate How Much Things Have Changed Since You Walked Off I Hate How You Can't See Your Enemies From Your Friends I Hate How You Trust The People Who Lie And Betray You And Turn Away The Ones That Really Care I Hate What Your Becoming I Hate Feeling This Pain And Anger In My Heart I Hate That Even Now You Talk To Me Ignoring How I May Feel I Hate How You Let Me Go But Don't Want Me To Walk Away I Hate That I Will Never Walk Away I Hate You For Making Me Love You I Hate Me For For Letting My Self Love You And I Hate The Ones That Intruded I Hate Them I Hate Them!!

Story #635

I've know let's call him Cody since elementary schhol. We dated in middle school and high school. Our senior year he told me he loved me but was leaving me for someone else. Through her I found out that She hated him. I told Cody to never talk to me again. We graduated and went to completly diffrent schools. I went to a very popular school, there's a movie about it, and he went a few hours away to some School In the middle of nowhere. So I by the first month of school he was married to let's call her Katy. He meet her at school. They knew each other for three weeks before they where married. That was Really the last I had heard about him until yesterday October 12. He sent me a message on facebook telling me he missed me. Saying that he had gotten a divorce and still loved me. He said he had changed And so on. I thought I could just talk to him but he wanted to do way more. I'm a virgin and he doesn't think I am so he keept on saying that we should meet for sax. I told him that we could talk and See where that would lead us. Then he wanted to saxt so I said ok thinking that it would be fun. This lasted till 11 tonight October 13. When he proclaimed that he couldn't do this anymore. He said he Didn't want to talk to me. So I asked him why and he said because he had just gotten close to god. Bull if he was close to god he wouldn't have done any of this. He thinks he's a good boy but one day his Judgement will come. And I'm sure god will show him all the pain he has put me through. I will never speak to Cody again. I'm a better person than him because I would never ever hurt someone like he has Hurt me. I thought I loved him but I was wrong. And now I can honestly say I HATE HIM!!! Sabrina

Story #634

I hate my ex-boyfriend, TBT, because he's a prescription pill popping, emotionally unavailable, selfish, self-absorbed alcoholic who could not truly love or even make love to a woman if his childrens Lives depended on it.

Story #633

PLEASE read this WHOLE story... ( Ďheí is the boy I like) Ok so there's this boy i like, at school, and i really like him, i always have since where we met from soccer, his dad was my Coach, and since then we have been friend and all, then one of my other friends figured out i like him, and she told him. Since then hasnt talked to me at all. So first he blocked me on msn, but only One of the two as if he wanted me to know he'd blocked me...and i was telling another friend of mine about it, and she said she'l talk to him if i want.(she was friends with him too) and i said ok. When she tried talking to him, on msn, he 'signed off' (blocked her) then at school, he would never look at me or anything. We did the same sport, indoor soccer, and he sat on the bench where we are Supposed to wait to be picked for teams, and he went to another friend of mine who knew what had happend, 'hey moll come sit over here' and shes like to me, hey go sit over there with him. And i'm Like, 'thats not funny moll.' and he heard and so he turned away as if he wasn't listening. Then i went and sat with my bestie from soccer. After the 3 games, we went back to the benches to see who Would be playing for 1st or 2nd and 3rd or 4th. While me and moll were talking he came over to us and went up for high fives to moll. And he asked how the team went (completely ignoring me) and they Kept talking. I walked away and started talking to a couple of my teammates. Later on moll asked if she could sit with me on the bus, i said sure, i wasnt mad with her. And on the bus i sat next to Lucy and called out to moll coz we have to have 3to a seat. And she said nah im gonna sit with them. Them meaning him and a friend of his. She sat between them. Another day at the canteen, me and Moll were outside the canteen waitin for friends. We were talkin the once again, he came up and went for high fives from moll and started talkin to her, once again, ignoring me.about 2 and a bit months Later he still wasnít talkin to me and all of a sudden, as I came out of maths, he was waitin outside the room to have his next class and he went to me 'whats up?' And I didnít know what to do so I just Said 'umm nothingg...?' And my friend next to me started talkin to me thankfully, and said we had to go or weíll be late for science. So we went. That same day, he was watching me at the canteen.(well, Thatís what my friends told me) and as he was leaving he was looking at me. Then, he unblocked me on msn. I didnít know what was hapenin so I told mollie and she said sheíd ask him, and so I said what Are you gonna say? And she said 'umm, how bout, Ďhows things goin with you and (my name)?' And I said yeh ok. So she askd him and he said 'umm theyíre okayyÖ..?' And she went 'so you guys talkin much?' And he said 'nooooÖ.?' And mollie said ok. She told me and im like, PFFT that lying little b..... Then I deleted him from my contacts. And I havnt spoken to him or looked at him or anything. At the Moment I just hate him! But the bad thing is, I also REALLY really like him stillÖ.its confusingÖ the next week we had indoor soccer again, and our teacher chose me to be the captain of a team, along With 5 others othe one next to me was my brother. I picked first, and I pickd mollie coz shes another bestie. Then when it was my turn again I chose lucy. And HE was still sittin there even though hes A really good soccer player. Then my brother pickd him( my bro knows I like him) and when the teams were picked, its wasto be my team, my brothers, and another persons on one court and the other 3 Teams on the other. Mollie and him were walkin there and I heard him saying 'I knew she was gonna pick you and I wanted her to pick me and when she pickd lucy I was just thinkin f...!' And mollie Went 'mmm yeh.' And hes like 'whats that meant to mean??' And moll said 'oh well, idunno I donít think she wanted to pick you thoughÖif you know what I mean..?' And he replied 'no I donít..?' And moll Said 'donít worry' then we had a little group huddle then after that I went to moll and told her I heard everythin you said. Everything. And she said thatís coz he so likes you' but I knew better. When our team versed his, he always marked up on me.. It was really weird. About a week after that, I was on webcam with his sister Katie coz me and her are good friends, and he kept throwin a mini Footy and her.. The next day, she made a joke bout it to her dad at dinner time. And his dad said, well maybe her likes her? And HE went WHAT I SO DO NOT!! And his dad went, ha well maybe she likes Him? And Katie said aha I hope not;P' and I know ths because Katie told me in science. Its kind of weird and I donít know what to do, could ANYBODY help me???

        > OK, I read the WHOLE thing... Getting friends involved almost always backfires. Reading in to things too much leads to entries about how the man you just had children with won't talk to you. (sorry, those entries) Tell him, and get it out there. Either he will or won't reciprocate, but you won't have to mess up any more ball games or friendships. There are plenty of fish in the sea, these are only starter romances...

Story #632

I hate him because he cheated. I hate him because he pretended to care. I hate him for lying. I hate him for using me. I was with him for 3 years. To begin with he was an amazing boyfriend. Once he Got me wrapped around his finger he started using me. I didnít care. I loved him. He knew I would never leave him no matter what, therefore he cheated, and lied. I hate him for having a secret life Without me. I hate him for taking away my ability to trust. I hate that although I'm in a happy relationship with someone new, I still think about him everyday. I hate him because he tells me he Misses me. I hate that he was ever born. I hate that I ever met him. I hate that I gave him all of my heart. I hate that I put him before anything. I hate him because I know I will always love him.

Story #631

I hate that it only took a couple of weeks, a s..... Little red car, a movie, some hand holding, a few hugs, a cheesy joke, an adorable accent and a few sweet words to make me fall for him. I hate that I let him put me so low on his priority list. I hate that I put him so high on mine. I hate that he's making me act b...... Crazy. I hate that he made plans with me, then decided on that day to stop Talking to me. I hate that he never told me he wanted to stop talking, he just started ignoring me. I hate that he didn't give me an explanation. I hate that he refuses to give in to me. I hate that I Made a fool of myself. I hate that he describes himself as sweet and sensitive when his actions point towards something completely different. I hate that I barely know him. I hate that he didn't give me A chance to get to know him. I hate that I will never know him. I hate that I'm putting the blame on myself. I hate that the blame could actually be placed on me, but i'll never know because he won't Talk to me. I hate that I still think about him, like him, want him. I hate that he was always so busy, or tired. I hate that every f...... Thing reminds me of him. I hate that he was more excited about My job than anybody else in my life. I hate that I'd give anything for his number to show up on my phone, or his name in my email inbox. I hate that I'm acting this way over some guy - I said I'd never Do this. I hate that I don't hate him, even though I keep telling myself I do.

Story #630

I hate him for lying to me that he liked me and cared about me he told me he wants to go out me but then he just comes out and told me he don't see me and him as a couple. That just had hurted my Feelings so I hate him for lying to me.

Story #629

If there's one man I hate and abominate it's one piece of Welsh scum; he's 30, he was born and he's married to a (naive, if I'm honest) woman! Isn't that right David! Do you Want to know what he did to me earlier this year?!!! He was once my support-worker and once upon a time I really liked him and he really liked me. When he left his job as a support-worker he promised And we all agreed that him and me would still keep in contact - telling me he still liked me and that I didn't need to think I'd lost a friend and that only the circumstances had changed - and just when Brand new ground lies before him he chucks ALL of that in a wheelie bin as it would be in the way of his new career! So he'd gone back on his word, leaving me distraught and feeling rejected. I tried To bridge the gap by sending him an Email offering to restart our friendship and all the time I gave him to reply he ignored me! The tiny-minded prat! So, via Email, I gave him a bloody piece of my mind Calling him a 'shallow, selfish, disloyal cad!'. And he didn't like it so [sucking thumb] he threatened the police on me! I want every reader of this story to know that he is a shallow, selfish, Disloyal, tiny-minded, cowardly, low-down cad and stay clear of him otherwise he'll mess with your mind next! When you think David, think 'cad, rogue, prat, bestard'! He wasn't sorry for what he Put me through at all!!! He said he'd call the police on me! Well not here on! Because my feelings for him now are right in the title of this website. I won't be mistreated by anybody! I've been the victim in all this and he lays down the law?!!! The bleeding bestard! Let's hope his new job chucks him in the gutter

Story #628

He was my closest friend for about 7 months. We would talk for hours, laugh, flirt and shared a close bond. I knew he liked me and the feelings were mutual. I was his friend when he was moody, very Mean and even emotionally abusive at times. Now, I can proudly say that I hate him with a passion. He got into an argument with a mutual friend and randomly decided to be 'alone.' He turned very cold To me for no reason. He barely communicates and holds me responsible for the other person's actions. How quickly he forgot all the things I did for him, how I supported him during his low points, Would drop everything for him with no questions asked. He never had a real friend like me and I was expendible. I hate him for using me, hurting me so deeply that I feel it in my chest, for lying to Me, not being the person I thought he was and disrespecting me. I hate him SO much and I wish I could see him get his. All I have to say to him is, 'You can go F yourself because I abhor your sorry A...'

Story #627

I hate him for being married and lying scout it for 9 months. I hate him for climbing into bed with me while I was 8 months pregnant after sleeping with my friend. I hate him for celebrating a 1 year Aniversary with another girl while we were still together and had been for 6 years. I hate him for stealing my child support money. I hate him for letting me and my children become homeless. I hate Him for convincing me after we split up that he wanted to be with no one but me. I hate him for having a new girlfriend. I hate him for cheating on her with me. I hate him because for 8 years I put Up with too many tears. I hate him because his new girlfriend is sleeping in my bed. I hate him because I can't go home. I hate him for lying to me everyday. I hate him for hurting me. I hate him for Getting us arrested. I hate him for using me. I hate that after 8 years and raising 3 kids I'm worthless now. I hate that I still love him. I hate that I miss him. I hate that he is all I think about. I hate him for making me the person I am now. I hate that I scream I hate you but never to his face. O hate that I still have hope he will come back to me. I hate myself for all this.

Story #626

I f...... Hate him... All he does is complain when something doesn't go his way, he yells when my mother tries to help him,and then he goes out with other women then comes home to brag about that to my Mother making her cry. She's asked him repeatedly to leave but he won't, because he thinks that she's joking. I hate him because he's destroying my mother.

Story #625

I hate him so much. We dated two years ago for about 5 months. We broke up and it was mutual and were friends ever since. Well until about a year ago when he got a new girlfriend and completely ditched Me for that b.... And she turned him into a horrible Person. They broke up about a month ago. He came to hang out with me a week ago. Telling me he still lived me. Kissing me. Telling my MOTHER he would Be back. Now? He won't speak to me and proffesed on facebook how much he loves his b..... I hate you for yanking with my feelings and for lieing to me and for downgrading from me to That HOE! Go to hell.

Story #624

I hate him for being engaged to her even though when he looks at me his eyes say he wishes it was me.

Story #623

I hate him for lying to me for 15 yrs. I hate him for giving me 2 children he does not even want. I hate him for making me believe he loved me, and cared about me when he never did. I hate him for making Me think I stood a chance at having his heart. I hate him for making me think he would marry me when he knew from day one he never would. I hate him for buying her an engagement ring & taking her on Camping trips- and having me buy the stuff. I hate him for destroying my heart & not giving a damn that he did. I hate him for kissing her ass, comforting her, giving her the love & security she wanted & needed but he never did & wont do that for me. I hate him because he told me to my face he did what he did because he wanted to keep her around... I hate him for looking in my eyes & lying to me. I Hate him because he f.... Everything he sees, he puts his mouth on everything he sees, he puts his mouth & dinck in anything thinks there is NOTHING wrong with that, he thinks that s... Is cute...I hate Him because he told & tells people Im no good, I sleep around, he wasnt my babys father, he didnt want my baby I hate him for the kind of man he is...I hate him because he's no good...And I hate him Because i believed he loved me but he told me to my face he doesnt love me or want me.....I hate him for making me cry everyday and every night. I hate him for making a fool out of me. I hate him for Making me be at a point where I hate my life...and myself.

Story #622

Well. I was best friends with my friend. Iím going to call himÖJason. Yeah, thatís good. And well he realized that one day, I wasnít cool enough for him, so we stopped hanging out so much. Then we Became friends again, which I was really, really happy about. Then he got a girlfriend. I guess they were in love from the beginning because he was no longer Ö Jason. He was a freak with an ego. He Became saxually active with her, and stopped talking to me for good. Then over the summer, me and him decided to be friends again. I was happy. Or so I thought! Well then his girlfriend and him got Into this huge fight. And of course, desperate me, talked to her. She sucked me into her whereness and we started going out. Talk about mistake! I hate her for that. Then we broke up, and Jason and I became friends again. Well now, she is pregnant, with somebodies kid, and I have a feeling it isnít mine, since I am a virgin. Well anyway, they got back together, and then again, he stopped talking To me. He made fun of me behind my back and called me names. I really donít like him, but the only person I hate in this story is me, for thinking he was a good friend to start out with, and for dating That slot.

Story #621

Well here goes, Michael I hate you for allowing me to fall in love with you with false intentions and empty promises. I hate you for having so much potential and still wanting to do nothing with your Life. I hate you for allowing my children to get attached and you let them down. I hate you for having the power over me that you do . I hate you for promising me you'd change and grow up and be a man And take care of your responsibilities and NOTHING! I hate you for going to jail and making me wait for you thinking it would be different this time. I hate you for having feelings for her and leaving Us. I hate you for changing your mind and telling me to get the apartment for us and our children and then after the deposit is made you back out to go back to her. You allowed our children to think we Were finally getting out of my moms and then let them down yet again...I should be so used to this by now...been dealing with it for 8 years...I hate you because I still LOVE you...I hate you because I Know its finally over and we can all be at peace but I can't stop thinking about you...I hate you for the nasty names you've called me...I hate you for putting me further in debt that I already was Before we met. I hate you fore everything bad you have ever done or said to me. I hate you for making our son think his daddy is a good man and then leaving him high and dry for some other b...... Kids. I hate you for being Mikey No Good...but I guess the name really does fit. I hate you for when I was pregnant with our son and had a broken leg and you wouldn't stick around to help me get in and out of The shower..oh, I forgot, your boys were waiting outside...MUCH MORE IMPORTANT!! I hate you for telling me that you love me even when you were married to her. Now your married to me and I hate you...I'm Sorry we ever met.. The only good thing that ever came from you was MY son. I hate you for making me feel this way. I hate you now and forever there is never another chance with me...someday you will Regret your decision but it will be too late I will be so over you by then that it won't matter and the kids will have forgotten who you are...WHY...well that's another reason I hate you...Your a Deadbeat dad who pops in and out of all your children and stepchildrens lives like it doesn't matter and never paid a dime in child support and probably never will...and tonite I hate you because you're Having trouble in paradise and who do you call???ME...Why cuz you miss me and you still love me???Well it's been 4 months since i've tried to take you back and you refused. Now when I feel like I'm Finally over you..I don't cry that much anymore...but you want to disturb all that cuz your life sucks...well that makes me Hate you more...I just want peace and that is something i'll never have as Long as I deal with you..So Mike, I don't want to see you tonight and I don't want to be with you anymore ever again...WHY, well because you've made me HATE YOU...After all these years its finally over And I will never look back again...WHY...because I HATE YOU!!! I would really appreciate it if you could post this...I married my husband a little over a year ago but we have been together on and off Since 2002. I don't have the balls to tell him that I hate him to his face because like it says above...I still love him..but I don't want to be with him ever again and I really need him to read this... It would mean alot to me if you posted this...thanks Rebecca

Story #620

Hi There's a guy I hate so much right now.. He's my ex. What kind of ex he was.. I asked for a break after we were on LDR for about 6 months because I could feel that he lost attention on me, I saw his Pics taken with a girl from work, but he denied that nothing can ever happen- she's his boss. Which is a big lie --because he admitted later that he likes her. He didnt admit it at first but avoid Saying the truth. Then I felt really bad he thought my break was a break up, I asked for reconcile but he said no 'because nothing solved'. But he kept in contact like we used to, we still chat a lot! Everyday! Still sent me vday card saying he misses me. So I thought that we're just keeping distance until we meet again. In March, I decided to work in Maldives, mainly because I can save money and I can see him after contract ends. He even said 'sea, sun ,sand no sax' --what's that supposed to mean --when he later said he's been trying to be friends with me. What kind of friends chat neked Online?? What kind of friends sent neked pics to me? And requested the same back? We were good until May, he moved into London, I can feel he's changed again. He couldnt chat much because he hasnt Got connection at the new room yet. Then 31st May, our birthday- same day! He didnt send me anything.. Until I sent text to him. I didnt reply to my BD post on his wall, the only one he left unreplied. He said later that it's in Japanese he needs to translate first, and he planned to do the next day (yeah.. Like I would post something financially or politically on his BD). I cried a lot then tried To cease my contact with him, but he got back to me saying he misses me. Then I thought we're good, we're back on track again.. Then one night we had our neked chat again.. I trust him enough to touch Myself when I never done it before, just because he said he's not that shallow man to move on once he saw me did it. But thanks. . For lying (AND HE ALWAYS SAID HE DOESNT LIE) After that night, I cant Get a hold of him again, busy with football matches. Then one week quiet.. Then I found him adding a THAI GIRL on FB, he never had a thai friend. I asked him, he didnt say anything.. Then I saw her Page that weekend, she laughed when her friend asked if she HAD FUN thanking him that she didnt come back to her room! They had sax! So soon dont you think!? Then he admitted to me few days later he's KIND OF seeing her.. Damn then he said we should be friends, he said he's always trying to tell us to be friends, I asked him.. What kind of friends do what we did??? He's turned out to be a guy who Cant keep his dinck in just one month in London.. And picked up a ho.. When I always ask him not to have a new girl from thailand. That dinck.. I so hate him. Now after he said we should be friends, he Cant be arse to talk to me again, he said we shouldnt talk now (oh yes now that you have a new girl to f..., why would you want to talk to me again) until we're completely over each other. I hate Myself too, for not being to forget him yet! For loving him so much in the past year.. For believing in him..

Story #619

He left me and my mom, and little brothers and still thinks he can come around whenever he wants. He cause my mom so much stress that she had a panic attack so bad, she passed out and hit her head. He Makes my little brothers cry and acts as if nothing ever happened. I hate him so much, Ive hated him since I was 6 and i will never stop hating him! I hate em because he acted like he really liked me & then calls me & tried to have phone sax. I try to explain that i'm that type of girl & he gets mad at me ... Who does that I mean really who gets Made at someone for something like that. If I dnt want to do something like that yu should respect my decision & not be a jerk about & hang up on me. So 'Gerardo' I hate yu for makin me think yu were Different then other guys ...

Story #618

I hate him. I hate him. I hate him X infinity. When he wakes up he is on his iphone. When he is on his break at work he is on his iphone. When he is in the car he is on his iphone. When he goes to the Bathroom he is on his iphone. When he is taking a shower he is on his iphone. When he is talking to me, he is on his iphone. When he is sleeping next to me, he is on his iphone. Who hates the iphone? I Do. Not only that, I stay home all day careing for our kid. He gets off work and go hang out with his pal until midnight. He goes clubbing while I tried to put the kid to sleep. Who wouldn't hate him?

Story #617

I hate him. I hate the way he makes me feel. I hate the way he drives me insane with his enigmatic charm. I hate how he lures me in with his dreamy amber eyes, and how his seemingly plaacid words make me Swoon. I hate how he can't make up his mind and how he seems to want everyone but me. I hate his vaugeness, yet his vivid detail. I hate how he's such a jerk to me yet such a gentleman. I hate that Everytime I want to hate him with all my heart I seem to fall for him harder. I hate how he's so oblivious, how he doesn't notice me. But as soon as no one can see us, know what we're saying he has more Detail than this paragraph. And I hate him for it. But... Everything I hate about him... I can't help but... But to love it as well.

Story #616

I hate him for manipulating me, for taking my life away. For changing who I am inside, and out. For taking away all my joy, for giving me pain. I hate him for turning people against me. I hate him for how Much he sucked from my soul. Man I hate him

Story #615

I hate him becuz she has moved on ,and he still loves her .. I hate him becuz he looks at me like he likes me and then flirts with other girls.. Ive tried countless times find out if he likes me. But I Cant stand tht he loves her when I know she doesnít love him anymore

Story #614

I know him since last November.But i started talking to him since January. He keeps trying to impress me and always try to talk to me.He keeps staring at me. I hate him for all this. I hate him because He acts as if he is the best person on this earth. He acts as if he is the most good looking and most intelligent person one could ever come across. He acts in a very unusual way. He tries to gain Everybody's attention.Well, forget about what he is. The worst part is that he keeps bugging me. He keeps trying to gain my attention. I try to ignore him always. But he intentionally comes in front of Me and talk to me. He says that he is committed to his girl friend. Then why does he bug me?? I just want to get rid of this irritating person.

Story #613

Four Years, I Spent Everyday For Four Years Proving To Him That I Loved Him.. More Than Just Friends. He Showed Me The Same Affection. Everything Was Perfect, My Feelings Were In The Clouds, Too Good To Describe! Then, Just Over A Few Weeks, He Was Gone. Just Walked Right Outta My Life As If We Never Spent A Second With Each Other. And All He Gave Me Last, Was A Little Phone Call BUT We Didnt Talk Really At All, He Was With People And Talked Mostly To Them. That Phone Call Seemed Like It Was The Last EVER! No More Him. And I Hate Him For That. Not The You Disgust Me Kinda Hate, But The Hate That Is Strong But Has SO Much Love Mixed In. Hard To Explain But Thats How I Feel. I Feel Like Somethings Missing Now, My Hearts Not Whole..

Story #612

Hate! The word that comes to my mind when I think of him or hear his voice. I have no love for him even though I should. I Hate Him! For thinking he can control me. I hate him for lying so many years. I hate him for breaking our family apart. I hate him for all the hits, cries, and arguements. I hate him for all those nights he made me stay awake at night and cry my heart out. I hate him because hes MY DAD!

Story #611

I hate my boss. He is a totally girl-crazy , fully bald 50 year old man. Not even a moment he lets his eyes rest off seeing girls.I primarily don't like him for this.He also has the habit of yelling at His employees if he finds them ignoring him , owing to his lack of leadership qualities .I cannot comprehend the future of mine , with he being my employer. I hate him also because he never pays any Heed to the necessities of his employers ; but he just enjoys his office and his superiority over us. I never imagined I 'ld end up in this sort of a working environment .I always fancied great guys to Be leading me and inspiring me in every aspect of life and driving me forward to achieve my stipulated goals.I wish to change my pedestal as soon as possible. But for now , I totally hate him.

Story #610

As if on line dating is not hard enough but when you put yourself out there thinking you actually found a great guy , it does not always end that way. I did it I signed up fpr one of those online dating Sites I put in my time trying to find a guy, I got sent suggested matches and I took a chance. I have not been with a guy in five years, that right I have not been looking. I finally had enough of Sitting home alone every friday night for five years and I took a chance. I fiirted first at him, I had my photos of me posted and they looked great. He flirted back and then we started emailing each Other through the site. Come to find out he is a police officer in Louisiana and I am a full time college student in Mississippi, we are five hours away from each other. We kept Making plans to meet each other and every time we did something on his end would come up. So we kept planning until finally last weekend I decided I had enough and I drove over to LA to meet him. Big Mistake ( no he is not married) he looked just like his photo, tall, handsome, very sexy and a bit shy. I was nervous and hell and wanted to jump back in my car and leave, it had been such a long. Lonely time since I had been on a date so I had no idea how I was going to be. That comfort level we had when we were talking on the phone and texting back and forth was no longer there, the protective Wall that was between us had gone as well. So there we both were in his apartment sitting and talking as if we did know what to say or how to act. At this point I got the vibe that he did not like me One bit, he seemed more shy that ever and nervous. I know when the s... Is about to hit the fan and this was getting ready to happen. I should of stayed at a hotel, but he said that was not necessary Because we are adults, (both in our mid 40's). You know what came next, yes I did the ultimate dumb date thing~ we slept together (hell we had sax) it's not like it was not going to happen we both Wanted to so we did. We fell asleep and the following morning he hopped out of bed got dressed to go to work, but before he left he gave me a key to his place and told me it was in case I wanted to go Out while he was at work.I thought this to be odd but I accepted the key anyway, this gave me a bit more confidence that this was not just going to be a booty call but maybe something else. (ha, how Wrong was I). I stayed one more night at his place, he came home from work we got dressed up and went out to dinner, he drove us to Texas to have a early dinner. It was a great drive we talked more and Got into our comfort zone of sorts, holding hands and enjoying each others company or so I thought. We returned to his place to watch a movie, talk some more and then you know the deal, yeah more sax. Only this time it was more romantic and passionate, it was different than the first encounter. We fell asleep and he once again got up to go to work and I got up to leave after him. He told me to use The key and I did to lock the door. I had to get back to MS for classes on Monday morning. Here is why I hate him.......he got off work Monday evening and we were talking on the phone about him coming To MS to see me this time at my place and in the middle of the conversation we get disconnected, I immediately try calling him back only it goes straight to voicemail. I leave a message, no response. I Figure he may of gotten called back to work. I call the following morning and still no response. I leave another voice mail and then I text him cause he told me his work schedule. No response, so now I Am worried and wondering what the hell happened. I have tried for three days now to get in touch with him, ( I still have his apartment key)~ no response. Did I get dumped just like that? I cannot Call his job as he did not tell anyone he was dating so I am wondering what the hell did I just do. I gave myself to this man and for what an apartment key. I have to admit I am upset and confused and Do not want to push the matter any more that it needs to be pushed, but an explanation would of been nice. To this day I have no idea what happened, where he is and why he won't take my calls. I went From liking this man to hating his guts and being angry now I am just over it all. Anyway I took myself off the on-line dating scene and am going back to lonely Friday nights and dateless. I just an't Afford to have my heart broken like this, I'd rather be alone than guessing at what happened.

Story #609

I hate him so much. You take me to prom and now you completely ignore me now that you graduate?! What in the world is wrong with you? He played me and made me actually think i liked him. You need to Grow up and be an adult. The worst part is, i dont even think he care about hurting me. Go do your durgs and drink your alcohol. I dont need you! He is a complete tool and i hate him for making me Hate myself for liking him. I HATE the fact that now we are not even friends. I hope he fail out of med school. You will never need to ignore my texts/log off of facebook when i message you again cause TRUST ME, i NEVER will! In all honesty, your not even as smart as you think. I can do MUCH better.

Story #608

Gary, I hate the way i feel about you. I hate that i gave you my heart so you could break it and crush it. I hate that i love you. But i don't hate you . I love you.I hate that when i think of you i cry and then when i go downstairs i have to pass it off as allergies. I hate that although it's you thats broken my heart you want to try and do something to stop me feeling so bad. I told you not to worry, you replied i do worry your my friend and it felt like a knife had sliced right through my heart. You said when we were younger i always wanted the romance story... A prince who could sweep me away. I only wanted you, your shortness, you moodieness, your sarcasm but it made you and thats all i wanted . It was all i ever wanted and all i will ever really want deep down... You were always just to busy looking for what was on the horizon and no offence i don't think you could ever be cast as a fairytale prince. One thing i have learnt loving you is that there is no such thing as a perfect love story, there are no real fairytales and happy endings just don't exist. I hate loving you so much and you refuse to return the feelings and i hate that you refuse to let me walk away so i can't get over you. Stop calling, stop emailing and stop texting. I've got over you before i can do it again... Just let me go, because loving you is way too painful and as my favourite quote goes from our favourite programme C- 'I just want us to be friends' H- 'Thats the last thing i want.' I love you , but i can't carry on doing this to myself or those around me that i love and they love me back. You have to let me go so i can grieve you and move on.

Story #607

I hate that you played with my head. I hate that I feel ownership over you because you were mine first. I hate that you didnít face me like a man and tell me you were getting back together with her. I hate that you think Iím crazy, even though you made me this way. I hate that you told me you loved me again because now it means nothing. I hate how you 'didnít get' my phone calls or texts. I hate that you want to marry her. I hate how you crushed my spirit. I hate that I trusted you. I hate that you broke that trust. I hate that I talk about you constantly as a frame of reference. I hate that I canít forget you. I hate everything about you. But most of all, I hate that you made me a clichť. I hate that you made me into exactly what I told you I never wanted to be. I loved you, but after everything I donít think I could ever look at you without remembering what you turned me into, and instantly breaking inside because of it. All in all just do me one favor: forget I ever existed.

Story #606

I hate him for not being there when i needed him I hate him for playing with my feelings i hate him for liking another girl and not paying any attention to me . I hate myself for liking him and not being able to control myself even when i knew that he doesn't care.It all started when i went to hang out with my friend and her bf,he was there also and at first i didn't had any feelings for him but a couple of weeks later i realized that i think he is cute.He would think that he is too cool to say 'hey' to me and he stares at me a lot ,we would talk when we hang out together and with other people but not when i see him in school .and we only hang out twice but i hate myself for not being able to control my feelings and emotions,i cant get over him for 9 month and it is so obvious that he doesn't care but still i cant stop thinking about him

Story #605

I have a son who is ill and he only is ill because I am a carrier to the disease he inherited. I did not know this when we decided to have a baby and didn't find out until he was born. I am a carrier because of a mutation that occurred when I was conceived by my mother and father. My husband said to me if I didn't marry you I wouldn't have a child with this inherited problem.....I feel awful and I hate him for that. It is bad enough I know it is my fault that my child has his problem and I am reminded of it everyday. But I do not need some a...... telling me that if it wasn't for marrying me he would have another wife with a healthy child...I hate him...

        > It was tactless and pointless, but technically correct that he probably wouldn't have had a child with that disease if he hadn't married you. You both may recall a couple of words some priest guy said to you when you got married, something about 'in sickness and in health.' So 'boo hoo, I could have had a kid who wasn't sick if I hadn't married you' doesn't work. It definitely isn't your fault though. You didn't know you were a carrier, so you didn't know any kid you had might contract it. In order for it to be your fault, it would have to be the result of conscious, knowing decision on your part.  Your husband's out of line. I believe the popular phrase these days would be that he needs to 'man up.'

Story #604

I hate the word 'hate' . . it's a horrible, rare word for me. But when it is the first word that emerges, it's a pretty obvious sign. Here is my 'story' aka rant. . . It is wonderful that this site is here to vent, as talking to 'him' is useless as he rather scream at the top of his lungs and grab a beer than sit down and actually discuss problems. So we had been friends several years, and at the beggining I was very much in love and living with one of his friends . . . well unfortunately my knight in shining armour turned out to be a man where in tin-foil . . and afer a few years I ended up single in a strange town. So 'M' started comming around and playing the good guy/friend that just wanted to hang out and go for dinner. . .To tell you the truth, I actually felt sorry for him . . being much older than me. . and engaged almost 3 times with all the women leaving him last minute. . .desperate to have a family. I was a stupid girl for thinking 'gee, what's wrong with thoes other women!' . .well it did not take long to figgure out, I just didnt want to believe it. It started out with dinner every other weekend. . .he worked out of town. . .so then he started calling non stop. . .rediculous hours of the night. . sometimes drunk, either way angry i was not answering my phones. He was a master at guilt trips, but somehow he always convinced me in the end I was just being 'bitter' and not letting anyone get close to me. I was so angry. . that I considered maybe he was right. Stupid me. Then his prince charming side came back around. . .he was convincing and kind, out going, romantic, gentleman, mature . .etc. . .and months later he convinced me to move into his house and look after things while he was gone. I was hessitant. . .but also weighing my options and trusting him, it seemed like a smart choice. Then the controlling behaviour started. . . so suble I brushed it off as just being a 'bachelor for so long.' . . I didnt notice he was weaning me off of my own friends and family and thoughts. . .Suddenly it seemed all the cards were in his hands and I had everything to lose. I wish I had left then . . Then the pressure came on with the comments about me being the prime age that I should be married with kids by now and settling down etc. . . and he knows that is a sensitve subject for me as with myt ex, that was the goal and I am extremely family orientated. He pressured me with promises of my dreams and having a family. . .even dropping hints he was going to give me a ring and that he had waited his whole life for me. But along with it came ultimatums starting with 'If you loved me, you would. . .' . . Eventually, when I started expressing my doubts and opinions. . . it came to the point he threated to kill my pets, throw me out, ruin my name, etc. . .calling me ungreatful and a witch . .telling me I was stupid if I didnt think all my co workers were not thinking they could get in my pants. . .how I should be making more money, dressing sexier. . .even to the point he wanted me to flaunt myself infront of his ex's to make them upset. Saxually, he became demanding and selfish . . and the drinking and arguing continued. It all became about looking after and suporting him. . . and any time I talked positively about myself, he would be sure to point out how many flaws I have and how 'lucky' I am to have him . . We finally had one big blow out, where I asked him to help clean his house up and after his dog, and he told me it was MY job to clean house, pick up dog s..., cook his means, and look after him . . and not to argue, ever because I am always selfish and wrong. He threatened to slap me around if i 'deserved it' and he talked to me with a finger pointed at me and screaming. He refused to get a handle on his cussing and drinking and temper. I was ready to leave him 2 months ago . . and then found out I was pregnant. I was devestated. I want a family and a strong love more than anything. . .but it became very apparent he is not a safe person to be around. I have seen counsellors and talked to a few people he used to be close with . .and they all warn me he is an abusive personality type. And deep down I think I realized it, I was just too depressed and deflated . .so embarrassed I wanted to deny it rather than believe it. Part of me is so excited for the baby growing in my belly. . .I love it and am so protective of it already. , , , but the other half me me. . is terrified. 'M' tries to get me to drink occasionally, discourages me from visiting my family because driving is too 'dangerous' in my state. He tells me it 'better be a boy' and TELLS me he gets to name it and his say is final. He threatens me if I tell him I might stay with my parents if we can not work on our situation and relationship . .tells me it is 'His'and I better not leave because only a horrible person would do that. I ask him not to raise his voice and yell at me and cuss. . . he sais 'You ain't seen nothing yet!' I am going to visit my family this weekend and talk with friends. I need to make a plan. I do not want to marry this man . . I do not want him to be around me or the baby if he can not work on his behaviours. . . It's just not safe. . .and I fear his emotional and verbal abuse will only lead to worse things. I have tried so hard to be strong but I think it is time to be realistic, and realise. . . I am not the first woman he has treated this way . . .Infact I am at least #6. . . . but I will not let myself live under his shadow and criticism. . .I love myself more than I love him . . and he doesnt respect me enough to try to be a better man and father figure.. . . I must leave him and let him grow up on his own, and have to be a wonderful loving single mom if it comes to that . . So yes I hate him for being so crule and rude and selfish and scary. . .but I feel sorry for him because it will take losing me and possibly time with his child to see he needs to work on himself before he can earn love and trust from me again -- if at all. Child support might be the only thing he can contribute to our relationship otherwise.

Story #603

I meet this man and it was an instant mutual attraction. We talked for a little went out and had a great time. We were texting, emailing, and talking on the phone and then went out again, but this time we 'you know'. I think you can guess what happened. He emailed me the next day and then a few days later but never again. The bestard just used me for six. Yes, I know it is a typical story, but I hate him! He lead me on. I really liked him and he made it seem like he liked me too. He shared family stories with me, took interest in my future plans, you know that whole nine yards! That bestard. To make matters worse he is 12 years my senior (I am 21 he is 33) and he told me how, 'when he was around me my age/youth did not even occur to him', implying that he thought I was mature. This is what I have to say to him, I understand what you did and why you did it. You are an a......! Women your own age do not fall for your bs lines anymore, so you are forced to take advantage of someone who was still ind diapers when you were well into puberty. You are a bestard where and I hate you! I do not know if you derive your pleasure from bedding a young girl, or from deceiving women into falling for you! I hope you someone makes you feel as used and dirty as you have made me feel.

Story #602

ok heres my storie he was my aunts naphor and he did have a girl friend but she was constantly yelling at him, and all she and he of course was drink and i felt bad for him and he is good looking guy and i dont know some reason i fell for him and he cheated on her with me because she syco anyway he has a good sence of humor a and charm and a really big you know what that i now feel he has hipnotised me with. lol anyway i was being stubern about what others have said about him go to find out he eventually moved in and free of charge he didnt even work because he owed to much child support and when he acctually does find a job and they come and arrest him for child support anyway stupied me whatevered it. down the line one day i got high and he was walking out the door with his cousine and im pretty shere he said i just use her and shes to dumb to figure it out i was thinking thast i was just being paranod about it. i was so disappointed long storie short awhile later he started hanging around that same crazy b.... then spent nights over thier and Valintimes day came he was over thier and i was at the apt. and he wasnt home with me left me here when the only veicale i have the break line broke so alone i got p..... off i put break fluied in and trying to be carfule drove to drop off his clothes at that crazy womens house and the only thing that p..... me off most is being lied to manipulated and used from a bipolar caniving bastered that used me for a place to stay a pretty good f... and a ride and he says he hangs out with her because i havent bought him alcohle pretty much anyway thier is so much more to this storie but i made it kinda short.

Story #601

Right... My ex is a total dack. I first went out with him for 4 months and he used me just for six. Alcohol was put before me, his friends were also put before me. He always seemed to be embarrassed of me. Whenever we went out, he always ignored me and pretended like I wasn't there. i broke up with him, and every girl he liked, he told me about and rubbed it in my face leaving me feeling like s.... 4 months later i got back with him thinking he would have changed after being at college, but he didnt. I was with him less than a month before he used me again. Every time we met up - which was once a week, (because he was always 'busy') he used me for six. He then was always 'running' with his friend and could never make time to see me, not even for a kiss and a cuddle, or to tell me he loves me. So I asked him what the point of us was if we weren't going to see each other that much. He didn't have one. So i broke up with him. Which p..... me off because before we got back together he kept claiming i was THE ONE for him, but now i just feel like I was his last resort after no other girl wanted to go out with him...

Story #600

I hate him because we were friends for 8 years. He always flirted with me and others and it never bothered me. Then he started telling me how much he liked me. How I was so helpful to him at work. How much spending time with me meant to him. How talking to me made his life better. How I was 'almost perfect'. We started seeing each other secretly because we worked together and he was 'married but living seperate lives' and for the sake of his daughter. For 3 years we were together. I loved him and he knew it. He would tell me things like 'I can't see my life with you but I can't see my life without you' and break up with me for a few months, then he would come back, telling me 'You are so missed. All I do is think about you night and day. I drive by your house just to see if you are home. You are so missed!' I finally thought things were going to work out when he started obviously hanging around me at work and waseeing me so often at home. But then 3 weeks after he told me the above, he broke up with me telling me he was going back to his wife and they were going to try to work things out. I was sad but I just wanted his happiness. Then 2 months later, I found out he had divorced his wife over a year before, was engaged to a girl he was seeing before his divorce and she was moving in, that he had gone around work all those years telling everyone I was just a mentally unstable woman who was chasing his a.. while sleeping with other women in the store AND that the people at work didn't even know why he was bothering to get married to his fiance because he was doing find 'em, f... 'em, forget 'em girls every weekend! So yeah. I hate him. I'm 40 and was completely played and used by this man to the point I don't know if I can ever trust again. How could anyone be that much of a scum and hurt a woman like that?To fool me for so many years! Beware girls, they are out there! Sarah

Story #599

i hate my boyfriend , if i can call him that hes a mummys boy that thinks hes more independant than he is. i have had numerous operations on my spine and re-occuring sciatica, i am NOT supposed to do heavy lifting or a lot of bending. he f...... insisits on making a mess in MY home what i own, i worked for not taking care of any of my possesions. i then due to family problems and the constant pressure of work became depressed, he took no notice of that to f...... take care of me or the house i asked him to move out of MY house and has still refused to give me my keys. his only intrest is what is going to benefit him and refuses to do the leg work to get results hes the most annoying horrible person i know. the list of things hes done to me and expected forgiveness for is unbelivable 1 when i first picked him up from town wed only met 3 time i forgot my phone, and didnt know the place i was picking him up from so got lost, when i listenend to the voice messages he called me all the names under the sun 2 i said id pick him up from town when he was out the house- again i forgot my hone and waited an hour until i tried to ring him from the phone box to find he had kicked my bran new front door in 3 when i got in he smashed my phone up 4 getting a lift back from town he decided he didnt like the indian taxi driver and started being racist so the taxi driver took us back to where we'd started 5 he slagged of all my mates to thier faces 6 he squared up to me on my own birthday bbq and why the f... am i still with him i hear u ask? because im scared il be alone, im scared of what he would do and scared i cant get rid of my anxiety by myself.

Story #598

Hey there i was just thinking of my X when i found this site and in the i hate hers wass an article abot me from my x so let me tell my side of the story here we go. Okay so since like 6th grade i allways loved this guy.Only i never told for like 3 reasons: 1. One of my friends liked him. 2.he saw me as one of his buddies. and 3. he was my curent boyfriends(at the time)cousin.Allmost everyone could tell i like him including our bestfriend Christan.So one day i broke up with oscar for *HIM*. thats when i think he relized i liked him.Then he started to act all like he knew i wanted him askingme for kisses and such witch was realy anoyanig. so i made him think i didnt like him.When he lost all hope i asked him out andhe said after about a month he broke up with me andwent out with one of my best friends.Only for like a day so then he asked me back out and like an idiot i said yes.Hey call it love but we didnt break up again for a yea.then my x best friend told me she wanted to be friends again i told her only if she tells me every thing that hapend between the and she sed they had sax.REPEATEDLY! and he never told meso then i told him i knew and hegot mad @ meh @meh!!! and you know wat he did broke up with me and went back to he wants me back but im so through with him and he knows it.he knows i ...HATE!... him.

Story #597

I said I HATE YOU! TO THE MAN, and I'm confused... iT was 34 years ago and me and this guy were together-we kissed in the gulf of mexico, we ventured on the highway and we parted ways unexpectedly. I felt abandoned and ALONE WHEN WE LOST EACH OTHER. I HATE THE FACT THAT HE NEVER LEAVES MY MEMORY. THE LAST WORDS HE SAID TO ME over his shoulder was,-i LOVE you and I stood defiantly on the sidewalk watching him walk away, and shouted the words,'I hate you'. I feel now betrayed, he never gave me his true name so how on earth was I ever to find him? THe F.B. I. came calling four years after that searching for him. The agent said,'you wouldn't tell me if you knew anyway!'. I was speechless, at that time I was married and was seperated and hiding miles away from an abusive husband WHOM passed away from the drink.. I still think I only said I hated him because i truly loved him and now I hate him because i don't know what happened to him and cAN'T TELL HIM I really do LOVE HIM. It's all these years gnawing at me, on account of walking away and never knowing if I even know what love is... only that I still love him in my heart-he is vanished and I feel empty and confused.

Story #596

Okay, so theres this guy I had a crush on , and one day I just told him while IM'ing him on myspace one day cuz he asked if i did. He acts like a total different person when I talk to him along on myspace or something but when I'm in the real world, at the busstop or at school, he acts weird he acts like i'm some person who he's never met. Like I hate his friends, big time, escpecially this one girl named D, because she is stupid and looks down on me like shes amazing and I suck. She's ugly, I know I'm prettier than her, maybe she hates me cuz I'm prettier but still, hide your feelings seriously but anyhow this is I hate him not her, soo....... Anyways, I got really mad and I complained about him never talking to me at school or the busstop but only online, and he said he would several times. So I go to school all cheerful and he never talks to me. He's a liar. So then he keeps ignoring me, and I get so mad, and suddenly he notices that hmm, he doesn't like it EITHER WHEN HE IS IGNORED, so he gets all concerned like 'why are you mad?' and i'm like 'because you always ignore me, and you and your friends obviousbly dislike me, so i never really want to talk to you again', and i didn't for a while but I thought maybe I should give him another chance I mean, yeah.. So I did, and after a while I figured maybe I'm creeping him out with the myspace photocomments, and flirting with him on IM's so I told him I was sorry and I would back off. And I told him later on that we are just not a good couple match at all so whats the point if nothing is evergoing to happen ? So i told him i just wanted to be his friend. later on, he just wouldn't stop being so annoying and acting like everything was ok, and being so clueless and coy when I asked him something about his behavior. So I deleted him off my myspace friends, and decided to never talked to him again, and I told my friend C, that I pretty much hated him and she texted him and tells him to talk to me more often. I mean, I'm over him and I just stated that I hate him so why would I want him to talk to me? So now he talks to me, when I don't want to talk to him which was like his sitution before. So whatever I don't know what to do.

Story #595

I Hate Him. Once upon a time there was a High School Marching Band and in the Marching Band were tons of friends. This story is about two friends in particular, a girl and a boy. Weíll call them Amber and Joel for the sake of the story. Now Amber and Joel had been friends for a very long time and theyíve both always had a little bit of a crush on eachother. So in their third year of doing Marching Band together, when Amber was a Junior and Joel was a senior, they decided to just go ahead and date eachother. This meant holding hands on the bus rides to competitions, trying to be next to eachother at football games, glaring at his ex-girlfriend who came to watch way more than once, and other such fun things. Amber got her first kiss and then they discovered that they really liked kissing and they really liked eachother and everything just felt so perfect. Of course there were problems, Joel had insecurity issues and apparently wasnít even sure if she actually liked him half of the time while Amber was getting tired of wearing the pants in the relationship and explaining to her parents why they still hadnít met him after two months. One day, after Marching Band had long been over and winter break was giving them a break from school, Amber and Joel started having some miscommunications. Since they actually had free time now, they had to balance their time and both of them found it was hard to see the other one. Amber tried her best and kept inviting him over to family things which really would kill two birds with one stone as he would see her and meet her family. Yet, Joel was always busy with Christmas shopping, birthday parties, movies and or some vastly important event he just couldnít miss. They finally saw eachother on the Wednesday before Christmas Eve and their little lunch date they had made it seem like nothing was wrong. But Amber knew that something was up because on Monday when they had talked on the phone it had sounded like something was wrong but then his phone died. She always had to text him first and she got so tired of hearing him say no that she stopped asking him to come see her. They both had things they wanted to say but they shouldíve been said in person, not over text, however that was hard to do when they never saw eachother. A week from their lunch date, (literally, it was exactly a week) she went over to his house so they could talk. They both knew it was coming, but neither of them wanted to say it. Joel felt that they were getting too serious and as he would need to go on a mission for his church in about a year that they needed to just stay where they were for now. Amber thought it would be hard to stay in a relationship and stay where they were at the same time. Joel didnít want to say 'break up' but to be blunt thatís basically what happened, only 'Amber, you have to promise me that weíll stay close and talk and hang out all the time.' Little did she know just how much that wouldnít ever happen. Going back to school sucked. Everyone wanted to know what happened. People didnít understand why they werenít still together if they still liked eachother. Amber became extremely confused as too how this was going to work out and things basically fell apart. Both Amber and Joel couldíve handled the whole situation better, and things might have turned out differently however let me tell you how things did turned out. So much for talking. Every time Amber tried to talk to him heíd have something better to do. He never tried to hang out with her and even when sheíd point that out he wouldnít do anything about it. And as for staying close? Like they were even that close on the first place. Apparently, as Amber found out later, Joel had always wanted to 'just talk' but he didnít think Amber was the type of girl who would want that. Shows how well he knew Amber. If she had known maybe she wouldíve tried to JUST TALK to him. Oh wait, she wouldnít have been able to because they were always with his friends, who she didnít even like. Speaking of his friends, Amber is so excited that while Joel canít keep his promises to her, he has plenty of time to make friends with some new girl Alyssa! Yeah, and Alyssa is definitely his type because sheís totally brunette. What? Sheís blonde? Thatís rather odd considering he always said he preferred brunettes even though his last girlfriend was blonde too. Amberís starting to see a pattern here. Oh great, Proms coming up. Joel and Amber had talked about this, they were going to go with a bunch of band couples. What? Joel doesnít even remember asking Amber? Oh thatís weird. Heís trying to deny he did? Wow. Thatís a little pathetic. Itís not that Amber even expected him to still take her. Sure that wouldíve nice, a promise he actually kept! But then again, if he kept a promise for once, he wouldnít be Joel. So now Amber gets to go through every day and see him although she does her best to avoid him. She gets to listen to people bring him up all the time and watch as their would-be-prom-group plans their little evening and buys pretty dresses. She knows that sheís only in High School, there are other fish in the sea and she could do SO much better. But for whatever reason she canít help that she still has feelings for him. And she hates him for making her so miserable while he doesnít even care. Howís this for talking Joel? And by the way thanks for ruining my Junior year.

Story #594

Here i am, stuck in this stupid relationship with the father of my children,whom I love endlessly. We have been married since 1989. Way back then I was a sweet, nice, loving young woman. Now thanks to him I am bitter, hateful, and very distrusting of all men. He swore to me he would always be with me, always love me, help me raise them. He did not. He was a hugh drug addict, secret homosaxual, and eventually I did leave him. Afraid my boys would grow up thinking that it is ok to be mean and disrespectful to women. I struggled so hard to make it, he NEVER helped me. He in fact moved in with another woman who had her own kids and totally ignored us. He got his self in trouble, went to prison in Texas, and during that time started writing us. SO stupid me, just for the boys sake I decided to try it again with him. Eventually the same crap. Allways accusing me of being with other men, of everything he can think of. He has gone so far as to ask me who the guys in the parking lot were,outside of my daughter's apartment. Accusing me of flirting with the friends of my boys some as young as 15 years old. I can not take it. He stays gone for hours and when he got home last night I wanted to use the Durango to go Dairy Queen to get something to drink and he would not give me the keys. I fell so depressed and unhappy all I ever wanted was just to be loved but now I know that is just a fairy tale, kinda like Santa Clause.

Story #593

i hate him for all those smiles he so visibly tried to repress, for how silly and excited he would get over nothing, for his funny, weird sense of humor and for those huge, expressive eyes. i hate how he could talk so candidly about everything he'd been through, for how open he was with me (at least at first) and for how cold he later became. i hate him because he's the only guy since i broke up with my ex that i ever had feelings for. and i don't get crushes that easy, i've maybe had two since i was 14. i'm not a romantic at all, i'm perfectly capable of no-strings fooling around, and i have an impermeable wall around my heart most of the time. i hate him for slipping through it, because i knew the second he did that he would hurt me. and he did. why he bothered to call me back every two weeks, i don't know. well i do, it was for sax. and i acted like i liked it. i didn't. it hurt and all i wanted to do was sit there and listen to him talk. instead i let him have whatever he wanted- another thing i usually never do. he quit talking, and that made me so sad every time i saw him. my intuition told me that i wasn't the only one, that he was using me, that if i quit putting out he'd quit texting. well finally i summoned my backbone and told him everything he did that made me feel terrible, and to never contact me again. he won't this time. but as strongly as i told him to go away, i want him back. i hate him for that.

Story #592

I hate you! I hate you a million times and a million more I hate you! I hate that when we sat outside your hands were cold and I loved it, that you almost left her, and I loved it. I hate that we couldnít talk and I loved it. I hate that you smoked, but I loved it. I hate that I loved it! That you and I were almost, and then we werent. I hate that I canít remember how it ended. I hate that we watched from afar. I hate that everyone else is a rebound. I hate that you laugh when I make jokes. I hate that four times a week weíre together and we can share our ideas. I hate that I feel like its personal. I hate not knowing if I can be right about you. I hate being blind! I hate that she kisses you in front of me. I hate that she found out. I hate that she hates me. I hate that I liked her, and I hate that you ruined me. I hate that we were together in the morning. I hate what Iíve become since we began. I hate that we never were. I hate that I think we were together, but we werenít. I hate that it was serious with her, and that I was serious with you. I hate that I opened a door that can never be closed. It kills me every day. I hate how much I think about you! I hate that I didnít love you. I hate that you didnít love me too. I hate not knowing! Do you say Love to her? Do you say the same things? I hate that youre a cheater! I hate that I can never trust you! I hate that you lied about a stupid thing that made me question you! I hate that you called me perfect, and beautiful. I hate that you 'did things' with someone else in summer, and I hate thinking that you said the same things a thousand times before. I hate that I was gone. I hate that you were right for me, but that I wont know. I hate that I canít parade you around like I want to. I hate that I canít see you whenever I want. I hate that you told me I couldnít talk to you. First. I hate that we talked for hours. You said you knew me, I hate that you were high. I hate that I belived you! I hate that you became a measuring tape for everyone. I loved how you kissed me, the best kiss I ever had and I can never have it again. I hate that I hate you, and I hate that I hate her, I hate how I cried for you! I hate how I am a clichť because you made me the other woman, but most of all, I hate that she got you first.

Story #591

I hate him. I hate the way he made me feel. I hate the pressure I was under. I hate the reprecussions of it all. I hate the sounds you make. I hate your hellos and I hate your goodbyes. I hate the way you kiss. I hate the way you talk to my friends. I hate that youíre 18. I hate that people think I care. I hate that I cared. I hate that I fought over him! I hate that you think I want you back. I hate that Iím a tool for your popularity. I hate how you brought me disrespect. I hate that your friends think Iím a catch. I hate that there was a sick feeling of relaxation around you. I hate that I was curious. I hate your hands. I hate that I was left with nothing. I hate that I was made to feel dirty, and that he only felt good. I hate that I was drunk out of my mind. I hate that he wasnít.

Story #590

Okay so my mom is dating this totally full of himself guy, he has a son. Okay so I was all cool with it at FIRST until I met him, and i am not talking about the dad I mean the son!!!! Just last Friday after school we all met at my grandma's house for the whole family to meet. ( That meaning myself,my mom (dah) , my grandma and grandma's friend) and him and his son. So anyway everything was going alright until the father was like: hunny lets leave the kids to get to one another, and they left for living room and we were left in da kitchen. So right when they left he put his arms around my waist and told me that I was really pretty and if I would go out with him. ewwww no way and am I gonna date my soon to be step brother! gross think of it this way I would be living with my boyfriend! i mean just think if we broke up! okay i am not even gonna go there. So I slapped him across the face called him a f ing b word and left. I hate him and I don't know how i am gonna be able to live with someone that wants ME!!!

        > -What with the boys and the marmalade and the whatsis. -John

Story #589

Why are all of these about boyfriends? Honestly, this blog is enough to make me hate men in general. I hate my spoiled cousin who got every little thing his heart desired, including a new car at 16 that he ran the oil out of, and then a new one to replace it, multiple wives he milked for cash, and my aunt and grandmother who were also his marks. Somehow, he can still feel welcome (years later) into their homes, and I can't. I make a 6-figure salary, and started with nothing. (Seriously, nothing.) I always found a way (even when dirt poor and working 7 days a week) to try and stay in touch. Somehow, I'm the outcast. I hate my previous boss, who while eating in a room full of other people my subordinate has to work with, began a discussion about the punishment for a man who broke into the place where she and others we worked with were living (all women). This particular woman happened to be one of the better people who worked for me. All of a sudden, the conversation is about her, that she must have somehow been sleeping with him, and that's why he did it. (Scum.) I hate Rudy Giuliani for paying his mistress $100,000 of campaign funds for 'speechwriting', and I hate Senator John Edwards for the same scum-sucking reason. I hate men who throw acid on little girls' faces because they had the gall to want to go to school, or wouldn't go out with the loathesome creep. I hate anyone who thought it was a good idea to cut a 4 year old's genitals, so she wouldn't enjoy sax as an adult. I hate men who don't understand a kid is theirs, unless, of course, they think their girlfriends or wives are trying to keep them away. I hate rapists. I hate child molesters. I hate the 'cool' guys who think that because they're cool, they deserve a break from being hated for doing the things in this blog. Most of all, I hate the saps that are the women who would defend the creeps that are like this! They make everything that much harder for those of us PEOPLE who aren't like this!

        > -The submitter is talking about public figures (Giuliani and Edwards), one of the few situations where we will post first and last names. -John

Story #588

I hate him because I put him first- ALL THE TIME! I hate because he likes to be with people who are mean. I hate him because we work together and he is nicer to them than to me. I hate him because he makes me eat alone while he eats with them. I really hate him because he puts ALL the blame on me. I hate him because he acts like he has no faults when he is deeply, deeply faulted. I hate him because he makes me feel lesser than everyone else. I hate him.

Story #587

i hate my boyfriend or should i say,the father of my duagter. i have tried everything to make thingswork, but nothing happens. he is about 20 yrs older and dont understand why his ugly old f..... doesnt seem to find me attractive but every other guy in this world does. and i have never never cheated on him. now i feel ok to do it. we live together, but hate each other more than anything. i wish everything in the world to leave but financially it would be near impossible being a mom and student and only a part time worker. we fight every dang day and sleep in seperate rooms. if i try to date someone else more problems stir up between he and i.why the hill should he care if i do date someone, it not like we love each other or anything. im just waiting to graduate and pray to god that i get a better job so i could get the hill out of here and f... anyone i want.

Story #586

I met this guy named Daron he lives in Georgia. He seemed very nice and we began to get closer. He would pick me up for lunch everday from work. He lied to me and told me he had two children and had never been married before. I dated him for a while about six months. Then one night I got text message that said he wanted to see me so I said okay. I had no idea that it was his wife texting me from his phone. I hate him! So ladies FYI be on the look out for Daron he lives in Georgia. He is tall dark and handsome. But dont let the looks fool you. He is a CHEATER, LIAR and A MALE WHERE!

Story #585

I hate the way he looks at me, his intense stare, and his silence. I hate that he talked to me, got close to me, made me feel great and then ran a way. I hate that he says he wants to be friends but then flirts with me continuously and expects me to have no feelings for him. I hate it that I let him mess with my head. I hate it that he is now ignoring me again and flirting with another girl after what happened. I hate his stupid smile, awkward hugs and most of all I hate that I was stupid enough to fall for him and now can't get him out of my head!!!!

Story #584

I hate him. He is the most selfish man I know. He does not care about my feelings at all. I hate him for all the stuff he has done to me over the years. I hate myself for putting up with it even more. I cry myself to sleep because I just don't know what to do. He is the meanest and nastiest person I know. The world revolves around him, so he thinks. I am always waiting on him to do is never the other way around. I hate him for not caring enough to listen or even take in what I am saying. I hate him for always screwing up my plans and only thinking of himself. How did I let myself get into this mess and stay in it so long....I guess I thought it would get better.... but it never does.

Story #583

I hate him so much. But really I don't think I have that good of a reason to. The first three days of school, I noticed him staring at me a lot. He wasn't ugly, but wasn't gorgeous. I was new to the school, and made a few friends. The third day of school, he handed me a note that said, 'here's my # plz txt me.' I'm kind of a grammar freak, so it made me not like him as much as I would have. I only text messaged him that day after school to be nice. It turned out into something more for him. He must have saw a connection that I just wasn't seeing. He asked me out that night. I didn't know what to say because I didn't know him that well, and honestly, I didn't like him, for the things he was saying to me. Calling me beautiful, and all that stuff... I am a scorpio, and I do take a lot of compliments as insults. I made up the dumbest excuse... I said there was somebody else. Not in those exact words, but I very much wouldn't like to repeat what I said. He stopped talking to me. Around my birthday, I realized, I did like this boy. He was so funny, just loved to entertain me. And I loved being entertained by him. I then felt a connection with him. I was so happy. I knew he liked me, and everything was going great. Until, we went to science. I don't know how we got into this position, but he went past me, pinned me up against the counter, and grasped both of my hands with his. I loved this position, we spun in a circle like this, then I let go. I later found out that day by my friend Kayla, that he has had a girlfriend for about a week. I was so p..... off. I didn't know what to think. I wanted to tell the world how much I hated him. But I didn't tell anyone. I still liked him through thick and thin. I didn't care anymore. If he was going to act that way towards me, I was going to be the idiot that let him. After winter break came around, and we all had a good time. Except me. I had to go to a funeral in texas. My mom and I drove from Washington to Texas. When we came back, I missed the first week back to school. I was in school the second week, and I noticed he wasn't there. He still wasn't there the week after. Or the week after that. I asked my friend what happened to him. Turns out his mom took him out of school to home school him. He came back just the last week of march. We don't have any classes together. And he has yet to say a word to me. Not hi, nothing! He won't even look at me. I've seen him with his friends having a good time, and he won't even care to turn away. I don't even know if he remembers who the hill I am. I'm just so p..... off. All that flirting for nothing. I know I'm a teenager, and I've got it through my head that I'm not falling in love anytime soon. But I mean, its nice to have a boyfriend, ya know? yeah, well I just so happened to get screwed.

Story #582

My ex boyfriend broke up with me a few months ago....but I didn't tell you how. He sent me a text message at first saying: 'Heyyy...' I knew something was up cause he never says heyyy. So anyways, then I said: 'What's Wrong???' and he said: 'Oh...nothing' so then I said: '...' and he replied saying: '...I'm sorry' and I said 'for what' and he said 'for this' then he sent me a pic of him and a girl making out with no shirts on!!! He said 'yeahhh...sorry I have to go...don't call me ok? I mean let's just don't talk ok?' I HATE HIM :( :( :(

Story #581

Recently, my dad has disowned me. It was for a stupid reason. All I did was stay over my friends house until 12. I told him where I was and what I was doing. My mother picked me up and on the way she cursed me out and told me what a b.... that I was and that I was an a....... and when I got home, my father called me up the stairs. His exact words were, 'you have totally disrespected me. You don't care about anyone but yourself. From now on, don't ask me for anything because I won't give it to you. I am required by law to put a roof over your head and to feed you, and that's all I will do. Don't talk to me, and don't touch my stuff. I'm done with you.' I didn't even cry when he said that, I was shocked. Where was all of this...hate coming from. I don't hate my father, I never could. But now he won't talk to me, won't look at me, or anything else. He also said that when I am 18, he is not going to provide anything for me. He just wants me to leave him alone after I turn 18. I don't know what to do. I'm only 15 and I have to stay in this house for 2 more years. I can't live like this. I can't live with people who don't even want me in their lives. And I can't even talk to anyone about it because no one understands how hurtful it is to have your own father...disown you. Again, I don't hate my dad...I'm just sorry that I couldn't be the daughter that he wants me to be...thanks for listening to my story.

Story #580

Actually everthing began about 5 years ago.. after a period of attraction we've started our relationship ..which was Feb 2008 .. we had a lot of conflicts from the begining.. about my past relationships.. the funny part was that he was aware of them ! anyway, these all solved n then we moved to another country for continuing higher studies.. now, that we are living together, (alomost 4 months) I've began to realize some really annoying things about him.. first he's lazy.. he likes to sleep late in the morning and about house chores that washing the dishes is his n cooking mine for example he only occiasionally washes the disesh on time! other times they stay there for over night.. actually his record was 2.5 days!! Another thing that really makes me mad is this that when something happens n i answer him not so kindly he bursts,, he begins a long story of me ignoring his personality n everything..this means i can't complain, because whenever I try to tell him that you're not showing responsibility for this or that ( even in the best manner n words) he says that i'm nagging all the time.. but come on?! who wants a boy inside a house for only playing video games n watching TV .. n if u ask him to do something, he just wants to run away.. such as, helping to make salad n he just asks all the time what to do (every single stupid thing from how to wash luttuce to how to cut them) n at the end he leaves all the dirty dishes n knives n dissapear!! At the moment that I'm writing this he's next door..another struggle between us,, about lunch.. I came back from class n he was a thome all the morning.. i didn't expect him to make something to eat, but i was tired to make too so i asked him to call a restaurant..He said he doesn't have the number ( another anoying thing .. he never writes down any information, he even don't know his own number, he simply relies on me all the time) I said ok. I have the nnumber call it while i'm changing my clothes.. restaurant had some delivery problem so i asked him to go by car n buy it directly (it's only 10 min by feet) he said you were at the spot, why didn't u buy?? I said I was tired (My tone was angry) that was the begining of him becoming angry n trying to convince me that the fault is all mine.. and he's tired of me always balimng him.. COME ON.. What should I do????

Story #579

I hate you for saying that you will never leave and you were always be there. I hate you for trapping me in a relationship where all I do is give and give and give to you. I hate you for giving me everything except your heart. I hate you for loving girls so easily except me. I hate you for making me watch, as each and every one of them betrays you. I want to break out of this cycle so much but I can't because I promised you I'd always be by your side and I won't let down my promise like each of those girls did. As cliche as it sounds, I hate how much I love you. I hate how much your hurts me. I hate you for stealing my heart and never giving it back to me.

Story #578

So theresz thisz amazinqq guy... Haha scratch douchbag and we've been datin since january somthinqq but been datinqq on and off feer like 2 yearsz... but yea anyway he isz alwaysz tellinq meh hesz going tooh jail at a random time and I'm okay but tonight (may 8th @ 11:00) he saysz 'baby I'm going tooh jail ehtsz over unlessz I get out monday' I'm tired of thisz!! He's makinqq meh insane FML and him!!

Story #577

There is this guy who I guess liked me becuz wen I talked to Him he blushed now I txt him and he says please. GO AWAY I don't get it he used to be nice.. -Mackenzie

Story #576

There are people in this world that i like to call predators. Not sixual predators or anything like that, but predators who prey on innocent and unsuspecting people. These predators look for soft eyes and gentle smiles, they find a way to get into your heart and your head and mess around with things. If you're not careful... they'll use you up. I wasn't careful. And that's an understatement. I'd never met anyone like him in my entire 15 (yeah, i know that's not very old) years of life. He's the kind of amazingly charismatic person who makes you feel like you an do anything. I thought that was good for me. When i was around him I was amazing, wild, crazy and fun. Without him I'm just me... and that doesn't compare. He made my life one big roller coaster, separated into the highs (when i was with him) and the lows (when i was without him). I stopped trying in school, i stopped hanging out with my friends. He had me locked just where he wanted me. He'd use my (or more accurately my parents) money to buy things that he 'needed'. The craziest part is that he never once cheated on me, he didn't hit me or go crazy. Nor did he disrespect me, but he was controlling and manipulating to a level that i still can't understand. He borrowed my cell phone and said that he 'lost' it so that i couldn't call anybody. He picked me up from school early and somehow figured out a way to get away with it. He fooled my parents into loving him, and they refused to blame him for my grades, my moods, my absence. I hate him. He hasn't left me for another girl, he hasn't broken up with me or anything. He's still very much a big part of my life. i love who i am with him, but I've forgotten who i am without him. It kills me to be dependent on someone who could easily just walk out of my life. I hate how he pretends he can't see that he's ruining everything for me. I want so hard to loosen our ties but i'm not strong enough. I already know that until i'm ready to leave him for good i'm not going anywhere. He knows that also, and I hate him for that.

Story #575

I hate him with every fiber of my being. We met almost 2 years ago and I've been in love with him ever since. He moved away but he promised he'd be back. He'd never broken a promise before then so I believed him. We've been on and off lately but I thought that things were getting better. Our school year is over and were going into our senior year. 1 year left until he's back. Not that long right? Wrong. He asked me to marry him a week ago. Now I kno le what your thinking, that it's stupid to get engaged in high school. But I love this guy and I would do anything for him. As of Tuesday, he is dating someone. Before he moved we both agreed that we would see other people, but that it wouldn't mean anything and that we would always love eachother. He is now saying that he loves this other girl. I want him to be happy more then anything. Even if that means not being with him... In the back of my mind I always knew that this was going to happen. I just never wanted to admit it. What p..... me off the most is that he asked if we could be friends until we graduated.... I said no. I dold him how mich I loved him and he still didn't get it. I then told him that I wasn't going to stick around just to be hurt in the end. What I hate the most is that he promised me that everything was going to be okay and that he asked me to marry him... And the fact that I said yes I hate even more... I have come to realize that I don't hate him. I hate all the bs things he's dome to me. I know I still love him... And I always will

Story #574

I hate him! I hate how he makes me love him! He acts like we have a chance to be together, then rips it from under me. He is in the army, in Afghanistan now. I just donít understand what to do. I talk to him whenever itís possible. I just wish I knew a way to get over him? Or even understand how he feels. I mean weíre best friends and he calls me pet names and tells me he loves me and we hang out every chance we get. He gets really jealous if I talk about other men. But, he says weíd be better off friends. And if weíre meant to be, it will happen. I just hate him for making me so confused!

Story #573

i was having a rough day and typed in ihatehim .com and there you were. thanks. jason was a 'nice guy' everyone thought so. we went to the same school and lost touch afterwards for awhile. i was passing through his city and looked him up. of course he was charming and as i was moving out of my old place - he invited to help me move there. we were together a long time and every second was painful. he would tell people we were dating, his family hated me (i wonder what he told them) and was emotionally abusive. i did try to get out of it but by that time he didn't want to let me go and threatened merder soi.cide. i stayed, married and had 3 wonderful kids with him. i HATE him, he was and is self centered, controling, small minded and a mfing cheater. i learned years later that i was the other women and he cheated all the time. on some level i was probably telling myself that i was doing better than the others in my family - at least he didn't hit me. he destroyed everything that was hopefull in me and still wants to control me even though he is married to quite a young thing and threatens to take my children away (he doesn't even want them). i hope he burns in hell for what he put us through and yes - I HATE HIM!!!

Story #572

Well here goes, Michael I hate you for allowing me to fall in love with you with false intentions and empty promises. I hate you for having so much potential and still wanting to do nothing with your life. I hate you for allowing my children to get attached and you let them down. I hate you for having the power over me that you do. I hate you for promising me you'd change and grow up and be a man and take care of your responsibilites and NOTHING! I hate you for going to jail and making me wait for you thinking it would be different this time. I hate you for having feelings for her and leaving us. I hate you for changing your mind and telling me to get the apartment for us and our children and then after the deposit is made you back out to go back to her. You allowed our children to think we were finally getting out of my moms and then let them down yet again...I should so be used to this by now...been dealing with it for 8 years...I hate you because I still love you... I hate you because I know its finally over and we can all be at peace but I can't stop thinking about you..I hate you for the nasty names you've called me.. I hate you for putting me further in debt than I already was before we met. I hate you for everything bad you have ever done or said to me. I hate you for making our son think his daddy is a good man and then leaving him hi and dry for some other b...... kids. I hate you for being Mikey No Good..but I guess the name really does fit. I hate you for when I was pregnant with our son and had a broken leg and you wouldn't stick around to help me get in and out of the shower...oh I forgot your boys were waiting outside...MUCH MORE IMPORTANT!! I hate you for telling me that you love me even when you were married to her. Now your married to me and I hate you...I'm sorry we ever met..the only good thing that ever came from you was MY son. I hate you for making me feel this way. I hate you now and forever there is never another chance with me...someday you will regret your decision but it will be to late I will be so over you by then that it won't matter and the kids will have forgotten who you are..WHY..well thats another reason I hate you...Your a deadbeat dad who pops in and out of all your children and stepchildrens lives like it doesn't matter and never paid a dime in child support and probably never will...These are the reasons Michael that I hate you..After all these years its finally over and I will never look back again..WHY...because I HATE YOU

Story #571

I am 30 years old and should be well past these mind games. I hate him because he used me as a pawn in the break up of his marriage and I had nothing to do with it. We became quick and close friends after the break up. Then he started playing games. His actions were contrary to what he was saying. I respected that he said he was not ready for anything but I hate that he wanted everything else that goes with a relationship (cuddling, six, confessions). It was my fault for letting him lead me on. I learned that sometimes 'the one that got away' was never good to be 'caught'. I hate that when I finally had enough and tried to talk to him he lashed out at me and said hurtful things. I hate him for making me feel guilty and in that guilt I apologized. I hate that he lacked the compassion to let me make a mistake and be human. I hate him for cutting me off when he always said that 'if things don't turn out I hope that we can still stay great friends.' (mind games). I hate myself for everything I invested into him. With nothing in return. I hate him for breaking my heart. I hate him for leading me on. I hate him because at one time, I loved him.

Story #570

So this is the story about the boy i hate. He's a friend of mine, well, he was. We had some small trouble, but we agreed. In the time he was peveed, he talked to some other guys about me. The made some silly jokes and all this stuff. Now we are friends, but he's frightend to talk to me in front of the other guys! I asked him why, and he told me they would hate him and he doesn't want to lose them. He told me about the jokes and it hurt me a lot. And now i don't know what to do... or how to safe our friendship. That's why i hate him and the other guys (at least two of them). Joanne

Story #569

There is this guy that my mom was dating.I liked him at first he was okay.A few weeks later I started to really dislike him like at 12 am on a sunday morning.I realised that I hated everything about him.I kept it to myself for about a week and my mom asked if I liked him and I went no.I hated him more and more as the days went by and he was dumped for real! he still comes around but not very often - he didnt come around for 101 days and I really wanna tell him I hate him sooo much.I pray every night he wont come around and it does work.My mom knows how much I hate him it is not even funny.My friend told me that I should like him if he hasnt done anything and I was like f... no why should i? I havent talked to her in 176 days - I am avoiding her like the plague cos I blocked her and will never ever talk to her again and John hasnt come around in 66 days. I hate you John!!! You are my least favorite person of all time!

        > So...where's the part about your mom's happiness? I realize you might be very young and it might be hard to understand that you aren't the center of the universe, but...well, you aren't. -John (not his/hers)

Story #568

There is this Guy who is supposedly a Gay man but i let him pass out with me and he was caressing my cheek and playing with my breest he kisses me. that is noot the one I hate thoug, I hate the man he has slept with because now that man is trying to ask me out. he is in the closet and married.

Story #567

Here is my story. It's so great to have found your website in this hour when I come to hate this guy so much. I so much want to hear what people will comment on this in as much I want this story to be posted up so that I can release a bit of him in a certain way. Please let me know if you really decide to post it up. It will definitely be a certain comfort to me. Love makes me so blind, vulnerable and pathetic at this very moment. Please forgive my stupidity. Best, Jadesque P.S. Just in case you need to categorize the story later: I'm a girl in her 20s. I hate him for making me feel that he likes me. I hate him for making other onlookers think that he likes me too. I hate him for playing with me at one time and getting angry with me at others. I hate his look as if he is telling me he does like me. I hate him when he let me wait for half an hour without any apology afterwards-- what he told me is: 'I have been busying with my work at the office and my cell has run out of battery'. I hate him for never caring about my feelings. I hate him when I start to open up my heart to him and now he is acting so cold to me. I hate him for asking me out then we have fun and our purpose is to talk about insurance by the way (of course he is a financial planner!). I hate him for asking me out for so many times that everyone around us know we are not just only talking about insurance. I hate him for walking in and out of my life that easily. I hate him for playing me. I hate him for treating me nicely and badly at the same time. I hate him for not showing his real feelings to me. I hate me for not telling me if he really likes me or if he hates me. I hate him for treating me not like a client, not like a friend but something I don't even understand. I hate his smile that it can make me forgive him for everything. I hate him for making me smile at him again after p...... me off. I hate him treating me like a pet who comes and goes easily. I hate him for treating me as if i'm nothing to him at all. I hate him when he is not texting me back (but he asked me why I didn't if it is in another way round). I hate him for asking me out on Christmas Eve and it is about insurance again. I hate him for adding the business element into our meetings every time. I hate him for asking me out again and again even he knows very well that I have no interest in his business. I hate him for never keeping his promise. I hate him for never helping me in any way.I hate him when I asked him why he can remember all my things so well and he told me that's the need of his job. I hate him for giving me false hope. I hate him for not knowing that I love him. I hate him for not understanding that I can still love him even I don't like his job. I hate him for eating up all my snacks. I hate him for taking away my snacks even when he is already full-- 'I'll make it my breakfast tomorrow' said he, or 'I'll save it during my bus ride a moment later'. I hate him for poking me and patting my head and making me laugh. I hate him for winning my trust then dumbing it. I hate him for stealing my heart then throwing it away. I hate him for making me love him so much after all these years. I hate him for making it so hard to forget about him. I hate him for making it so difficult to withdraw my feeling towards him. I hate him for giving me all these sweetness and bitterness in all these times. I hate him but I hate myself even more for still loving him after all these.

        > It is exceedingly rare that I ever respond to anyones' emails. The first sign you have is the story showing up here. Best I can say is to keep checking the site to see if it's posted. -John
        > Girl ... I say ...count ur lucky stars u aint married to this bestard . I am married to one such bestard .. fact : the bestard i am married to is frequent traveler who travels to where his ex is located and already has been caught sax-texting her ... i forgive him since its his first time and he becomes a saint, OF COURSE NOT!!! ... Fact: his modus operandi changes so i cant catch him and makes me look like an idiot because i dare ask . SO AGAIN I SAY COUNT YOUR LUCKY STARS

Story #566

Well my story is almost the same as every other story... Kind of. We met when I was 15, and he was 16. I am now 21, and he is 22. I've been in love with him, for 5 years... and he's known it.. we've been off and on for 5 years, due to the fact that I've moved so much, as he has as well... A few months ago, we got back together, and things got very serious... he proposed, and I, of course said yes.. The date was set, and wedding plans had started... Out of the blue, he texted, saying that we 'needed to end things' before I 'got hurt'... Well certainly he had to of known that ending things was going to hurt me. He said that for about a week, he'd had feelings for someone else... and that it wasn't fair to me for him to be with me, and want to be with her, as well. His exact words.. 'It's not that I don't want to be with you, I want to be with her more.' So eventually, I brought myself to suck it up, and attempt to move on. Lo-and-behold, he decides to show up on New Years Eve, and have sax with one of my 'friends'. Then, once he learned that I had 'moved on', he decides to tell another friend of mine, that he wants me back, that he misses me, and still loves me. Two days later, I become single again, and guess what... he's got a new girlfriend. Now she's adding me on Myspace, and Facebook.. attempting to be my 'friend' for some reason... and he's still sitting there telling me that he loves me, and wants to be with me if things with this girl don't work. So... I hate him... I hate him for making me want to wait... even though I know it's wrong... and I hate him for putting me through this in the first place. But most of all... I hate the fact that I can't not love him... and that I can't really bring myself to hate him at all.

Story #565

I met him in 7th grade, when I was 13. I never really knew who he was in 6th grade, and thought he was kinda weird. But when my eyes first met with his, it felt like thousands of volts of electricity were buzzing through my body. I sat two seats in front of him, but the seat between us had no one in it. Unfortunately, their was a stupid girl named Heather that was also interested in him. She had a boyfriend! Why would she flirt/want to date him? Anyways, Later on in that semester I asked him what bus he rode, and if he could give this notebook to my friend Ashley. They did ride the same bus. He looked me in the eye and said 'Sure.' But when he look at me, nothing was there. Almost, hatred. This really bugged me. Anyways, a couple days before christmas break, I had one of his friends ask him out for me. I anxiously waited with my cell phone beside me, expecting the text. When I finally got it, it said, 'Sorry Abby, but this is what he said: What the heck? She would never talk to me, and she's really tall.Plus, I don't like quiet girls.' My heart was broken. I loved him. And I was only quiet towards him, because just looking at his perfect face made me melt. We both had the exact same personality, and he was hilarious in class. But I hate him because he never gave me a chance. When i pass him in the hallways, he always looks at me, and sometimes I think I see him even smile, just the tinest bit. I can't even look him in the eye. I've never felt more ashamed. I just want to love him.

Story #564

I hate him. I met him online, we've never met in person. He's in Ireland and I'm in the USA. And yet he insisted that I get feelings for him because he felt a strange connection. I didnt for awhile, but he was just so charming and sweet, or so I thought. He tells me he's falling for me, a few days later I confess that I am too. What does he do? He goes and meets someone new. Then comes back tells me all about it, and how cool she is, and that shes a nice girl...Like I care? I fell for you, and you decide to do that? I hate how I log on the internet just to see if you've emailed me, just to see if you've IM'd me, and you dont not unless I do first. Oh but you still have feelings for me? yeah I dont buy it, you just like knowing that somewhere someone is thinking about you. I'm done, I can't do it anymore, We're done, I'm not going to Ireland this summer, If I do I wont see you. I hate you, I hate you.

Story #563

I hate him. I hate the way he's so smug. I hate the way the world is so fair to him. I hate the way he toyed with my emotions. I will never forgive him. I met him over the summer. It was the best week of my life. I felt truly happy. He was popular, handsome, nice, funny, and perfect. Especially perfect. I would talk to him on the phone for hours. Then I lost contact with him for a couple weeks. The next time I saw him, he was a total jerk. He would hurt me as much as possible, the flirt with me to get me to have a crush on him again. I actually thought I loved him. Hah. Love doesn't exist. He has no idea how much he changed me. He ruined love for me, I know that. I hate him. So much. I wish I had never met him. I wish he was never born. I wish I could just let go and live my life. My friends always talk to me about their problems because 'I'm just so happy.' I have never told anyone how much he hurt me, simply because I hate it when people complain to me. I can suck it up, so can they. I just need to vent to strangers sometimes. I'm not helpless. I don't want pity. I hate that too. I hate how he filled my heart with, well, hate. I don't want anyone to worry about me. I am strong. I don't need any guy in my life. What haunts me is that I just can't let go of it. If I was really over it... I wouldn't hate him so much. I hate that even more.

Story #562

Jesus I hate him He says he believes in God,The Bible...a joke. I care more about people/life/mankind/animals/environment anything other than him. I wont harm him i just hate the bestard. He just loves homself and hates all other races how wrong is that/? I told him I had black/pakistani/hindu friends at school and he said there was something wrong with me!!! That is my story and it will hopefullyend in peace at sometime, ps I am not a loony !!!

        > That's what you get for having a pet halibut. -John

Story #561

You always say that I'm the only one who truly understands you and loves you. For me, you are one of the only ones that truly understands me too. You always say you love me. I love you too, but in a different way. I hate you for saying you need me. I hate you for saying we'll be together forever. I hate you for being there when I need you. I hate you for trapping me in this relationship where all I do is give and give and give to you and you give me everything I could want but your heart. I can never have your heart. You fall in love so easily with every girl but me. You say you love them, that they're each the girl you've waited your whole life for and then all I can do is watch as you bare your heart to them, become so vulnerable to those fickle girls, and make me watch as each and every one of them betrays you. Then, heartbroken, you come back to me again and the cycle repeats. I want to break out of this cycle so much but I can't because I promised you I'd always be by your side and I won't betray my promise like each of those girls did. As cliche as it sounds, I hate how much I love you. I hate you for stealing my heart and never giving it back to me.

Story #560

I hate you so much that I can barely find the words to explain it. I hate the way you've always flirted, not only with me but everyone really- though I was much too blind to see. I hate the way you led me on, for all that time. I hate the way you pretend you care, when you really don't. I hate how you like everyone but me. I hate how when I finally mustered up enough courage to tell you how I felt, how I had felt for over a year, the way that you responded. You said that you 'might be involved with someone but you weren't sure' then claimed that 'Ha. Okay' was an inadequate response. All I wanted was to get out of that conversation, as quickly as possible, I felt terrible, the aching pain in my chest worse then I ever thought possible. And then you had to go and say 'If I'm not involved with her, we'll hang out over the break.' What bollocks is that? i hate the way you acted that day, being a complete jerk about my feelings, claiming that I was lieing about liking you and such. I hate how you ended the conversation with a heart and said something about it when I didn't do the same. And how the next day I saw you staring at me from across the room, but you didn't come talk. I hate how you brought it up again asking if I still liked you, and insisting that this was a question you needed answered. I hate even more that you are now dating the one girl I can't stand. I hate how it nags me that I can't figure out what exactly you see in her, what she has that I don't. I also hate how I know she doesn't like you, but you can't see it for yourself. I hate how I had to find out from someone else, you didn't even tell me about her yourself. I hate how you keep talking to me, and flirting, acting like nothing happened. Why won't you just let me get over you? Are you really as bad as everyone warned me? Keeping your options open? It's too late now, I can't stand you.

Story #559

you lead everyone on. you flirt will every girl. you acted like you liked me, and i truly liked you. all of a sudden you didnt care anymore. no girl can trust you although they seem to. you are candy coated s....

Story #558

I hate you. Why did you work so hard? Why did we work so hard? Adoring each other from afar for 1 Ĺ years, planning our secret kisses in school stairways, staying up so late at night talking on the phone. I never knew you could love someone then change your mind. Why did you bother doing all those sweet, romantic things if youíre just going to let me go at the end? Why did you bother to be so kind? To make me believe that we would last through sophomore, junior, senior year and the rest of our lives? That we would marry and have a pretty daughter named Dahlia and her brother Lucas and live by the sea in a pretty summer home? I hate you for giving me hope, a dream, and then taking it all away. I hate you for dragging me to your locker that rainy Wednesday, only to confess, 'Itís not working out' and making me run down the hallway with tears in my eyes. I hated you that day and I hate you now. I hate how youíve created a barrier. An awkward 'were friends, tried to become a couple and failed, now just friends again but not quite right' barrier. I hate how wickedly kind and polite youíve become. Why? Because you donít want to hurt me again. We canít laugh at each otherís flaws anymore. No more offensive jokes and playful teasing that I loved about you. I hate you for treating me like a glass doll when I want to be treated like Iím human. I hate those text messages that I stay up late reading and those dreams I have of us being happy again. I hate that cute chuckle of yours and that prince-like smile and that you look so darn handsome in that chef coat. Itís all mocking me. I hate your stubborn yet lovable demeanor and cool, reserved attitude. I hate that I dyed my hair brown for you. I hate that I want to ignore you, but we share almost all our classes together. I hate that I stood by my door Christmas day hoping you would come out of nowhere and beg me back. I hate that your birthdayís coming up and I still want to get you a gift. I hate that I still love you. I hate that I lost you. I hate this. I hate you.

Story #557

So I dated this guy for 1 year. He lived 70 miles away. When we started dating I had my own apartment, was doing pretty good for myself, had two jobs, and great friends! He lived at his parents second house, didn't pay rent, was late on every bill in his name, $40,000 in debt and possibly a daughter on the way with his ex (she cheated on him and got prego)! He was really sweet and always called for the first month or two. I started driving up to his house every weekend that I would have off work, or even during the week if I had two days off in a row, and completely deserted my friends back home. Ended up quiting one of my jobs just to see him more. In the first six months he came to my apartment 7 times, I was at his house every week! He started getting really secretive and not answering his phone when he said he would or say he was already sleeping (at like 8pm)!! I started noticing ciggarette butts outside that weren't his or mine at his house, or his two friends that he had. He tried lying and saying they were other friends... Well he was kinda right except for the friend part. They were from a girl that was twice his age (he was 26) and that had kids my age (I was 20). She worked near his and they always ended up meeting at the gas station on the way to work every morning. When I was at home or work, she would come over and they would 'hang out, watch movies, talk.' He denied ever doing anything with her. I loved him so much and did anything for him! I ended up getting diagnosed with thyroid cancer 6 months into our relationship. He was very supportive, and by this time had a good job and found out the baby was his, so he was paying child support and seeing his daughter, even though I wasn't allowed to meet the mother and only ever saw the kid 3 times. I ended up having surgery in september to remove my thyroid. He came down with my best friend to see me in the hospital. His mom called and wanted to talk to me to see how everything was going. He went outside to have a ciggarette and me and his mother were done talking. So I went through his phone, only to find out that he told this girl that he was going to ask me to move in with him to help me out and she was extremely upset about it and arguing that she wouldn't be able to come over anymore! I was drugged up on medication from the surgery and completely not myself. Totally freaked out on him in front of my family! Long story short- Ended up living with him for another 6 months and payed most of his bills so we could live there and when I finally realized all the lies and all the cheating behind my back, I broke up with him and moved back home. His last words were 'I wanted to break up with you before you moved in and the incident at the hospital really pushed me, but I figured it would be a d... move cuz my girlfriend had cancer! And then I fell in love with you.' Go find something very tall to jump off of please. I will forever and always hate you! Thanks for wasting a year of my time loser!!

Story #556

I loved him for almost 8 months, through his immaturity, non-beleif, obscured views, obtuse humor, hurtful words and neglectfulness... Until he told me he never cared about me, how he thought I was ugly and fat, manipulative and a liar. I've told myself over and over and over, I hate him, I hate him, I hate him... But I love him still.

Story #555

I hate him for hitting me and not once. I hate him for apologizing and begging me not to leave after slpaping me thousand times. I hate him for decreasing my self-worth and threatening me not to tell anyone that he hit me. I hate him for making me believe that we are meant to be together. I hate him for making me sacrifice everything I had because he wanted it. I hate him for ruining my relationship with my family and not letting me see my friends. I hate him for hating everything I have; school, family, friends. I hate him for making me be scared of him, that every time the tone of his voice changes I am terrified that he is going to slap me again. I hate him for beng a coward, because only cowards hit their girlfriends. I hate him as he couldn't be the one I wanted. I hate him for not thinking about me. I hate him for not feeling sorry for me, otherwise he wouldn't be hitting me. I am so sorry that I have him in my life. I am so sorry that I put so much in our relationship for so long. For what? For letting him hit me? Everyone was warning me not to deal with him and that he is going to do nothing good to me, but I believed in him, in his words and dedicated every minute of my life to him, but he appeared to be the one that everybody was telling. I don't want to see him ever again, because I am afraid that he is going to see the hatred towards him in my eyes and slap and hit me again. I don't want to talk to him ever again, neither on phone nor by e-mail, because whatever I say or not say, he is going to find me and slap and hit me again as he is going to get angry.

Story #554

I met him when I was 19 and fell in love. I raised his 2 and 3 year old kids I worked for the same company for 9 years while he had 5 different jobs I treats him like he was my king through all the verbal and physical abuse I still loved that man we had a beautiful daughter together everything was fine until he decided he didn't want me no more he moved on with another women took the two children who I raised and after 9 years it was just so easy for him I hate him for that how can it be so easy to break up a family and move on like? It was like I had to teach myself how to breath again I would lye on the floor and cry so hard in front of 2 year old and she would hug me and tell me not to cry I hated him so much right then I hated him for making me this way to act like this in front of my daughter I wasted so much of my life pleasing him just for him to up and leave how can a person be so cold hearted? I hate him so much he made me a different person a hateful person I was never like this he will never understand how much he hurt me I really hate him my daughter is such a daddy girl its sick and he think he's father of the year if he sees her for ten minutes every other month because he has to spend all his time playing daddy to his girlfriends kids I hate him everytime I see hi he give my this sad puppies dog look why? I have no clue Really I hate that man

Story #553

A thousand times over, I hate you. Because I think if I say it enough- perhaps I can believe it all the way. I hate your life, and your smile. Your eyes of beautiful blue. I hate your hair that I always ran my fingers through. I hated your kisses and they way you cooed me when I was sad. I hated the way you loved me and made me smile when I was mad. I'll say it and say it again to get you out of my head. Out of my heart, my mind and soul. So truly I hate that you led me on when it was all over. That you made me think we could be together again. That you gave false hope to someone so broken hearted. That I let your actions dictate my life and my own happiness. I despise that I wanted you unhappy just like me. That I wanted you to be just as heart broken and in love with someone you couldnt have. But it was true- you were. But Im afraid, she wasnt me. I hate that your name is engraved in my heart. And that my notebooks are all filled with poems; Everyone about you! I hate that I cant listen to those songs, because thoughts of you flood my mind. I hate that you were my first love, and I cant get over that. I hate that you tell people it was 'just high school stuff'. You act like we were never real and that everyday wasnt precious. I hate that we fought over nonsense and b........ I hate that I still sleep with the teddy bear you gave me; Because its my only comfort. I hate that its years later, and relationships have come and gone for me, and you are still the one that holds my heart. I hate that I compare everyone to you. And that you are still my world. I try to ignore it but its there everyday in my face. You bombared my dreams; and invade my mind. You are the only safe place, and yet you are the darkest corner of the room. I hate when we go days without talking but I cant say anything; You arent mine to claim. I hate your girlfriends with a wicked passion and I hate that I have to keep conversations casual. I hate loving you. Worst of all? We are still best friends to this day. Im your ex and your best friend in the entire world, you've told me so. You've broken my heart everyday and I still cant get enough of you. You know it, and dont say a word. You pretend its not there. I dont know how to get over you. I dont know how to let myself love again; Because best friend Im still in love with you. How pathetic can it get?

Story #552

So, my boyfriend keeps telling me that I make issues out of nothing. I totally understand how he can see that, but he doesn't realize that he does the same. Just the other day I was telling him how much I love him and he said 'cute.' After that, I said 'I just told you how much I love you and all you can say is 'cute?' He then pushed me away and told me he needed time to himself. I haven't heard from him in two days and he wont answer my calls. We've been together for 2 years. So yeah, he's an a...... and I hate him.

        > OMG- Take a hint and move on. Don't waste your time - and don't be so clingy. This is not derogatory, but get some help if you need it or else it could take years to get over this. This is from experience, I carried a heavy load for years. Good Luck

Story #551

Well i met him one day when i was crossing the street and he pulled up at the junction and asked me if i was seeing someone and then he gave me his card .It did not even matter to me that he drove a posh car or that he was wearing a really expensive suit. I wasn't even going to call him though i felt flattered. A part of me wondered if he only stopped the car because of my schoolgirl outfit that i was wearing. Ive never been the kind of girl who boys like and i dont think I'm pretty in any way. I did text him and we said we'd meet up. He told me he was 38 and I'm 22 but most people tell me i look 18 max. I admit that i have somewhat of a daddy complex and because of my own difficult relationship with my father and issues with my grandfather who has touched me since i was a kid , Ive always been very submissive towards men and Ive always been interested in older men. We started texting each other alot and he always said things that were seemingly affectionate. He'd text me in the morning every morning saying 'is baby still asleep?' and needless to say i was smitten because I'm rather affection starved. He started treating me like i was his 'little girl' from the things he'd say to me and the pet names he called me like 'my little vixen', 'my kitten' and 'my naughty little minx' and i started needing him and because he had a busy schedule we could not meet up until a week later. When i met him i was really shy and i wasn't fussy about where to go because i just wanted to be with him and spend time with him but i was a bit hurt because it was as if he did not want to be seen with me. He told me to get into his car and we just drove to a deserted road and he tried kissing me but i didn't like it because he was too rough..:'( and i just..i dont want to sound stupid or naive but Ive always been the romantic sort and it seemed to me that he just wanted to be brutal ..and so we did not do anything and we started talking instead. We actually did have a very good conversation about religion and stuff like that and i told him about how oppressive my traditional family was and he seemed to understand. He even drove me home and kissed me and told me i was a really nice and sweet girl and even texted me after that saying that he was so impressed with me but the next few days he completely ignored me and stopped texting me or talking to me on yahoo. I texted him and asked him what the matter was and he blatantly told me that i seem really young and that he had never been interested in younger girls and therefore he couldnt see me anymore. I was so enraged that i said fine and left it at that but the next day he texted me telling me how much he wanted me and because i was so f...... lonely and desperate :( i replied and we started talking again. He repeated the same carppy thing several times telling me im too young for him one minute and then claiming he needed me another minute and i came to accept that hes just conflicted and i know im not pretty so i was pretty much satisfied with having him around even though he treated me like carp all the time. Furthermore he recently told me that he has a girlfriend his age and two kids as well. I just felt like such a where because i always end up having feelings for men who have girlfriends.I dont know whats wrong with me and why i cant ever be the girl that someone wants to take out or kiss goodnight or fall in love with. I know im wierd and yes im nerdy but at least im nice i guess. Hes gone to Thailand now and though i told myself to forget him because i know deep inside that hes just using me..i find myself wanting to call him whenever i feel lonely..:'( I dont want to sound pathatic but its just nice to be held and to have someone listen to your problems and to have someone hold your hand or tell you youre cute without you having to ask or having to take your clothes off and thats why im finding it so hard to forget him. I hate that son of a b.... i really really do because he used my vulnerability and i know its wrong but i hate his girlfriend because shes got him and i know hes really mean but i wouldnt mind him yelling at me as long as he was sweet sometimes or he texted me every morning like he used to..I just want that. Is that too much to ask for? I hate you so much for treating me like a marionette and using me. You say your girlfriend is really cruel to you and yet you stay with her..i know shes probably more beautiful than i would ever be but i would be nice to you and id do anything you wanted me to..i want you to want me and i hate myself for it because you make me feel so ugly and worthless. I already think i dont deserve to be treated nicely in any relationship or pampered or spoilt and i know that i have issues but you've made me feel like id be willing to have you hit me and yell at me exchange for a few sweet words. I hate you because you make me feel so stupid because i have no pride when it comes to told me i should thank god you even looked at me and that im not cute and that i should feel blessed for every minute you waste on me but i cant even find the courage to tell you off and i find myself texting you...i hate you..why the hill did you ask me out if i was not good enough for should have just left me to rot..i hate you

Story #550

we have been talking for about a month now the first time i meet him it was like love at first sight i remember the first time he called me we spoke for hours intill my phone went dead it was good for the first couple days than it was like he was always bussy never wanted to talk to me always had an excuse for every little thing he told me he loved me and i said i loved him to but afther that he just started getting angery at me for reasons unkown then on day he called and told me to lose his number erase it from my memory i was shocked i didn't no what i did wrong i just could stop thinking about him at all.I wouldn't even expected him to do this to me I hate him.I hate him for leading me on and letting me go.I hate him for telling me he loved me and then breaking my heart I hate him for choseing him friends over me I hate him for makeing me feel like nothing like i needed him to survive i hate him for makeing me cry at night because he didn't answer the phone i hate him so much but i'm still in love with him

Story #549

So I dated this guy, Justin. He and I met at my new job at a greenhouse and he worked in the landscaping side of it. He had moved up here from a neighboring state. We had the most amazing summer together... so romantic and he was so so so sweet to me. My family couldn't get enough of him, he was very helpful around the house and always gave my father a hand in anything he was doing. I instantly fell in love with his family, too! It was like a match made in heaven. Then in the fall I went off to school an hour and a half away from home and from Justin. Everything fell apart, gradually. His trust in me dwindled because I was with other guys and partying a lot. He came to visit every so often, but his work got in the way of our spending time together. We decided to go to his parents for Halloween, because they live in the city. Halloween is much more fun where there's lots of people, rather than the country (where we lived). The whole way down we fought over directions, where and when we should get gas, how i was driving, how he was driving, etc etc. We finally got to his parents and we were doing fine, the occasional argument here and there and his family was great! Later that evening Justin and I decided to go to visit his sister in her dorm at a nearby college. So we got there and were chatting with his sister when Justin recieves a phone call from a 'buddy'. He asked if he could take my car to go see a friend and he would be back in a half hour or so to pick me up and bring me home. I asked why I couldnt tag along with him, and he said he didnt want me to see this friend... he was bad news or something. I didnt like it, but didnt feel like fighting anymore. So I gave him the keys and waited for him to come back. He finally came back and we went to his house. He seemed very defensive when I asked how it went and about his friend. He barely even touched me all night. The next day I hung out with his parents so he could have some alone time with his friends, since he moved away he hadnt really hung out with them. I ran errands with his dad and finally came back and we had dinner once justin and his sister came home (for her weekly family dinner). Justin went outside after dinner while his mom, sister, and I cleaned up the kitchen. Justin had left his cell phone on the counter and it started ringing, i looked at the phone and it was a text message. he had the settings so that the message automatically opened when he recieved it. it was from a girl, and i read it. it said hey baby come out front, im at your parents right now... is she still there? I got so p..... off... I showed his mom the text and she called him inside. She showed him the phone and the message and asked him what that was all about. He just looked horrified and snatched the phone out of her hands and ran outside to see whoever this girl was i imagine. i went into the living room and cried my heart out. his dad handed me a drink and sat there and told me i deserved better. Justin finally came in and him and I talked in private. I asked him not to lie to me and tell me what he really did last night. he said i went to go meet Hannah, and tonight I did as well. I started freaking out on him and he told me to suck it up. and i said no! i cant! and i wont! how could you do this to me? and he replied, i dont love you anymore. i like hannah. sarah, we're over. he broke up with me. while we were at his parents. what a doosh bag. dont ask me why i went back out with him later when he came home and apologized to me...i dont even know! but i did. and we were together until january when all trust was completely gone. it was a bad bad break up with lots of name calling and tears. he moved back to his parents and i never saw him again until just last month. we had started to talk again and things were going well between us. i decided to visit him and his parents. it felt so right when i was there, like we hadnt missed a beat from last summer. so we agreed to start dating. the day i left his parents house to head back home, he and his parents got into a huge fight. he got thrown out and was living on the streets. i tried to help him, i told him to move back here with me and try to get his old job back... but he said his life was there now and he couldnt leave his friends (who were more his family than his actual family apparently). so i said i couldnt be with him anymore.... he told me that if i loved him i wouldve stayed with him and not given up. i told him i needed to take care of myself since he cant really do that for me right now. Yes if we had been married and had a house together, and got evicted or something, i would have been with him thru and thru... but he didnt want my help and thats all i could offer him. he was also getting back into drinking and smoking a lot and i dont like that very much. he was not leading a lifestyle that i favored. why should i settle for less? so we broke up. 3 weeks later we started talking casually again... just checking up on each other. well today i was asking him if it would be okay if i came and saw him since i would be in the area, i offered to take him to dinner on sunday. he said sure thatd be great! then later on he told me he couldnt because he had already made plans with his friends. i kind of got mad at him and told him that he shouldnt say yes then and that he can see his friends anytime he wants, but i am only in town every once in a while. he got defensive again and preceeded to call me names and he told me that i am a waste of oxygen. Apparently, as my best friend, Amber (whom i met thru Justin) told me, he has been spreading lies about me to her and his other friends... so they all think I am a b.... and disrespectful... when really, I havent done anything wrong, i dont think. What p..... me off the most about Justin is that he is two faced, a hypocrite and he never thinks anything is his fault. He always blames others for his actions. And he always always gets so mad even over the tiniest things. I really can not stand him anymore and Im trying to keep my distance as well as i can. Its not easy tho when he leaves me horrible voicemails or sends me demeaning texts. He is just not a good person.

Story #548

My current boyfriend(who is soon to be my ex..) is such an a....... I have been with him for ten monthes. I thought he was smart and wonderful and I thought he was different from other guys I had been with. Within the first three monthes I read one of his emails that he had left open on his computer. It was to a girl he used to work with. It was sixual in nature. Explicitly detialing what they wanted to do to eachother. I confronted him about this and he as embarrassed but swore they had never hooked up. He also swore that would never happen again. Little did he know I retreived his password for both his facebook and e-mail. I guess having a PHD doesnt make that smart. I would periodically check his email and would find little blurbs between him and this girl. It was clear that they had never hooked up in real like...only on the internet. Well, I just caught him again...even more explicit and dirty than the last time. I was at his apartment and while he was in the shower I pulled up theese emails and left them open on his computer and left. He is such a f...... jerk. I am seriouslt hating him at this point.

Story #547

my ex-boyfriend-blake seemed like the sweetest guy you could ever meet but as i got closer i realized something was wrong he didn't act like he liked me as much and when we did talk he'd ask me weird question's...finally my friend caught him cheating on me with a girl named marissa, she was caught in telling me herself and getting hurt or me finding out myself and getting hurt so she told me and of course it hurt,i cried and screamed but later i got back together with him and figured out he was a straight up prevert...he basically ruined my first relationship and now i hate him!and as hard as i try i can't lose him...

Story #546

ok well, theres this guy i met at a theme park with my friend. he seemed perfect at first and we hit it off great! My friend even mentioned quite a few times that we both were being to obvious when flirting. We all exchanged numbers and that night he texted me like crazy! We talked about past relationships and why things didnt work out and we talked about family and yadda yadda yadda. a few days later he wanted to call, he did and we talked for hours about nothing. we did this for a week and during that week he told me more about his girlfriends, saying he only had 3 one in fourth grade, sixth grade and eight grade. this made me happy because my previous boyfriends had many girlfriends and all 3 of my exs were on faithfl... i kno ikno i have poor taste in men! to make a long story short i got in trouble for talking to him and running up my phone bill but i did however manage to talk to his best friend who told me about ALL of his gfs (the ones he didnt mention) ofcourse when i confronted him about it he told me his friend was wrong and got OFFENDED that i was calling him a liar so i apologized and stupidly listened to him. then out of nowhere he stopped replying to my text except for every other 100 i sent! and every time i wanted to hang out he had 'plans' as a matter of fact the last time i mentioned it a week ahead of time he didnt answer even when i repeatadly asked. i have stopped talking to him now because theres really no point. i have een so lonely as the months go by when i thought i needed him. i was wrong and not only hate him, but hate myself for thinking i ever thinking about him.

Story #545

I used to date this guy whom I loved so much till the day I found he lied to me when he told me that he broke up with the girl friend I'm angry at him, why did he do that to me.i was such fool to believe his lies.iii haaate himm

Story #544

i hate my ex bf. when we started dating, he was the best bf that any girl, or guy could have. he was the best, until he gave me a pic of him, he had a hicky on his neck, wahwahwah. and we were dating for a whole year, and that was like the day we broke up. cuz as soon as i sa that, that was the end, so i know that he cheated on me. I hate him.

Story #543

i hate him with all my life!!!..i thought that he was not like my ex who has 5 grils in his life!!!..he was still waiting for his ex girlfriend and he was just using me to tell everyone that he has a grilfriend and to make his ex jealous!!i really really really hate him!! HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HIM SOOO MUCH!!!

        > do you really feel? -John
        > John!!! -Carol (wife)

Story #542

how much i hate him right now you have no idea! i hate how he doesnt care about me! i hate him for not ever calling me. i hate waiting for him to text me. i hate him for making me love him. i hate his eyes. i hate how he looks at me. i hate how i think he is perfect. i hate it when he rides his motorcycle. i hate it how worried i get when he does that. i hate it that he doesnt even care of how worried i am. i hate that he doesnt show affection in public. i hate him for making me feel so miserable today. i hate him for always sending me 'wrong messages' that were supposed to be sent to his 'friends' i hate it when he texts all the time. i hate it when all the girls try talking to him. i hate it when we go out all guys look at me but he doesnt seem to care. i hate him for being with me for so long. i really really hate waiting for him to text me...again..but i really do hate that. i hate it how i have been with him for almost a year and he havent introduced me to his family. i hate that my mother loves him. i hate that i dont even know his friends. i hate it when we fight and he doesnt even want to fight back. i hate how we spend hours together after work by the water. i hate it that he is so smart. i hate how he makes me feeel. i hate that i love him. i hate everything...

Story #541

jeeez. where to start ey?! well theres this guy right and i love him. i cant help it. i really dont know why i do but its just fate. I think. well anyway, he's my boyfriend and although i love him so much, he's just always about sax i want him to be my first but just not yet. i know he loves me and i love him more than the world. he's everything to me but then again, ihate him for that.

Story #540

I was with him for 2 and a half years too long! We were only married for 8 months. He verbally, emotionally and physically abused me. I actually thought that I could change him. Nope! Didn't happen. He got worse as time went on. He wouldn't come home at times. I knew he was cheating on me. Then he would ignore me. He wouldnt pay attention to me. I was so miserable! Then the physical abuse got worse. And I was very afraid but he threatened me so many times. I lost my self esteem because of him! For every 1 nice compliment he gave me, there were 20 negative and mean ones.One year, he didn't even tell me happy birthday. I was so blind. I can't believe I let some guy do this to me. I hate him! He's ruined a part of me that will never come back. He is a waste of humankind. The world would have been a better place without him. He still has the nerve to say that he loves me, sure thats the way you treat someone you love! I thought I was in love, but it was just stupidity. I've woken up! And couldnt be more happier to be awake. I hate him!

Story #539

I hate that i love him, but i don't hate him. I probably should do but i just can't bring myself to do it. I've been in love with the same guy for over 15 yrs. When i saw him it was love at first sight and the chemistry was so strong it was almost suffocating. We never went out and he always hated to see me with anyone else but never had the balls or just never wanted to ask me out and have me to himself. But he never wanted to see me happy with anyone else. He threatened people off telling me how they felt and when i had a boyfriend outside of our group of friends he always made them feel unwelcome. He went out with my best mate and flaunted their relationship in my face, but would always try and snag me and touch me whenever it was convenient. I met him again whilst i was engaged to my husband. I told him how he still made me feel after all these years and he chose to leave. 2yrs later he tracks me down( this is 6 years ago) he's married now and so am i. he tells me that he loves me, he can't live without me, that i'm all he thinks about and he's completely in love with me. i hate myself for needing to believe him. I hate myself for letting him straight back into my life. I hate myself that he's the first and last thing i think about in the day. I hate that i still love him so intensely it has killed my relationship with my husband. I hate that he will never be ready to be with me, to leave his wife and marry me. I hate that he gets in touch all the time declaring that he wants to make live to me. I hate that i made live to him at his home. I hate that it was better than he'd ever imagined. I hate that i'm starting to see he just wants to have six with me. I hate that i love him and all these years he just wanted to tick me off a list. I hate myself so much for been lied to, i hate myself that this grand love affair was just a sham and i hate the fact that i can't live with the decisions i've made because i have been lied to. i hate loving you but you i will always love.

Story #538

Okay. Where on earth do I begin? We met.. it was so cute. One of those cute-meets dreamt up only by Hollywood. We started off awkward.. trying to be friends. I can only speak for myself when saying I feel for love at first sight. We did all those cute couple things that drive single folks absolutely bezerk. Picnic's in the park.. holding hands at sunset.. ect. Well.. that all came to a fiery end as quickly as it began. Here we are 4 years later. After several more failed attempts to reclaim what we once had. The first time we broke up it was because he felt I was to flighty for him. Because I was going places and he was 20 and still living with his mommy. The second time.. it was because he felt a 'strong' connection with another girl so he asked if he could essentially cheat on me. A year went by and nothing. Somehow he wormed his way back into my life yet again. We decided to go to the concert of the reason we met in the first place. That night he proceeded to get extremely intoxicated and high.. only to have me call him an a...... and walk away. I came back twenty minutes later to find him introducing himself as the a....... 'Hi my name is Jakob.. she thinks I'm an a.......' It is seriously just one of the many let downs this idiot boy has put me through. I'm seriously over dating at this point. I mean.. in the end.. they will all be just like him. He hurt me in more ways than I thought was even possible. The really sad part? I still love him. After everything he's done to me. So this is why I hate him. For making me weak and fragile. For breaking my heart for stupid pointless reasons. For ruining my chances at future love. I just want to be normal again.. he stole that from me. You are a lying.. cheating.. bestard. And I'm going to find a way to stop loving you.

Story #537

Ok, so I not only hate him. I hate that I hate him! If I had my way, he wouldn't spark any kind of feeling at all in me! He asks me to a dance (girls choice by the way) and then he doesn't show up. twenty four hours later... 'um..yeah sorry about the other night...' WTF!!! I hate him! He's everything that I'm against. But I love that I came out on top and continue to thrive while he wallows in pity.

Story #536

Yes it's true I hate, hate, hate you! I met you 7yrs ago and fell hard right away. I never really a man before I met you. I thought you were it. I thought you were the one. Before I met you I was with someone that abused me in every way shape and form. We lasted 10 yrs had a child and I finally realized what a fool I had been..I said never again. In being with you I discovered that I was allowing myself once again to be made a fool of. You pushed me away from the beg. Today I know why. You wanted your own seperate life and you said I should have mine. Everything was always more important than me,us our kids. You wanted and still want to be this social butterfly hangin out with your guys. Living life away from us. We've never lived together..ever. You've never spent the night cept for what 4 times(after 7yrs?) I do everything on my own. Then finding out bout the other women, ur online life, your sneaking out here and there. I thought I knew you. You tried to force feed me this bull about being a good guy not being like othe others but you are. Seeing someone at work right before you found out I was pregnant and then deciding to stay with me because of the baby, knowing you wanted her instead. trying to talk me into an abortion. Seeing someone right when we started dating..not telling her or me. The online parn life you were living. Paying these women your money. Money you said you didn't have, that you cried about constantly our kids had a s..... x-mas because you needed to get off to girls via live web cam. Posting profilesand telling these women how great they were..looking to hook up, talking bout your past saxula experiences. Never once mentioned me did you. You screwed our kids so that you could screw yourself. You apologize but then take it back by saying you had agood reason everytime. You left me feeling like total and utter carp. I trusted you...maybe not completely but I did enough to get by with. I always knew something wasn't right. You say it's not cheating. I beg to differ. When you are with someone in a relationship you never ever speak or act in a way that you would with your partner with someone else. You spoke to live women and told them what to do. They obliged. You both worked together to get each other off. Just because u didn't have physical sax dosen't mean this doesn't count. Oh and what about the candom I found in your car a few months back..huh? Ring a bell?? Or when I had just had my 2nd daughter our first togther and I went for my 6 week check up and they said I had an STD!! AM I crazy or has been trying to pull the wool over my eyes for some time?? I know if you let someone they IS my fault. The clock is ticking..Wake up I hate you...hate you like I hate my ex and that is sad. You are miserable sad and pathetic. Grow up

Story #535

once i saw this dude in my first grade class then i started liking him until i saw this big huge bugger in his nose and then when i got to 4th everbody said i liked him but i know he doesn't really like me but then when i walked in the classroom he's like 'there's my ex' i know cause all my friends told me so I hate him!

Story #534

I hate David. He has done nothing for our daughter since she has been born and now he wants access to her. He even has been spreading it that I have been denying him access! Even told that to his solicitors. I hate him. She is now 10 months old and he has not paid a penny. Seen her a handful of times. She has been such hard work, and I needed so much some help. Now all the hard work is coming to an end, or at least getting easier, now he wants to see her!?!?!? I hate him that much I could cry.

Story #533

What can i say about him? When I first met him, I was overjoyed. He seemed like a prince floating down from heaven. He was charming, romantic, had intellect and excited me all at the same time. I was foolishly in love. He professed that he loved me every day and knew exactly how to make a woman smile. I was drowning in him and nothing could save me. 3 months into the relationship, He cheated on me with a much older woman. He told me about it and ran off with her. He came back weeks later and I forgave him. Next he ran off with her again, Only this time he ran away for longer and came back with apologies in tow. I forgave him because I just couldnt stop loving him. On and off for the next 7 months, this cycle continued with different women but I couldn't stop loving him.After a year, I just couldn't take it anymore. Everything I loved about him, I now hate. I hope I never have to talk to or see him again. It hurts so much what he did to me all this time but I am ready to move on with my life.I am going to find someone better and wish the cheater the best he can hope for. He can't realize a good woman when he has one and that's going to cost him in the long run. To all the women, Who feel like he is going to change one day. You owe it to yourself to find someone better. They are out there. Keep looking and you'll be glad you did.

Story #532

I hate that he watches porn every day and tells me he's too tired for sax. I hate that he is always 20 minutes late when I need him to pick me up. I hate how he reacts when he sees a pretty or half nuked girl. He acts like it's the best thing he's ever seen and makes me feel like s... about myself. I hate that I always have to do the dishes. I hate that he never asks me about my day and feelings, but I always do. I hate that he bought an engagement ring for me and won't ask me. If you're not sure about it, why did you buy it in the first place?! I haaate when he plays computer games, I talk to him and he just ignores me. I hateE that he still has love letters and a bunch of pictures from his stupid ex girlfriend laying around. I hate her. And I hate that I look like her. I hate that he says 'I love you' 20 times a day. Does he even know what it means? It's not supposed to be a dang phrase that you say whenever you don't know what else to say!!! I hate that I gave up my dream to be with him and he doesn't even care. I'm poor, live with my dad and have to travel an hour to see him. I hate riding on trains. I hate people on trains. I hate living in Germany. My life could be so much better without him. I hate that I fell in love with him. I hate him.

Story #531

Hi mah name is precious I met dis guy in the chatroom sometime in 2007 he was livin in ohio at the time.and I was livin in ny. We started talkin everyday he would churp me as soon he used to get up..and we spoke all the way until 3:00a.m. Hewe send eachother pictures thru emails since we where far distance we couldn't meet up he was 19yrs old and I was 38yrs old but I pretty sure didn't look mah age lol he is puerto rican and so was I. so when I sent him my picture he felt in love with me right there and then. So he would call me everyday none stop we was in the fone for hours so 1day I ask him wouldn't u like to come back to ny and he told me yeah but I don't have the money to go up there. And I told him I will sent u the money for u to come and he say the next day I was sending him the as sooner he got it he bought the ticket for the bus it was a 14hrs ride oh wow so he finally was on his way I had it get up at 6:00am 2 be at the bus terminal in ny 2 pick him up his bus was arriving in ny at 8:00am so I was soo nervous at 1st and very happy I finally found some1 after me being single for 5 long yrs.. And when he finally got to the bus terminal he hug me and gave me a kiss in the I told him tha I had it 2 used the bathroom bc getting on the train so as we walk 2 the bathroom he hold my hand I felt soo good after not feeling like this for as we where walkin ppl was lookin at us bc he is way younger then as we finally got to my house introduced him to my daugthers al 4 of them and he felt so happy and he felt real good around my kids he felt like he was home wit a real we talk as he was unpacking his suitcase then he lay in my bed to relax and watch a movie together he told me come here so I did and he just crab me kiss me hold me and he made sweet passionate love to me I was so happy as like 3 months we being together I found out I was pregnate we was so happy so before me he had a lot girls callin his fone and 1 day he was sleeping and his fone whent off so I answer it it was a girl so we started argue over the fone then next thing I know I had a very strong pain in my stomach and when I went to the bathroom it was so painful tha he got so scare he call the ambulance for me and when I got to the hospital it was too late I had already lost our baby because of his so call ex I didn't speak to him like for 3weeks because I was still mad at him for loosin our as days goes by I forgave him but I will never forget so until this day we still in 2009 we got married we did a small wedding wit friends and family now im 40 and he is 21 we are trying 2 have another baby and I hate him because for try for 2yrs and nothing and I hate him because if he would have change his phone number when he 1st came to ny I would have never lost our 1st baby who today would have been 2yrs times I just want to give up in trying to get pregnate by him..but I say to myself im not a quiter im a strong we still tryin hopefully by 2010 god wil bless us wit another seed...I also hate him because he always choose his family over me mean while his family does nothing for him never did and never will..and it hurts me soo much that he treats me like crab over his family there are times we don't even talk for days because of this..right now his grandmother its very ill she have hepatitis C and he wants to go and see her but I told him u will but 1st let find out if tha won't hurt u or me being around her bc im not tryin 2 risk our heath for nobody if we are trying so hard to have a baby...and he hurt me soo much when he told me I don't care tha is my grandmother and I don't care what any1 say if I get infected being around her oh well and I feel he never loved me as much he say he does because if he did he wouldn't risk our health for his grandmother so rite now we aint talkinand im not talkin 2 him until he tell me sorry I hate him now more then ever

Story #530

Ok so the total doosh is not only that but also a clueless jerk! We were Ďbest friendsí for about a year when he started liking me... I was overjoyed cause I had the biggest crush on him. Anyways on my birthday party my friends told me that he liked me and I admitted I liked him. He was immediately texted from my friend saying 'she likes you! Definitely ask her out' Unfortunately (or rather fortunately or else I may have ended up with the total wiener) he was going away on this trip for a week. When he comes back Iím all happy and smiling but he doesnít come to school cause he still has jetlag. One of my other friends who was on the trip with him comes up to me and tells me that he no longer likes me and is, in fact, in love with her... ouch. She feels terrible but itís not her fault heís a scumbag I also find out that she is now dating another guy. So that night I get home and just feel like crying when I get a text from him so (still liking him) I text back and we started talking I mention the girls name and he immediately goes Ďplease donít mention herí and I ask why and so he says Ďsigh because i think i love her but shes with someone elseí... Okay you idiot listen you know that I like you and yet you tell me you like somebody else and then you have the audacity to want me to feel sorry for you? actually?! So yes I didnít actually say that (wish i did) but I came off a little harsh saying that he should let his love go cause shes with someone and you know what he says?!? 'so blah blah knows that and guy who is with her knows how i feel but they were supportive i mean did it occur to u that im really upset' Oh. My. God. I hate him!

Story #529

After 17 years together (8 of them married), 3 kids (ages 3, 2, and 5 months (at the time) ) and countless memories his first love contacted him via Google Search last October when I was 2 months away from giving birth to our third baby and he decided he loved her more. He wouldn't leave me or her, so the kids and I left him. He did not come and get me or us for that matter. He moved into an apartment and started living the life of a bachelor. He broke my life, my heart, my spirit and my faith. Oh and the girlfriend left her husband and kids as well. The kicker is that we live in California and she lives in Iowa. They fly back and forth. They suck. I hate him.

Story #528

My story starts off like all relationships a fairytale. In the beginning we were so in love and making plans for our future. He always said and did the sweetest things and I was so happy it seem like I picked a true winner. When we where apart all I thought about was us being together and when together I never wanted to be apart. He kept telling me he how he wanted to make me his wife and the mother of his child. I told him I wanted that too but not now ,I was in the process of training for my career which is physical. He kept pressing the child issue and I began to give it some thought. We don't use any type of contraceptive because he didn't like condoms and my pills made me sick. So with that being said I got pregnant . As soon as I found out I told him and can u believe this fool tried to convince me to get an abortion. I was crushed because this is what he had been telling me he wanted ' a family' I told him no im not getting one and that we created this life and we are going to take care of it. To make a long story short I am now 30 weeks pregnant with a baby boy and due january 15 2010. My sons father has made life miserable for me he has been verbally abusive, emotionally abusive, and physically abusive during my pregnancy. When I have asked him for help with the babys nursery he says ' I shouldn't have to help your the one that wanted to keep him' He has gotten violent with me 3 time since I've been pregnant one time he dragged me off the sofa and threw a laundry basket on me and then kicked it and left out the house. He monitors where I go and who I talk too. He treats me like pure s.... I feel like he punishing me for having my son because before the pregnancy things were fine. I've cried so much I dnt think I have any tears left I mean this baby is half me and half him can't he see when he hurts me he hurts our child. On a lighter note I can't wait to see my baby boy, I love him sooo much when I feel him move I forget how bad things are sometimes I thinks that's him hugging me and saying 'mommy its going to be ok' . The first time I heard his heartbeat I knew he was meant to be. When my son is born I will take his dad straight to child support n I will have no parts of him, I will let him see his son whenever he wants I encourage them to have a relationship. So now that the nightmare is almost over I know me and my son Cameryn will live happily ever after --iraplaceable

        > If he's abusing you, you should also talk to the local police and get a restraining order against him. It's good that you chose to have the kid. The abortion (pro-life vs pro-choice) has always seemed a bit pointless to me. It is a matter of choice, but what most people fail to realize is that the choice is made when you choose to fool around with someone in the first place. Rape, incest, and severely (yes, I know, where's the line drawn?) deformed fetuses (fetusi?) are separate issues. He already made the choice to risk having a kid when he fooled around with you. Abortion (with certain very specific exceptions) isn't a matter of a woman's or man's right to choose, it's a matter of someone trying to avoid taking responsibility for a risk they chose to take. Anyway, i'm glad to hear you're living up to your end of the deal.

Story #527

My story is long, but there's one posted that's as long, so I hope you'll consider it. It would mean so much to me to get to share my pain. Here is my story: I donít know if anyone will bear with this whole thing...but Iíll try to make the last eight years of my life as short as possible. We met in high school. I wasnít popular, and Ean wasnít either at first (he had just moved here), but he was (is) beautiful and charming, so by the end practically every girl in school knew who he was. He asked me out after we met, but we didnít last more than 3 weeks. 4 girlfriends later, in May (still Freshman year), he asked me out again, and this time it stuck. We talked on the phone every day. He went to elaborate lengths to show me how much he cared. We were really and truly in love, and after being together for two years, we lost our virginity to each other. He became like a part of me, I knew him so well. It wasnít all perfect though. We broke up three times in high school, once for a day (his friend committed saicide and he was pretty wrought up about it), once for a week (his friends convinced him to break up with me), and once for a month (he got sick of how much smarter I am than him and got a differentópractically brain deadó girlfriend before realizing he wanted me back). He was a varsity athlete, but not the sharpest tool in the shed. I went to college, he didnít. We decided to break up when I left, but it didnít hold. A month in and we were in an 'open' relationship. Without cars, never seeing each other, we were really just clinging to the memory of what we had before. And it meant as soon as he found a girl back home at his community college who wanted to date him, he leapt at something closer. I was devastated, and rebounded with a guy in my dorm (who turned out obsessive). By the time I broke it off with that new guy, Ean had left the other girl and we were back together again. But when I got home, he was distant and cold, almost all the time. I cried to him about it time and again but he acted like he didnít know what I was talking about. At the end of that summer, my appendix ruptured and I was hospitalized. He spent the night with me in the hospital the first day I was there. I found out less than a week later, from a mutual friend, that he had been cheating on me the entire summer. Not only cheating, but with that same brain dead girl from high school, and not only with that same girl, but with that girl as his 'primary' girlfriend. Thatís right, he never told his friends that we got back together, as far as they (and she) knew, it was all legit. And as if that wasnít enough, I found out that during that summer he had become addicted to cocaine. I confronted the other girl, and we confronted him. But, apparently, he had broken up with her 4 days before I found out, because my hospitalization supposedly made him realize that I was the one and he had gotten clean. He said the coke 'made him feel invincible' and like he should have more than one girlfriend 'like in the movies' as if that was an excuse. Stupidly, I took him back, but at this point I kept it a secret from my family and friends, because I was too ashamed to be back with the boy who had hurt me so badly. Eventually, my stepmom saw us together one day when we were getting lunch. I was so ashamed, she lectured me for hours, and I knew she was right, so I broke it off again. I was so unhappy and disgusted with myself, and my self-worth was so low after his cheating, that I became bulimic. I got a new boyfriend, who seemed perfect. 2 months later, when he got wasted and tried to choke me, and then restrained me from leaving his apartment, I found out that he was less than perfect. After he stalked, threatened, and psychologically harassed me for weeks, I finally called the police and the dean of students to get him to stop. At this point, low as I could get, I started talking to Ean again. But like before, it only lasted a month or so before he broke it off again (and itís happened so many times now I canít even remember why he did it that time). The next months were the first time in my life since Iíd met him that we hadnít been talking at all. I missed him. Not only was he what I believed to be my romantic soulmate, but he was my absolute best friend, who I could tell anything, and with whom talking was never awkward. But I stayed strong. Until May when he called again, to let me know that he had written and recorded a love song for me. The lyrics were the definition of a mixed message, but I took from it that he wanted to try again and said yes. The very next day he wouldnít return my calls and finally responded that he 'couldnít do this' with no further explanation. Yet again, I was devastated. I then went months without talking to him again. I was so angry at him for doing that to me, for hurting me for no reason I could think of. At the end of that summer he called me once more, as a goodbye. He said he was committing soicide. I still loved the person inside him, so I was torn apart and spent hours convincing him not to. At this point, he had failed to get in anywhere as a transfer student, so he was doing community college round 2 in a new city, closer to my school. We got back together, and with my new car, had our first legitimate college relationship together. Ean and I lasted almost all of my junior year, but drugs had stayed a problem for him, and he persistently took me for granted and treated me like he didnít value me at all. He would constantly do things he new would upset me (like hard drugs) and then act mad at me for getting mad, like since he 'told the truth' about it, that gave him carte blanche to hurt me without consequences. One day, it came to a head and I had the lowest moment of my life. He was so hurtful to me and made it clear that he thought so little of my feelings, that I literally was driven crazy. I am a rational, sane person, and have never had a moment of such hysterical pain, anger, hurt, than then, while we were screaming at each other in my car. That moment should have been the absolute disintegration of what had been the pure and innocent love for each other that we started with. I wish it had been. I think it really was the death of any healthiness there could be in our relationship. I told him I needed out, and I stayed away until the middle of the summer. We had bought tickets to a see my favorite band while still together, and none of my friends liked my music, so when the day came around I had no one to go with. Purely missing him as my best and closest friend, called him. One thing led to another, and we started hooking up again. But it was too much for me. It was too easy for him to make it casual, like it meant nothing. I couldnít treat it casually, so I ended it. That was the last of us as far as I was concerned. Until he called me this past month, to accuse me of breaking into his facebook account and changing his password, which I didnít do. He didnít believe me, and set his status to 'I know you did it, get a f...... life. I hate him so much for always undermining my self worth, as if I didnít have enough problems with it without him calling me out of the blue just to hurt me, like heís done before. I was so mad that I called him just to let it out, and he apologized so sincerely that I forgave him. He texted me on my birthday, but was distant and weird when I responded, so I texted him asking him to stop contacting me if he doesnít want to talk. He responded by calling me and swearing that he does want to talk and be friends. So I tried to ask him about friend stuff, and start convos, but he wouldnít respond and screened my calls. Hurt and confused, I called asking why he couldnít man up and admit he doesnít want to be friends. He picked up and promised me again that he cared and wanted to be friends, but his new girlfriend doesnít want him talking to me. We ended that convo on the assumption that weíd be friends, but I wasnít going to make the mistake of making the first move again, so I waited for him to call or text. He never did. Itís been a month. Why would he go to such lengths to convince me he wanted to be friends? Why would he then ignore me? Isnít it enough that he has absolutely shattered my ability to believe in love? That I no longer consider myself remotely desirable? Why does he also have to make it so clear that he doesnít even value me as a friend or a person? Why does he try so hard to make me feel small, to make me feel like nothing? I scored in the 99.5 percentile on the LSAT, with a 3.9 GPA and all kinds of honors and am going to get into a great law school, but I am depressed all the time because of the way heís reinserted himself into my life to make me feel like I am worth nothing. Because of him, the very core of who I am has been destroyed. Because of him, I experienced pain and insanity that I never imagined were even possible. He seems to enjoy doing it to me. And so I hate him. I guess it takes four years of pain to erase those beautiful four years of love.=

Story #526

So theres this boy I know called Tom. Me and him used to be really close, I was introduced to him through the guy I like, he was supposed to help my friend convince me that my friend liked me. That was fine, the next weekend me and the guy I liked had a big fight, and I was really upset, in the end me and Tom got off, and I ended up back at his house, the guy I liked / who liked me was so so angry at him, me and him sorted it out and everything was good, but Tom was angry at me, telling me I'd been 'leading him on' even though I was drunk and angry and he was the one who instigated the kiss and stuff. We all went camping a few days later, and Tom asked out my best friend, I congradulated him and he tried to kiss me, obviously, I moved back because he was dating my best friend, I still havent told her that, cuz it'd destroy her, he then went on to call her by my name atleast 5 times that night, then send her a text dumping her the next morning, which he then made me pass on when she didnt get it. Then he spread a bunch of stuff about me telling people I'm a slat and stuff, that weekend the guy I liked asked me out, and we were both really happy. On msn Tom told me how he was jealous and angry and stuff, then that weekend got off with my best friend again, told her he'd call and never did, for the next week she was really upset, cuz she really likes him. On msn I told him off for it and he told me how he liked her other best friend more htan her so he'd feel bad getting with her, the next day he tells her best friend how he feels, shes just been broken up with and is really upset, and obviously doesnt feel the same, the next day he kisses my best friend again, and asks her out while I'm not there, my boyfriend tells her not to do it (he's one of her close friends too) but she just doesnt see it. Theyve been dating almost a week now and he's been so so so rude to me and my boyfriend, Oh, and hes 14, a slat, an emo, and a cant, we're all 16 and he's still in yr10 starting his GCSEs. It's ridiculous, hes a manipulative little child and he doesn't deserve her, he doesnt deserve anyone, he makes her do stuff when shes drunk and shes still a virgin, if he makes her ruin that I'll destroy him, he doesnt even see it, I hate him.

Story #525

My, my, my..where shall I begin on the infinite sadness this bastard has afflicted on me? We started talking several months ago, decided to be friends and go from there. Initially, we spoke on the phone for hours and we were really really into each other.. I couldnít wait to meet him and he seemed to feel the same. His owns his own business and was busy at the time. It was the end of his busy season and there were many loose ends to tie up. He kept saying weíd get together, asked what I wanted to do and plan. However, it kept getting pushed back further and further. He constantly said how nice I was, sexy, loved talking to me, how intelligent I was and he felt he knew me. I was so enveloped by him that I ignored the classic signs of 'he just wasnít into me.' I work with his nieces and unfortunately they got fired from the company. It was their own doing: surfing the Internet, leaving work too early. Nonetheless, they blamed me because I was on the management team and they thought I should have 'stoppedí the terminations. I had no say or control over the decisions. Thereafter, they tainted his mind with blatant lies about me. He stopped calling and I knew something happened but I didnít know what. He blew me off and never gave the chance to find out why. In disgust, I called him and gave him a piece of my mind n his voicemail. He got the message and immediately called me to fight.. We talked it out but he never trusted me fully again. He was also distant and cold. But, he still wanted to 'converse' because I was a nice girl. He went away for a few months and he kept saying that heíd love to take me out still. Like a dumb a.., I kept hoping against hope he would. His calls were once a week or once every 3 weeks. I hung around like an idiot. He finally returned to resume his work. He immediately called and wanted to know why he didnít hear from me for awhile. He thought I was mad at him. I told him that I was backing off and not trying anymore. He had no reaction. He did ask for my pic again and I mailed it. Do you know he never responded to it? He never acknowledged receipt or react to it? I mean, I am not a supermodel but at least I believe I am decent looking. This finally woke me up. He did call again but I answered, said nothing and hung up. He hasnít called since. Good riddance! Thank you jerk for wasting my time. Thank you jerk for opening my eyes to the scum that still walks the earth. Thank you for disrespecting me, not considering my feelings, giving me false hope, telling me what I wanted to hear, deeming me a liar and not apologizing or giving me a chance to defend myself. Thank you for ruining my self esteem and having me question myself. Thank you for never taking me out. Thank you for making me realize how desperate I came off, how I showed the world that I would stoop so low to accept this behavior from a male, how I cried over you and wondered where I went wrong, how I pondered why I wasnít good enough. Thank you for showing me that I needed to have one last smack in the face to see you for the piece of garbage you are. After all of this, I do not hate you, I ABHOR you! You were a waste now and always will be. Perhaps one day, you will leave Mommyís house and realize that a 38 year old male needs his own space.

        > He used you sixually speaking, he did like you but he was not in love with you. I wonder why he took you so long to realize that. You were just his F... buddy. The fact that you guys were related did not stop him to use you as a toy. Effectively, you have the right to hate him, he is been so devilish. Remember, man like to lie and they would even give you the moon to get in your panty. The best advice i can give you is to learn from it and to move on with your life.

Story #524

I hate how he says he'll do one thing but does another. I hate how he goes against my emotions and doesn't give a s... about me. I hate how we argue and argue and argue and he won't spend a single dime to call me or text me so we can resolve our issues. All he wants is an online relationship, why? Cos its cheaper and that's exactly what he is a big cheap bastard. I hate how he compares me with his ex and tells me over and over how he spent thousands and thousands of dollars on her to pay for her education and that he did her homework, but when im very stressed out and I ask for 15 minutes of his time, he makes excuses. OMG Excuses!! Seems like he wrote the book on excuses, he must be the author cos he has an excuse for every friggin thing. For him its all excused, but for the other person its torture time. HYPOCRITE. He goes out to the bar and drinks himself crazy, but when I mention that I want to hang out with my friends he raises hell. He initiated to help me with something and didn't follow through, because he will not take the cost of a friggin text message. I'm not worthy of it, whatever he will realize soon. Mostly I hate how he showed me soo many dreams and I was stupid enough to think they will come true, I hate how I have to beg for something that I am entitled to: love. Friggin gray, I really hate the battle between my brilliant mind and my stupid heart. I love the fact that once I'm gone he's going to sit there in a little corner and cry but the best part is that by then I will not have an iota of desire to seek him. HAHAHAA

Story #523

I met this guy through a friend and have been texting with him for a wile. I started to like him more and more. Today he texted me saying he was love sick with a girl he thought was beautiful and too amazing for words. So I said things like 'Omg that is so cute! You should tell her!! What is she like?!' He ended up confessing it was me he was talking about. He told me he loved me and thought I was beautiful also he had one thing he had to say to me but he wanted to say it in his voice. I hate talking on the phone and he knows that but he convinced me to call and all I would have to say is 'Hi.' I called, said hi, all I hear is hysterical laughter in the backround... After I hung up I texted saying 'What was so funny?' he replied 'Your voice xD' My voice is higher when I say 'Hi.' Isn't everybody's? So anyway, he proceeded to tell me all of it was just a joke. Obviously I am extrememly hurt and I cannot believe he would do that! I told him he hurt me and how cruel his 'joke' was and that he should go to hill! I HATE him!!!

Story #522

okay so i meet this one AMAZING and PERFECT guy at church one day! the next day we started going out and he was my first kiss and just the most perfect person ever! but then it started drama at my church and we had to go our separate ways(for the sake of church sadly even though we still loved each other). so i missed him but he got back with his ex and even though he was with her he still 'loved' me and wished it wouldnt have started drama at our church. his new girlfriend was awful in every way i just hate her, she slept around and would cheat on him and tell him. but he always took her back and not me. he was the church type, no s.. before marriage and everything, but yet he was with HER?!? no sense what-so-ever. but then the next week at church, AT CHURCH, he told me how he has this secret. so he got me alone and said 'what would you do if i were to kiss you right now?' and you know it, he kissed me, in church, while he had a girlfriend that wasnt me. he tossed me around and then a few weeks later i told him, 'its me or her, you cant have both! have her, even though she hurts you and cheats on you. or me, i dont promise everything will be perfect but i will treat you right.' well yeah, he chooses her! he said 'she is changing i think, and i dont know if this is stupid of me or not.' well yeah IT WAS STUPID OF YOU. ugh, i told him not to talk to me and we cant be friends cause we havent ever really been friends. now i am off his myspace top and he wont even look at me at church. i miss him:(

Story #521

I was in NYC last summer for a trip and I met him, my far blood line cousin. The night before I took a airplane back to my country, we found we like each other and then we s..... In two monthes I went back to NYC again. He said he liked me but we can't be gf/bf. He asked me what should we do.' If you want, we can still do kissing, hug and s.., I know it's bad, but... if you want... 'he said. We stayed a close relationship for one week. Because his dad and grandmom was going back to his house for one month. At one night, we were having s.., and suddently he said we need to stop before his family come back to NYC. I cried and asked what did he want. He told me that he doens't want to hurt me. After we separated, I sent lots of texts and email to him, but he seldom replied to me. There were couple times response email, he wrote that he didn't like me as much as I did and it was not enough to become bf/gf. Also he thought we are not capatible. Sure, blood line is a problem too. Friendship is all he can offer to me. He was cool and not considerated and ended up our relationsihip very quickly. He s.... with me with little likeness. Because I am not his gf, he disaappered from my dailylife without any responsibility. He liked s.. without any promise. He liked to do it just for fun. Janurary I went to his house and we s..... He said, ' You know, it's just s... It won't change anything between us.' Because of him, I know that men can s.. before they really fall in love with a woman. If they s.. with you, it doesn't mean anything's important. For him, I am just a girl who he likes enough to s.. but not enough to become his girl. I hate him is because I belive him, i believe he said he like me. And then he left me soon, he realized he didn't like me much. I hardly believe whoever says he likes me now. I hardy really trust a man and everytime I fear they will leave me soon. I can't trust a guy.

Story #520

I married a man 15 years my senior. I favored the age difference, it was never an issue. We helped each other raise 4 teenagers his and mine. We drank to much together. I wanted change, to get healthier. He didn't. He is a college professor, I am in management. Two professionals could certainly get it together; or so I thought. The baggage from his last marriage which had ended 12 years prior to us meeting eachother haunted our relationship, as did his ex-girlfriends, and he blamed me for the loss of all of them, even as I didn't know him and was probably 15 years old when his 2nd wife divorced him. The fights and our resources were depleated with his insistance on paying child support for kids in their 20's even as they lived with us or in college for which we paid 1/2. I left to professional school, he used my loan money for living expenses including rent to pay for the mortgage, because he was drinking and gambling his earnings away with his best friend with whom he w ould split his earnings. I had a bank account which I allowed him to go into for my share of the bills, come the end of the month, when I needed money, I would find that he had depleated my account. He riddiculed me in public, humiliated me in front of friends and family and blamed me for all of his ills including his cancer. I saw him through his cancer, and he finally critisized me for staying in touch with him, this of course after I helped him through his hospital recovery. We have separated twice, the first time he kicked me out of our home, the second time, I left our apartment after the sale of our home. I recently found out that he is seeing someone 25 years his junior who is married, and going through some things in her own life. I know her, she was a friend of ours during our courtship. I found this out, because I noticed that our shared phone minutes were being depleated, and I had to incur the expense as he ate up over 600 minutes a month. It was my cell-phone account and had been since I was dating him. I put him on my account because he was declaring bankruptcy and his credit was shot. I helped him through so much, and the best that he has ever done for me, was pretend to be a father to my kids, and destroy every single part of me, that I allowed him access to. He was absolutely the worse companion, the worse friend, the worse lover, the worse everything. I feel like I spent the last 9 years living with an enemy.

Story #519

So last year I went skiing with this boy Tom and he was really nice to me, but he had a girlfriend so I just treated him like all of his other friends, even though I secretly liked him. Then this year at a concert I ran into him again, and we traded numbers. He has a new girlfriend now. Since we traded numbers we have been texting nonstop. Granted some he does compliment me, but I never give him any reason to think I like him (no s..... jokes, major flirting, just tease him about how stupid he is). Yesterday he texted me saying he had a secret for me. I was like shoot, and he told me that he had feelings for me when we went skiing before and thatís why he broke up with his old girlfriend. I donít want to be a homewrecker, so I told him we need to talk about this in person, so he can say to my face that he does not have any romantic feelings for me and that I am not coming between him and his new girl. I really want to just be his friend. But he keeps texting me, and I donít want to talk to him until I see him in person. He keeps saying to me that heís sorry he ever told me and wants us to go back to talking. Two times now we have planned to meeting and he has blown me off, saying heís busy or his girlfriend is coming over. I hate him now, because I just wanted to be his friend and I think heís a great guy. I donít know what to do!!!

Story #518

I hate you for making me sad. I hate you for lying. I hate you for not loving me. I hate that I am addicted to you. I hate that you make me dreams. I hate that you are the first and last thing I think about each day. I hate that I am not perfect enough for you. I hate that I think you are perfect for me.I hate that I am not perfect enought for your friends or family. I hate that my friends and family think you are perfect. I hate that I remember all the good times. I hate that you remember all the bad times. I hate that I was the other woman most of the time. I hate that we can be laughing all the times. I hate that i'm transparent but you are dark. I hate that you told me we are not match but i'm still be on your side.I hate that I can't picture my life without you. I hate that you can't picture your life with me. I hate that I love you and but you love your ex girlfriend. I hate that you tell your best friend she is the one you want to spend your life together with before we met meet but you lied to me you love me.I hate that you are back to your ex-girlfriend now and tell me you are a good and kind person. I hate that actually you never love me, you are always compare me with her and emotionally abuse me. I hate that actually every minute when you are together with me, you are thinking of her, for more than one year.I hate you with all my life. i hate myself at this moment.

        > The words of a mature love gone very bad! I'm so sorry, and I know your pain!

Story #517

ok well,my boyfriend jonathan dumped me! he thought i was cheating on him!well it backfired on him.oh!i forgot to tell you my name is stephanie.i am in elementary.(i know i am wayyyy to young)anyways,oh ya it backfired on him.i had 2 offers!in 10 is wayyy to old. so now i have a boyfriend! named cody.i love him wayyy too much tho.lolhehe lol thats my story X) don't tell

Story #516

What a jerk!!! He goes to a different school and people started calling her telling her he had all of these girlfriends, he kept denying it. Well, guess what. She finally snooped and found out how true it was. She broke up with him and everything went very well.. She started hanging out with friends again who he wouldn't allow her to see no matter what I told her. Well days passed and then he started calling her from other cell numbers that we didn't know and therefore couldn't block. Now he wants to be friends. FRIENDS YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME!!! She has such feeling for him that he never had for her, there's so much more to tell, he plays mind games and is a big manipulator...his parents never really have a clue what he is up to. They just think they do as he lies to them constantly about his whereabouts. I need to get rid of him but have had no luck. I really think he just wants to string her along so that when he's bored he will have her to hang out with. The bad thing is that when she was friends with him he had her call his ex-girl so he could tell her he was on the internet and they could talk because lo and behold her parents didn't want her to have any communication with him. Hmmm...looking like a strange little pattern here isn't it. I really feel he has some emotional or mental problem and I think the only way he will ever leave her alone is if he becomes obesessed with someone elese...God help that girl and family because he will be nice for a long time and then the living hell will start. These are high school kids and I don't know what elese to do besides block numbers and not let her see him at all at our home and not take her anywhere she could meet him. Any ideas how to get rid of this weirdo on a permanent basis would be welcome!

Story #515

I hate that he seemed so much sweeter online. I hate that he was sweet in person, online, then changed when he saw me. I hate that he was so rude on my birthday. Here's my story: We met @ summer camp. We emailed and imed and then saw each other over winter break. But over 6 monthes, he only called me once. After I persuaded him it was ok like, 10 times. So, I broke up with him later. Via email... now, many of you are probably thinking b....! But he wouldn't call me or give me his #. How else could i contact him? we imed and emailed again. I liked him again and i told him. He said the same. At my party, he was the only male who showed up. Another friend of mine who he didn't like was there, and she was insulting him, like always. However, he was HITTING her. HITTING! While my mother was in the room! Now, I hate him, because if I dump him again, then I AM the ultimate B..... I hate that he and most of my friends WRECKED/KILLED/DESTROYED my birthday, after I haven't been able 2 afford one in FIVE YEARS! I hate that he changed....for the worse

        > Beware of ever getting back with him. If he hit that girl, no matter what he says (why he did it, that he won't ever do it again, etc.), he has it in him to hit you. -John

Story #514

Okay, so I have this friend. We would talk all the time, have really funny chats about random s... and now he's ignoring me. WTF is his problem? Does he really think someone else can make him laugh like I can? I'm beginning to think he's nothing but a f...... a......, I mean how dare he ignore me, who the hill does he think he is? I'm so tempted to make his life a living hill, I'm sure he's ignoring me because his 'girlfriend'(and I use that term loosely)had told him to stop our friendship. He's so f...... weak, I don't need this s.... I HATE HIM!!!!

Story #513

I hate him for ignoring me, talking to someone hotter instead. I hate him for leading me on for months. I hate him for not telling me he had a girlfriend. I hate him for beaking up with me over instant message. I hate him for getting into a fight at the bar. I hate him for not calling when he said he would call. I hate him for being so selfish. Too many disappointments, I'm done with him.

Story #512

I think that this is website is such a great idea. The way I see it, people can vent and be heard, regardless of whether it is validated or not. Also, it creates a sense of community regarding these emotions and problems. Here's my story (a long one): I hate him. But I also love him at the same time. This duality tears me apart. We were in a relationship for 2 1/2 years. I was 27 and he was 29. What went wrong? He was an immature jerk and was hot and cold with me. He made me believe that he wanted a future with me. That he loved me. And then when things got tough, he withdrew and would want to break up. This was not a healthy cycle for me or us. On top of that, his friends were trying to manipulate him to break up with me because I didn't fit into their clique. We weren't in high school, so what is up with this clique business? Also, why was he choosing his friends over me? After months of struggling with each other and me freaking out about his ever evolving commitment to me, we got in a huge fight and said 'I want out'. Note that this was not the first time we had said this to each other. We had done this several times before - most of it coming from him. So, in my mind we were taking a break. Not a full breakup. I still had keys to his house, a bunch of my stuff there, and we never had the full breakup talk. Just a couple 'I want to break up' words during a fight. During that time I decided to take time away from him to work on myself and give him space. During that month I was devastated. I could not eat and cried everyday. When it got to the point where i wanted to reach out to him again, he told me that he didn't want to talk to me and shut me out. I figured that he was still p..... and needed space and that I needed to respect that. A few weeks later I decided to take matters into my own hands and confront him. After long discussions and thought we decided to get back together. After we got to a place to work on our relationship again, his friends were still upset about us being back together, which continually weighed on his mind. Also, I found out that one week after we had 'broken up' he met someone new and had started dating. After 2 1/2 years together I was stunned and hurt that he would have the capacity to go out with someone else so soon. Not only that, for their first date, he took her to a restaurant that we used to go to for special occasions and spent $85 on her. Also, he saw her numerous times, bought her more expensive dinners, and even invited her to his friend's birthday party and went there as a couple. I had every reason to be upset about his indiscretions, and we kept fighting. He kept insisting that we were broken up and that the thing with her was separate from me. Obviously, I disagreed. A few months later, he bought be a promise ring. Said he loved me and wanted a future. I trusted that. However, one week later his friend got upset about something about me not being good for him and confronted. So he decided to take time away and think. He asked me to trust him and that he just needed a few days to think. I trusted him. Little did I know that he was going to change the locks, tell everyone we had broken up and then tell me two days later what he had decided. I didn't know what to do. I loved him so much and had fought so hard for relationship. So, I powered through and decided I wanted to work with him through these problems and his immaturity and tendency to act out his frustrations by doing stupid stuff like date someone new, listen to his friends and break up with me. This all took place a few years together. We are still together and have built a home together. The love won out in the end. However, the anxiety and pain regarding this period did not go away. And now I am finding out new information about the past. For instance, I found out that he more or less had s.. with her. For two years he kept telling me that she was 'something to do' and that they didn't do anything but kiss and that he wasn't really into her. Now I find out that she was in what is now our house, naked, only four weeks after we decided to take a break. And they saw each other a lot. Then he lied to me about it. Also, he now is finally admitting that he wasn't just going out with her to 'do something' - he was excited about her and was going out with her b/c there was potential for her to be a girlfriend. Finally, during the time I came back to begin the conversation to work things out with him, I think he continued seeing her. He still called her anyway. This stings so much and I hate him. We are now in therapy together. The psychologist explains that he was acting out because he was so overwhelmed with feelings, and it's not because he didn't love me. A part of me accepts this but another part of me thinks that he's just a terrible person underneath it all. Again, I love him but I hate him. He's now finally beginning to take ownership for what he did and is now starting to fully understand how terrible was to me back then. But is this all too late? The hurt runs deep. I still feel betrayed. I don't think that I can trust him. I love him and am committed to him, but I am not sure if this relationship is worth it anymore. It hurts too much, despite all his efforts to make it better. Am I fool to stick with this?

Story #511

I hate Travis hes a man horer

Story #510

I hate him, because I love him. He couldn't care less. Why does he have to be so angry with me? Truth is I am afraid of him because he's so powerful. When ever I'm around him I shake like a fish. Why, why after two-three years of not talking does he finally myspace me? So I made dates, and kept breaking them off for the passed 2 months, because I'm still afraid to be around him. Today I finally called him and heard his sweet angelic voice. We were going to hang out but he broke it off for such a stupid reason. I think he's getting back at me for breaking off dates for so long but I don't know. I miss him.. his soft strong chest. It makes me feel so safe. I wonder if he thinks about me every second like I do him. Probably not. I hate him. But I need him.

Story #509

I've been married to my husband for a year and a half. He's stationed in Virginia while I'm graduating here in Cali so we haven't really spent a lot of time together. However, we did choose to have a baby so I just had our son three months ago. My husband said that while he was over here while I was having our son, he fell out of love with me and fell into it with a girl on the internet who has a 7 year old son and a live in boyfriend (my husband is only 21). He said that as long as she would be part of his life, he was willing to write both me and our son out of his life. Now, even his mom thinks I'm the bad guy here. Everything this girl tells him he claims 'must be true', but I told him that she's only saying what he wants to hear so he would give her money. The first and only time they've ever met in person is when he flew her out to meet him for s.. in our home in Virginia while I was in Cali with our son. (I call her a p......... for that). He said that if I never found out she was there, he was gonna have us move back there like planned two weeks later, give it a week, and if he still wanted the girl, he was gonna kick us out, even though it's on the other side of the country. So now we're getting a divorce.

Story #508

I hate him for not calling me...for having excuses all the time...that he was working...and he forgot that he had to call me...i hate you, for not noticing how much i care for you, i do everything to get your attention...i hate that you still mad at me, that you cant forget, even though i apologized...i hate that i cant be with you right now, hate that you dont even think about me...but i think about you...hate that i love you...hate that i cant live without you, that you exist, i hate that day when we met...those eyes..that smile...hate that i know that you still think about that girl that i never knew...damn, i hate you, but i can't breathe without you, babe...

Story #507

i hate him becuz he has a tendency to be flirty with other girls. i can sort of tell that it means nothing to him but sometimes i question it. he constantly has me wondering, it bothers mel ike no other, idk what to do, idk if im overreacting...does he even like me? ..he has me confused he will flirt with me, go to movies with me, met my mom, he is even asking me out to go places with me, but he doesnt exactly give me the same attention he gives these 2 other s..... i go to like all of his bball games and they havent gone to any, he really appreciates me going, so i always try too, but i still am just unsure of what to think. my heart is set on this sixy beast, lol! i really dont wana give up on it, but if i absolutely have to, then i will. please help if youve been in a similar situation! thanks!

        > In the olden days there was a difference between dating and being exclusive. It sounds like he likes dating you, but he's not ready to be exclusive / 'go steady' with you. That's fine if you're both happy with that. If you want more of a relationship, then tell him how you feel and what you want. Or, if it's not worth the risk (what if he doesn't want to go steady and decides to date you less?) then don't tell him. Apologies- math background, but... It's the same idea as 'expected value.' If you don't tell him, then the expected value is 0% no dating + 100% dating but not steady + 0% dating and steady. You know what you're getting, no risk of losing him, but no chance at having more. If you do tell him, then the expected value is 33% no dating + 33% dating but not steady + 33% dating and steady. I just made the 33/33/33 up, but that's the idea. If you totally knew he wanted to go steady with you it would be 0/0/100, so you'd know ahead of time that you'd get what you want. Or, if he was totally certain that he didn't want to go steady with anyone and you knew it would freak him out or something if you asked, then it would be 100/0/0, so you'd know that you wouldn't get what you want and you'd lose what you already have. The problem (if you're nerdy enough to try to attach numbers to it) is that you don't know how interested he'd be in dating you exclusively or how weird things might be if you asked and he said no. -John

Story #506

One of my best friends and I have known each other for over 7 years so it came to my surprise that I just found out that she had a cousin who was only a few years younger then us which I have never met let alone heard about . . . but from the moment that I met Dillion I knew that there would be something more between us then a friendship. He and I hung out for months with out ever taking the situation there, but then one night in January he was at my house and he made his move!!! Everything was great for the time being until about 3 months later he introduced me to his family as his 'girlfriend' which was a spur of the moment type of deal because he never even discussed the idea with me!!! After that all hell broke loose . . . one day he would tell me that he loved me and the next day he would drop off the face of the earth, no e-mail no phone call nothing and this would go on for days at a time until I would call which would only lead to him getting upset because he would say 'I blow him up' (and really I would tell you if I did call a lot but come on!!! I talked to him maybe 2 times on the phone per week for a matter of 5 minutes or less!!!) Dillion would tell me all the time that I was an attention where, which is true I do need a lot of attention but he knew that from the get go!!! Which made me believe that he may or may not have had hopes to change me!!!?? Mean while, he tells me to get my life together when Iím the one who has the degree, the car, the job. . . and he didnít even graduate high school!!! So the day that we broke up he refused to meet with me face to face so I was forced to do my dirty work over the phone (which I did not want to do, because for as bad as this went I respected him a little more then that) Him and I are still friends so if he found out I wrote to you I would be toast but deep down I really hate him for even taking us there, I was sooo fine with just being someone for him to rub up on because I knew we never really had a future together (and I accepted that) but now things are Ďeffed up and itís all his fault and I hate him for that P.S story number 482 Rocks!!! J Not too much info there but enough to let your imagination wonder what the hill happened in the end Confidentiality Note: The preceding e-mail message (including any attachments) contains information that may be confidential, protected by applicable legal privileges, or constitute non-public information. It is intended to be conveyed only to the designated recipient(s). If you are not an intended recipient of this message, please notify the sender by replying to this message and then delete it from your system. Use, dissemination, distribution or reproduction of this message by unintended recipients is not authorized and may be unlawful.

        > I know it's an auto-generated email footnote, but it's funny when you consider the message is intended for everyone. -John

Story #505

i hate this guy for treatin me like s... and when i texted him i dont want to be his girlfriend anymore he messaged me back sayin..' hmmm, alrite if this is how it goes, thank you for makin it so easy for me too... guess i dont want it either, thank you for everything, will see if we can still be friends. :) bye'... can you imagine this is a 24 year old guy actin like a 16 year old guy. im so disgusted with him, but im a Diva and i dont need some physco dude like him!!!

        > So...he's a psycho dude for agreeing with you and doing what you asked? -John
        > if he had any feelings for you, he would have never treating u like s.... i personally think dat he was surprised of you breaking up with him and he had to show some pride by texting you back. I am glad you realized the jerk he was...Jessica

Story #504

I hate him because I gave him everything, and he told me not to doubt him, then he told me everything I had been scared of hearing. I hate him for emailing me straight away asking how my week had been, the worst week of my life. I hate that he doesnt need me and probabaly never did.

Story #503

I am still really young and in middle school i am really shy, so it has always been hard to talk to boys and stuff. After getting used to a new year, i met a guy named gregory.... well we matched perfectly we had the same interests and the same goals. well it lasted for about 8 months but he never showed any signs of interest, like kissing me or even wanting to do anything with me besides talk.So after figureing out this relation ship is not going anywhere i asked him 'Are we still friends still? he just shruged his houlders so i broke up with him. It has been 2 weeks and he has been talking to me by msn or texting a he even told me that he would pick me to have saxual stuff to do with. my head is so confuced why would he say that after we broke up and also why is he always trying to make me jelouse and feel like i am dirt

        > Maybe he doesn't want a relationship, but just wants to get in your pants. My first reaction is to take the usual grown-up line of 'you're not ready for it yet,' but i'm sure you've heard that before. The best bit of advice I can give is to make sure what you're after and what he's after are the same things. It might be fine (though i'd advise against it) if it was just about the naughty stuff for both of you. The problem would be if you're in it for the relationship and he's in it for the naughty stuff. -John

Story #502

I hate him for pretending he doesnít care. Hereís my story. I met this guy my first semester of college. He was in my English class and a few weeks in we began talking regularly before class. We talked about the most random stuffÖ anything we could think ofÖ and I began looking forward to class just so I could see him. Eventually, he asked me out, but I told him no. See, another aspect of my life is that I have a veryÖ involvedÖ family. Technically, Iím allowed to date but in reality, itís not an option. I was homeschooled for the majority of my pre-college education and so my family (especially my two sisters) and I are really close. And as much as I LOVE the relationships I have with them, they definitely cross the line of appropriate control sometimes. None of them would be accepting of me dating because they aren't ready for me to have a relationship with someone other than them (even if he was perfect!), so I kept him hidden from them in an attempt to preserve what was there. the fact is, Iím nineteen years old and Iíve never been on a date, had a boyfriend, or even BEEN KISSED, all because I allow my family to control my love life. Itís truly depressing to think about, and I know it's wrong to be so accepting of it all but theyíre too important to me to risk losing them for something thatís not a guarantee... so I let it happen. Anyway, the semester ended eventually and we had sort of become friends but I didnít see him all that often so we really werenít that close but then my second semester started and I found he was in two of my classes! We started seeing each other all the time at schoolÖ hanging out between classes and going to lunch... the last school day before Spring Break we went to lunch and ended up spending almost two hours just talking. Then we started texting, a lot. Over break weíd talk all the time in the morning, afternoon, and night about anythingÖ everything. He was so interested and attentive and great and I loved every bit of itÖ I couldnít help but get a rush of excitement anytime I noticed my cell had a new text with his name on it. I walked around with it glued to my side for almost three weeks. All this time I was really starting to like him and I think he liked me too but I still couldnít date himÖ and he knew that BEFORE he started talking to me so much. He knew the circumstances I lived withÖ we called it my ĎsituationíÖ and said he understood, that he was fine. But then, one night while we were texting, he randomly asked me where this is going. I, once again, reiterated the fact that it couldnít go anywhere further than where it was and he knew that. I told him that, for me, this is as good as itís going to getÖ at least for now. So he tells me that he isnít interested anyway, not mean just very matter-of-fact, like he was only asking in the first place to clarify somethingÖ and then he stopped. He stopped talking to me, texting me, he small talks with me at school and every now and then heíll drop his guard and go back to his old self, but for the most part he pretends like nothing ever happened. Like we never had those few weeks where things had been so different. Iím barely an ACQUAINTANCE nowÖ and it kills me. I donít understand why he needed to stop talking to me if, while he WAS talking to me, he wasnít ever interested to begin with. Itís not like I broke his heart or something because he said he didnít like me like that anyway. I donít understand what I did wrong. I've never hidden ANYTHING from him, and I was always completely up front with how I felt and everything else. I eventually confronted him with how I felt like he just quit me once I said nothing could happen but he just said he wasnít interested, again, and that he couldnít text 24/7. But I never MADE him text me so much to begin with! He started JUST as many conversations as I didÖ if not more. And heís blaming ME for the amount of time we spent togetherÖ like he regrets it! And that hurts more than anything because even though I knew there wasnít a chance for us to be together, I still got caught up in everything. I couldn't help myself. Iím not going to say I love himÖ it didnít get THAT farÖ but I definitely began to REALLY care about him and it kills me that I donít have him anymore. At least not the way I used to. I hate him for making me care so much. I hate him for pulling me in with every word, every look, and then cutting me off like he couldnít care less. I hate him because I feel this addiction to his attention, but sometimes I donít even know if itís him that I crave so much or the brief glimpse at what could have been between usÖ it was just so right. Effortless. We were friends with that little something extra and it never felt weird or like we were crossing some forbidden lineÖ it just fit. I hate him for acting like he doesnít care that things are different now. I hate that we barely talk and weíre kind of awkward, but I think what I hate the mostÖ is that I sometimes believe heís not pretending. He really just doesnít care. And that hurts me so bad because here I amÖ thinking about him every chance I get and constantly wondering if he ever thinks about me anymore. And now heís leaving. About a week after we had it out he told me he'd had a meetingÖ with a recruiterÖ for the Air Force. He was leaving in a few months, he said, and I suddenly had a rush of panic like I'd never felt before. I wasnít surprised because heíd I knew that heíd come from a military family but it was a blow nonetheless. He leaves for San Antonio in a September and I donít know when Iíll ever see/talk to him again after that. It scares meÖ and thereís not a thing I can do about it. If he doesnít want to talk to me once heís goneÖ then thatís it. We donít talk. And part of me knows thatís exactly whatíll happenÖ I know weíll lose touch entirely but I just donít want to accept it. Most of all, I hate him because I donít hate himÖ I want to so badly because it would honestly make things so much easier but I canít shake him. He occupies my thoughts, my dreams; almost everything I see or hear reminds me of him somehow. Heís a part of everything and it sickens me that Iíve become THAT GIRL. The one that lets the way some guy acts dictate her own actions. I hate that I get caught up in everything he saysÖ every little bit he gives me I take, and I crave more. I hate that every time I talk to him, or see him, or whenever he sits close enough that I can smell him, everything about him draws me in. I hate that I still wish he'd kiss me... even though it won't ever happen, and would only complicate things if it did, I still wish he would... just one time. I hate that he made me care so much and is now leaving me before Iím ready to let him go. Because, in the end, thatís the worst part. I donít know when Iíll be able to let him goÖ Christina=

        > I could be completely wrong, but this seems like the most obvious interpretation (look up 'Occam's Razor'). You two started to become friends. Then he started to develop feelings for you. Then he realized the two of you couldn't have a relationship, given your situation. Then he cut off most of your contact together, in order to try and minimize his exposure to the thing he wants, but can't have (a relationship with you). People change how they feel over time. He may or may not still have feelings for you- he might really not care now, or he might care and be hiding that away (both from himself and you) to avoid pain. You're faced with the choice of either standing up to your family or allowing this same pattern of events (you make a friend, start to fall in love, it ends in sadness) over and over again for your entire life. If you choose to stick with the way your family does things, then that's probably how things are going to be. If you choose to stand up to your family, then you need to realize that there are some things (the overall issue of your happiness in life, including who you choose to be with) where your needs are more important than those of your family. There's a rope tied to your left hand. Your family is pulling on the other end of that rope. There's a rope tied to your right hand. Love / freedom / relationships / etc. is pulling on the other end of that rope. You're stuck in the middle. You can continue to stand in the middle, being pulled on by both ropes. You can cut the rope on the left (family) and move to the right. Find a guy, fall in love, get married, have kids if you want, all that stuff. Or you can cut the rope on the right and stick with the existing situation. If you cut the rope on the left, either your family will get over it in time or they will ostracize you to some degree. Chances are they'll get over it given enough time. If you cut the rope on the right, chances are the rope will grow back. You might not end up with this particular guy, but you'll run into another guy you like some day. It is an invevitable consequence of biology. That's the way life works- you grow up and you have your own life apart from your family. That's how families grow and how new families are made. -John

Story #501

He drives me crazy... I miss his touch, his embrace, and that attitude. I hate the way he makes me feel. Why does he make me feel so good though? I hate him for making me feel this way. All it was between us was mind blowing sax. I was really good at keeping thing strictly friends with benefits. That was the first nine months. All the sudden he came around more and more. He kept giving me these longing stares. Then he would say things like I would be a good girl to be with but he lived to rough of a life. WHAT??? More stares, more words. I tried to push him away but he was my drug. I needed him. I wanted him all the time. I could not get enough. It would drive me crazy if I could not have him, but I could all the time. I was getting deeper into his spell but I did not care, it felt so good. I told him it was getting to be too much, that I would find someone else. He would just give it to me better, deeper, more and more. For personal reasons like school and money I decided to move(maybe just a little I needed to get away from my addiction). When I told him I was going he said no because he was falling for me. I laughed it off. I loved that he wanted me to stay. I was even more intriged. I moved to VA. One month later I was going crazy away from him. We talked one night when he told me he wanted to move to VA. I was estatic. I left at 3AM, YES 3AM, and took the 3 hour drive to retrieve and releve my itch,my craving. My drug lasted not even 12 hours. He woke up the morning after we arrived in VA to say that he was 'out of his element'...WHAT??? He even said that my reactions caused him to further know that he could not stay. I even offered to pay 6months rent in advance on a new place for him so he could get on his feet.Needless to say he went back to MD. He calls, I call. But my addiction is strong. I need him. If he misses one call, I call until he answers, then he screams at me for acting crazy. I hate him. Why does he make me feel this way...doesnt he know how he makes me feel..he knew what he was doing when he put in all that work...I HATE HIM love SASKIA

        > This is why 'friends with benefits' is generally not a good idea. However much you try to avoid it, sax involves a certain amount of emotion towards the other person. -John