Hey, How About A Disclaimer?


      Any stories you submit become the property of I Hate Him.   That doesn't mean you can't tell the story elsewhere, but it does mean that we have the right to do whatever we want with the story (post, not post, edit, sell, etc).

      Don't give info that actually identifies anyone.   Change the names, or at least don't give last names.   If you hate Fred Smith who lives at 1234 Anywhere Ln and you put that in the story, it's a liability issue for us.   We would either have to edit the story or just not post it.

      Don't say that you're going to do something against the law- 'I'm going to have him jumped for stealing my girlfriend,' for example.   Liability issue for us.

      If you hate him because he did something to you like beat you up, stole from you, vandalized your property, etc., okay, no problem as far as that being in the story.   The trick here is if you're under 18.   It's the same sort of thing as if you told your teacher about being beaten up- your teacher has to report it because you're under 18 and the teacher is a 'mandated reporter.'   If you tell us that someone beat you up and that you're under 18, then we would have to report it if it hadn't been dealt with already.   If someone like a parent, teacher, police is aware of what happened, then fine.   We don't have an easy way to report it anyway since we don't track you beyond the story you submit.   We reserve the right to try if we feel there's a need though.   If he's doing something bad like this and you're under 18, you really should tell a parent or a teacher or the police or call 911.

      If you hate a political or other public figure, fine. Keep in mind that your webmaster is a loyal American citizen though. So if you write a story about hating President Bush, fine, i'll post it. But if you write a story even suggesting something like 'I hate him and someone ought to <do something really bad> to him' i'll report it the government. Not just for Bush, but for any political or other public figure. Basically it still falls under the heading of 'hate whoever you want for whatever reason, but don't say you're going to do something illegal.'

      Try to keep things clean.   We want to avoid being banned by as many programs (Bess, Net Nanny, etc) as possible.   If you work for Bess, Net Nanny, etc., please contact us and let us know if and why we get placed in a certain category.